Maoist Radical Students Attack Trump Chicago Rally, Forcing It To Shut Down

Chaos, Protests at Trump Rally in Chicago (FULL ) Trump Rally in Chicago Cancelled; massive protest – YouTube


Violent Scuffles Cause Chicago Rally for Trump to Be Canceled as violent leftists attack a legal political rally.  Now, leftists think they can dominate via violence and obscene screaming but instead, the bulk of Americans see this illegal behavior for what it is: thugs, neo-Maoist suppression of political opposition.  The right is seething with rage now when these stupid students prevented a legal, non-violent political rally.  More than one rally for Trump has been disrupted by leftists who think this is OK, instead of having rival rallies, why not attack people instead!  And then they whine that they are ejected. Well…the next rally will see Trump with a lot of strong arm guys protecting him!


I am 100% certain the leftists doing this think they ‘won’ because they used violent tactics to suppress a political rally.  The backlash from this behavior is going to be tremendous and not in favor of angry leftists.  This victory of the left by using strong arm tactics to stop a normal political event is a turning point here.


The Democratic candidates better condemn this monstrous, totally illegal, this is Nazi tactics which the Trump supporters, so far, have not inflicted on the Democrats.  This is STORM TROOPER behavior and…

Germans chant: “Putin to Berlin, Merkel to Siberia!” at Dresden Rally in Germany – YouTube


The slumbering right wing in the US which thought we would have normal political actions will now switch gears unless the left suppresses these student radicals who are pushing hard for mono-cultural Cultural Revolution.  The backlash WILL be violent, very violent, and the left will lose since these often sincere students are too sheltered to realize, when you pick a fight with a pit pull, you better be wearing steel armor because the dog will tear you limb from limb.

University of Missouri Professor Calls For ‘Muscle’ Against Reporter – YouTube as leftist students attack an Asian student reporter who wants to cover their story!


Speaking of pit bulls, the ‘professor’ at the Missouri land grant college has pretty much destroyed the place even though they fired her after she got rid of the President and other high members who tried to appease her and her gang of Maoists.  A Message For Higher Ed From Mizzou’s 1,500 Missing Students | Stock News & Stock Market Analysis – IBD


Education Bubble: The University of Missouri reported a near-25% drop in student enrollment following its unrest. This is the result of political correctness run amok, weak university leadership and inflated college costs.


“I am writing to you today to confirm that we project a very significant budget shortfall due to an unexpected sharp decline in first-year enrollments and student retention this coming fall,” wrote Interim Chancellor Hank Foley in a university memo Wednesday. Instead of a 900-student drop, as Mizzou expected, the university was looking at a 1,500 student drop, and that meant a continuing revenue shortfall as a smaller freshman class moves toward graduation, he explained. With U.S. News and World Report reporting a 46% four-year graduation rate for the school, it’s a steep loss indeed…


That’s the consumer verdict on the educational product the University of Missouri sells for $19,000 a year to in-state students and $32,000 to out-of-state students. Incredibly, the chancellor never mentioned in his memo any reason for their absence. It’s as if they vanished.


From last Halloween:  Yale University Students Protest Halloween Costume Email (VIDEO 3) – YouTube

Feminist Hypocrisy DESTROYED by Milo Yiannopoulos – YouTube

A Yale student (one of my ancestors founded Yale University and another launched the Skull and Bones there…hahaha!) who is a black female screams at the professor who is in charge of her  dormitory, calling him names, cussing him and screaming about how sensitive and helpless she is because she might see a Halloween costume that is scary!


I remember very well how the left moved, in the US, from being simply antiwar and pro-civil rights to a Maoist monster that was irrational, violent and stupid.  I was at this gigantic meeting in San Francisco way way back in 1969 and was supposed to be one of the speakers but the Maoist faction stormed the convention and screamed at me so I had to make my speech while standing on a chair in the auditorium, not on stage.


They then went after me with strenuous violence but I walked away from leftist alliances and warned everyone that the crazy guys would take over and destroy the left and…this is exactly what happened.  No surprise to me and watching the Black Lives Matter kids radicalize themselves exactly the same Maoist methodologies as previous, the conclusion is the same: the left will be violently rejected and due to these creepy kids aping the creeps from 1969, they richly deserve to be suppressed.


