China Will Execute Railway Official While EU and US Bankers Get Rescued

China Sentences Former Railway Minister to Death: unlike in the US where people can destroy entire banking systems with impunity and then get bailed out, in China if you screw up you are executed and this is a typical example.


Several reforms even passed Congress somehow in the wake of general financial collapse.  But then these were not implemented since the very rich pay a lot of money to keep Congress and the system in their back pockets:  Pay rule still unwritten amid corporate push


Facing corporate resistance, the SEC has yet to finalize a provision of the financial overhaul law, passed in 2010, that required companies to disclose how much more their chief executives made than other employees.


I have been against the spread of gambling all my life.  But alas, fools are born every minute and even knowing that all the games in casinos are rigged, people still go to these silly places hoping magic will intervene.  The use of ‘operant conditioning’ research first done in the 1950’s has led to higher and higher skilled rip off games such as this:  Researchers say noisy casino slot machines can manipulate players.  Music, whirs and chimes can fool our brains into thinking we’ve won — even when we’ve lost, they say.


This isn’t accidental.  The appearance of winning fools the mind of feeble thinking gamblers who want to have the thrill and don’t realize the actual money isn’t showing up at all.  Only when they go home and empty the wallet do they realize they were conned.  But the very action of these games are designed to appeal to the same part of the deep brain that pigeons picking at seeds in a operant conditioning box think with.  That is, the subconscious.


And this should be outlawed because it is like stealing candy from babies.  Instead, the State gets a slice of the pie so it wants more fools to be cheated,  not protect them from predatory crooks running casinos.


Now on to another scam.  Bitcoins are silly.  It doesn’t matter what ‘money’ is so long as people use it and bitcoins ended up being used for illegal purposes.  Far from being secure, these things are highly insecure:  First ever Bitcoin bust: Feds seize electronic currency in ‘connection to shadowy internet drug bazaar Silk Road’ | Mail Online


First ever Bitcoin bust: Feds seize electronic currency ‘in connection to shadowy internet drug bazaar’
Known as the ‘ebay of drugs,’ the site is part of the so-called Deep Web, which is invisible to the typical internet surfer
Silk Road only accepts Bitcoins

Back to the other con artists who should have been executed, that is, the bankers, in Japan the ruling party who will win the next election big on ‘restarting the nuke plants, not fixing Fukushima and raising taxes on the poor’ is boasting that their banking system, which collapsed 21 years ago and never recovered, didn’t collapse in 2008:  Poor English saved Japanese bankers during 2008 crisis: Aso ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion

Aso, who also serves as deputy prime minister, said bankers in Japan had not been able to understand the complex financial instruments that were the undoing of major global players, so had not bought them.


“Many people fell prey to the dubious products, or so-called subprime loans. Japanese banks were not so much attracted to these products, compared with European banks,” Aso told a seminar in Tokyo on Friday.


“There was an American who said Japanese banks are healthy, but that’s not true at all. Managers of Japanese banks hardly understood English, that’s why they didn’t buy,” he said.


Aside from the fact that all the top bankers are very good with English, they were caught in the gears of the collapse…OVERSEAS.  But not at home since the massive property bubble they created back in the 1980’s still is in a state of collapse and since the population is now also collapsing, property isn’t going to be a ‘growing market’ for the next 100 years.  Add Fukushima and other disasters and we see that a failure to understand English has nothing to do with the mess in Japan.


The LDP is working overtime to rip off the citizens and transfer all the loot to their backers who want more government spending on goofy, useless things:  Gov’t likely to seek extra spending to cushion sales tax hikes ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion


Several other government officials, all speaking on the condition of anonymity, said that there is a growing agreement within the ruling coalition that additional budget spending will be necessary.


Tokyo plans to double the sales tax from current 5% in two stages – to 8% in April 2014 and to 10% in October 2015 – with the caveat that the plan will go through only if the economy is deemed strong enough to cope with the impact.


