CIA-Sponsored Coup In Honduras Is OK For US Political Chattering Classes

In Honduras, an outright military coup took over the democratic government.  Naturally, since the military coup conspirators are good buddies of the Pentagon, this sort of anti-democratic tyranny is A-OK.  Also, as I predicted, Madoff was sentenced to 150 years of watching Judge Judy and Cops TV shows.  And Iraqis go crazy with happiness, they think the US is now out of their hair but we are not, we never get out of anyone’s hair.  Even if Iraqis go bald.  Lots of very interesting news.  Wish I could cover everything but can’t.

Oh my.  Once again, the pesky people in our Banana Republics get underfoot and have to be suppressed.  Naturally, they deserve to be killed just like US citizens should expect death if we dare throw rocks at cops.  I will note that Obama isn’t rushing to the mike to denounce military coups.  Nor are any Republicans making any squeaky noises:

Raw Story » Riots flare in Honduras capital

Picture 5Updated (below): U.S. not calling military-led takeover a “coup,” says Clinton

Clashes flared Monday between Honduran troops and demonstrators protesting the ousting of President Manuel Zelaya leaving several people injured, an AFP photographer said.

“There are riots, police are cracking down … heard shooting. There are some injured,” the photographer said.

Television images showed demonstrators throwing rocks at police, who responded with a wave of tear gas.

HAHAHA.  Clinton is a witch.  ‘This is NOT a coupe, it is a speedster,’ she hisses as she runs over the Honduran peasants in her flashy foreign car made in Germany.  Whooee!  Thanks for explaining how coups work, madame Lefarge!  A coup is when a Muslim country has an election.  Democracy is when a military strongman runs a country for our corporate masters who run America.  Did anyone here think we have a democracy?

Well, the majority of Americans were for closing Gitmo and getting out of the wars.  So Gitmo is open and the wars are expanding, of course.  Democracy in action!  As we see in the photos above, the good people of Honduras are as angry as the Iranian people.  But since they are battling US puppet agents, since the CIA is behind this coup 100%, it is not a coup and therefore, even if some very cute, lovely young lady is shot dead, she will die anonymous since she is on the wrong side.

And here is US hypocrisy in full bloom.  Note that US media won’t send an army of reporters there to breathlessly attack the military who are using the usual American-style suppression methods which usually are stuff like putting machine guns up and shooting everyone dead or throwing students out of helicopters, etc.

ISS – Key leaders of Honduras military coup trained in U.S.

Leftist President Manuel Zelaya was kidnapped and transported to Costa Rica on Sunday morning after a growing controversy over a vote concerning term limits. Over the last week, Zelaya clashed with and eventually dismissed General Romeo Vasquez — who is now reportedly in charge of the armed forces that abducted the Honduran president.

According to the watchdog group School of Americas Watch, Gen. Vasquez trained at theWestern Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation at least twice — in 1976 and 1984 — when it was still called School of Americas.

The Georgia-based U.S. military school is infamous for training over 60,000 Latin American soldiers, including infamous dictators, “death squad” leaders and others charged with torture and other human rights abuses. SOA Watch’s annual protest to shut down the Fort Benning training site draws thousands.

For years and years and years, patient US antiwar demonstrators have tried to close down the coup school.  Democratic and Republican Presidents keep this open just like they are now keeping our hideous concentration camps open.  Today, it is nearly impossible to demonstrate in front of the Western Hemisphere Institute of Coupology without endangering your life, even if you are very pretty and photogenic!  No, even lovely lasses will be lashed to death, if they dare to try stopping say, traffic at the front gate.

Jubilation in Iraq on Eve of U.S. Pullback — Withdrawal of Combat Troops From Cities Also Stirs Fear –

Iraqis danced in the streets and set off fireworks Monday in impromptu celebrations of a pivotal moment in their nation’s troubled history: As of Tuesday, this is no longer America’s war.

Six years and three months after the March 2003 invasion, the United States will withdraw its remaining combat troops from Iraq’s cities and turn over security to Iraqi police and soldiers. While more than 130,000 U.S. troops remain in the country, patrols by heavily armed soldiers in hulking vehicles will largely disappear from Baghdad, Mosul and Iraq’s other urban centers.

“The Army of the U.S. is out of my country,” said Ibrahim Algurabi, 34, a dual U.S.-Iraqi citizen now living in Arizona who attended a concert of celebration in Baghdad’s Zawra Park. “People are ready for this change. There are a lot of opportunities to rebuild our country, to forget the past and think about the future.”

