Goldman Sachs is in the Underground News today.  Namely, this octopus organization owns Burger King as well as many other businesses.  To make profits, they cheat the workers out of pay and so are in trouble, like the Japanese organizations, of violating basic laws and rules concerning overtime pay for workers.  Like Walmart, they steal from their own lowest-level, cheapest workers to make profits for themselves.  Greed isn’t good, it is evil.  It is the major sin of the Seven Deadly Sins.

War on Greed: Have it your way with Goldman Sachs

YouTube – Who’s Keeping Burger King Workers Below the Poverty Line?

What would you do with an extra
$18,000 in your pocket?

That’s the amount of extra cash each and every Burger King employee in America would have received last year if Goldman Sachs (one of the fast-food chain’s largest owners) had shared its bailout billions with rank-and-file workers. Instead, Goldman Sachs squandered 6.5 billion of our taxpayer dollars on bonuses for their financial staff. These were some of the highest bonuses on Wall Street! Meanwhile, Burger King workers earn wages averaging just $14,000 a year — well below the federal poverty line for a family of three.Goldman Sachs has been having it their way with Burger King workers for too long. It’s high time you had it your way with Goldman Sachs. Together with SEIU we are pushing back against Wall Street excess, and there are several ways we can make our voices heard.

Labor is wealth.  Labor is ‘value-added’.  Labor is one of the biggest generators of wealth known to humanity.  Without the workers plowing the fields, sowing the seeds, reaping the grain, threshing the grain, grinding the grain, delivering the flour to the baker who then makes the bread which then is eaten by the goldsmith, the candlestick-maker, etc, we would all starve to death and there would be no civilization.


The trick for the idle wealthy, is to make money by exploiting labor.  The easiest way to do this is to enslave people and whip them to death if they don’t do all the hard work.  The richest rulers in the golden pavilions all depend on eking out tiny sums from sweating labor at the very bottom of the wealth pyramid.  Today, as always, the idle rich spend all their free time, figuring out how to do this.  They call this ‘work’ and imagine, their constant attention to the flow of finances and wealth making via lending, is all about ‘making wealth.’  


Only it makes nothing.  It tracks wealth made by the labor of others.  Since the foundation of the first city-state 10,000 years ago, humans who controlled access to the Gods of Weather and Death were called ‘priests’ and they watched the night skies to observe how the stars moved and they determined what ‘sacrifices’ everyone should make to appease the gods.  They immediately set up a system whereby at least 10% of the output of labor would flow to them.  They justified this by claiming, their close watch of the stars, the sun and the moon protected everyone else so this sacrifice was worth it, since it gave the priests the necessary leisure to gaze at alternately, their navels or the heavens above.


Today, in the modern world, the idle priests now live in immense towers and they use computers to track their empires and they use computers to figure out how to get maximum profits from the poorest laborers.  Goldman Sachs is a hideous, overgrown monster that controls our government and bribes our elected leaders to work for them, not to work for voters.  This exploitation of the lowliest workers in Burger King is just a sterling example of what is wrong with these modern priests.  They are pure evil.  Their attempt at fattening themselves at the expense of the hungry poor who work for them, is a crime.  It is amoral.  It is cruel.  


The video makers here in this story, want suggestions about how to annoy Goldman Sachs.  Aside from arresting them all for fraud, bribery and corruption, we can embarrass them somewhat.  Better still, it is time to embarrass Obama: he is in their pay every bit as much as McCain and Bush.


Google Earth Hacks – Google Map of Goldman Sachs Tower – Highest Tower in New Jersey

 Goldman Sachs Tower (30 Hudson Street), in Jersey City, New Jersey, is the tallest building in the state of New Jersey, and the tallest in the United States of any building not in its metropolitan area’s largest city. It was designed by Cesar Pelli, best known as the architect of the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur and the Key Tower in Cleveland. The World Financial Center located just across the Hudson river, was also designed by him.

Completed in 2004, the tower is easily visible from the Manhattan and Staten Island boroughs of New York City. On a clear day, the building is visible from as far away as Sandy Hook. It has 42 floors and is 238 m (781 feet) tall. The Goldman Sachs Tower is in Jersey City’s Exchange Place area close to a PATH station (about 200 yards north) and sits immediately on the waterfront overlooking the Hudson River and Lower Manhattan.

