As Media Giants Whine About Wikileaks Revelations, NYT Attacks Trump Based On The Same!


What Drives Trump? Fear of Losing Status, Tapes Show the New York Times eagerly posts this insipid attack story.  The Paper of Record that once used to report the news no longer does this.  Being hopelessly partisan, they have to hide a mountain of news in order to shove a fellow Bilderberg gangster into the White House.  Our succession of Bilderberg co-conspirators have destroyed American foreign exchange, our criminal justice system, our public school systems, driving many citizens deeper and deeper into debt via school loans, etc.  They wish to continue this destruction because it makes them all very, very rich.  And Trump is talking about their schemes openly, the first major candidate to do this.


Surveys show clearly that much of the US public distrusts the media who is supposed to inform us about reality and who are supposed to be the watchdogs of the politicians especially two-faced politicians like Hillary Clinton.  This is the missing element in our political system today: the media watchdogs.


At the NYT is this top editorial:  Bruni: Hillary Clinton’s Resounding Mandate.  It is obvious to anyone sane that she has no mandate.  She still lost primaries to Sanders at the very end of the long primary and at the convention there was a full revolt of the Sanders delegates not that many Americans know this since the news media refused to report it.


The Wikileaks/Veritas revelations made little headway not because no one wanted to see the information or understand it but because the mainstream media attacked both nonstop and hid the information pouring out of these operations and few politicians aside from Trump, the outsider, talked about it except to say it is nothing big, pay no attention, how dare anyone reveal secrets of our rulers, etc.


Top Zionist warmonger at the NYT, Mr.Friedman: Donald Trump, Alien to All That’s Great is his snippy attack on Trump.  Friedman and I go way back.  He used to debate me at the NYT open forums years ago when we had a real interface online.  He hated me greatly and was behind having me banned due to winning the arguments there, I being a speed typist, could keep up with him easily point by point in real time.


What’s so ‘great’ here, anyways?  The US empire!  Note how he and his idiot ilk have driven us deep into debt with Obama doing a vast excavation job here, making the hole bigger than all previous Presidents.  Here is what Friedman created:


HAHAHA.  ISIS is trying to kill one of the operatives who enabled them to exist in the first place!  The NYT committed war crimes to start the 2001 war.  The US government knew that Saudi Arabia attacked us so the media giants with Friedman being quite exceptionally responsible here, lied about all this and told the American people that Iraq, an innocent bystander, did the 9/11 attacks.


Poor Bryan Denton, sent off to die for the NYT so they can pretend to report the ‘news’ which is pure propaganda.  Even as this poor sap risks his neck for the Real Rulers, the CIA and others are supporting ISIS indeed, created ISIS as well as al Qaeda to ‘fight Russia/destroy more liberal Muslim governments that Israel hates and wants dead.


The NYT knows about all this.  The NYT is directly responsible for all this because they created this mess and lied about events and lied about their involvement in pushing that illegal war which screams for a Nüremberg Trial, they continue to push for wars and after supporting the coup in Ukraine, are now pushing for WWIII with Russia over the Ukraine?  GOOD GODS.  Talk about insane.


On to the ‘news’: the NYT refused, point blank, to discuss the Wikileaks stuff.  Or they did the stupidest thing: nit picked the least important parts and then announce that Hillary is a genius who can juggle things and still come out smelling like roses!  The mountain of dung of the rest of the content was studiously ignored by the probing reporters who are paid to be stupid.



Speaking of stupid:  Trump tightens GOP’s cash spigot with halting of big-money fundraisers is the top headline at the Washington Post.  That fetid pool of toilet refuse is hilarious.  How dare Trump NOT go to the Big Money Bosses to collect bribes!  How evil of him to do this!!!  He should be arrested for not taking bribes!!!!!!  HAHAHA.



I can’t resist this, someone has to keep a record of this insanity.  Screaming that Trump is refusing to collect bribes is hilarious.  It shows how far down the hole our nation really is.  Way back in 1968, they would never had dared put up such a headline.  Back then, people had to pay bribes under the table, not at big events which are, incidentally, not reported by the press or the press is kept a mile away and has to use binoculars to see what is going on.


