As Assange Silenced, DNC Illegal Tricks Vote Rigging Staff Visited WH Over 300 Times


I get a lot of my news from Russia.  Russia, in stark contrast with the US, is sane.  This is why, when our leaders openly talk about WWIII, Russia has drills to show the population how to protect themselves while the US tells everyone,  no one can bomb the US or crash jets into major buildings, etc.  The US is telling the people here, we need to import a million angry Muslim males a year or else whereas Russia won’t let in even one.  So who is sane?  The answer is obvious.


In Damning Video, Top Ny Democrat Admits Election Fraud – YouTube

The headlines overseas or from the Underground about the firing/resignation of the guys heading up the dirty tricks section of Hillary’s campaign system has been utterly and totally ignored by mainstream media which has focused on Trump’s speeches about all this cheating going on by claiming falsely, nothing is happening at all.


Just like they ignored the head of the DNC being forced to step down due to breaking the rules on behalf of Hillary, too, right in the middle of her ugly convention that featured an open revolt of the Bernie delegates which was also not reported, of course.


The men in that interesting video I have posted here, are discussing how to rig elections illegally, have been fired today but only after Infowars put it online for all to see.  Then there is this startling news: Visitor Logs Prove Democrat Vote-Riggers Visited WHITE HOUSE; one of them 340 times – as recently as TWO WEEKS AGO!


This means…OBAMA has been conspiring with them all!!! These specific criminals were in the White House a lot!  So…all this isn’t vanishing into thin air…wait!  Our rulers have vanished 2000’s mess.  They let off the hook all the people who would have testified against Hillary over her Benghazi war crimes.
CNN Reporter Didn’t Know He Was Still On The Air, Admits Obama PAID THEM To Lie – YouTube.  The male reporter is Chris Cuomo, son of the governor of NY, my state.  All the top politicians park their spawn on TV jobs as reporters, etc.


If any curious American Citizen wants to know about the Wikileaks stuff, going to major US news outfits won’t work.  The news media is conspiring with politicians to rig this election by HIDING VITAL NEWS which the rest of the world knows.  Ecuador was bribed this week to silence Assange and now our rulers are desperately trying to figure out how to deal with him.


If they get their hot hands on him, he would have to go to trial in LONDON.  Oops.  Under British laws. Then we have the tricky business of which country is responsible for him, we have the problem of him demanding a legal trial and having that in public with cross examination of witnesses!!! HAHAHA.


The US media would have to spend years hiding the news from this trial…the leaks would have to be discussed.  There is this concept of ‘whistle blower’ business whereby anyone exposing a conspiracy to START WARS is not a criminal but a whistle blower and this came up with the Nixon business which is why he was NOT brought to trial to my greatest fury back then.


The US public was told, letting him retire and not putting him in prison for war crimes was a victory for the US.  I went into the public and said, this was a defeat of honor and democracy, he committed war crimes.  Well, pretending he didn’t commit war crimes made the Nüremberg Trials trash.  We have one set of rules for foreigners we defeat and one for ourselves.


Notice how the US no longer does the trial thing, it is open assassination and open invasion.  Well, this election is all about warmongering and while our media giants warmonger with Hillary, they attack the peace candidate, Trump, with tremendous ferocity including hiding vital information about Hillary’s secret promises to the very rich and very powerful and foreign entities.  As if this isn’t the most important thing for US people to know, we are kept in the dark unless we have the wit to read foreign news.


Here is today’s Daily News of NYC.  Oh, the chaos in the slums continues.  Children going to school are fighting and killing each other daily as our public schools continue to disintegrate and resegregate due to white flight and black children being raised like animals.  Liberalism has nearly totally  destroyed public schools and I know first hand how this operates, having to flee the NYC school system since I couldn’t afford private schools for my children.


Now on to the liberal cesspool: The Washington Post is a shining example of s**t:

screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-6-20-20-am screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-6-18-57-am

HAHAHAHA.  So where is the Uniform Voting Act?  I brought that to Congress.  They were so scared in December, 2000, they actually promised me they would debate this act and try to pass it.  That is, both the head of the Democrats and head of the Republicans in the Senate actually physically met with me and this was reported by NPR which then abruptly dropped this story when the Supreme Court nixed vote counting.


Yes, they said, ‘We CAN’T count the votes so we WON’T count the votes’ and Gore was bribed to throw in the towel instead of fighting this ridiculous ruling which violated the Constitution.  I thought that Constitutional lawyers were going to fight this but they rolled over and died.  Ahem.  Feel free to imagine why!


When I told a reporter, I was going to sue based on this ruling, sue for uniform voting systems, the reporter retorted I couldn’t do this and this is why the ruling was, for the FIRST TIME IN HISTORY, set up to never be used as precedent.


Those bitches and bastards, left and right on the Supreme Court, knew I was going to sue and rigged it so I couldn’t sue, just one pesky voter demanding real rights frightened the hell out of all of them.  And certainly all of Congress.  AND THE MEDIA which told me to shut up and since then, has boycotted my existence and I have only my pathetic blog to fight back.