The building is a Goldman Sachs office tower, and is one of the fifty tallest buildings in the United States. It houses offices, a cafeteria, health unit and full service fitness facility including a physical therapy clinic. The property is managed by Hines Property Management. A bank is also on the ground level. The building is easly accessible by the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail at the Essex Street and Exchange Place stops.


The Tower of Gollum Sachs is a great place to visit!  It is easily reached by PATH trains.  As spring comes skipping in, maybe it is time to have a rousing demonstration in front of the entrance to Gollum Sach’s magic tower!  How about it?


and there was light.. on Flickr – Photo Sharing!  Click here to see full sized image


The above Flickr image is lovely.  It is also has a copyright so I am giving a hint about its great visuals and encourage people to go to this site and view the original in full.  And complement the photographer.


It is the biggest tower in New Jersey.  New Jersey’s governor is a GS minion.  The shape of this tower is interesting, it has a muted ziggurat shape at the crown.  It reminds me of some odd things in the religious world, of course.  

kenny’s sideshow: redemption song-lauren hill-ziggy marley-tributo bob marley


I find this painting done by an Apocalyptic Christian to be most interesting.  The square/circle merging is…Pegasus!  Pegasus is a constellation.  The main body of what was once a very immense star group is the magic square of stars which is also called ‘Paradise’ by ancient Islamic astronomers.  This painting of the Pegasus Square even has it cut off at the bottom.  The bottom half of Pegasus was, in the ancient city of Ur, a serpent, namely, Ouroboros.  Square, circle and infinity.


The mysticism of architects and the wealthy people who hire them is fascinating.  For example, the numbers used to describe the number of stories, the size of the square bases and other details of the World Trade Center were all ‘magic numbers’ that expressed the Will of the Builder and as is usual in these magical things, became one of the fastest buildings to ever collapse in history.  


One thing leads to another here!  Heh, back to Goldman Sachs, their Tower of Power has been collapsing lately. For example, they had to rush to DC to get a sudden switch from being an ‘investment’ bank that steals from workers into a ‘regular’ bank that still steals from workers!  HAHAHA.  I went, as usual, to the Preciousssss Gollum Sachs web page to see how they view themselves:


Goldman Sachs | About Us


Trading and Principal Investments 
We facilitate client transactions with a diverse group of corporations, financial institutions, investment funds, governments and individuals and take proprietary positions through market making in, trading of and investing in fixed income and equity products, currencies, commodities and derivatives on these products. In addition, we engage in market-making and specialist activities on equities and options exchanges and clear client transactions on major stock, options and futures exchanges worldwide. In connection with our merchant banking and other investing activities, we make principal investments directly and through funds that we raise and manage.

HAHAHA.  They are getting richer and richer!  And this is today’s web page and it is at the end of February and they only have 2007 data here.  I guess showing how they LOST money is verboten!  Any website that can’t update themselves is a fraud.  I see they still boast about dealing with derivatives!  This is like boasting about being drunk drivers.  Especially, in view of all the major losses of the past year.


Goldman Sachs – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Goldman was the second largest donor to the Barack Obama campaign and the fourth largest to the John McCain campaign in the 2008 presidential election. Former Goldman Sachs employees such as Hank Paulson and Robert Rubin have held high positions in the federal government, regardless of which party was in the White House.

It is obvious that this investment [sic] bank infests our government.  Arrest them all.  Hell, they infest all sorts of governments.  Note how well Canada has done with one of these GS clowns at the helm of their own central bank.  They adore being in charge of central banks and various Treasury departments.  After all, this is where the REAL loot is ripe for stealing. And it is more fun stealing this way than clipping the wages of the poorest workers.


GS: 91.85 +1.93 (2.15%) – Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.
  Goldman Sachs bottomed out four months ago.  This is when they pulled strings in DC to get themselves reclassified so they could steal much more money from the central banks AND the Treasury. This way, they were still able to hand out immense ‘bonuses’ to the lazy band of priests who spend their idle hours, trying to slice off as much wealth as possible from people who do actual, real labor.  Hooray for all the ‘We’s want our PRECIOUSSSS….’ Gollums who live on the topmost stories of that ugly tower in New Jersey.


