600+ Garment Workers Burn To Death To Supply Walmart With Cheap Clothing

Bangladesh Factory Fire – 100 Bodies Found in Clothing Factory Fire in Bangladesh 2012 – YouTube

We saw horror scenes of hysterical US consumers stampeding into stores on the Black Friday sales to buy all sorts of Asian goods.  This stampede comes on top of very serious and cruel abuse of workers in Asia who are treated like slaves and exposed to great dangers from terrible working conditions.  There is a Triangle Shirtwaist Fire every year in Bangladesh.  The sales in the US which are selling stuff as low a price as possible on Black Friday are directly connected with the exploitation of cheap labor overseas.


Bangladesh Garment Factory Fire Leaves 112 Dead – YouTube

Here is a previous fire from two years ago in the same city:  Deaths in Bangladesh factory fire – YouTube


Here is capitalism’s ability to exploit cheap labor at work:  Dhaka fire strips bare garment trade horrors

After some arm-twisting by the Bangladesh Garments Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA), the trade association representing factory owners, the management has agreed to pay $1,230 as compensation for the families of each victim, amounting to a total of about $152,000. In comparison, the materials destroyed were worth about $12.3m; the construction of the factory cost about the same amount.


“This is a 200 crore taka [$25mn] project. How it got destroyed, we don’t know. If we did we would take action,” said Nodon, whose company produces clothing for Walmart, C&A, and Hong Kong-based mega-supplier Li & Fung.


Activists went into the burned building to recover and record clothing for Sears and Faded Glory which is a Walmart brand to prove they are party to this brutal abuse of mainly young women workers in Asia.  So far, the corporate heads in the US who are richly rewarded for offshoring US jobs have been either silent or pretend to not know where their products are produced!  It is very ugly indeed.


The workers flailing about in the US and trying to strike against the giant, Walmart, cannot move the extremely rich Walton family to loosen purse strings and share the wealth by raising wages for workers and the Bangladesh workers can’t do this, either.  We just saw before the recent election an army of right wing business owners threatening their own staff with loss of jobs or other punitive measures if they get health care mandates for workers.


The rage of the employers was quite obvious.  Standing in front of their various mansions, they yelled at the top of their very spoiled lungs, if they had to pay a fair wage and provide fair benefits, they would all be bankrupt.  There were 350 strikes in Dhaka, Bangladesh this last year and things are getting hotter and hotter there with Vietnam and others trying to up the ante of exploitation by offering even cheaper, more dangerous working conditions to the richest US corporations on earth.


Meanwhile, back in the Middle East, all is roiling hot, too.  The US push to destabilize Syria continues as the US and Israel as well as NATO partner, Turkey, arm rebels there while all three disarm the Palestinians.  The US pushed hard for a forum where cynical US Zionists would attack Iran for developing nuclear facilities only this has finally collapsed due to everyone pointing fingers at Netanyahu, not Iran:  Roi Tov – USA Cancels the 2012 Nuclear Security Summit


US State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said in a statement released Friday, November 23, 2012, that the US “regrets to announce that the conference [The 2012 Nuclear Security Summit] cannot be convened because of present conditions in the Middle East and the fact that states in the region have not reached agreement on acceptable conditions for a conference.” The statement continued “The United States will continue to work seriously with our partners to create conditions for a meaningful conference. We are particularly grateful for the tireless efforts of Ambassador Jaakko Laajava, the appointed facilitator, supported by the United States, the United Kingdom, the Russian Federation and the UN Secretary General, to lay the groundwork for a successful conference against the backdrop of turmoil and dramatic political change taking place in the Middle East and Iran’s continuing defiance of its international nonproliferation obligations.” In other words, Washington canceled the conference for fear that it would focus on Israel’s rather than on Iran’s nuclear program.


