North Korea War Threats Big News…But Not In Asia!

Baby dragon NK mocks Miz Liberty

This cartoon was made 4 years ago.  The dynamics remain totally the same.  Every time Miz Liberty threatens to destroy the pesky Iran Kitty, Baby Dragon burps some flames and the US has to change gears.  Stupidly, the US backed unilateral Japanese territorial demands and even more idiotically, announce we will go to war over this on behalf of the demented Japanese nationalists.  Talk about DUMB.  Well, the US can’t stop North Korea without Chinese help.


Why on earth will China, in a big dispute with Japan over some islands seized by Japan, cooperate with us when we refuse to cooperate with China in dealing with the Japanese territorial expansion via diplomacy?  Instead, we weave a net of alliances and lies that will end up dragging us all into a World War we cannot win.  No, we will  not win, the dynamics of industrial production shows this clearly.


China has but to hiccup a few nukes and both South Korea and Japan vanish.  This is why they want us to fight while they sit on the sidelines only North Korea will cheerfully drop nukes on Seoul and Tokyo all by itself.


Now, time to look at the headlines in Asia:  This is how worried the Chinese are.  ‘Cooler minds’ indeed.

Xinhua News Has No NK war news

Now on to Japan.  Expect war talk there?

Mainichi News in Japan isn't worried, either

In much of the Japanese news, little worry.  Note the news about the young adults and teens committing suicide.  Abe, the new leader, is in Mongolia trying to drum up some business.

Warmongers at Washington Post go nuts over NK threats

Now, far away, here is the Washington Post’s stable of warmongers going totally berserk.  It’s the end of the world!

Screen shot 2013-03-30 at 9.34.52 PM

In South Korea, it is in the news!  But not at the hysterical levels we see in the US.  Note how the SK news boasts (stupidly) that China will always be #2 compared to the US even as SK floods the US with their manufactured goods and actively work to destroy our home economic system!  Exactly how Japan operates.  They do note, correctly, that China is concerned about the US flying war planes used for nuclear weapons so close to China’s borders.


North Korea is playing an old game.  Whenever the US announces we will control all the planet and plan to destroy Iran, Baby Dragon in North Korea throws a temper tantrum and may even explode a nuclear bomb for emphasis.


Here is a collection of past Baby Dragon cartoons:  The Arts: Here Are All The Baby Dragon Cartoons From Day One

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37 responses to “North Korea War Threats Big News…But Not In Asia!

  1. Ziff house

    What a clever perspective, why I subscribe .

  2. Jim R

    More bare breasted goddesses please.
    But yeah this is why I love ems news.
    The Persian kitty can be smug because it sits on the largest relatively unexploited oil deposit. And is the longest running ‘civilization’ experiment we know of.

  3. Jim R

    And one other thing … I mentioned it before but will repeat …
    The ruined reactor complex at Fukushima has already spewed 1000 times as much radwaste as any bomb the NK’s can ever come up with.
    Most people even scentists are profoundly innumerate about this topic.

  4. csurge

    I was wondering when you were going to do an article on this. 🙂 The poor U.S Government is looking more and more ineffectual by the DAY now. When was the last time I heard anything from Obama that had any impact on ANYTHING? The Chinese and Russians need only sit back and watch the West fall apart. Europe is on the brink now… its only a matter of time before they start fighting like dogs among each other.

    Actually, I’ve been very alarmed at the whole NK situation over the past week. I can easily see this spinning out of control very quickly thanks to the Zionists running the US State Department. This isn’t the usual posturing. NK mean business, and they are calling the West out. The US and EU have a clear choice here: back down or reap the whirlwind. And the funny thing is that THEY put themselves in this noose.

  5. emsnews

    Our state department doesn’t want to understand Asia at all. Once upon a time, they listened to me but then decided it was more fun to take bribes from the Chinese and Japanese. So they ignored my warnings.

    The Chinese officials living with me proudly announced they were going to bribe even the President and this was due to Reagan being successfully bribed by the Japanese elites. And wasn’t prosecuted nor were they punished.

  6. Seraphim

    America needs to explain why they shifted the missiles directed at Iran (i.e Russia!) to Alaska without admitting that they caved in to the Russkis.

