Illegal Aliens Assail Governor Walker Demanding More US Citizen Jobs For Themselves

The media has finally gotten rid of Donald Trump after he stuck his foot in his mouth concerning stupid comments about John McCain, it is time to attack all the other candidates that are mentioning illegal aliens and telling voters they have the right to demand illegal aliens be deported.  Liberal politicians are perfectly fine with illegal aliens replacing black workers in various jobs from construction to factory work.  Keeping the race thing going alongside the effort to replace black workers with Hispanic workers will eventually tear apart the Democratic Party.  Meanwhile, the Republican party is picking up steam.


Here is the Washington Post attacking Scott Walker when he tells undocumented worker that immigrants must follow the law – The Washington Post:


As presidential hopeful Scott Walker toured a farm in this tiny town where he lived as a child, he was confronted by an undocumented worker from Mexico who is living in Wisconsin and demanded to know why Walker does not support President Obama’s plan to give temporary status to some undocumented workers, including parents of children who were born in the United States.


“We’re a nation of laws,” Walker, the Republican governor of Wisconsin, repeatedly told Jose Flores, 38, who was joined by two of his four children, Luis, 7, and Leslie, 13, who had tears rolling down her cheeks throughout the exchange. Flores, who lives in Waukesha and works for a medical supply factory, said he and his wife live in fear of being deported and separated from their children, who he said were all born in the United States.


Why aren’t the people running this medical supply company not being arrested for hiring illegal aliens and firing American citizens? Here is the only medical supplies manufacturer I could find in this Wisconsin town:  Kinex Medical – Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) and Durable Medical Equipment.  I bet this isn’t the only illegal alien working there.


 The Flores family stood out in the white crowd, a reminder that Iowa towns such as this one and others where Walker has campaigned are not always fully representative of the nation’s diversity.


Here is the racist attack on white families who are citizens!  How dare they not be ‘diverse’.


Immigration has been a weak area for Walker, who announced his presidential campaign last week in the same town where the Flores family lives. Although he used to support granting amnesty to some of the 11 million immigrants who are in the country illegally, Walker now says his position has changed. He said that those living here need to leave and reenter legally, prompting some critics to accuse him of flip-flopping. Walker also has suggested curtailing legal immigration during difficult economic times.


He flipped his position due to Trump.  It is now clear that many GOP voters who are citizens are angry about illegal aliens.  I note also this article carefully avoids the words ‘illegal aliens’.  The article notes that 11 million illegal aliens now infest our country.  But note how the word ‘immigrants’ and ‘illegally’ are separated by other words, not appearing together.


The proper way to write that sentence is, ‘…he used to support amnesty to some of the 11 million illegal aliens…’  The fact that an illegal alien stealing jobs that used to go to American citizens has the chutzpah to openly approach an American citizen running for President and chastise him or her for daring to demand that illegal aliens obey the laws of the land is…just amazing.


Why wasn’t this man arrested?  Knowing where he works, why isn’t ICE going over there to arrest not only the illegal aliens but the owners of the business?  How many illegal aliens working there are using false ID?


Half of New CA Driver’s Licenses Go to Illegal Immigrants now that this is legal.  Half a Million Apply: California’s Immigrant Driver License Program …and this shows how many have flooded into California recently.  California: Most new driver’s licenses go to illegal immigrants – San Jose Mercury News:


“We hope that all of those people will be able to pass the testing and have the necessary documents to obtain” a license, said DMV spokeswoman Jessica Gonzalez.


Supporters of the law say giving licenses to people regardless of their immigration status makes the roads safer for everyone. New drivers say having a license means they can travel more freely for work or pleasure.


Yes, they can now openly move freely to take US jobs from citizens.  Lovely.  In the comments at the Mercury News the people there complain that insurance is also subsidized by citizens and handed off to illegal aliens.


The Mercury News then runs this story:  Gov. Jerry Brown, Bay Area mayors head to Vatican for climate-change meeting – San Jose Mercury News.  OK: too many humans driving CARS are destroying the planet especially California, the hot center of the universe.  To fix this, we must all live in Tiny Houses (hovels) and not drive cars.


So why is Brown also giving millions of illegal aliens driving licenses and insurance and letting them tool all over California, spewing CO2?  This ‘battling climate change’ by encouraging millions of illegal aliens to come here and drive cars is exactly what is so insane with liberals today.  They want both at the same time.


These aliens are not riding bikes or walking.  They are consuming precious water and driving cars.  Stopping them from doing both should be a high priority item for Governor Brown who claims we are all going to roast to death due to millions of Californians driving cars, living in houses and consuming water.  HAHAHA.


So Brown and the Pope who is against birth control and for illegal aliens, are going to tax the rest of us because too many people are driving too many cars in California which is now super hot due to this problem of too many people consuming energy.  Yup.


One other ironic point: Governor Brown is FLYING to Italy to tell the Pope he hates people driving cars and wants to stop them because flying jets all over the planet is evil, too.  Another giant CO2 footprint for global warmists!


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13 responses to “Illegal Aliens Assail Governor Walker Demanding More US Citizen Jobs For Themselves

  1. Lee

    I read Mexicans in USA have larger families than those in Mexico.
    When will TPP and NAA happen, and with that the border w Mexico removed?