Their stock fell from $230 a share to only $41 a share until the politicians and GS warrior Paulson bailed out this den of selfish, nasty, thieving creatures.  Now, it has nearly doubled in value again!  Hooray for sneaky, nasty little creeps!  I hope they are happy with themselves. Worldwide

U.S. Stocks Advance as Obama Budget Asks for More Bailout Funds 

U.S. stocks rose, recouping yesterday’s losses, after President Barack Obama’s budget proposed as much as $750 billion in new aid for the financial industry.

Citigroup Inc., Bank of America Corp. and Wells Fargo & Co. gained at least 7 percent. Exxon Mobil Corp. and Chevron Corp. advanced as oil climbed to a one-month high. General Motors Corp. slid 3.5 percent after reporting a $9.6 billion fourth- quarter loss. European stocks climbed for the first time in five days as Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc planned to put assets into a U.K. government insurance program and UBS AG replaced its chief executive officer.

“You’ve got to be glued to your screen, not only to watch prices, but to see what’s coming out of Washington,” said Michael Mullaney, a Boston-based money manager at Fiduciary Trust Co., which oversees $9.5 billion. “Details are starting to flow into the market and that’s what the market needs.” 


And in today’s Bloomberg News, we read, the Gollums are not happy, no, they are not happy, Precioussss….they need more wealth.  Yesssss!  More, more, they need to be bailed out again.  Their stocks are shooting up today as everyone anticipates trillions in bail out funds.  


Note the interview with a man who is very similar to the idle creatures in Goldman Sachs towers.  He not only has to be ‘glued to your screen’ but has to keep an eye on all the army of political operatives in DC who need lots and lots and lots of money so they can run for office while lying about who they really work for: the raging, hungry, needy Gollums in GS Towers all over the planet.


The market is getting the ‘details’ from the foolish bail out plan the Democrats just passed.  They were worried that money might flow to Burger King workers who were being exploited and forced to work many more hours per week and not get any compensation.  But no, the money will flow to the idle rich who waste their time, glued to screens or on the phone, screaming at politicians, demanding they keep the money flowing mostly to the top of the many GS towers that tower over all of us, milling on the streets below.





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BERLIN, NY 12022

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  1. Charlie the Jester

    And, to add insult to injury, not only are workers being exploited by the “fast food economy”, but fast food in and of itself is a plague, a scourge, and yes, even a crime.

  2. When i read/hear that David Perkins fellow or Chomsky, i think there is some deep mystry in what happened in the mids of some to go from a well oraganized system of imperial looting to the looting of the imperial power by that power its self. What deep rift occured in the minds of those people. This has got to be the major philisophical story of our time ..or just greed?

  3. Angry Bill

    Please, these poor babes are having their taxes raised all the way to an astronomical 39% next year! And they just don’t know how their lawsuit to keep UBS quiet will go. Exploiting teens and other minimum wage slaves is their only source of fun in today’s economy. After all, they are the “priviledged few” of our society and should be treated as such, you know kind of like the French treated Marie Antoinette 200 years ago. “Yes Mr. Paulson, your table is ready. Please lay face down, place your head through the hole and your waiter will be right with you”.

  4. Sometimes I think I suffer from “reverse racism.” Why is it that so often only the blacks are able to find it in themselves to speak the truth?
    Or perhaps the question should be “why are white Euro-style people so allergic to reality?” W-w-w-why???

    How Can U.S. Recover Without Manufacturing Capacity? (Black Agenda – US)
    How Can U.S. Recover Without Manufacturing Capacity? (Market Oracle – UK)
    The United States’ lack of a manufacturing capacity makes it even less likely that anything resembling a lasting recovery can emerge from President Obama’s approach to the economic crisis. The infrastructure projects that are supposed to be central to the recovery scheme are only valued at $150 billion – which is not much of a jolt, especially when much of what will have to be bought is only available in other countries, made by foreign workers. Barack Obama has put a huge emphasis on building a green economy. However, according to the New York Times, most of the sources of solar panels and wind turbines are located in Europe and Asia. There can be no green economy without a mass transit makeover of the United States, but the U.S. hasn’t made subway and light rail cars in many years. They’d have to be imported.
    “Most of the sources of solar panels and wind turbines are located in Europe and Asia.”
    Every product that must be imported for the infrastructure project means a watering down of the stimulus impact of the dollars spent. You can’t put people to work in American factories that don’t exist.
    A true national recovery effort would mean re-industrialization, on a grand scale and a green model, through massive direct federal creation of state-owned industries independent of the finance capitalists who murdered American manufacturing and then blew up their own businesses on Wall Street. But this is already nearly impossible, since President Obama is committed to saving the banking class through unlimited infusions of public money, and then allowing these reborn zombies to resume their roles as lords of development. The bankster parasites have neither the capacity nor the intention to build anything other than mountains of debt for the rest of us. Therefore, Obama’s partnership with them spells doom for national recovery.