  7. DeVaul

    Well, they’ll probably switch the missiles back to Iran when it belches and then again back to Alaska when NK belches. This game is so old that it is barely noticed by even Americans anymore.

    I love the contrasting newspapers. I was wondering how SK was taking all this. Apparently, they are not too concerned about war, but are concerned about their economic status in relation to others. If SK is not worried about being nuked by NK, then who should be?

    I strongly suspect at this point that China is sliding money and food into NK in exchange for war talk to help distract us from our (I mean Israel’s) plans to invade Iran. Iran has oil that China wants, but if we moonscape the place, then China gets nothing, so why not have American diplomats running in circles if all it costs is food and money?

  8. lucky13

    Reminder: Bill Clinton allowed Iran and North Korea to build nuclear reactors in the first place…

  9. Just Ice

    Iran, North Korea, and Israel could be considered the buffer states of three empires, Russia, China, and the U.S. Historically, “buffer states” could be defined as states used by an empire, not just to shield, but to absorb the hate and discontent of barbarians and potential rivals. Blood, once spilled, never goes away in the collective memories of potential adversaries (just look at the former Yugoslavia for one of many examples). Freakishly evil and aggressive buffer states that spill more blood distract that eternal hatred, keep it from accumulating, and, by using various buffer states, prevent a collection of potential adversaries from recognizing the sponsoring empire as a shared “enemy” and then ganging up on it .

    Thus, we hate Iran more than its sponsor, Russia, and we hate North Korea more than its sponsor, China, so they are buffer states for Russian and China. Similarly, the world hates Israel more than its sponsor, the U.S. Further consider that Iran, North Korea, and Israel all share many freakishly evil traits: rogue nuclear, religious or nut job run, apartheid or oppressive to their own peoples, antagonistic to each other and the other empires etc. Historically, buffer states have been good for empire longevity. However, now in the nuclear age, perhaps all three should be disarmed, de-nuclearized and re-aligned by mutual agreement before they start world war III.

    Instead, three empires are playing the same old dangerous game. China is returning a favor to U.S. by letting North Korea off the leash. From their perspective, we just did the same thing to them with Japan, our buffer/satellite in the East, shaking its fist. Perhaps our media is making the best of it by focusing on North Korean threats for internal consumption, to keep our people hating North Korea more than they might arguable hate China, and thus maybe call for present or future politicians to act against China. It’s a game being played as much internationally as it is domestically and internally, and as much through collaboration as opposition.


    ELAINE: I added a paragraph break so it is easier to read. Short paragraphs work better on computer screens otherwise people don’t read it! An odd thing but true.

    Secondly, you are pretty good at guessing what is going on in a very enlightened way. Yes, these are all ‘buffer states’ only NK and Iran do NOT run Russia or China. They have virtually no influence. They are CAT’S PAWS for those empires.

    AIPAC owns Congress and terrifies our ‘Presidents’ so we are a captive empire of that small state. It makes life much harder for our diplomats and our people and we take huge hits from angry Muslims who hate us greatly now. We gain nothing.

  10. JT

    No oil in NK.

    And what if SK is more of a problem for China?
    Kia, Samsung, LG, Hyunday, Posco, Hynix…

  11. JT

    Panasonic, Toyota, Canon, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Honda….

    Now what does China have?
    Huawei, that’s it.


    ELAINE: Except all those ‘Japanese’ export goods are made…IN CHINA.

  12. JT

    and Volvo.

  13. Jim R

    China has Foxconn and Lenovo, to name a couple.And WalMart might as well be a Chinese brand, for that matter.

  14. DeVaul

    That was interesting about “buffer states”. Never thought about them as “hate attractors”. Still, even ordinary Americans do not take NK seriously anymore. At Yahoo News, in the comment section about the latest “end of the world” threat from NK, one commenter stated that:

    “…their army will not be able to march past the first grocery store they encounter…we should just carpet-bomb their entire country with sandwich meats… they will surrener before supper.”

    Over 3,000 people gave a thumbs up to that one comment alone.

    The disconnect between the deranged US diplomats and their government toadies and ordinary Americans grows wider with each passing second.