  2. Lee

    Governor Moonbeam is FLYING to Italy to tell the Pope he hates people driving cars and wants to stop them because flying jets all over the planet is evil, too. Another giant CO2 footprint for global warmists!

    EMS, are you aware of Agenda 21? Classic A21 type people. or Creeples.

  3. Ken

    The illegal aliens do not need to be separated from their children due to deportation. The children can and should leave with their parents.

    And while I’m on the topic of children born to illegals, that part of the Constitution needs to be changed. There is a legal theory usually applied to criminal law that says improperly obtained evidence cannot be used, even if it is only used to locate otherwise admissible evidence. The good, otherwise admissible evidence is “fruit of the poisoned tree.” The children of people in the US illegally are fruit of the poisioned tree and should not have any greater rights than their parents.

  4. mike

    at around and nearly there 14,000 dollars a year individual health insurance bills, living in Mexico and not bleeding savings that generated retirement from interest income, with all expenses cut, looks good if taking a eximer surgurical cold non registered laser with me bought used at 21,000 and avoidable of millions of dollars of procedure costs and risks…..likely performed by immigrants….and having cash for procedures, looks good to me…..

  5. e sutton

    Humorous. As if the negro ever worried about somebody taking his job. When did negroes ever seek active employment? If you own a business and want reliable workers, hire any race, but don’t hire a negro. Ever. Probably the most worthless race, a positive cancer, put forth on humanity – the negro.


    ELAINE: This is a racist statement. Painting everyone with a thick brush is racism. There are plenty of lazy whites, plenty of black people who work very hard indeed.

    And if they are all Americans, if citizens.

  6. JimmyJ

    Flying off to the Vatican garners double the political bonus points, meeting with heads of both Catholic and Climate Change religions. What politician could resist.

    But a new religion is in the offing, with the Roman Catholic Church fully embracing “science” and forging an alliance with the Climate Change adherents, so followers of both will have Carbon “pollution” preached as a new sin against God. The secular folks already act like it, now to get the God fearing onboard.

    I’m still waiting for the obvious end game of limiting CO2, legislating mass euthanasia. Since arbitrary dieoff by poor living standards isn’t fast enough.

  7. vengeur

    It’s one thing to criticize bad behavior, it’s something else to insult all blacks. Let’s not get crazy and fall into the hate trap . Elaine is 100% right to call comment 5 out as a racist statement .

  8. emsnews

    Culture is where the truth lies.

    What sort of culture is being encouraged? What is a ‘good culture’? How do we use culture to create an equable, stable, healthy society?

    These are the real questions. Anyone can have a ‘culture’. What it is is up to the humans creating it. Proof that it is a good culture? That is yet another question.

  9. Petruchio

    “The illegal aliens do not need to be separated from their children due to deportation. The children can and should leave with their parents.” Ken: And well they should. Allowing illegals to come to this country and have “anchor” babies is clearly WRONG. It simply shows another sign of the EXTREMELY deep hatred of the average American, in particular those in the Middle Class. It doesn’t take an economics genius to figure out that if you flood a labor market with people, wages stagnate or go down. I can remember around 2000, when the convenience stores around me were paying $10 per hour AND offering benefits AND some tuition assistance! That had to stop. It did. Today, 15 years later most places like convenience stores pay LESS than $10 per hour. ALSO: it isn’t just Mexican illegals that come here and have lots of babies. Many in the Asian community do this as well For many Asians, they wouldn’t DARE having more than 1 or maybe 2 kids. Here they think nothing of having 4 Our Ruling Elites HATE welfare–unless it helps destroy the Middle Class, then they LOVE it.

  10. e sutton


    You won’t have much luck convincing Ken of the fact that free immigration policies bring down the wages of EVERYONE, including the ones who invaded fifteen minutes ago. Elaine would agree.

    The choice jobs are going to the newly minted “African American Studies” Doctorate….a degree that white chick who masqueraded with her “gone black” gots. They calls ’em a Affirmative Acton Degree, and dey’s all the rage in the Afgin Merki’n Coonmoonity. Oh yeah, that means theys smart and such…. Elaine buys this hook, line, sinker, (hey, it’s all 1964, GNOME SANE???) It be the white folk who jes doan git it. Let the cult’ral revlutoion play on!!!

  11. Ken

    e sutten, I’m not sure I follow your comments regarding my posting. I didn’t say anything regarding immigration and wages. That was Petruchio. He initially started off commenting on what I said, and then took the discussion into the direction of the effect of immigration on wages.

  12. e sutton


    Thanks for the clarification. Sorry to attribute pro-immigration to your posting. IMO we need to close the borders for about ten years. Blacks should applaud this. Instead, they’ve still got their hands out for the “gibs muh dats”, continuing to play the “let’s git YT” game. Truly sickening. Clearly indicative of a race who cannot be bothered with gainful employment, but who can blame them? I believe Elaine is correct. Culture does indeed play into it. Sixty years on the gubmint dole has painted the average negro into the proverbial corner. The blacks who believed in hard work, a good education, and keeping their noses clean were all born prior to 1940. What we have now is a few generations of negroes (and low-rent whites) suckled on the gubmint tit.

  13. emsnews

    It is much worse for Native communities. Ever since they got the dole, their culture and ability to run a family has collapsed, too. Nearly utterly. One of the very few tribes to avoid this are the Hopi.

    I have witnessed this collapse first hand.

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