  6. ralph

    The new hedge fund game in town is to BUY OUT older Americans life-insurance policies for cash out NOW. How nice is that. Buried in the Stimulus bill is a medical clause denying care to people over 72. Hegde funds see profits in paying out $250k in cash on a policy of $500k. Knowing full well that these people have no shot of living many years, so they can double their money. Plus, Obama and his ilk love it, for it spurs spending on chinese,japanese, and european imported products. Cash out refis on your life insurance. These vultures will stop at nothing.

  7. Angela

    These people are corporate welfare queens and parasites.
    We need some puppetmakers to make giant puppets – caricatures of the actual ugly Goldmansachsheads – to parade through the streets. Let there be staged citizens arrests of the puppets.
    WHY AREN’T THEIR FACES ON WANTED POSTERS??? Oh, I forget…they own the government.

  8. emsnews

    Many years ago, I used to give long-range public forecasts before I learned that Cassandra was hated by one and all. Way, way back in 1960, when I was ten, I told everyone in my class at school, ‘When we are very old, we will not have hospitals and if we do, we will be put three to a bed or be left lying in the halls.’

  9. Ralph,
    Buried in the Stimulus bill is a medical clause denying care to people over 72.
    Where did you hear this???

  10. Simon

    Peter Schiff’s take on the world
    There are six Asians and one American stranded on a desert island. The Asians gather food as the America sits on his ass and eat buffet all day. He is on holiday mode, and just oversees other’s work.
    He would keep the Asians somewhat fed so they can do the work each day, but not well enough. The logical thing to do, then, is to make the American work like the Asians and divide the loads equally.

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  12. Matheus

    — GOOD BYE USA —
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama has pulled out his most potent weapon — the dry federal budget — to try to carry out his promise of change, including winding down the Iraq war, expanding health care and tackling global warming.

    But in proposing a record $3.55 trillion federal budget for next year, Obama’s gambit is full of political and financial risks that Congress will have to weigh when it debates his proposals and writes its own budget blueprint in coming weeks.

  13. Angela

    With the pittance that’s left, I’d invest in a local factory/enterprise that custom made household goods ( supplies, shelving/sawhorses from recycled aluminum, recycled wood shelving, coat stands etc, practicalor functional goods)- if there was such an independent- of- the- octopus- enterprise.

    (OH, that’s right- we’re a free country and we can do ANYTHING, right, Mr.President Obama?? Anything but free ourselves from the octopus…)

    Where exactly are a plethora of products that use cradle-to-cradle design/production standards to replace the toxic over-packaged Walmart crap that pours into this country and into our landfills?
    Not to mention poisoning the Asian workers who manufacture it?

    The oddly- named GRAS chemicals(byproducts of BIG OIL) will most likely be around by the megaton long after peak oil and continue to monopolize the choice of our “still-plastic- after- all- these- years” shampoo bottles. But by then, the diversity of the plant kingdom will be likely overtaken by Monsanto’s lovely Terminator seeds, so choice would’ve been long gone. Nice work!

    Hope that they don’t all kill each other down there in their underground tunnel bunkers…
    Remind me again-

  14. DeVaul

    Personally, I would not buy anyone’s life insurance policy unless they were moments away from death since most, if not all, insurance companies are insolvent.
    This is what my father did all his life (after selling used cars). He was an underwriter. The insurance is circular — totally. I.E. no one is insured unless they die soon.
    Private insurance is a huge Ponzi scheme, and everyone will soon find that out the hard way.

  15. shockuhzulu

    I love EMS. There aren’t very many men with as much insight into economic affairs, let alone other women. The bad news these days is almost overwhelming. I venture out of my little world only at peril to my peace of mind.