Oh, don’t they love us!  Luckily for the Iraqi people we liberated, there is no ‘Eastern Hemisphere Institute of Coupology’ but actually, we do coups over there, too.  Why have the Spanish-speaking half of the planet get these coups?  We are so generous, we share them with everyone!  By the way, the stupidity of the US government, running a coup on the very same month we bloviated about how evil the Iranian government is, imitating the US Supreme Court ruling of 2000 (don’t count the votes ruling, that is.)  Here we are, sponsoring yet another coup.

You can bet, if the Iraqis vote the wrong way, we will do the same to them. We did this to Iran, in the past.  Geeze, one thing seems to never change!  Haunting, isn’t it?  Thousands of US slave soldiers were shipped to Iraq to be blown up.  They get to learn the lesson of Vietnam: no one gives a damn if this was futile.  We will make black flags with some pithy slogan and wave these once we are totally defeated and China owns all the oil contracts.

Stunning pictures of ‘hole in the clouds’ as astronauts witness volcano eruption from the International Space Station | Mail Online

Picture 3About the volcanic eruption:

I noticed, now that the clouds have finally cleared after it rained here for 2 weeks, that the sky is again, covered by a fine, white veil of dust in the stratosphere.  This dust comes down over time and it collects moisture so we are now enjoying a cool, week period here.  Just in time for summer.  It doesn’t take too many volcanos to change global warming into an ice age, by the way.  Scientists think that volcanos did start the Ice Ages.  It wouldn’t surprise me.

Cows will be bred to burp less to reduce potent greenhouse gases | Mail Online

A prototype cow which burps less is being bred in a breakthrough that could reduce a big source of the greenhouse gases responsible for global warming.

The farm animals are responsible for nearly three-quarters of total methane emissions.

Most of the gas comes from bovine burps, which are 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas.

Stephen Moore, a professor at the University of Alberta in , is examining the genes responsible for methane produced from the animal’s four stomachs in order to breed more efficient, environmentally friendly cows.

Cows have been burping for eons.  Once upon a time, vast, immense herds of burping, belching and farting cattle of various sorts ran around…during the Ice Ages.  Maybe it would have been worse, if they weren’t there and we had no way to warm the planet?  On the other hand, I don’t care how many cows belch, what about all the belching humans?  Eh?  How about outlawing beer?  That will fix global warming!  Outlaw farting, too.  Outlaw politicians who give us nothing but hot air.  Hey, they are the real cause!  Leave the cows alone!

Space Based Solar Power Lights Up Japan’s Energy Future

Picture 4An ambitious long-term program by JAXA, Japan’s space agency, seeks to set up a reliable and environmentally friendly solar energy collection system thousands of miles above the Earth.

Solar power has always had its drawbacks as an alternative energy source. What happens on cloudy days, or for that matter, during the night? How much does accumulated dust on the solar panels reduce their efficiency? And of course, who can protect isolated solar power collection stations from theft, vandalism or terrorism? Most of these questions will be rendered moot if the collection infrastructure is lofted into earth orbit!

And finally, yes, we can use space based solar collectors.  We can do many things, aside from eliminating humans who belch or burp or fart.  We can save the planet by using these systems.  It would be very interesting to see if this system can withstand solar flares.  As usual, the sun gets to test our limits.

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69 responses to “CIA-Sponsored Coup In Honduras Is OK For US Political Chattering Classes

  1. Simon

    Looks like Japan has fallen to the Obama bug of promising much in the long term while having no idea how to get there
    This does not bode well

  2. Thank you for sharing the photo of the volcanic eruption from space. Seeing that punch a hole through the clouds and the cloud rising to the stratosphere is unexpectedly impressive. Besides, it makes for a good excuse for the cool summer we’re having in the Great Lakes and Northeast.

  3. payAttention

    Good news Dear Author, First Electronic Quantum Processor Created by a very studious group of Beijing Polytechnic docents. After they finished the Four Seasons recital. Jimmy Rogers is there, perhaps he found the way?

  4. MikeM

    That is a great eruption photo. I wonder how many carbon credits that would equate to?

  5. payAttention

    Hope that JAXA satellite never wobbles in orbit and fries a city or two with a million or ten picofarads of microwave radiation. Sure it’s not a death star?