Attorney General Loretta Lynch has ‘considered legal action against climate change deniers’ | Daily Mail Online as she tears up the Constitution and the most basic and what Ben Franklin said was the most important part of the Constitution, freedom of speech.


Lynch told the Senate Judiciary Committee she has ‘discussed’ the possibility of a civil suit against the fossil fuel industry. She said any information her office has received has been sent to the FBI in a bid to build a case.


The Maoist left has embraced global warming as a tool to wreck what remains of our economy.  The right wrecked our economy by embracing bankers who said, importing cheap labor and exporting our industrial base to CHINA…hahaha…would make them all rich slave owners and everyone will be fat and happy.  So, the middle class was tossed into the sewer after being bribed with tax cuts which ran up a gigantic deficit and…now the middle class has to also pay huge school fees to get the remaining middle class jobs…and these schools were increasingly run by leftists due to the wages of professors falling into the sewer and the new professors being shoved into wage scales one step above welfare mothers.


And the majority of new hires in this system are women and blacks.  And the schools pursue both hoping to displace the remaining white or Asian males with these except in the STEM classes where one still needs to be really educated, you can’t fake it.  The flood of cheap labor/female/black educators are supposed to fool students into taking unnecessary courses in fields that aren’t hiring anyone except at slave wages, and this whole mess will crash and burn as these delusional students conned by the guys at the very top, blow up and burn down all our major land grant colleges and might even burn down Yale!


At least Yale, hope they have the brains to burn down the Skull and Bones temple but I seriously doubt this.  Stupid, all the way around, hysterical and stupid.  We protested the Vietnam War because it was life and death.  They are protesting Halloween costumes which is as childish as it gets.  I greatly resent this but then, the stupid Maoists did this to us, trying to shut down free speech on campus back when they demanded I not appear on the stage.


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20 responses to “Maoist Radical Students Attack Trump Chicago Rally, Forcing It To Shut Down

  1. wellwell

    These deluded protesters just handed the nomination to Trump!

  2. wellwell

    So sad … I defend the right to protest, but this swearing little punk doesn’t know what’s worth fighting for:

  3. Melponeme_k

    Affirmative Action in action. Guaranteed this girl will be given a plumb job in a science department, while the hardworking students of all skin colors will be kicked to the curb.

    As well as losing their integrity, reason, philosophy and all gains from using their intelligence…the jews have now lost their gift for humor. They themselves are trivializing Hitler and what he perpetrated on the world. A Freudian would have a wet dream about analyzing the secret worship apparent in this travesty.

  4. Lou

    ChiCongo is so very violent, yet it is not the Blackest town.
    A murder or 2 a day.
    In America, you can’t go a day in Detroit, Chicago, Newark, Camden, Gary, Rochester, New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Birmingham, Memphis, Atlanta, and Indianapolis when a black person isn’t shooting another black person (or robbing/shooting a white person).

    I’m not so sure about that with respect to NYC. 339 murders in 2014, 350 in 2015.

    Even if they were all black, they would have missed a few days. Chicago, with about 850,000 blacks versus NYC’s 2,000,000, outmurdered us by over 100 murders.

    So you CAN control black murder rates, but you cannot do it by pretending. Assuming the 488 Chicago murders were all done by blacks, that means that one in every 2000 blacks in Chicago was murdered (an obvious overstatement, but not by much.) translate the same rate to NYC, and that would have been 1000 dead blacks, 650 more than were overall killed in the city.

    Why the use of stop, question, and frisk was ever challenged is beyond me, at least from the black perspective.

  5. ziff

    maoist s ? since when ,,, never knew you had them .!

  6. Donald Trump: Chicago Police deny advising Republican to cancel violent campaign rally

    The Trump campaign said they decided to cancel the event after ‘meeting with law enforcement’, but police say they had ‘adequate resources’ for it to continue

    One suspect that there was an element of stage management in these events

    One that right wingers love is martyrdom to be the apparent victim.

  7. Jim R

    @Mel #3,
    As we all know, Hitler was trivialized by Mel Brooks in “The Producers”, quite a long time ago. Brooks also likes to have some fun with his Jewish heritage. As did Groucho Marx before him.

    I don’t think it is exclusively a Jewish phenomenon, but a human one.

    Once the tyrant is deposed, he becomes an object of ridicule. Or sometimes even when still in power. We can see it happen between Russians and Russophobes in the Ukraine, for example.