  16. if

    Yessss, Gollums all over the world need more wealth .
    FORMER Royal Bank of Scotland chief Sir Fred Goodwin’s £650,000 pension was neither negotiated nor approved by the Government, Chancellor Alistair Darling said today.

  17. Times Up

    From Mish’s site the other day:

    “….Rep. Barney Frank, the Massachusetts Democrat and chairman of the House panel, told members to curb their anger for the cost of the bailout. He said that it was impossible to send all culprits in the crisis to the gallows….”

    My Comment (Mish speaking):

    “For starters we should send the Fed, Geithner, and Barney Frank to the gallows.”

    Nothing is too good for GS

  18. emsnews

    Gallows? Wait, didn’t the French invent a tool that is more efficient? We still have the blueprints for making guillotines.

  19. Isn’t a big problem that there are too many manufactured goods period? Designed and produced merely to be consumed, discarded, and re-consumed as quickly as possible?

    So we re-industrialize, i.e. bring the mindless overproduction of things back to the US. Everybody has a job making things, just like before. Except now everything’s green technology. Yay!

    Why doesn’t this give me a warm feeling?

    I saw a book title today called The Tyranny of Dead Ideas. I think it’s time for the idea that the Industrial Revolution was a good thing needs to die.

    Though I do like my Mac. 🙂

  20. criticalcontrarian

    Guillotines or gallows are way to kind. Instead confiscate all their wealth, turn them into forced labor for food, no prison that costs too much per capita, then use their confiscated wealth to reengineer and rebuild America. Parade them every Sunday before the crowds during the football games as part of their atonement.

  21. Simon

    looks like desparate times
    ELAINE: Simon, thank you for the link to the robbery story. I used it to illustrate a story about the banking collapse. I appreciate all links!

  22. criticalcontrarian

    As I mentioned a few posts back, it has started. Chinese buying up US property with useless dollars. Putting out garbage only makes it comes back on your head. Watch, Chinese Scoop Up SoCal Foreclosures @

  23. tal

    “..Thus in the Egyptian Mysteries it was taught that man is so connected with the Cosmos, that the duration of his life is one day of the cosmic year. He was thus organised into the Cosmos. His relation to the Cosmos was made clear to him through connections which belong to the decadence of the whole evolution of the Egyptian people.

    The essential nature of man and his connection with the Cosmos was not then made known to the wide mass of the Egyptians — that is characteristic of the time. It was said that if all men knew the nature of their being, how it is organised into the Cosmos, and that the duration of their own life has its part in the duration of the Sun’s revolution, then those who felt themselves organised into the Universe would not allow themselves to be ruled, for each would regard himself as a member of the Universe. Only those were allowed to know this who it was believed were called to be leaders. The rest were not to possess such knowledge of the Cosmos, but a knowledge of the day only. This is connected with the decadence of the Egyptian civilisation. It was certainly necessary in regard to many other things, that immature people should not be initiated into the Mysteries, but this was extended to such things as gave power to the leaders and rulers.

    Now, very much of what permeates our human souls today is derived from oriental sources. Traditional Christianity too contains much which has come from oriental sources; and especially into Roman Christianity a strong impulse has descended from Egypt. Just as the Egyptians were kept in ignorance concerning their connection with the Cosmos, so in certain circles of Romanism the view prevails that people must be kept in ignorance of their connection with the Cosmos which comes about through the Mystery of Golgotha. Hence the fierce conflict which arises when, from an inner necessity of our age, we emphasise that the Event of Golgotha is not simply something which must be regarded as outside the rest of cosmic conception but rather as inserted into it, when we show how what took place on Golgotha is really connected with the whole Universe and its constitution. It is regarded as the worst heresy to describe Christ as the Sun-Spirit, as we have done.

    It must not be supposed that the point at issue is not well-known; but just as the Egyptian priest knew quite well that the ordinary year has not 360 days but 365.25, so certain people are perfectly well aware that the matter with which the Christ Mystery deals is also connected with the Sun Mysteries. But present-day humanity is to be hindered from receiving this knowledge — the very knowledge that it needs; for as I have already said, the materialistic view of the Universe is much preferred by that side to Spiritual Science. Materialistic science also has its practical consequences, in which again the present time may be compared with ancient Egypt. I call attention to the fact that the Egyptians as such were thus dependent upon the course of the Sun, on the relation of the earthly to the heavenly, as regards their external civilisation. The withholding of the knowledge of the connection of cosmic phenomena and their effect on the cultivation of the land, represented a certain power in the hands of the declining priesthood, for thereby the Egyptian labourers had to submit to direction from the priests, who had the requisite knowledge.