  6. Simon

    On Japan:
    With all the fancy tech and whatnot, maybe they can automate geriatric care first, there is hope for the octogenerian war criminal bunch yet

  7. Simon

    Toyota develops a mind-control wheelchair
    Weeeeeeee! 🙂

  8. tio

    the BBQ season is upon us … try this out :


    Loin of pork in 1″ cubes
    Smoked streaky in 1″ cubes
    Green pepper corns
    A few tablespoons of Calvados

    You can ask your butcher on bacon day (and yes a good butcher has one of these) to cut a block of streaky that you can then dice. Alternatively you can roll up some sliced streaky. You don’t need much Calvados (a couple of those pathetic little minatures will do the job) but if you can’t get your hands on this then some really good cognac is also great (never cook with something you are not prepared to drink). Place the cubed meat in a dish and marinate with the liquor (?) and green pepper corns over night and then place alternate blocks on a soaked skewer and BBQ! Trick is to baste early and often with the marinade but not over cook the meat (but obviously DO cook it). Culture of Life … Sex, Death, Taxes, Coups, Music, … Robots … and no food? That is just wrong.

  9. openly hidden

    remember my long time ago prediction. when the united states goes broke and sullenly hermits up and brings her armies and navies home to rot, then the world slowly slides into wars and chaos like nobody has ever seen.

  10. openly hidden

    and about solar power. in anticipation of propane gas doubling yet again on me, if everyone is right and the dollar tanks, what would be cheaper for me to do as a lp heat supplement. a wood buring stove? or simple solar panels? are solar panels worth a crap yet?

  11. payAttention

    How the hell is your LP going up. There more in storage now than in the last twenty years.

  12. JSmith

    “In Honduras, an outright military coup took over…”

    BFD. I can find Honduras on a map, but beyond that it’s pretty much indistinguishable from the next ‘nanner republica. South of Mexico, it’s all the same place.

    “Leftist President Manuel Zelaya was kidnapped and transported to Costa Rica on Sunday morning …”

    Things could be worse.

    “For years and years and years, patient US antiwar demonstrators have tried to close down the coup school. ”

    Apparently, with limited results.

    “No, even lovely lasses will be lashed to death, if they dare to try stopping say, traffic at the front gate.”

    So who was the last supermodel to get beaten to death at Fort Benning? I couldn’t find a thing at SOA Watch – you’d think they would have covered that.

    “Jubilation in Iraq on Eve of U.S. Pullback …”

    Now the Sunnis and Shiites can pick up the sectarian violence where they left it off. (Of course, that will be our fault too, for leaving them to it.)

    “Also, as I predicted, Madoff was sentenced to 150 years …”

    Indeed you did. And I have an assignment for you; see recent comment in the Madoff thread.

  13. openly hidden


    the lp people came by just a few weeks ago wanting me to buy an option on LP so the price won’t go up on me this winter. i think they said it was $1.48/gal. now which i have a 500 gal tank i have to fill three times a year…. the lp company (farm service) has changed hands three times in the last three years now. from local ownership to being owned by another company far away.

  14. nah

    CIA coup in honduras… to distract attention from our secret allys the Iranians Political Mullahs… identify with the oposition, its a coup world just be glad they didnt deport mousavi LOL
    Live, Beg, Forget

  15. charlottemom

    Just when we’re all so preoccupied in ME — a military coup in Honduras. First Obama was not OK with this, but now he is.

    I suppose with the ME slipping through the US fingers, it’s time to regain our foothold in Latin America. What better way to do this then with a good, old-fashioned, American-style, CIA-backed coup. Will be interesting if this holds, as America has really lost influence in Latin America and guess to who— China.

    My father was army intelligence in Latin America for 25 years and we lived in Bolivia, Peru, Brazil etc and saw much political turmoil in ’60-’80s. This coup is right out of a dusted-off US playbook. But this time it’ll be interesting to see if and how Venezuela/Russia/China push back. My parents, who spend 6 months of the year in Panama, are absolutely dumbfounded with the intense Asian presence in Panama (I mean US created Panama for god’s sake!). Simply astounding how quickly China has moved in and is now running the (our!) Canal through Hutchinson Whampoa Hong Kong.

    Anyway fighting empires never fight on their own terrain but on other lands, will LA become another “empire” hot spot?

  16. payAttention

    You are getting used. That’s a fifty percent markup on wholesale.

