End NATO Now


The NATO countries not spending enough on defence to warrant Trump using US forces | Daily Mail Online

The US taxpayers are going very deeply into debt to global bankers in order to protect Europe while the EU nations make money and give social security and other things to citizens, we face bankruptcy unless we stop doing this insane spending on people who mostly despise us or want to manipulate us into confrontations with say, Russia instead of negotiations.  Especially Germany who is responsible for several bad messes in Europe.



Which NATO members are falling short on military spending? – Apr. 15, 2016: over 2/3rds of NATO spending is the US citizens carrying triple what Europe and Canada spend.  Much of our spending is overseas whereas they all spend their money at home, too.  So it makes our massive trade deficit worse.


To make the principle work, all countries are expected to chip in. NATO’s official guidelines say member states should spend at least 2% of their GDP on defense.


So the solution to this is to force our fake allies to spend HALF of what we spend?  HAHAHA.  No, we must tax them to pay for  us protecting them. 100%, ditto to Japan. Pay up, ‘allies’.  Why can’t we be smart mercenaries?  All of our ‘allies’ including Saudi Arabia, gave Hillary and her gang a billion dollars.  So they can easily afford to fork it over to the US public who has been protecting all of these lay about losers.


Our freeloading allies should up the ante and they promised to do this…over ten years or more which means ‘never’.  They know this is ‘never’, they imagine the US public will continue to be fooled into supporting sabre rattling in Europe with our own troops and money being used to scare Putin who will nuke Europe if they stupidly start WWIII.


By making them take care of themselves, they will think twice before being confrontational.  I hope Trump is true to his word about forcing these freeloaders to pay up and pay up now, not in the distant future.  Trump Expects to End US Aid to Syrian Rebels which has Saudi Arabia and Israel freaking out.


GOP Rep: Paul Ryan ‘Does Not Have My Vote’; Trump Gave Congress a Mandate, Ryan Gave a ‘Constitutional Crisis’ –


The nation is facing “a constitutional crisis… thanks to Paul Ryan,” Massie explained:


The next Speaker needs to let Congress debate whether we should be involved in all these military conflicts. We’ve got a constitutional crisis right now thanks to John Boehner and thanks to Paul Ryan, where we’re involved in military conflicts around the globe that have not been authorized by Congress, and these are not short term conflicts.


The right wing is much more antiwar than the left wing in the last eight years.  Obama was given a Nobel Peace Prize when he did nothing good and then he went on a rampage across the planet ended up with threatening nuclear war with Russia.  That is the exact opposite of being ‘peaceful’.


While Massie noted that his own opposition to Ryan’s Speakership stems largely from procedural issues rather than specific policies, other conservative lawmakers have expressed concern that Ryan’s policy agenda, as well as his demonstrations of poor leadership throughout the election season, have made him unfit to run the Republican party in Congress.


Of course, he is toast and deservedly so.  Out with the trash.  As for the left wing, you can bet they will be full-antiwar now that they are totally locked out of power again.  Typical, by the way.  They always stop protesting when their own are being military aggressors.


 For instance, Trump ran on a platform of immigration controls, whereas Ryan has been an active champion of open borders. According to Pew polling data, 92 percent of the GOP electorate oppose Ryan’s vision for expanding immigration levels and instead want to see immigration levels frozen or reduced.


Similarly, Trump ran against globalist trade policies, whereas Ryan supports the multinational trade policies backed by the Republican Party’s donor class. Ryan even worked as President Obama’s “partner” to fast track the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement. According to polling data from a recent POLITICO Pro-Harvard survey, 85 percent of GOP voters disagree with Speaker Ryan’s vision on the issue of trade and believe that so-called “free trade” has lost the U.S. more jobs than it has created.


92 percent of GOP voters want what Trump said he wants.  The 8 per cent that supports Ryan are the super rich/connected/Wall Street gang.  Ryan cannot claim that he represents virtually and GOP voters who put the Senate, House and White House into the GOP hands.  This will cause a huge underground battle for power.  The Wall Street/fake GOP gang will fight Trump tooth and nail, big time.


They want their bribes, their future of retiring to work for Wall Street, to roll in dough after leaving office!  To hell with the working stiff voters who put them in power.  They want to make million dollar speeches overseas and at Goldman Sachs!  Cleaning up this swamp of utter corruption: will Trump try?  We shall see.