Naturally, this barely makes any news in the US.  We force-fed tons of propaganda assuring us that the US, the most nuclear armed nation on earth, is peaceful and wants disarmament.  This is a ridiculous and obvious lie.  The knowledge that Israel has a huge arsenal now is common and the US has given up the pretense of ignorance and now simply shrugs when it is mentioned by foreign heads of state.  Now, they are demanding Israel show the international inspectors exactly what weapons it holds.  And Israel has refused.  Even now.


Iran opposes NATO’s missile deployment in Turkey while Experts take samples of Arafat belongings to see if the clever Mossad assassins used toxins from their nuclear bomb program to kill Arafat.  US nervousness about Asia has risen when China conducts flight landing on aircraft carrier which was a success.  China will have as modern a military as the US in due time which is why the US is most anxious to create some sort of confrontation with China while we still have the upper hand.


ONLY…we are stuck at war with millions and millions of Muslims!  This can’t work well for us, it is, in fact, a huge part of why the US is now going bankrupt.


The successful takeoff marked the carrier debut of the J-15. The J-15 is able to carry multi-type anti-ship, air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles, as well as precision-guided bombs. After its delivery to the PLA Navy on September 25th, the aircraft carrier underwent a series of sailing and technical tests.


The US has depended on totally asymmetrical warfare in the past.  Yet, we lose many confrontations when the opponents dig in their heels.  Our fighting is best done in places that are mainly urban-oriented societies in dry, hot deserts.  If they stupidly voluntarily disarmed and cooperated with UN inspectors, they are very easily killed off and taken over by NATO.


This will most certainly not happen to China.  Not even the slightest chance.  It is, to be blunt, an impossibility.  The US media loves to talk about how corrupt the ruling elites of China are but this is plain silly since the ruling elites of nearly all of Europe, certainly of all of America and Japan, etc, are equally or twice as corrupt, seeing the US, land of oligarchy, whining about the commies being like themselves, is…ironic, to be blunt.


Especially since this corruption was created by the US in the first place, removing wholesale much of our manufacturing to China in the first place.


Then there is Egypt.  The revolution continues to evolve along the lines of all revolutions with a rising leader taking power.  The US and Israel tried very, very hard to limit the power of the President there and to keep a quasi-military dictatorship but this was a total and utter failure as I predicted back last spring:  Egypt’s Morsi stands by decree – Middle East – Al Jazeera English


Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has told the country’s senior judges that he did not infringe on their authority when he seized near absolute powers.

An aide to Morsi said the decree was limited to “sovereignty-related issues,” but that did not satisfy his critics.

The uncompromising stance came during Monday’s meeting between Morsi and members of the Supreme Judiciary Council in a bid to resolve a four-day crisis that has plunged the country into a new round of turmoil with clashes between the two sides that have left one protester dead and hundreds wounded.


Back last August, he sacked army chief Field Marshall Mohamed Hussein Tantawi in a well-planned circumvention of US and NATO attempts to use the military and judiciary to curb the powers of the President of Egypt to be as small as possible.  Learning nothing from the failure to curb the revolutionary evolution of power, the US has to threaten Egypt with economic ruin.  And will do this in spades since this is all we can do.


The liberals of Egypt made a big mistake going along with the attempt at removing all real power from the office of President which forced the winner of the election to have a counter-coup.  Cooperating with NATO to undermine their own government, they picked a fight doomed to be lost.  The despots running the Saudi Arabian emir ruling elite operations are very fearful of Egypt.  As they ought.  They openly embraced Israel and now are extremely exposed.  They are going down rapidly even if this is so far, invisible.


The whirlwind in Syria won’t bring in some sort of pleasant Abbas-type leader to affably keep the people of Syria locked down.  It will probably spawn something a lot more dangerous, it must because History points in this direction.  Just as the installment of rebellious gangs in Libya are also backfiring badly.  And Afghanistan continues its bloody course with the US announcing we will never leave.  Sadly.  sunset borger

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  1. z.house

    So the syrian protests were CIA , but the egyptian are not ? so how does the cia get people to risk their lives like that?

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