  17. nah

    He studied 118 men with above-average sperm DNA damage and found the quality of their sperm increased significantly after they were told to ejaculate daily for seven days.
    between this, global warming, and stem cells… the promise of modern science is remarkably expencive

  18. payAttention

    Correct Charlottemom. We lost close to six thousand men, many more left with permanent malarial disability. The French lost many more, twenty two thousand, the majority from the French West Indies, setting off a backlash against the speculators who funded the project. All the better off to pave the way for the yuppie/hippie genrationz et fils to buy plastic jungle gyms and particle board furniture for pennies on the dollar frome Charlie Chan.

  19. nah

    wonder how long the government will hand out tax rebates… imean… not that the government is broke or money is just the creation of ‘busy work ideas’… but what would the world offer me without central government planning, more power? more respect? more wealth? more integrity?
    education and thought are just accepted… cuz people dont have any incentive to go it alone? is there credit for individual achievment or just institutional bogarting of every shred of principle for profit and fame ‘nonscence’… with the ease of communication and written word have we reached a apex of manufacturing and are just set to force people to ablige scientific maxims without regard to our human ways and culture, to offer services to negligent, incompetent, bamboozlers with a license to fabricate reality… what real return is left if not the joy of not really getting it

  20. nah

    now lets sport some gays in the military because we want to, most US recruits on average are 19 anyways let them run everything… culture and commitment need to change to better accommodate important stuff

  21. nah

    lets make everything in the military co-ed… showers, bunks, all that neat stuff… and lets let hetero-sexual men overcome the same requirements as the girls ‘its only fair any thing else is genetic profiling’ excellence should be expected only from the special forces and generals ‘open minded fair play adults not prone to childish gotcha’
    never been in the military, but dont think i would seriously think twice if i knew it was a gay pride badge ‘i figure there are rational numbers or science or whatever that says the best machine is one that over performs extremely well’

  22. nah

    i pay alot in taxes… the military is something i actually care about

  23. K-Bo

    I know it’s easy to think the CIA is behind everything, and maybe it’s partially true they had a hand in this “coup.” But Zelaya was aligning with Chavez and tried to go against the constitution, the supreme court, the Congress, and his own party in trying to *illegally* have a special ballot run that would allow him to run for more than his 4 year term. He also embezzled some money, from what I hear. So the people did the right thing, and threw his butt out of the country. They have a temporary president, and will have elections in November. Democracy is safe (although yes it probably benefits the elites aligned with the “corporatocracy” and less so the very poor people of Honduras).

    So let’s try to keep the situation straight. It’s very easy to imprint your world view upon all the news. My sources say this was a good thing to get rid of another leftist dictator in the making, who was breaking the law. The people didn’t stand for it, and now he’s gone.

  24. payAttention

    He was usurping the Constitution by running for a second term. I don’t think we should have consecutive terms in the House, Senate, or White House though. But that’s just me.

  25. RobG

    Government Bails Out General Electric

    There is nothing wrong with GE owning a financing operation. There was and needs to be the appropriate regulation of it, and that should include the ability to fail and take down part of General Electric shareholder value.

    This ‘behind the scenes’ and ‘under the table’ decision-making has become far too common in Washington. And recent reports of Congressional ‘insider trading’ are alarming, not because of smoking guns discovered, but because of the official reluctance to speak out against even the appearance of such impropriety. Members of U.S. House Financial Services Committee traded bank stocks as bottom fell out of market

  26. Paul S

    I’m wondering where does the Coucil on Foreign Relations (CFR) fit into all this? It seems these elitist CFR members have their fingers in ALOT of pies. Why no mention of CFR’s role in this overthrow/coup business? I’m figuring the CFR types must be involved in all this somehow some way.

  27. charlottemom

    K-Bo – HA, HA, you’ve got a wickedly sardonic sense of humor…how else to explain your nonsensical posting.

    “the people did the right thing” What do you know of the Honduran people’s will?

    You assume the military represents “the people” Big mistake, because it’s not necessarily so.

    Your statement would make more sense had the election been held, illegalities discovered, protests held, civil unrest and then revolutionary coup. Instead we get the military detaining a sitting President….what was that you said about adhering to the Constitution? Surely military exiling a President prior to an election isn’t written into the rule of law. Not only that but the military was in communication with US throughout the coup. US was against it before we were for it. It’s great democracy when another country green-lights a coup of another government.

    I loved your comment : “My sources say this was a good thing to get rid of another leftist dictator in the making, who was breaking the law.”

