Brazil Eco/Global Warming Ceremony Was Ugly, Insane And Unnatural


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 Marshall McLuhan famously wrote ‘The Medium Is The Message’.  Even he didn’t fully grasp the importance of this concept.  The Olympics fully illustrate the true nature of how messages backfire due to the medium used to transmit the messages.  That is, this Olympics is supposed to be all about Global Warming!!!  And its medium was all about burning fossil fuels, artificial lights, virtually nothing ‘organic’ and utterly at odds with the message the ruling elites struggled to give.  Not to mention them demanding we all go on vacation far from home using mostly jets to fly around the planet like they do endlessly, themselves.


The most pathetic part of the desperation of our energy hog rulers is their inability to spook everyone else into living like serfs in the Middle Ages by living on the land in small huts while the lords live in gigantic palaces.  The second thing here is, this has got to be one of the ugliest opening ceremonies of all time.  It was furiously ugly and utterly unorganic except for this:

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Yes, it is an urban tot taking a ‘selfie’ of himself and a very tiny potted plant that look more like pot if anything.  That would be appropriate, of course but it isn’t a pot plant.  The low slung loose pants and baseball cap and huge running shoes is pure US street thug attire. The music if we dare use that noble word for the monotonous and violent chants of ‘rap artists’ is pure US thug street culture, too.


Let’s celebrate all criminal thugs!  Brazil is undergoing a massive crime spree right now which is one of the main reasons, aside from diseases, that is keeping huge numbers of people who would really love to fly all over the place, causing ‘global warming’ to come but they didn’t come because the place is a dangerous sewer.  Literally, filthy with human waste sort of like our slums, no?


And this stupid Global  Warming Olympics which is held on the equator is a political mess:  Rio Olympics 2016 opening ceremony sees climate change lectures and protests 


But acting President Michel Miguel Temer, whose presence has sparked fury among many spectators and protesters, was booed loudly as he spoke to welcome the world to the Games.


Outside the stadium, in the rundown shabby apartment blocks directly overlooking the Maracana residents rushed out of their balconies in a moment of furious defiance, banging pots and pans and chanting ‘Fora Temer’ (Temer Out).


And…this is winter in half of Brazil which is on the equator and the southern half of the country was Extreme Cold Kills Five In São Paulo a few weeks ago.  Snow, even!  Brrr…we are roasting to death, the contradictions of the messages being broadcast are huge, no?

Screen shot 2016-08-06 at 7.51.22 AM
Here is another message: the Olympics is a clown car.  And it is.  Note the young person carrying a  potted plant that isn’t a pot plant.  Brazil is mowing down the rain forests to exploit the land.  They won’t stop but will pretend to be in love with ‘nature’ even though the vast majority of the people live in huge cities in big towers, etc. or in shanties if they are poor, and they wipe out most every living green plant in the process.
Note that these eco clown cars are made of the most plastic looking junk!  Then there was the dances for the ceremony which was supposed to be all about ‘nature’.  Looks more like Lord of the Rings giant spiders attacking Frodo, Bilbo and the dwarves!
Screen shot 2016-08-06 at 7.55.22 AM
Seriously ugly and rather scary since alien-looking things wrapped in anti-natural garb as if they are wearing anti-Zika suits, working with these giant spiders…what the hell is the  message here?  Looks like a nightmare message to me.
Screen shot 2016-08-06 at 7.52.47 AM
My, how has Germany changed over the years!  Slovenly dressed and the panty leggings look odd indeed, they look like refugees.  The huge pink arrows on the Brazilians lining the walkway were supposedly put there to show everyone where to go?  lest they be lost?  The entire enterprise is lost.  Most of the hands up in the air in the parade were athletes taking selfies.
The Olympics should be terminated because they cause global warming.  End of story.  Otherwise, shut the hell up about global warming since no one at the top is remotely serious about this in the first place.


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9 responses to “Brazil Eco/Global Warming Ceremony Was Ugly, Insane And Unnatural

  1. Seraphim

    I do remember the time when people were still debating the wisdom of deforesting Amazonia, pointing to the fact that the loss of millions of hectares of CO2 gulping trees would lead to a huge increase of CO2 in the atmosphere, besides damaging rapidly the fragile soil improper for agriculture. Was it the 70s, Ivan Ilich, Club of Rome, The Limits to Growth? What else? I may be getting old. Oh, yes, Pele! He had hip replacement surgery.

  2. floridasandy

    that was the worst opening ceremony ever.

    I am sure they will get plenty of negative feedback.

    nothing makes elites salivate more than a global tax/

  3. Lou

    Elaine, go to you tube and serach ‘Satanic Symbolism at Grammies’—its similar. Really odd mind control stuff.
    Global Warming, baaaaaaa.

  4. Lou

    I just read about the ‘Refugee Team’ [!!!!]. Talk about brainwashing.

  5. Jim R

    Now, now, Elaine, this year is 0.00001 degree hotter than last year. I heard it on CNN so it must be true! Here in Texas, the summer is about normal. We had a La Niña year in 2010-2011 and it was blazing hot then. Now, all the weather reports on the radio start off with the ‘heat index’, so it will sound hotter than it is. I’m thankful for humidity though, the jets overhead leave trails this year, and it means there is hope of rain. “It feels like 112, but the temperature will be 97 today”, just like every summer in Texas.

    Yeah, isn’t it ironic that they’re having the summer Olympics in the Brazilian winter! They should find some mountains in Brazil somewhere and have skiing instead!

    As for the CO2 balance, of course, they ignore the bulldozing of the rainforest. And they had to make about a zillion tons of concrete and build a nice new stadium with swimming pools and stuff. Also, they have all the athletes and well-off spectators jetting in from all over the planet. No CO2 generated there, no sireebob! It’s always fun to look up one of the websites with pictures of the ruins of the Athens ’04 Olympics.

  6. Jim R

    Sitting here watching beach volleyball on TV. Because boredom, there’s nothing on.

    TV says ‘live’ and it’s like 3 AM in Rio. They aren’t on a beach, they are under artificial lighting in a fake beach in a stadium.

    I’m starting to think like Elaine, they should make them do it outside, in the cold.

  7. CK

    Introducing national team sexual activity competitions might improve the Olympics.
    Bring the Olympic athletes village activities into the arena.
    or poetry

  8. AFK

    The climate change racket started to wind down in 2008 as people experienced real actual problems eliminating the need for this imaginary problem. Also the elites found a new excuse to raise taxes and destroy middle class lifestyle, so dropped AGW like a hot potato.


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