Shocking Video IDF Sniper Murders People Digging For Victims In Israeli-bombed Civilian Building

Cellphone Video Documents Israeli Sniper Executing Wounded Civilian In Gaza | The Millennium Report: rescue crews going into bombed civilian building to rescue victims of Israeli missiles are murdered by Jewish snipers.  In the video you can hear the continuous whine of assassin drones that pick off people aside from the shooters who are also assassins.


A harrowing video, all the bellyaching about how the Ukraine rebels took care of the bodies of the 777 Malay plane, not a peep from our own or Europe’s media about this crime.


The media even howled when the Ukrainian Russians put the bodies in proper bags, carried them to refrigerated trains and then organized the moving of these to a safe place.  Oh, the horror!


The Israelis are committing major war crimes but then the US has done this nonstop since 9/11 so I suppose nothing will be done about this.

CNN camera catches Israeli soldier who fired at killed Palestinian boys on the West Bank…MAY 23, 2014!  The Jews have been claiming that Hamas is causing all this mass murder but that is a blatant lie.


US Provides Israel the Weapons Used on Gaza while at the same time Obama was set up by the neocons to demand Russia not do the same.


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2 responses to “Shocking Video IDF Sniper Murders People Digging For Victims In Israeli-bombed Civilian Building

  1. Christian W

    Time for some serious sanctions against Israel…, no? The US is losing so much face over this it isn’t even funny. Nobody at all takes US politicians (like Obama and Kerry) seriously anymore. The whole world knows these captured critters will bend over and drop their pants whenever Israel snaps it’s fingers. Perversely this only seems to fuel American support of Israel with the general US population… Denial is a funny thing.

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