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17 responses to “End NATO Now

  1. DM

    Good luck to Trump and the Secret Service.

    Not sure though who or what the American garrison is protecting “Europe” from. I don’t really care what the meme is, as long as NATO and the EU are assigned to the dustbin of history.

    As for the Saudis – I wonder if they will still afford to be lining up for the casinos in the US 🙂

  2. Case

    You speak like it was some sort of charity. NATO is (was) part of the American imperial infrastructure and it was a two way street re: interests served.

    Well done for choosing to be a non-Empire for a week, but let’s not pretend anyone was hard-done-by in this deal, or more accurately that any county’s ruling class was hard-done-by.

  3. Melponeme_k


    The deal was a remnant of WWII when Europe was devastated and unable to defend itself from a nascent USSR. Remember Europe feared the USSR. German soldiers ran to surrender to Americans and other Western Allies not the USSR. So the US forces were present to protect Europe as they rebuilt.

    This structure was never meant to be permanent. But the elites used it as a power bloc against the USSR eventually the new Russia and to bolster the EU.

    But the fact remains, all those nice social programs that Europe enjoyed for 60 something years was built on the backs of US Citizens.

  4. Petruchio

    “The next Speaker needs to let Congress debate whether we should be involved in all these military conflicts.” One thing that is going to be interesting to watch is exactly WHAT the GOP will do as far as legislation goes. Up to now–at least the story peddled by the MSM–the line has been that Obama really, truly wanted to get substantive legislation done but the REPUBLICANS would always filibuster! Well, now the Repubs control both House of Congress AND the White House. Who are they gonna filibuster? What will their excuse be for not getting anything done to boost the economy or the immigration crisis?
    I guess I shouldn’t be wondering. The sleazy Political Whore Class will find a way to ignore the General Public and serve their Special Interests.

  5. Case

    I know Elaine is very worried about WWIII. Ambiguous commitments of great powers over the defence of smaller countries is an actual cause of world wars. If NATO is to be dismantled let it be clear and quick. Trump sends mixed messages on this issue, the worst option.

  6. Henry

    The US dictates foreign policy to the NATO countries. NATO is simply an extension of US foreign policy; an extension of the American empire. NATO troops are used at the behest of the US Defense Department. Why should any of these countries pay one nickle to promote US aggression around the world. NATO’s original role of defending Europe from the Soviet Union ended with its collapse. Trump should end US aggression and he should end NATO!

  7. emsnews

    What ‘USA’ are you talking about, Henry? Don’t you mean ‘The International Bilderberg Gang who meets secretly in Europe’???? Read me daily and I illuminate how Europe is pushing for WWIII with Russia and hope WE fight it for them all. At least, the barely-elected and increasingly unpopular leaders in Europe are doing this insane thing.

    We have zero need to be there, they wanted us there, that is, the Real Rulers. They sit in Brussels and watch Europe burn down by Muslim terrorists and then turn around and demand we send more troops.

  8. Christian W

    Hehe, if you think the clowns in Brussels have any real weight to demand anything you are sorely mistaken. Jens Stoltenberg, the man you mocked as weak the other day, is a sycophant. He has amitted openly that he knew the US was spying on him before they chose him as NATO secretary, but he approved of it as perfectly normal. He was chosen precisely because he is a weak sychophant, exactly like his predecessor Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

    (read this pitiful and obscenely ingratiating article to see what I mean: http://www.wsj.com/articles/the-united-states-must-be-the-worlds-policeman-1474412665)

    Nobody elected Theresa May PM of the UK. Hollande has an impressive 4% popularity rating. Federia Mogherini, the non-elected EU “Foreign minister” is a Hillary Clinton-esque air head and also a sycophant. How she got her job is anybody’s guess.

    The ‘Real Rulers’ you are talking about are the ones controlling the banking system rooted in London and the FED and the really big money in the US. Don’t confuse their tools with the real thing.

    Now we are at that point in history again where old failing economic powerhouses are trying to keep their dominance going in the face of emerging competition.

  9. Christian W

    An interesting side story to this is the US’ Cold War strategy for Europe.

    All of this goes back to post WWII Cold War strategies when the US imported lots of ex-Nazis from Europe, for the rocket program etc, and set up the remaining Nazis as undercover agent networks across Europe. Adolf Heusinger, Hitler’s Chief of Staff during WWII, served as Chairman of the NATO military committee in the 1960s. The first Chairman was the US general Omar Bradley.