    Now if the European and American civilisations were to retain their present character, adhering only to the materialistic, Copernican view of the Universe — with its off-shoot, the Kant-Laplace theory — a materialistic cosmogony must necessarily arise concerning earthly phenomena, biological, physical and chemical. It would be impossible for a cosmogony of this kind to include the moral world order in its structure. It could not embrace the Christ-Event, for it is impossible to be a believer in the materialistic view of the world and at the same time a Christian; that is an inner lie, it is something that cannot be, if one is honest and upright. Hence it was inevitable that the practical consequences should be seen in Europe and American culture, of the split between materialism on the one hand and a moral cosmogony on the other, and along with the moral cosmogony, also the contents of the religious faiths. This result was evidenced in the fact that men who had no external reason for being inwardly dishonest, threw faith overboard, and established a materialistic cosmogony for human life also. Thereby the materialistic cosmogony became a social cosmogony. This would however have the further consequence for our European and American civilisation that man would have a materialistic cosmogony only and would know nothing of the Earth’s connection with cosmic powers, in the sense that we have described it. Within a certain caste, however, the knowledge of the connection with the cosmogony would remain, just as the Egyptian priests kept the knowledge of the Platonic year, the great cosmic year and the great cosmic day; and such circles could hope then to rule the people who under materialism degenerate into barbarism.” Rudolf Steiner-1920

  24. criticalcontrarian

    Agreed. We attract what our deepest desires are. A materialistic mind is given a materialistic surrounding to workout its desires. About caste, its not about caste, rather about having the maturity to act on the non-material side of things. The average is 1 in 1 million. Maybe even less. It is not elitist, for elitism’s goal is control over the material. The goal being ethereal then there is nothing here of interest to control. In fact, the plan is to escape from the poor facsimile of reality.

  25. criticalcontrarian

    And the plot thickens! Read, The Two Documents Everyone Should Read to Better Understand the Crisis @

    These two documents are enough to begin to understand:
    * those big banks and Treasury don’t know how insolvent they are because they didn’t even have the loan files
    * a “stress test” can’t remedy the banks’ problem — they do not have the loan files

    Say what??? No loan files? LOL. I hope the Chinese buying those “foreclosed assets” do their homework and get hard copy on all the paperwork, if we have learned anything from all this is you can’t trust a shsyter system for shiyyt! From top to bottom. 😉

  26. nah

    There is no duty in servicing the wealthy… so why the need to charge 10x-15x more than the services that THEY THEMSELVES REQUIRE only point to a sense that wealth is something that provokes vanity…. 2x -> 6x average is quite good… so in my opinion it is the system itself driving outrages wealth accumulation and super economys for tax and vanity encouragement… they cant pay thair bills ‘i.e. the government’ and dont care how ugly it gets… to now its a bitter struggle to even show that if the greedy filthy rich have to pay or the poor masses need to be subsidized we loose… the super economy is a lie built on tax and spend… Reaganomics vs big gub’ment… we are all loosers
    you make 600,203 a year… your fries will be $299.00

  27. nah

    you dont make fries rite… so your lack of skill and tools requires me to give you an upfront charge unless you compete personally to drive down prices

  28. nah

    drop of rain in the ocean maaaaan

  29. Angela

    ALL of these global players are initiates- every one of them, and ALL are working on the “spiritual” side of things. And although I loved to read Rudolph Steiner once upon a time, please point out to me how their “spiritual” mastery and morality has benefitted the billions of people around the world who are hungry. Spiritual “science” is all about caste, and our new worldwide fuedalism, along with a much sneakier eugenicidal program, is the result of it. Oh I get it, all of those mudpeople deserve to die as subhumans- it’s our/their karma.

  30. Mt

    A couple years ago one hedge fund manager made $4 billion
    in one year. Hedge fund managers can make more money
    in one year than a doctor or a lawyer can make in a lifetime.
    These financial wizards go to work everyday to put as much
    of our economy in their own pockets as they can.