    So it was a preemptive democratic move! HA

    I also loved your “Democracy is safe (although yes it probably benefits the elites aligned with the “corporatocracy” and less so the very poor people of Honduras).”

    I guess you have no idea that in Honduras the “very poor” constitute the overwhelming majority of the population. Elites=oligarchy=democracy for under 10% of populace.

    Thanks for the chuckle today! Your humor is so dry that I almost recognize it.

  28. K-Bo

    Glad I could amuse you charlottemom. ‘Twas not my intention at all.

    What do I know of Honduras and the will of the people? Not much. My coworker is from Honduras, and his cousin is the new finance minister. Lots of kidnappings (including his family members, a teenager on whom the ransom was paid last week and he wasn’t returned) and lots of poverty (I’ve read that 70% are below the poverty level). I thought I’d share a perspective from actual Honduran people, which I guess you don’t appreciate.

    I agree the military and the people are not the same.

    You’ll probably think I’m being funny again. Chuckle on.

  29. the fool on the hill

    Democracy is safe (although yes it probably benefits the elites aligned with the “corporatocracy” and less so the very poor people of Honduras).

    Is it just me, or does this sound like doublethink?

  30. the fool on the hill

    Ah, so it wasn’t just me.

    Of course, anti-U.S. factions are very likely corrupt as well.

    So the CIA can tell us, ‘see, we must good guys because we are fighting bad guys’.

  31. K-Bo

    fool, yes there’s some doublethink there. Let me clarify – I meant the democratic process of elections will go on. Unfortunately the elected are often bribed and co-erced by the powers that be. Look at our country, and pretty much everywhere else in the world. For a different perspective on US economic imperialism and how it corrupts Latin American and other third world countries, I recommend the book “Confessions of an economic hitman” by John Perkins.

    There will be the appearance of democracy, but in reality there will be corruption by corporate interests.

  32. emsnews

    The history of the CIA funding and enabling coups in Central and South America is VERY long and VERY brutal.

    Ditto, CIA-sponsored coups in Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and Asia. Not to mention, Europe. Did I leave out anyone? Maybe, Antarctica?

  33. K-Bo

    OK, just for fun and despite being attacked for presenting an alternate viewpoint, here’s the latest rumor I heard. We’ll see if it comes true.

    Zelaya will be returning tomorrow to Honduras with some international delegates (UN, OAS, Clinton?), hoping to be reinstated as president, for which many are clamoring. He will be immediately arrested and charged with embezzlement and crimes against the country – the evidence will be $50M in cash found in his home, along with documents he drafted to revise the constitution to get rid of their Congress.

    Normally I wouldn’t care about such things, and just be happy I live in America, but it’s interesting to get an inside perspective, to see how it clashes with my preconceived notion that this coup is bad for democracy.

    It’s good to try to learn the truth.

    Maybe Zelaya was wronged, but maybe he was a crook that deserved to be ousted. Maybe it was done in the wrong manner, but maybe they had no other choice.

  34. openly hidden

    imho, neither the global left or the global corporate/banksters give a damn about real democracy. both “sides” regard “the people” with contempt. probably the only reason we still have the appearance of free elections is both sides (of the same greedy power mad coin) have become expert at manipulating a deliberately dumbed down and preoccupied population. the end is near.

  35. the fool on the hill


    Speaking for myself only, I did not ‘attack’ you for presenting an alternative viewpoint.

    I pointed out what appeared to me to be an inconsistency. Your clarification is welcome.

    I am disappointed to hear you state that normally you wouldn’t care about what happens to third world peasants and are just ‘glad you live in America’, especially when you yourself recommended a book that purportedly exposes various crimes from which virtually all Americans seemingly profit.

    This too, appears to me to be an inconsistency.

    I, for one, am very apprehensive that our future could resemble that of these third worlders.

  36. emsnews

    Imagine if we did that…whenever there is corruption in the WH, we have the military invade it and seize all documents, ect….HAHAHA. Right.

  37. PLovering

    @nah, “lets make everything in the military co-ed… showers, bunks, all that neat stuff…”

    Any plan to treat gays and lesbians the same is ridiculous.

    Male homos are hardwired gay.

    Females are not hardwired lesbian.

  38. K-Bo

    fool, you’re right I should care – it’s just hard to keep up with all the developments in every country in the world, and must people tend not to get involved with others’ problems (we’ve got enough of our own to worry about, right?). It’s easy to think how do the struggles of a people I’ve never met in a place I’ll never see affect me?