    See Operation GLADIO for more interesting details about how the US worked with Nazis.

    Also, the US imported ex-Nazis, who were promptly whitewashed, from Ukraine and used the OUN network, and the like, since the late 1940’s and earlyh 1950s.

    Also read up on the Gehlen network – a German spy ring during WW II that became part of the CIA in 1947. This Nazi spy network was part of the CIA from the start in other words.

  10. Petruchio

    I think the US got the short end of the stick when it came to “quality” Nazis. For years, NASA (and its predecessors) were worried they could even build a rocket that could exit the Earth’s atmosphere. And Reinhard Gehlen, the prized German spymaster the US had working for them was as good as a Soviet spy. His Second in Command WAS a spy for the Soviets.

  11. Seraphim

    It looks like an ‘elegant’ way to disengage from a failed policy. People would have much more understanding if you tell them that they pay to much taxes for ‘lazy bones who don’t do nuthin no more’ than to acknowledge failure.

    NATO was definitely created by the USA before they created the Bilderberg ‘gang’ and there can be no doubt that its mission was to carry on the aborted ‘Operation Unthinkable’, the brain child of Churchill, who ordered it in 1945 and was developed by the British Armed Forces’ Joint Planning Staff at the end of World War II in Europe, allegedly to defend against a Soviet drive towards the North Sea and the Atlantic following the withdrawal of the American forces from the continent, but in reality to resume the Anglo – American ‘Drang nach Osten’ concocted by the biggest conspirators of the 20th Century, Churchill and FDR (since 1915), interrupted by the shenanigans of an annoying fly in the ointment, the political upstart called Hitler, whose removal from the scene proved to be more costly than expected.

    It was the absolute surprise of the testing of the first Russian atomic bomb (result of the miscalculations of the CIA’s ‘Office of Reports and Estimates’, which appreciated that “the capability of the USSR to develop weapons based on atomic energy will be limited to the possible development of an atomic bomb to the stage of production at some time between 1950 and 1953. On this assumption, a quantity of such bombs could be produced and stockpiled by 1956”) which poured cold water on the fervid brains of the planners for the take over of Russia.

    But the crazy idea that Russia could be ‘conquered’ never left the brains of the Trotsko-Neo-Cons (Kagans, Kristols, Pearls, Wolfowitzes, Krauthammers, anyone?) and their enablers on the Wall Street (the same who advanced money to Lenin and Trotsky in 1917). Not to their credit, they thought that the past failed experiences with Ukraine could be resumed with a different result (the right definition of insanity!).

    Hopefully, we witness the winding up of that operation, which failed to reach its target, the conquest of Russia, make no mistake. Rank opportunists like Trump and, I suppose, his son-in-law (check his bio) could realize that they must change course, better than the PCLGBT brain damaged buffoons.

  12. emsnews

    Europe is being invaded by a mutli-million Muslim army. These are now ravaging Europe and destroying the economic system and terrorizing everyone while the Real Rulers scream at RUSSIA!!! HAHAHA. Talk about insane and stupid. Eventually even the lowest levels of the People will figure this out and react.

  13. Christian W

    That Battering Ram invasion is by design by the Deep State and not a choice of the people. Plus an obvious strategic calculation by that Muslim Brotherhood madman Erdogan.

    The obvious reaction to such an invasion combined with an economic turn down is to turn to the ‘Strongman’ (Hitler, Drumpff) who claims he has the ‘solution’.

    If you had an honest poll I think Putin would be more popular than the most of the national and EU leaders across Europe. Yes there is always the Nazi/supernationalist/Russophobe fringe but… the Muslim Horde Battering Ram strategy is designed to strengthen that fringe. It is working.

    The Euro economic system is a variation of the Petrodollar system and doomed to fail. Neither the EU and the US can keep going deeper and deeper into debt forever.

  14. Lou

    Feminists refuse to see the color of crime.
    Feminists refuse to see the race and religion angle on rape and murder of women.

    Europe is being invaded by a mutli-million Muslim army. These are now ravaging Europe and destroying the economic system and terrorizing everyone while the Real Rulers scream at RUSSIA!!! HAHAHA. Talk about insane and stupid. Eventually even the lowest levels of the People will figure this out and react.

  15. Lou

    Christian, you had mentioned ‘nurture’ and violence in Africans.

    If you can bear to, check this,


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