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  32. emsnews

    Whatever one’s belief systems, it all becomes just so much hash when one leaves life and dies. Death is harsh and 100% real, you can’t escape it even though people dearly love the concept of flying off and staying ‘alive’ after death.
    About karma: this is another word for Libra. Libra balances scales. There is no way to avoid this balancing act. All I ask of our leaders and rulers is for them to be sane, balanced and honest. Gads. Three things they HATE.

  33. criticalcontrarian

    Angela: “..please point out to me how their “spiritual” mastery and morality has benefited the billions of people around the world who are hungry.”

    You are mixing morality and social responsibility with spirituality. Try to understand that both have different goals. However, having said that, a truly spiritual person does not only serve God, but humanity as well, because he/she sees God in everyone. I do not know what sad experiences you have had Angela, but I can guarantee you that there are very spiritual people, and societies that give a whole lot of money, time and sacrifice to underprivileged brothers and sisters.

    They do so quietly, without TV coverage, without taking credit, without asking for tax incentives, without a government grant or medal, or pat on the back. They are happy and live to do this type of selfless service. Have seen it for over 20 years. That’s all I will say on this matter.

  34. Angela

    Death is inevitable for every mortal and who can prove without a doubt what happens next? Guantanamo is just a shiny mirror for the new fascism.
    Libra’s scale is heavily stacked by the spiritual “race scientists” who made sure they possess the technology, weapons and the “vril” for the job.
    But why bother cloaking it in “morality” or the Christ-consciousness? It’s racial and ethnic cleansing on a grand scale, done by would-be godmen who have the moral development of fruitflies.

  35. Angela

    cc, there’s not a person on earth who hasn’t had sad experiences.
    not one and i’m not different. but you are angry that “they” are raising your health insurance, how would you feel if you were deemed “unfit”?
    i worked for 30 years in all varieties of community building and social work, with very little or no pay for most of the work and know many, many good people as a result. i just won’t buy into the fact that their lives are worth less than yours, or any of these scumbag liars and thieves that we call our leaders.

  36. openly hidden

    what is this a plot to drive me insane!

  37. openly hidden

    the only solution is for people whose lives are ruined is for them to utterly ruin the lives of those who fucked them.

  38. openly hidden

    all this is probably payback for fucking the indians and owning slaves.

  39. criticalcontrarian

    I read the link you posted to understand where you are coming from. However, allow me to give you a different perspective. The sociopaths mentioned on that site are a great many things, but spiritual is not one of them. Religious maybe, as they use the shell of different religions as a powerbase to launch their world domination scheme; they are the priests of the New Age. What you are alluding to is Priestcraft in the 21st Century. It’s easy to get lost in the semantics.

    Angela, Eugenics is a crock of shit. Considering the people behind it are bunch of mongrel dogs with no pure bloodline to speak of, it is a contradiction in terms, really. Humans are better at keeping animal bloodlines pure for breeding stock than they are with themselves. It’s a wicked joke entered into by a bunch of inbred morons who aren’t pure in anyway except evil. You see a lot of this going on, people hiding behind movements and isms they know nothing about, or completely misunderstand. Welcome to the Age of Ignorance.

    Another thing, notice how religions gravitate around long dead Masters or mystics? Using Christ-consciousness, Krishna-consciousness labels and branding; have you ever wondered why? Its really simple. Dead mystics cannot correct you, tell your priests that they are wrong, that you are not practicing the teachings properly. Great racket, yes? 😉

  40. criticalcontrarian

    Openly Hidden: Karma takes care of all those concerns, whether you believe it, want it, avoid it, or run away from it. No one escapes their actions, in this world and the next. Everyone is accountable, even Elaine’s gods. So don’t stress brother, it’s not your place, work instead on your own self. And help people as Angela subscribes to, whenever you possible can. The rest is not in your hands.

  41. openly hidden

    live mystics is good work if you can get it.

  42. openly hidden

    i am watching a train wreck. i am watching the tsunami come in with my thumb up my ass. i don’t believe any of this is happening actually. somebody pinch me. how can criminals feel so safe that they can make such a naked grab for power is what i want to know.

