Trump Smacks Pelosi: No More Goodies If You Attack Me Illicitly

Trump storms out of White House infrastructure meeting with Pelosi and Schumer to hold Rose Garden press conference saying he will NOT work with them until they stop investigating him – and Democratic House speaker hits back that he has committed ‘impeachable offenses.’


Pelosi fell and has ceased to lead her own party in the House.  The far left radicals forced her to obey Schumer, who is a Senator but also a far leftist radical, to go on full attack on the President and impeach him on unknown issues, just ‘vague stuff’.  Finding something is highly important to them so they want the right to comb through everything he has ever done in his life and find something, anything.  This is pure perversion of the Constitution and is worse than the illict attempt to impeach Bill Clinton.


So, Trump isn’t going to negotiate anything with these people.  It is obviously impossible.  The Constitutional Crisis this time around is an attempted coup by the party that lost the election.  It is very similar to another crisis that we now call the Civil War.


Big empires grow and collapse in history.  The EU is a fine example of this: the invasion of the EU by foreigners who are totally hostile to the culture and languages and laws of the European people has led to these same people demanding to leave the dying EU.  They want out due to it sinking into violence, chaos and social collapse.  Naturally, the globalists, the Bilderberg gangsters, are angry that their victims want to leave this dying ‘union’ created to kill off all of European culture and races.


Junker, former EU leader, attacks sovereignty and moans about voters in Europe wanting out of the EU trap:


Some polls project that populists may become the most powerful group in the parliament following this week’s elections in all 28 EU nations, resulting in a lasting impact on the future of the bloc and the continent at large. “These populist, nationalists, stupid nationalists, they are in love with their own countries,” Juncker told CNN in his Brussels office.


Note how angry this man who opened the doors of Europe to foreign invaders, rages about people who love their own countries!  I bet Putin is laughing.  This hatred of the natives of Europe is astonishing, coming from white European rich people who have no idea that their lovely allies who are barbarians invading, hate them.


Anyone asking how Rome was destroyed 1,500 years ago should just look at Europe today!  Duh.  For some odd reason, there is this strong urge to commit mass suicide by entire civilizations which is why all civilizations collapse, inevitably.


“They don’t like those coming from far away, I like those coming from far away … we have to act in solidarity with those who are in a worse situation than we are in,” he said.


HAHAHA.  So, if someone has a really messed up culture and home base, they have permission to invade?  Ah, yes, my barbarian ancestors who ripped apart the old Roman Empire would enthusiastically agree.  Looting cities is fun and profitable, too.


When asked what the greatest thing about the EU was, he replied simply: “One word, peace. And when it comes to peace we have to do it together with the US.”


Good grief…this man is utterly insane.  But then, he is a Bilderberg member and has been one all my life, he is older than me and joined many years ago, the fool.  So, letting in violent invaders brings ‘peace’, eh?  This is utterly insane.  Talking about insane, time to talk about the crazy lunatics and the delusional voters in New York City which is, like all DNC-run cities, is now overrun by criminals and rats and diseases:

Now that the DemocRATS run New York City, it is being overrun by real rats!


A report in The New York Times Wednesday said there were 17,353 reported rat sightings to the city’s 311 hotline last year, a 38% jump from 2014 totals. The number of times city health inspectors found signs of active rats has doubled over the same period. Experts who spoke with the publication estimated rat populations have increased as much as 15% to 25% in New York and other major U.S. cities in recent years.


When I moved to NYC, I lived in the slums, worked for a slumlord, renovated my own brownstone and one thing I did all the time was…fight rats.  Big rats, not small ones…they were ferocious.  I killed the rats.  My big Turkish cat killed rats.  Rats ran riot thanks to garbage everywhere and my filthy neighbors would ‘airmail’ their garbage by throwing this out the windows.


I worked long and hard to stop all that and clean up my corner of NYC, Park Slope, which was a slum back then.  Now it is rich.  But rats have re-invaded!  HAHAHA.  Well, they voted DemocRAT and got the RAT part and I hope they enjoy this.  What is even funnier is how the SJW NY Times blames…the rich for the slum rats!