Our elections no longer operate in any sane way, the byzantine method of running the primaries and then the election voting is typical, letting private companies run voting is illicit and illegal since the owners can tamper with voting systems which is what Trump is talking about.


HAHAHA.  Look at this trash!  Now liberals, who used to complain about voting systems, are claiming that this utterly rigged up mess of a system is just fine and anyone pointing out the obvious is evil nasty people who are lying.  As we limp into yet another hideous, messy election, with Wikileaks exploding news daily about how the Democrats this time, are doing tons of illegal and illicit stuff including attacking attendees at GOP Trump events to intimidate them while ordering cops to stand aside and let paid rioters attack citizens…this is illegal and note how neither Hillary nor Obama has said this is terrible and must stop and the media is in collusion blaming the victims of all this instead of going after the violent mob’s leaders.


US voters have a right to ask about rigging things because they can see this happening openly, obviously, in huge ways and Wikileaks is emphatic about this.  I will note here the Podesta files, since they have everything to do with elections, has not made any mainstream news at all.  Every revelation of crimes by the DNC in collusion with Obama and Hillary is being treated as toxic poison and avoided by all our media giants who are in collusion, as I repeat myself, with these criminals.


They are criminals.  Arrest them all.  But the only way to do this is to have an open revolt and I see that possibility in the future as the liberal program of hammering white males, pushing them to the back of the line as being good at something is trumped by race and sex , that is, if you are a white male, and display the ability to do work, you are handicapped when hiring happens due to this and pushed aside for people less capable due to their skin color or sex.


This is highly dangerous, this system of doing things.  It is destroying the fabric of society and it is precedent for racism and sexism, that is, it says it is OK to discriminate based on both.  In this case, in favor of blacks and women at the expense of white males and it is terrible, for it violates the Civil Rights Act and the excuse we must even out the odds to make up for past discrimination is now half a century old and isn’t ending, it is getting worse and worse.


That is, the attacks on white males and why they exist.  Schools run mainly by women and minority males are now forcing teachers to teach classes attacking white male CHILDREN.  Teaching them that they are by nature, evil and should cleanse their minds of this evil.  There is no way a sane parent should send any children to public schools in any liberal city at this point.


92 Checks Given To Hillary Clinton By Wall St is real news.  Note how it isn’t on any front pages.  We have the information, we know about the details of bribes we knew already, this is why we tried to force Clinton to tell us about these ‘speeches’ and in these speeches she made many promises to the rich and one was for them to ignore everything she says to be elected because she was on their side, not the voter’s side, and was lying to voters.


Companies are limited in the amount they can donate to political candidates and it is NOT tax deductible. BUT if a company hires someone to give a speech there is no limit on what they pay that candidate and it is a business expense which IS tax deductible. Pretty cool. I love the creativity.


It all began with Reagan collecting bribes in Tokyo and our media praised him for being very clever.  The Japanese applauded this, too.


Nearly Half of Voting Americans Doubt US Election Will Be Fair and they are correct.  This news story is incorrect in that it is presuming the ‘ballot watchers’ will be nasty and anti-democratic.  And the manipulation isn’t muscle, it is inherent in the system for the system has been set up so it is by nature, corrupt and unable to really run properly.


So where is the press?  Why aren’t Republican operatives calling for an investigation in Congress….HAHAHA.  Oops.  They do it, too, and are doing it to Trump who they all fear much more than Hillary.


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3 responses to “As Assange Silenced, DNC Illegal Tricks Vote Rigging Staff Visited WH Over 300 Times

  1. Petruchio

    “So where is the press? Why aren’t Republican operatives calling for an investigation in Congress….HAHAHA. Oops. They do it, too, and are doing it to Trump who they all fear much more than Hillary” Of course ‘they do it too’. Why? Because the GOP and the Dems are on the SAME team! They just play different positions. Note how many of these supposedly ‘true blue’ Republicans can’t vote for Trump, but will vote for Hillary instead? The charade is wearing a little thin, but this charade that there are differences between Repubs and Dems is and ALWAYS has been a charade. A fraud.
    Watch some of this charade being played out on videos on YouTube. All these self righteous Republicans and Democrats just tearing into a witness during Congressional testimony. On YouTube you will see people like Ben Bernanke getting grilled by indignant, angry Members of Congress. Same thing with Loretta Lynch. FBI Director James Comey. Note how NOTHING ever happens? No one gets arrested. No one gets held for Contempt of Congress. Well, if they do like Karl Rove did, you can just flaunt the Contempt citation and go about your merry way.
    Watching these vids, you would think that Congress is powerless to do anything about these endless scandals. Why? Because it is all part of the charade. The GOP provides cover for the Dems when the Dems have a scandal and the Dems do the same for Republican scandals because the GOP and the Dems ARE THE SAME political Party!! It’s a phony difference.

  2. Jim R

    Zerohedge has shown who is responsible for the pedophile smear against Assange:

    It (the smear) was on talk radio here, though I haven’t seen it on any reputable news outlets. (haha “reputable”…)

  3. Just imagine what went on before social media, micro cameras and hacking?

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