Hillary Clinton ends money haul with final fundraiser of US election campaign And that’s a wrap:  at the Palm Beach home of a billionaire lawyer, a night after raising $10 million in Manhattan| Daily Mail Online and she is proud of this and the NYT and WP think this is fantastic, isn’t she a dear?  We should all applaud this collection of bribes.
More news from Russia:  ‘Slaughter Donald for Putin bromance’: #Podesta15 emails reveal ISIS strategy diversion for Clinton — RT America


One of the big revelations of Wikileaks was the release of secret speeches Hillary gave to Wall Street and foreign power which she said the opposite of what she says in public.  The WP yesterday capped this by saying openly that lying to the public is NECESSARY and not bad at all.  We have no need to know what our rulers plan to do to us, we have to listen to lies and then eat dreck when ordered.


Note how the WP is publishing a negative news story about Clinton because they figured out the obvious, that totally ignoring Wikileaks makes them look stupid, this being the paper proud about Watergate leaks published back in the Ice Ages.


So, they don’t report the criminal parts of the plots Hillary and her gang hatched, only the part about her being frustrated.  HAHAHA.  But her frustrations were fixed by the media giants who protect and coddle her and she is protected by the powers in DC who do not want an outsider in the White House and this included Sanders who is outside all the inside groups in DC.


Clinton’s aides planned to joke about Obama being born in Kenya and to mock Biden for being an idiot to deal with email scandal | Daily Mail Online reported in England yesterday.  Ah, real news.  How quaint.


After our tour of the filthy US media, time to visit Russian news to see some counter-reality:  US-led coalition killed 300 Syrian civilians in 11 probed strikes – Amnesty International reports.  Yes, another group our rulers hate.  They hate Wikileaks, they hate Infowars, they hate Amnesty International, any groups that try to talk about reality.


General hysteria from our rulers over Putin moving a fleet past Europe and into the Mediterranean Sea.  Anger in NATO, EU as Syria-bound Russian carrier group mulls stopover at Spanish port and this is due to the Israeli rulers freaking out over someone who they don’t control, coming into their backyard on behalf of saving a neighbor Israel wants dead and gone.


Spain let the Russians in!  HAHAHA.  Then there is this news from Germany:  Merkel suggests Christmas carols, flute-playing in face of ‘Islam concerns’ as she suggests a Kulturekampf is the solution to her letting in millions of Muslim invaders.  If they sing songs and pray in churches, this will stop the Muslims from attacking from within.


The left and right in Germany formed this coalition, the Socialists joined with the Conservatives to run Germany straight into the ground.  Voters there are very angry and scared and for good reason.  The merging of rival parties on this scale has been the goal of the globalists who want one party rule which is then under their thumb via secret deals. This is what is now under fire and why hiding this activity from voters is so high on the agenda.



Trump revealed to right wing voters that they were betrayed by the GOP leaders who really are in a secret alliance with top Democrats.  The Sanders voters revealed the other half of this dirty deal by exposing Hillary as a buddy of right wing Republicans.  The Sanders voters are being urged to vote for Hillary or else they will suffer and she might toss them some crumbs if they put her in power so I suppose they will vote for her for this bleak reason.


Russia reportedly tests nuclear-capable hypersonic glider warhead is a reminder that we won’t win WWIII.  We just will not win it.  I doubt anyone will win much of anything unless we love reverting to the Dark Ages and have barbarian horsemen riding riot over Eurasia again.  But then, this is how my family got started.  Ahem. US Warship ‘Challenges’ Chinese Island Claims in South China Sea again.  Can’t start a war with just Russia.


We mustn’t forget Japan here:  Fukushima decommissioning costs soar to at least $24bn as the government, mired in one party rule, continues to die.  The entire northern half of Japan’s main island is a dead zone, more or less.  Recently, I watched a Japanese TV show about beautiful places to visit in Japan.  All of them were outside the northern half of Japan, Tokyo and south of Tokyo with one mention of the far northern island.