    Another really good book I’ve read about inequalities and oppression and poverty in the world is Jeffrey Sachs’ The End to Poverty. It’s very sad to see so much poverty in a world of plenty. I believe we have the means to provide for all, but our system is set up to keep the rich in power and the poor people oppressed. The number one way this is done is the money as debt scheme. We’re all debt slaves.

    So, my eyes are being opened slowly to the way things really work in the world. Money and power corrupt, and the powerful exploit the powerless. I guess it’s always been that way, and always will be.

    If you are disappointed about me honestly stating I tend not to try to get too involved in the world’s troubles, what are *you* doing about it?

    BTW I was speaking more to charlottemom. Sorry for being a little sensitive.

  39. There is nothing wrong with being sensitive.

    We need good instruments and good instruments are often sensitive.

    Ask anyone who has ever worked in a “clean room”.

    Ask nitrogen.

    A good nitrogen pad keeps the oxygen from reacting with everyone and everyone. Oxygen needs to back off.

  40. If we want to continue.

    Build a compost bin why don’t ya.

    The MULCHERS know!

  41. PLovering

    @Paul S, “I’m wondering where does the Coucil on Foreign Relations (CFR) fit into all this?”

    David Rockefeller owns the CFR, which owns the White House.

    The CFR also owns the CIA, much like Rothschild owns the Mossad.

    These Lizards, Rocky and Rothschild, have looted the U.S. of some $65 Trillions.

  42. charlottemom

    I apologize for being rude and insensitive to your opinions. Your writing shows that you happen to disagree with mine – that’s ok, but spare me the lectures on Latin American democracies and dictators, OK. I’m half Panamanian/half military brat and have lived throughout Latin America, so I’m familar with this part of the world. Back in 70s and 80s, US was there to help install many of these military dictatorships — how do I know? My father (Army intel was liasing with these mil leaders).

    Most of these LA “democracies” and dictators end up in the same place – supporting the entrenched oligarchies with “the people” terrorized and caught in the middle. Whatever, the US is doing, we are doing for our self-interests period. Beware the new boss (same as the old boss) who comes in bearing the gifts of liberty and justice for all.

    P.S. I think these military coups will become more common in Latin America in the near future. Many democratic governments (and their economies) are on the brink down there. It seems, the US hasn’t quite made up its mind about how to proceed policy-wise. China has really upped the stakes.

  43. charlottemom

    My above comment was directed at K-Bo. I promise to be nicer in the future.

  44. I disagree about military coups because a milatary coup is an “act of last resort” and it often opens a can of worms.

    Some cans are better left for later.

    Nonetheless, I hope the military folks in the US have recieved a good education particularly with respect to a few documents of importance one of which is the Constituion.

    Another forms the basis to a degree of said constitution and I have studied this document. Not all of it, what I read changed my life.


    * divided we fall – united – well, that remains to be seen now doesn’t it?

  45. crap – sorry about the typo above…

    Conventions are worthwhile every now and then….

    I called for one a long while ago and I was not kidding around.

    Peace everyone here, but I suspect there is gonna be blood on the streets and this prognostication is for the near-term future.

    It didn’t need to be this way.

    Peace is coming.

  46. emsnews

    What we do abroad always comes back home to roost. The Pentagon is an immense budget hog, eats up nearly half of our spending. If any president dares to cut this, they will have a coup.

  47. CK

    How old fashioned is it that there are still people who think in terms of pro and anti US factions.
    As the USA becomes less and less relevant to the course of the world, this sort of blinkered thinking will increase in the USA.
    The Merkin century lasted for less than 10 years.
    Now that is ego deflation at work.

  48. Ego deflation is a good thing.

    I support it.

  49. CK

    The PRC appears to have no investments in or interests in Honduras.

  50. the fool on the hill


    Well, I wasn’t blaming you for anything; I just said I was a little disappointed that you would express yourself in that way. I offer no judgment; we must all come to terms with the Universe individually.

    As for what *I* am doing about it, what can I do?

    I have ideas on how to change the world for the better, but no one listens to me.

    In the meantime, I endeavor to speak the truth in my day to day to life when dealing with other humans, rather than, for example, just saying what is expected to get along. This can be a politically/socially costly thing to do. And it is next to impossible in a closed society, and ours is closing. But what allows a society to close is when people give up their liberty voluntarily.