This is a totally regressive tax that will hit all Japanese below the belt, big time.  And since no one in the lower half of society is seeing any wage hikes or rise in pensions, this will hammer them all very hard.  Aso is the same asshole who suggested last year that the elderly should die faster.  So raising the tax on food and fuel, both of which have been rising rapidly due to inflation and the deliberate weakening of the yen, will put people on a starvation diet and thus, end up killing them which is the Aso goal.


This asset property bubble business has been roving the planet since Reagan’s rule of the US.  The latest victim of this is Denmark:  World’s Most Indebted Households Face Rate Pain: Nordic Credit – Bloomberg


Danish consumers, who owe banks more than three times their disposable incomes, are about to find out how sustainable that debt load is as interest rates rise…Mortgage holders in Denmark relied on the government’s stable AAA credit grade to finance debt at record-low rates during the fiscal crisis in Europe. While the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development estimates Danish households owed 310 percent of disposable incomes in 2010, government debt is less than half the euro-zone average at only 45 percent of gross domestic product this year, the European Commission estimates.


Like in the US and other victims of this roving banking disaster, many saw home prices shoot suddenly upwards and then bankers offered interest only loans and other goofy deals and people said to each other, ‘I’ll sell my home for a profit and thus pay of the entire loan and move to a cheaper place like, say, Spain!’  Only the Spanish bubble popped as did the Greek, etc.  Now, stuck at home with a huge mortgage hanging over their heads, one that can NEVER be paid in full via monthly payments, the Danish are on a sinking ship.


Then there is this news: Bank of America Said to Send Property Reviews to India.  Yes, semi-literate Indians will process property information! With zero knowledge if the property is a slum, a swamp, a burned wreck, whatever.  Great.  But CHEAP!  Yes, cheap labor is what matters to the Bank of America which is led by jerks who should have been arrested and executed.

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16 responses to “China Will Execute Railway Official While EU and US Bankers Get Rescued

  1. Fred Mrozek

    In the USA of late, we have a form of “order” that consists of a police state for the little guys and lawless anarchy for the very rich and powerful.

    It has been brewing for a long time – at least since they offed JFK, but I think political assassinations by the same gang were happening at the end of WW2 – ala George Patton and possibly James Forrestal.

  2. Gurrker

    Learning theory has shown that random, partial reinforcement is the most efficient way for learning to occur (or, stated in another way, to condition behavior). Slot machines are almost perfect random reinforcement devices that condition (train) behavior. These diabolical devices literally teach humans to play them by randomly by making payouts from time to time. The bells and flashing lights just add to the strength of the reinforcement of the trained behavior (playing the machine), It is as simple as that.

  3. Jim R

    On the other hand, old Karma scores a goal every now and then:

    “Former chief of Fukushima nuclear plant dead from cancer at 58 years old — Tepco: Not related to radioactive exposure”

  4. I have visited a casino exactly once…what a depressing place!
    Unlike the commercials you see on TV,no one looked to be enjoying smiling or laughing..just suckers losing money.
    I lost my 40 dollars and have never been back.

    ELAINE: When I was making money off of the goofy casino owners in Atlantic City, the staff didn’t rat on me because I was very nice to them all. One said, ‘At least you act as if we exist!’ They are the loneliest workers on earth. Thus, the sad faces and rigid smiles.

    But if you sit down and have fun times with them (like swimming in the ocean while doing goofy things) they are normal people again!

  5. JimmyJ

    Casinos smell just like strip clubs. I’m not talking about booze and cigarettes. The sweaty atmosphere reeks of sex pheromones. It’s creepy.


    ELAINE: Once upon a time I worked in a strip club and made real good money (many, many years ago!!!!) and guess what?

    It was run by the MAFIA and who founded Vegas?

    The Mafia. So what you are smelling is the smell of dirty money and sex is just one way of extracting this from the bosses and their offspring who are the ones you see hanging out, oogling the female staff.