  43. seraphim

    Low wages was the sacred cow of the English economists since the puritans. They deemed that the English wage earners were selfindulgent and idle, that the higher the wages the more they spend upon drink. Therefore high prices are a blessing since they compel the wage earners to be more industrious, whereas high wages are a misfortune since they merely conduce to “weekly debauches”. Actually they did not shy to propose (along with the reduction of the number of days kept as holidays – something denounced as “popery”) that ” ‘sturdy beggars should…be seized and made slaves to the public for a certain number of years’… The writers who advanced schemes for reformed workhouses, which should be places at once for punishment and of training, were innumerable. All were agreed that, on moral no less tyhan on economic grounds, it was vital that wages should be reduced. The doctrine afterwards expressed by Arthur Young, when he wrote, ‘every one but an idiot knows that the lower classes must be kept poor, or they will never be industrious’…It was not argued; it was accepted as self-evident.” (Quote from the classic of R. H. Tawney Religion and the rise of capitalism).

  44. criticalcontrarian

    Well, someone should ask the blessed Obama why in California’s Contra Costa County, 40,000 families are applying for just 350 affordable-housing vouchers. While each month 16,000 people, including many who were making $60,000 to $100,000 annually just a few years ago, fill four county offices requesting financial, medical or food assistance. All this while he allocates $663 billion for defense spending.

    He is taking money from those who are still earning and throwing it away in foreign lands that it has been proven had no participation in 9/11 or terrorism. It is this policy of military interventionism and expansionism that is actually terrorizing Americans at home with famine, sickness, psychological disorders, and death.

  45. Angela

    Thanks much, CC, I am grateful for your time and thoughtful reply. I couldn’t agree more, except to say that mongrel dogs have it all over these people.
    And OH, what about the Tea Parties? Have you read about them? I want to DO something in protest besides bitch on Elaine’s blog. But what?

    And has anybody heard about this guy Reinhardt that was on Gawker and Yahoo and Google Finance?

  46. Rowan

    In “Gulliver`s Travels” Swift remarks that the King was more likely the son of a coachman.

  47. criticalcontrarian

    BTW, Angela, David, Elaine, Tal: Here is a good read for you all. Enjoy it. 🙂

  48. “The government is considering plans that would lead to thousands more British Muslims being branded as extremists, the Guardian has learned. The proposals are in a counterterrorism strategy which ministers and security officials are drawing up that is due to be unveiled next month.”
    “Contest 2 would widen the definition of extremists to those who hold views that clash with what the government defines as shared British values”
    “The Guardian has also learned of a separate secret Whitehall counterterrorism report advocating widening the definition of who is considered extremist”
    “Contest 2 is still being finalised by officials and ministers. Those considered extreme would not be targeted by the criminal law, but would be sidelined and denied public funds”…
    “denied public funds”
    Hmmm…Would that mean not entitled to social security benefits etc,me thinks it will
    “Contest 2 would widen the definition of extremists”
    Hmmm…Like anyone that holds a different opinion to the governments…bloggers etc.

  49. JSmith

    “It is the biggest tower in New Jersey.”
    Whoop-de-doo. Pretty ordinary building, if you ask me: it’s tall, it’s square, it’s cost effective.
    On the bright side… just now the local BK is vending double cheeseburgers for a buck.
    “Meanwhile, Burger King workers earn wages averaging just $14,000 a year — well below the federal poverty line for a family of three.”
    And just how many BK workers are actually trying to support a family of three, do you suppose? The fast food workers I interact with on a regular basis are either quite young or somewhat older. So… what’s the federal poverty line for a family of one? That may be a more useful number.

  50. This shouldn’t be a surprise. There is no consistency in the American economy anymore. Everything is moving according to what a person’s interests are in any given moment. So, in the case of corporations we should only expect their treatment of people to get worse and worse.

  51. ”It’s racial and ethnic cleansing on a grand scale, done by would-be godmen who have the moral development of fruitflies. ”

    Right, there’s Reagun Bush the CIA, NSA , corporations are fronts for this . China is playing thae same game or are they? An essential part of the American strategy is military power. China lacks that .
    What is a multinational corporation anyway, a multinational CIA?

  52. ralph

    Death is real? Death is total hogwash. Your etheral seed atom is ETERNAL. When your body dies, you review your life BACKWARDS in purgatory, to review and learn your lessons. When that is done, you come back and enter a new physical dense body. Life is a giant school. Learn your lessons now, and review your days backwards before you go to sleep. Have no fear of anyone or anything. We are DIVINE beings. We are ETERNAL. There is no death.

  53. Angela

    Wonderful read.

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