    But who is going to speak out when one’s own welfare might be threatened by so doing? Congress won’t even audit the Fed because of threats that the ‘economy’ will collapse.

    But the ‘economy’ is going to collapse anyway: 70% consumerism and 30% military. It doesn’t take Einstein to figure out that something is ‘rotten in Denmark’ as it were.

    So I can not say in good faith that I am ‘glad I live in America’, even though I have been the beneficiary of empirical largess. To the contrary, I feel the need to be repentant and am concerned that I will not be sufficiently so.

    I do, and have always, paid a price for my honesty.

  51. the fool on the hill


    Are you kidding??? The whole world is in the process of starkly dividing itself into ‘pro and anti’ US/(Israel) factions.

    This is what WWIII is all about.

  52. fool on the hill you are NOT!

    I hope you agree.

  53. and WW3 ain’t gonna happen if you wan’t my opinion.

    Oh sorry.

    I gave it to you.

    One way or the other.


  54. the fool on the hill

    The largest nuclear arsenal in the world will never be ‘less and less relevant to the course of the world’.

    That’s why it’s there, you dig?

    But debtor nations are on the ‘wrong’ side of history in wars, which are always about money.

    Religious, class, national and ethnic divisions are some convenient tools to manipulate folks into doing the bidding of the elites. That’s one reason we have ‘intelligence services’.

    But really, everyone is the wrong side of history in a war, from a ‘certain point of view’, as Obi –Wan would say.

    It’s China and the Middle East against everyone else. Russia is on the fence. They may appear to be leaning towards China, but I think it is likely the Russians will fight along side Europe when the chips are down.

    I may be wrong. I’ve been wrong before.

  55. Simon

    The largest nuclear arsenal in the world is called the SCO

  56. openly hidden

    panama eh. is that norieaga fellow still in jail in florida? heh. is he the only state leader ever snatched up like that and sent to jail or what. i bet there are some funny stories noriega could tell.

    is the humidity terrible down there? heat is bad, humidity like we were having was terrible.

    noriega. if he didn’t have bad luck, he would have no luck at all.

  57. Kentucky is a Great State. Probably better than New York.

    I don’t think it was one of the original 13, but I don’t care.

    Iowa is great too. Love that state quarter.

    Hypocrisy to the nth degree openly hidden. That is all.

  58. But I’ll be honest that lady liberty on the New York quarter (with a “q”) blows me away.

    But don’t forget who was first in flight.

    NC is for real!

  59. kevin

    Hi thoughts on the climate bill that just squeaked by in the house?

  60. emsnews

    Argh! I don’t like the derivatives business of any sort, any fashion! This is just so insane.

  61. @openly hidden,

    Why do we have to be the planet’s bloody riot police force, lest the world fall apart? I would rather our troops defend our homeland, like other nations’ should defend theirs.

  62. @wise fool who sits on hill,

    I am another one who is ,i>not glad to be an America! (I’d rather be Canadian, Australian, Kiwi, German or even Cuban! — but I’m stuck here with all the stupid people….)

    And a wise American is in a peculiar jam. If he’s repentant, his countrymen will hate him and if he’s still proud to be an Uh-murri-CAN! then he’s hated by the rest of the world!

    Interesting times, indeed.

  63. Simon

    Or you could just be a Bolshevik and forget about pesky things like nationalities 🙂

  64. emsnews

    Naw, be a Troskyite. Get axed. 🙂

  65. CK

    Oh all I have is a hammer
    so every problem is a nail.
    Less and less relevant.
    Me Go Boom is less and less relevant
    Me Be USA Destroyer of World is a bit overwrought anyway.

  66. JSmith

    For quite a few people, it’s not the “dictator” part that’s so awful, it’s the “right wing” part that sucks.

    They’ll bleat from dawn to dusk about how awful the Somozas, et al., of the world are, but Castro and Chavez? They’re for the people. If they have to kill or imprison some other people, then those people are enemies of the revolution, and enemies of the revolution have no human rights. Viva the coming revolution!

  67. CK

    Irony resurrected:
    The constitutionally instituted legistlature of Honduras today suspended the constitutional protections supposedly afforded to Honduran citizens by vitrue of living within some coloured lines on a flimsy sheet of onionskin.
    Ah the joys of having a government, and democracy and rights and constitutions and standing armies.
    Your Papers pleeze. muhahahahaha

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