    ELAINE: The Hollywood Zionists just made a nifty movie about NK attacking the White House. And it is viewed as ‘stupid as hell’. A propaganda failure, big time. All the ‘hate Muslim’ movies are doing well.

  15. Just Ice

    Grocery stores are a great motivator for a hungry army. Since antiquity, armies have always “marched on their bellies.”

    Historically, the most bizarre, corrupt and evil forms of government have shown that they can limp along without much complaint from their sheeple. Historically, it seems there are essentially three ways to lose your country, (1) invasion by a stronger adversary, (2) revolution from starvation, and (3) revolution because the gap between the wealthy and the poor becomes too great.

    Because of the potential for command-detonated nuclear-mines within their own country against advancing troops, NK is essentially un-invadable. Although NK can be bombed, The real danger is that they’ve got at least one nuke, well shielded against detection, underwater in the bottom of a big yacht somewhere to pull into some western port for a delayed spoiled-sport shot if they get nuked or carpet bombed. (That’s a more rational deterrence plan, given their capabilities, than what our western press likes to crow about, the lame possibility that they might miniaturize one nuke, put it on one lame missile and count on it not getting shot down and somehow landing and detonating on target.)

    NK is communist, so there is little chance of their wealth gap becoming so great that it leads to revolution. (By the way, that is the current vulnerability we have in the west).

    That leaves only de-stabalization by starvation. Is it any coincidence then, that they have been having food problems for so long?

  16. emsnews

    Pull food stamps here and you have instant starvation. The rich cynically play the ‘welfare mom’ with the distressed middle class who wonder where all the money has gone (to the top 1%!!!) but the elites know that feeding the poor keeps them in their neighborhoods and not on the hunt with guns.

  17. IAmSpartacus

    Bread and circuses. One has to wonder just how long it would take for the American sheeple to take to the streets when the SNAP cards stop working, the power goes out, and American I-dull isn’t on the boob tube!

  18. JT

    “Except all those ‘Japanese’ export goods are made…IN CHINA”

    NK wold be even cheaper?

  19. IAmSpartacus

    Back on topic, you’re absolutely correct, the Norks nuclear sabre rattling is by design, with the aproval of China; Lil’ Kim isn’t doing anything without the go-ahead from Beijing. Expect this to continue until Assad wins the war in Syria, and Iran tests it’s first nuke.

  20. Just Ice

    “Pull food stamps here and you have instant starvation.”

    Right. However, we can feed everyone here alright, even if we have to give it away. We’re the world’s bread basket, after all. Also, no one will invade us. We have the finest military to ever walk the planet and oceans on all sides.

    Of the three things that destroy governments (invasion, famine, and distorted wealth gap), our vulnerability is the third. The wealth gap here is getting so big that the top has become obscenely wealthy while, yes, the bottom cannot afford food on their own. But we can feed them. I’m not trying to split hairs but I think that’s different from NK’s situation where they actually don’t have enough rice to feed their people, nor enough money to buy it, in part due to sanctions.

    Incidentally, the corollary is that anyone wishing to de-stabalize U.S. would focus on encouraging our rich to get richer, not invasion or famine. Rather than resisting that temptation, my suggestion is that those in power here are merely anticipating the potential for future domestic instability and leaning forward with the “war on terror.” Implementing all the controls they might need against and desensitizing a feisty and historically liberty minded people, ahead of time.

  21. DeVaul

    Interesting theory. It would explain why the Social Security Admin. and INS and other government agencies other than the military are arming themselves to the teeth with hollow point projectiles, assault rifles, and used modified tanks — things not normally associated with helping the disabled and elderly, or helping foreigners enter or leave the country.

    I wonder what the Department of Agriculture’s battle plan is? Or do they just intend to rely on nuclear weapons or germ warfare?

    I assume the Department of Education will just wage guerrilla warfare using their extensive network of local grassroots forces.

    Our soldiers may eventually return to find our country in ashes.

  22. Just Ice

    Yes, but there is one more turn in this house of mirrors.

    If you believe what I suggest about the derivatives market, that financial centers are controlling pricing and kicking the can forward. (And again, the end-state would be post-peak oil free-ride, followed by FIAT-boom re-pricing in a new zero sum game, plenty of milkshake left at home with others’ gone.)