  6. e sutton

    According to Japan Today, radioactive water around Fukushima has skyrocketed quite suddenly, with no explanation given. You’ll see the cancer rates of the Japanese show up in about 10 or 15 years.

    I worked in casinos about 30 years ago. In addition to the bells and whistles you hear, you’ll notice that the coin tray at the bottom is made out of metal. That’s on purpose too. The sound of the coin hitting the metal reinforces “riches” to the “user”. I played a slot machine around the same time and noticed that one of the rotating wheels was stuck on cherries. This was back before the machines were all digital. So it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that if I continually put in one quarter, the payout would be two quarters…kind of like a mini derivitives scam between me and the slot machine. There’s more to the story, but I walked out of there with about $200.00, which was enough to fix my old heap and put it back on the road. Haven’t played since. 😀

  7. Vagus is a creepy city. Every taxi I got into had a TV in it, and the TV played only some guy named Steve Win talking about his restaurants and casinos. He had a monotonous, lulling voice that contrasted with everything he was saying… and his name is Win. Stephen King couldn’t have improved on it.

  8. Oh sorry, the man’s name is spelled Wynn. It’s only pronounced win.

  9. e sutton

    Steve Wynn is a classic greasy slickster. I’ve been to Vegas a few times, focusing more on the cheap buffets and free drinks on the casino floor. You can lay a ten dollar bill on a crap table and hang out for about an hour and drink for free, save a couple of bucks here and there for the cocktail waitress.

    If Vegas is creepy, then Atlantic City is down right depressing. I worked there in the ’80s and what was once a grand old seashore resort with elegant old hotels lining the boardwalk became a cheap, crass gambling town. Homeless people huddle under the boardwalk between asking for a spare dime or quarter. Senior citizens swamp the nickle machines and hang out there all day, giving the casinos a good portion of their Social Security money for the purpose of being “entertained” and hoodwinked into emptying their wallets for the illusive hope of unearned riches. Someone upthread mentioned the zombie like expressions of the customers. That pretty much sums up the experience for me. Blackjack is about the only game where you have to have a bit of skill and a brain to stand even a fighting chance. For the past 20 years or so the casinos have been moving the tables out and moving more slot machines in. They don’t call them one armed bandits for nothing.

  10. Paul S

    In South Korea, a employer’s CEO can (potentially) receive the Death Penalty for exporting jobs. Just sayin’…

  11. DeVaul

    Meanwhile, Tepco executives are NOT executed for eulogizing the death of a heroic plant manager who saved all of northern Japan by disobeying them, claiming he wanted to “save” the Fukushima reactor plant instead of northern Japan, which is really what he and the 250 dying plant workers were trying to do.

    Honor is dead in Japan. No Tepco CEO’s committed sepecu.


    ELAINE: No longer do they do seppuku or hare-kiri. Nope. And I do find funny that the cancer is called ‘not related to working in a collapsing/blowing up nuclear power plant’ either. HAHAHA….gads.

  12. emsnews

    China killed the bubble deliberately. I wrote about this process over the last YEAR. It isn’t news!!!

    Furthermore, it might not work but they had to do something. Note also this asset bubble business is GLOBAL and moves from one site to another doing the same stupid thing over and over.

    It is part of the free trade/floating fiat currency regime mess and a hazard to everyone and so far, unstoppable since the elites are richer and richer thanks to this and the bail outs that follow all these stupid asset crashes.

  13. larry, dfh

    And in smarmy little Delaware, they’re using state funds to bail our casinos because they can’t compete with the action in Pennsylvania.


    ELAINE: HAHAHA…and a number of Indian casinos are also losing money increasingly. The number of gullible losers is growing smaller as time passes due to death of the older generation that had money to burn.

  14. lucky13

    thanks…where does it end for us/ the US?
    Larry, a few years back I met someone who was working helping to finish a large new [billion dollar?] casino for Detrot. ooops I mean Detroit.

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