The blame falls in part to gentrification, which the Times said has fueled a construction boom that digs up rat burrows and forces them to the streets. Milder winters from climate change have also helped the city’s rat population boom, as has an increase in trash brought by a thriving human population and tourism, according to the report.


Rich people living in NYC report rats more often than slum people.  Rats abound in the slums, I know this very well, first hand.  I have killed quite a few rats, the two-legged rats, I arrested, the ratus rats I killed.  NYC is run now by a DNC rat named Da’ Ratto is a 6’6″ rat who is systematically destroying NYC and you can spot his home hole in my former neighborhood in Park Slope.


Note how the communists at the New York Times also blames ‘climate change’ for the rats, too.  I battled some very big and nasty rats during the coldest years in the last century in NYC during the 1970’s when everyone was talking about Ice Ages returning.


The colder the weather, the bigger the rats.  The little ones die from the cold, the big ones thrive!  Note during all Ice Ages, many animals grew to immense size in the coldest climates!  The NYT also notes ‘increase in trash’ by humans but doesn’t say who these trashy humans are.  Hint: they are not white or Asian brownstone owners.  I used to call some of these people ‘human rats’ when arresting them, years ago.


It was an ongoing joke between the cops and me, ‘Is it a six foot rat or a two foot rat?’ they would ask, when I called them.  We were not very PC back then.  Today, the DemocRATS forbid joking like this.  To hell with them all, they call us filthy names, nonstop.


And yes, they are calling for the annihilation in a race war, of all white people just like in South Africa.  Race wars will be inevitable when the climate gets colder and colder and with liberals screaming about the need to freeze the working stiffs cold to ‘save the planet’ like we see in France, the continuing rage against global warmists who also want foreign invaders.



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8 responses to “Trump Smacks Pelosi: No More Goodies If You Attack Me Illicitly

  1. Pete

    The EU is the Fourth Reich, Junker’s family
    and his wife’s family are all Nazis!

  2. KHS71

    “illict attempt to impeach Bill Clinton.” Clinton was impeached, however he was not convicted in the Senate. Clinton committed perjury. Lied under oath. Trump has not done anything that would rise to the level of impeachment except beat their Bitch. The events of yesterday indicated to me that Pelosi does not have the votes in the House to impeach otherwise she would be threatening Trump with it. Yes, there are 50-100 votes from the far far left that demand Trump be impeached but the rest of the Rats know impeachment is a loser issue. I was waiting for her to offer not to impeach if Trump would just resign. Trump will not resign. Why should he, the Rethugs control the Senate. The Rats need to move on. The public is tired of their continuous dog and pony show. They need to find an issue to run on next year. Wait, they don’t have one except Orange Man Bad.

  3. AT

    At least Pence is presidential.

  4. Jim R

    Pence is an empty suit.

  5. shawntoh


    Sorry to interrupt, but please–

    Would you please remind people to NOT leave out food on side walks for ANY reason–it attracts rats! Everyone, and everyone needs to remember–

    Stop feeding the non-native squirrels, too! Plus, the Starlings, the English House Sparrows, as well.

    Those species don’t belong in the USA–they are invasive species but check with the local laws–don’t break those laws, either, when getting rid of those vermin–or is it, “varmits”(?) and blame me for the legal issues. Anyway–

    This St. Francis of Assisi business has gone TOO FAR!

    These fools are feeding the wrong life forms. The “rats” are taking over, and the werewolves are here, political, or otherwise, I fear–

  6. Zeke

    Dems are going to have to start wearing body cams when they meet with Trump.
    This has happened before. Without a video record, it’s just “he said; she said”. His lackeys will alway agree and confirm.

  7. Lou

    off topic–via Drudge

    Far from border, US cities feel effect of migrant releases

  8. Um, Zeke, the DNC does NOT want any recorded information because they LIE about everything, all the time. They hate someone recording them when they do goofy junk.

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