    Then, it is in our interest for them to believe that waiting is in theirs. Since the game might work well only so long as too many people don’t leave the table or start a gunfight. Given that many nations in the world wait with bated breath for our demise but fear our current strength, PRETENDING to be stressed to the point of domestic instability or sudden economic collapse would help keep them waiting in their seats at the table, counting FIAT and wondering about that derivatives beast. Part of pretending would involve belt tightening.

    And, part of pretending would involve feigned fearful implementation of domestic security programs, such as you describe.

  23. DeVaul

    “And, part of pretending would involve feigned fearful implementation of domestic security programs, such as you describe.”

    Again, very interesting theory as to why no one has folded and fled. Are you saying that the weird purchases of military hardware by non-military branches of the government are intended to induce fear of collapse in the general population?

    I secretly suspect that non-military branches are being used to bolster the finances of the Pentagon and MIC by purchasing materials they have no use for, but have money to spend that the Pentagon no longer has. It is way of insuring that 90 cents of every tax dollar goes to support the MIC, which is the bedrock of our “economy”.

    I freely admit I could be wrong and Social Security actually plans to equip a unit of Sturmabteilung to get rid of everyone on the payroll, but I doubt it.

  24. Just Ice

    “Are you saying that the weird purchases of military hardware by non-military branches of the government are intended to induce fear of collapse in the general population?”

    the uber-rich could be genuinely fearful of losing what’s theirs and what they intend to take, and be lobbying politicians for the same draconian security programs.

    The nationalists could be pretending that the sky is falling, not so much to fool their own populace, as to fool foreigners into waiting at the table.

  25. Just Ice

    The fact is that since 2008 the rest of the world has been hit MUCH harder by inflation, shortages and debt problems.

    I suggest that is not just happenstance.

  26. Jim R

    “the uber-rich could be genuinely fearful of losing what’s theirs and what they intend to take, and be lobbying politicians for the same draconian security programs.”

    That is precisely the case. There is a keen awareness of the French Revolution amongst the high net worth crowd. I have observed this firsthand.

  27. emsnews

    They learned NOTHING from the revolutions!

    No, they think they can outwit everyone. A foolish idea. Easy to talk themselves into it, though. I am from the upper classes and trust me, few figure this out.

    Keep the peasants happy and you keep your head.

    This lesson is lost.

  28. Jim R

    Nononono. picture Thurston Howell III: “Well I hope we don’t have another French Revolution type thing, lovey.”

    I wasn’t saying that they learned anything. They have read “A Tale of Two Cities” and then congratulate Bloomberg’s cops for beating up the OWS kids and have another sip of Pinot Grigio. It’s what is feeding into this police state dynamic, as the sociopaths in charge of security order more tanks and bullets. There is absolutely no comprehension that the mercenaries will turn on them as soon as TSHTF.

  29. Just Ice

    “AIPAC owns Congress and terrifies our ‘Presidents’ so we are a captive empire of that small state. It makes life much harder for our diplomats and our people and we take huge hits from angry Muslims who hate us greatly now. We gain nothing.”

    The jews have been repeatedly set up as the scapegoat of European nobles since the Medici’s. In particular the British aristocracy of select Norman-Anglo-Saxons has been simultaneously using them as effective bankers and setting them up as whipping boys, since revolutionary times, through both World Wars, and even into the present day. The creation of Israel is a debt owed to the U.K., as both a ready-made synthetic buffer state within the mideast oil region and a spoiled sport move to make life more difficult for the waxing world power, the U.S., and thus more dependent on the waning power of the U.K. Currently, the elites have continued with the same old playbook, throwing the keys to the neo-con zionists and bankers for good measure just to generate hostility and put them behind the wheel when the derivatives market goes kaput, to set them up as the well deserved whipping boys.

    Is it any surprise that nationalist diplomats and military and intelligence officers have taken notice of and chaff under the zionists. Isn’t that part of the “elite” plan, to make them take notice, so that they will know who to blame, who to blame instead of the ruling class?

    If jewish bankers realize that they’ve been being set up all along, and if Israel realizes that it is a buffer state to be blamed or annihilated in the end-game according to both the elites and many, many Christian groups, they seem to have decided to grab the keys and walk right into it, calculating that they can avoid the plan, perhaps if they grab more power than what’s been offered. Then again, what other option did they have?

