New York Times Uses Hoary Red Scare Russia Against Trump


I am going after the NYT separately since it is the newspaper that has fallen the furtherest into the darkness with the Washington Post a very close second.  Above is a screen shot of the headlines of this rag:  The New York Times – Breaking News, World News & Multimedia


Donald J. Trump refused to say whether he would accept the results of the election, saying, “I will keep you in suspense.” Hillary Clinton replied that his statement was “horrifying.”
The debate began cordially but turned caustic. Mrs. Clinton called Mr. Trump “a puppet” of Russia, and he called her a “nasty woman.”


The Red Scare about Russia continues unabated.  It is the chief talking point for Hillary and our media giants.  Russia is scary! Russia is destroying our industrial base…whoa.  Wait!  Who pushed for our industrial base to be moved out?  Why, Hillary’s buddies and fellow conspirators!


Trump correctly called her ‘a nasty woman’ though some might debate the ‘woman’ part.  The fact is, this election has fallen into a very dark place, it is filled with sex, spies and Cold War cooties and the DNC threw it there, not Trump.  He does react to all this, but he didn’t initiate nor perpetuate this.


Here are many of the anti-Trump headlines at the NYT top front page as they wage all-out war against him:


Election? We Don’t Need No Stinking Election
Trump won’t commit to honoring the election results.
Trump’s Contempt for Democracy
“That’s horrifying,” Hillary Clinton said, rightly.
The Debate in One Scary Answer
Trump wouldn’t say if he’d accept the election results.
Egged On to Get Egg on His Face
In order to stop losing, he would have to stop losing it.


Holy Cow.  Trump rightfully said, if this were a close election like the 2000 election, he would dispute the vote counting.  Why?  Because the stupid systems we use were never fixed after that mess!!!


I was going to sue and the Supreme Court, realizing this since I showed up in DC that week pushing the Uniform Voting Act, they pro-actively prevented even the smallest reforms by illicitly and illegally saying, we could not use their ruling as precedent!


The NYT and Washington Post back then said this ruling was most excellent because it prevented fighting over things!  Now here we are, yet again, with another cliff hanger election possible and nothing was fixed and Trump says he will fight the voting mess actively unlike Gore who bowed to the Supreme Court and didn’t go on a tour of the US demanding the Uniform Voting Act be passed by Congress.


He knew about my proposal!  I remain quite angry about this whole matter.


The NYT is being very clever, oh so clever by deliberately misreading what he said.  They are implying a coup will happen.  Well, it just might if the voting is shown to be bogus.  Not one person at the Stable of Fools at the NYT mentioned in the news or on the front page or in any editorials, the unfolding scandal of the teams working for the DNC who were rigging votes, cheating on voting, abusing the early voting system, using illegal aliens, etc.


All these dirty voting tricks have not gone to trial yet but I expect it will because is must and Hillary and her gang won’t put these people working for them on trial, it will be dropped like the Benghazi business was papered over.


The Stuxnet General who plead guilty rapidly so that Obama can pardon him, is typical of the messes the NYT encourages since the Jews who own the paper (except the parts owned by Mexico’s billionaire boss) hate Iran and want Iran destroyed…sigh.  So much for journalists poking around, figuring out things.


We would be living in total ignorance with only suspicions if it weren’t for many brave people leaking stuff, doing undercover reporting which the mainstream news used to do, etc.  Thank you, all.  No thanks to any news media owned by big bosses, they all stink to high heaven.


Polls show most Americans don’t trust or like our mainstream news media.  I note here that the mainstream media has cut back very heavily on interactions with letter writers to the point, 90% have no comments at all, anywhere and the others are very heavily censored to the point of uselessness since only people who agree with propaganda are published.


This cutting off all contact with voters is significant and leads to media going off the track more and more which is why they publish all those stupid polls run by equally cut off entities and these polls are useless especially since many people refuse to participate because…they hate the mainstream media so much.


I prefer no polls!  I did do polls in NYC when in politics there years ago.  I polled on ISSUES not candidates. I asked honest questions about how people felt about things and then we discussed our findings in order to understand how best to serve the interests of our voting base.  This is ‘duh’ and it is ‘dead’.


The rulers don’t want to know what we want, they want power so they can get what they want and what they want is so unpopular, they have to lie, cheat and steal to prevent us from knowing what they really want.  And whistleblowers like Assange pulls back the curtains to show us what they really think and plan which is why the media owners are now conspiring with the DNC AND the GOP to not show any news of the Wikileaks information and to pretend nothing is wrong.


Dead silence from the GOP top honchos, notice that?  Amazing, isn’t it?  If the election is close, the media, like in 2000, will demand the person disputing the voting systems and counting abilities will be egged into giving up and not raising a ruckus and on we will teeter from one messy, ugly election to the next with a broken wagon being hauled by a lame horse limping along until the elites shoot the old grey mare dead and rule totally via fiat.


The last known recording of a Roman Senate action was in 603 and it was to vote for statues for Emperor Phocas and his wife.  Then it vanished from Rome.  It is amazing that it ran for 600 years after being killed off basically, by Augustus, the first Emperor.  This was long after the Emperors fled Italy to Byzantia.  One last, lonely column which was stolen from a deceased Roman building from the Augustan Age, was erected in Rome which was already in ruins and fading rapidly to a tiny farming community.


The base of the column was uncovered in 1813, and the inscription on it reads, in Latin: The English translation is as follows:

To the best, most clement and pious ruler, our lord Phocas the perpetual emperor, crowned by God, the forever august triumphator, did Smaragdus, former praepositus sacri palatii and patricius and Exarch of Italy, devoted to His Clemency for the innumerable benefactions of His Piousness and for the peace acquired for Italy and its freedom preserved, this statue of His Majesty, blinking from the splendor of gold here on this tallest column for his eternal glory erect and dedicate, on the first day of the month of August, in the eleventh indiction in the fifth year after the consulate of His Piousness.
The precise occasion for this signal honour is unknown, though Phocas had formally donated the Pantheon to Pope Boniface IV, who rededicated it to all the martyrs and Mary (Sancta Maria ad Martyres).


A statue (probably heisted also from elsewhere) dedicated to the distant Emperor was put on the top of the stolen column but then hauled off due to the gold covering.


Atop the column’s capital was erected by Smaragdus, the Exarch of Ravenna, a “dazzling” gilded statue of Phocas (which probably only briefly stood there). Rather than a demonstration to mark papal gratitude as it is sometimes casually declared to be, the gilded statue on its column was more likely an emblem of the imperial sovereignty over Rome, which was rapidly fading under pressure from the Lombards, and a personal mark of gratitude from Smaragdus, who had been recalled by Phocas from a long exile and was indebted to the Emperor for retrieving his position of power at Ravenna.


Ah, the Lombard barbarians…on my mother’s father’s side of my family are the Bards which is short for ‘Lombards’.  And yes, part of empires dying involves hostile armed invaders who destroy everything in sight and this is why we call people who do this ‘Vandals’ who were one of many such over running the Roman empire.


The New York Times is run mainly by Jews.  They made an alliance with a Mexican Catholic to run things further into the ground since it is a money losing operation.  This is why they push for illegal Mexican immigration which is a huge issue for the Mexican owner.  And he does not love Jews, nope.


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  1. Tom W Harris

    Drumpf is a seditionist. Lock him up! Hang him for treason!

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