The Japanese are simply pretending Fukushima doesn’t exist.  It is off the radar.  Gone and hidden carefully in that huge black hole of nothingness where so many things dire and dangerous end up, things that menace all of us over time and which we should pay attention to, not run away because we cannot outrun reality.


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6 responses to “As Media Giants Whine About Wikileaks Revelations, NYT Attacks Trump Based On The Same!

  1. Nani

    Many Germans now feel alienated in their own country, and as a result many are leaving, quite understandably. I mean, who want to live in a country where millions of military aged muslim men are roaming the streets, making life miserable for the natives?

    All thanks to Merkel who has done more damage to Germany than any other chancellor since WWll. One of the world’s great industrial power succumbing into social chaos and misery. I am sure she will be greatly rewarded by the bilderberg gang for her noble cause..

    Russia will not sit idly by anymore while the Americans poke them in the eye.

  2. Christian W

    At the same time Merkel is doing her dark deeds the US is attacking and undermining Germany’s most important industries with ridiculous claims – €$18 Billion dollars against Volkswagen, $15 Billion dollars against Deutsche Bank just recently.

  3. Nani


    As has been mentioned before, the goal of the US was/is to prevent Germany from forming an alliance with Russia. Keep the Germans down, and the Russians out. Seems to be working.

  4. Christian W

    Yep, that’s one part of the goal. Another is to destroy the middle and working classes and various cultural heritages and keep the people at each other’s throats rather than an effective opposition to the ruling class/elites.

    The elites will float on top in endless privilage and luxury. Welcome the new Dark Ages.

  5. Christian W

    This map is a good example how the elites plan it all. Every step of the way they take their cut or control the flow of “goods” in whatever form it takes. If they can’t control all the markets, like in Syria and Libya and Russia, they start a war if nothing else works. That is the job of the Pentagon and the CIA etc

    The FSA (ie the “moderate” rebels in Syria) are just mafia middle men in this system for example. They earn money selling refugees to Europe.

  6. Lou

    Jew York Times,

    Jewish hatred of Trump is all over the airways
    Billionaires— like — Mark Cuban (Name changed f/Chaberinsky)
    Jeffrey Goldberg (Atlantic Magazine)
    Stuart Rothenberg (Washington Post)
    Charles Krauthammer (Fox News)
    Jennifer Rubin (Washington Post)
    Bill Kristol (The Weekly Standard)
    Jessica Ehrlich (DNC Operative)
    Bernie Sanders (Communist)
    Julie Roginsky (Fox News)
    Debbie Wasserman Schultz (DNC Chair)
    Lisa Bloom (Feminist Lawyer)
    Robert Zimmerman (DNC Operative)
    Simon Rosenberg (DNC Operative)
    Julian Epstein (DNC Operative)
    Maggie Haberman (New York Times)
    Brad Whitman (DNC Operative)
    Barbara Streisand (Hollywood)
    Bret Stephens (Wall St Journal)
    Ben Cardon (US Senator)

    Rep Steve Israel (Congressman)
    Rachel Maddow (MSNBC / Lesbian Activist
    Bethany Mandel (Washington Post)
    David Goodfriend (DNC Operative)
    Al Frankin (US Senator)
    Richard Goodstein (DNC Operative)
    Ezra Klein (Washington Post)
    Erica Berenstein (New York Times)
    Fred Kaplan (Slate Magazine)
    Jessica “Motormouth” Tarlov) Political Op
    David Axelrod (DNC Political Operative)
    Dana Bash (CNN – Real name Schwartz)
    Brad Gerstman (DNC Operative)
    Matthew Littman (Speech Writer For Biden)
    David Plouffe (Politico)
    Josh Schwerin (Hilary spokesman)
    Joel Benenson (DNC Operative)
    Judith Miller (NY Times Fox News)
    Lanny Davis (DNC Operative)
    Alan Dershowitz (Zionist / Lawyer)
    Jennifer Pozner (Media Critic  )
    Jake Tapper (CNN)

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