    So, if you say the diplomats are unhappy, I say that’s what the ruling class intends. Alternatively, if you say that AIPAC has turned the tables and taken too much power, I say that our President is in his second term and our ruling class, to the extent that there are nationalists among them, could call for him to bring Israel to heel on leash. He could purge the executive of AIPAC toadies in one day and let the courts pay them for their time later if necessary.

    Who knows why he’s not? Perhaps, like Bush, he’s proceeding headlong with the plan to set them up. Or, perhaps he realizes that those same uber-wealthy, Norman-Anglo-Saxon “American” ruling elites only acquiesced to his own office because they are racist and thought it would be nice to have a black man to blame along with the jews. (I’d applaud a President who chased the ruling class around a bit for screwing things up, but not with a foreign dog.)

    If you say the Muslims hate us, I say we’re underpaying them for oil. We monopolized credit expansion on the way up the oil bubble, and we’re underpaying them with derivatives price controls on the way down the oil bubble. They were bound to hate us, sooner or later. On the bright side, now AIPAC can be blamed. . .

    There’s far too much blame-gaming going around. My suggestion is that we need is a nationalist leadership that will put things in place and ensure that our wealth gap is not too great when the dislocating re-pricing event finally occurs.

    I’m not overly concerned with the precious necks of nobles in a “French Revolution.” I’m concerned with the Napolean figure who comes afterwards, promises to fix all the problems, fixes half of them, and then spills the blood of the nation’s youth to pay for the rest he couldn’t fix, or at least distracts everyone with enemies, wars and funerals in the process.

  30. emsnews

    Revolutions mostly hatch terrible dictatorships.

    I am a true conservative. I save instead of spend, I abhor debt. I want things to work as best as possible. I am 100% for tariffs and barriers to protect jobs and keep our money from flowing into alien hands. I love old fashioned banking and hate the Derivatives Beast and all its spawn.

  31. Jim R

    Amen, Sister!

  32. Paul S

    “North Korea is playing an old game…” I would argue that the US warmongers are also playing a very old game as well. I think the US flew their B-2 Stealth bomber (nuclear capable) over South Korea just to show everybody just how badly needed these ultra epensive “toys” like the B-2 really are. The Pentagon, imho, are fighting against the Sequestration cuts to their budget every bit as much as against some young hothead in North Korea. The lackeys in the US media were carefull to mention that this latest threat from North Koera is different. Personally I viewed the US flying their B-2 bomber over Korea as a provocation. If diplomacy had been their goal, the last thing the US would want to do is provoke some young dictator, new to the job, worried about his image.

  33. kenogami

    “Personally I viewed the US flying their B-2 bomber over Korea as a provocation.”

    The first provocation was the new rounds of sanctions against NK: it is an act of war. But it fits well with the criminal deranged US government apparatchiks; the whole bankers-derivative fraud is near collapse; they will need someone to blame.

  34. IAmSpartacus

    Actually, I think that spending a few million for 2 very expensive toys like the B-2 to make a round trip flight, from the US to Korea, and back, just to show off, proves that the defence budget could cut a lot more than the meesley 10% that’s already been sequestered. Considering the NeoCon chickenhawks (of BOTH parties!) that are running the show in DC, we probably ought to cut the DoD budget by 50%, before the idiots start World War 3!

  35. John

    A lot of times, the comments section is almost as informative as the main post itself. Always good food for thought here 🙂


    ELAINE: Thanks entirely to the readers who take the time to talk here. Greatly enjoy even disputes. Don’t want a chorus of ‘yes, mam” here.

  36. John

    Just Ice,

    Do you include the Rothschild bankster clan in your list of “Jewish bankers” who’ve been “set up to take the fall?” Everything I’ve read indicates they’re the keystone of the current globalist/psychopath arch, and that the”Anglo-Saxon” elites are about to get their wings clipped, bigtime.

  37. kenogami

    The effects of Fukushima on the US seems much worse than expected:

    Almost third of US West Coast newborns hit with thyroid problems after Fukushima nuclear disaster

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