  8. Melponeme_k

    Update on the student link I posted. The “girl” in question already has a science job…as a teacher. She thought the student’s rap song as example was WONDERFUL!

    @Jim R

    COMPLETELY different use of the humor. Please do not insult Mel Brooks by comparing him to a woman who is only on TV because she is still young enough to look beddable. But time is marching on and I hope to see the last of that no talent who thinks she is so cute.

    Also Mel Brooks did not equate any politician or other public figure with Hitler. Whereas Silverman was equating Trump with Hitler. Which is so far from reality its ridiculous. The real Hitlers are in Israel, systematically trying to kill off the few Palestinian minorities in the area, turning their faces away at Christian persecution and other religions as well. They also wanted to require blood proof of Jewish heritage by making migrants give their family tree through the matrilineal line so many generations. That is until it was revealed in the news and embarrassed them.

    But Silverman dressing up in Hitler drag just reveals how worried they are that Trump will stop the money ship to Israel. Without US taxpayer money, Israel would be a hole in the ground.

  9. Petruchio

    “The Maoist left has embraced global warming as a tool to wreck what remains of our economy. The right wrecked our economy by embracing bankers…” Ever get the suspicion that these two groups are “playing” for the same team? Maybe these two supposedly different groups have the same bosses, but “wear” different uniforms?
    It’s pretty well known that Hoover’s FBI went to great lengths to infiltrate the student protest movement during the Viet Nam war. (God forbid he should go after REAL criminals, such as in Organized Crime). I think the elites have seen that they have opposition in BOTH Parties and are trying to neuter them both by discrediting both of them. The elites are then going to assume the pose of being the “moderates”, the ONE group you can trust. I bet the elites figure that most American voters will buy this con.
    It’s an old, old tactic. Discredit your opposition and then–by default– you look good.

  10. wellwell

    Trump has to stop holding these rallies after this coming Tuesday – otherwise he will end up dead 😦

  11. Petruchio

    @#11 wellwell: What I want to know is if the Dems and the Repub elites pay these thuggish clowns 50-50 or do they assign the Repubs or the Dems to pay for these a##holes to show up at Trump rallies and stir up trouble?

  12. floridasandy

    lookie here at who those protesters were
    market ticker nails it again:
    Cruz Is Finished: He Just Supported ISIS

    (hope that link works)

    elaine, thank you for calling both sides out for their bad behavior and all the links and articles you condense to make your points.

    there are very astute readers of your posts.

  13. Jim R


    I’ll second the motion. Elaine’s posts call both sides out, and make for better discussion.

    I just glanced at the article you linked about Sarah Silverman. I have to say I’m not a fan of hers. In what little video footage I’ve seen, she was quite foul-mouthed. Her costume looked like the exact same one worn in “The Producers”.
    As for trying to compare Trump to Hitler, that just won’t stick, whether it’s Kunstler doing it or Silverman. For one thing, Trump isn’t going to stand in front of a crowd and rant for six or eight hours at a stretch. And although he has some fanatic followers, Trump doesn’t really have the charisma to inspire the kind of movement Hitler led in the 1930s.

  14. vengeur

    Link for #12 Florida sandy : This is the dude who tried to attack Trump :

  15. Linda

    Thanks for this site, Elaine. I really appreciate all the hard work you do.

  16. emsnews

    Trump is our cultural lightning rod right now. The left is shattered by this. Sanders has been totally overshadowed by the media and Congress howling at Trump. Hillary wants us to pay no attention! She needs to have as little light as possible.

  17. Seraphim

    @way way back in 1969

    “Je vous parle d’un temps
    Que les moins de vingt ans
    Ne peuvent pas connâitre…
    La bohème, la bohème
    Ça voulait dire
    On a vingt ans
    La bohème, la bohème et nous vivions de l’air du temps”
    Read more: Charles Aznavour – La Bohème Lyrics | MetroLyrics

    O tempora!

  18. floridasandy

    Obama blames trump- hilarious.

    what a clusterhump these liberals have become. The only thing left for them now is disruption and chaos.


    the good news is that MILLIONS care about this country and aren’t going to sit back and watch.

  19. Petruchio

    ” Hillary wants us to pay no attention! She needs to have as little light as possible.” HAHAHAHAHA!! Yes, Hillary just wants to slither under a rock and stay there. Just like a cockroach. What a fitting analogy for Hillary! lol. Good one, Elaine.

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