The Queen Of England Is Demanding No Genetic Tests Of Upstart Royal Clan

The British Royal Family Explained – YouTube

Today, in the Brit news, we have this story which I find immensely amusing because the issue of ‘who is royal’ ended up with my family banished from England and heaving over to the New World with a bunch of Dutch explorers, in what became New York state.  BBC slammed for paternity slur against Prince Harry | Daily Mail Online reports today, oh, the Palace is furious! I want them all tested to see if they are really genetically allowed to sit on that throne!


The outrageous and discredited insinuation that Princess Diana’s lover James Hewitt is his father is repeated in the controversial BBC2 drama King Charles III, to be screened this week.


It  has never been ‘discredited’.  What happened is, everyone was ordered to shut up or else.  Anyone around the royal spawn was ordered to pretend all is well and nothing odd has happened even though it is obvious, a typical royal did what they did so often: have sex like cats on a fence in spring.


The timing is especially cruel so close to the 20th anniversary of Diana’s death, and those close to the Royal Family say the hurtful claims should never have been included in a BBC programme.


All questions about ‘blue blood’ can be fixed very easily: genetic testing.  I feel this should have been done years ago because the sole claim on living in these huge palaces paid for by taxpayers is…they are all ‘royal’.  But if they are not?  Kick them to the curb, of course and this is what they all fear, being all free-loaders from hell.


Diana’s closest confidante, Rosa Monckton, said: ‘The BBC is deliberately causing pain to a real living person in a salacious fashion. Prince Harry was 12 when his mother died and she is no longer around to reassure him. I don’t think this is why millions pay their licence fee.’


All the royals want the serfs to shut up.  Just hand over the loot and let them all run amok.  They love lording it over the populace even though they have hardly any ‘English’ blood in their veins, most of their ancestors were aliens.  Not space aliens but still…aliens.

They did have fun marrying the French royals as those went insane and then the Brit royals went mad, too.  Inbreeding is very bad stuff.  They specialized in inbreeding and thought this made them all better, all the ‘royals’ did this until they destroyed themselves due to genetic defects accumulating.

British Royal Family Tree, founded by the family of a Viking pirate –


Queen demands DNA test in court to settle dispute over 330-year-old baronet title.  So, the Queen demanded DNA test in court to settle dispute over 330-year-old baronet title just three years ago!


The Queen has commanded Britain’s most senior judges to decide if DNA evidence can be used for the first time to settle a dispute over a hereditary title, in a move that could have far-reaching consequences for the aristocracy.


No kidding, it has far reaches!  The cheek of this chick to sit on her ‘throne’ and demand genetic tests while avoiding the same for her wretched, illicit family!  HAHAHA.


Her Majesty personally ordered Lord Neuberger, Britain’s most senior judge, and six other justices of the Supreme Court to rule on a bitter family dispute over who is the rightful heir to an ancient baronetcy.


So, this is over a baronetcy?  What about the big one?  The Throne of England?  How about genetic testing for that?


The feud was unexpectedly sparked by an innocent family tree project involving a distinguished lineage dating back to the 13th Century.


I can prove my family was at the Battle of Hastings.  The ‘queen’ of England can’t.  End of story.  I have more right to the throne than any of them and I have no real right despite this fact.


Scientific analysis dramatically revealed that the last baronet came from a different bloodline to his relatives, suggesting there may have been an illegitimate child in a previous generation.


HAHAHA…all over the place.  The males of the royal lines were often fighting all over the place.  They would sail away for years on end.


The two rival branches of the family have now spent thousands of pounds on a legal battle over which is the true lineage.


The Queen, of course, using taxpayer funds.


The peerage authorities were called upon to decide if the genetic material could be used to determine who should inherit the Pringle of Stichill baronetcy, and it was up to the Queen herself to order that a powerful but little-known court of top judges should make the ruling.


So…this is what they were fighting over!

Questions raised over Queen’s ancestry after DNA test on Richard III’s cousins | The Guardian reported several years ago:


The bones of the king under the car park have delivered further shocks, 527 years after his death and more than two years after his remains were discovered in Leicester: Richard III was a blue-eyed blond, and the present Queen may not be descended from John of Gaunt and Edward III, the lineage on which the Tudor claim to the throne originated.


Yes, after Richard II was dug up, they finally had the genetic material of the last real King of England.


Five anonymous living donors, all members of the extended family of the present Duke of Beaufort, who claim descent from both the Plantagenets and Tudors through the children of John of Gaunt, gave DNA samples which should have matched Y chromosomes extracted from Richard’s bones. But none did.


HAHAHA.  And I am not shocked, like I said, none of these ‘royals’ were at the Battle of Hastings, were they?  All are interlopers.


Since Richard’s identity was proved by his mitochondrial DNA, handed down in an unbroken chain through the female line from his sister to two living relatives, the conclusion is stark: there is a break in the claimed line of Beaufort descent, what the scientists described as “a false paternity event”, which may also affect the ancestry of their distant cousins, the Windsors.


Yup.  Since 100% of the right to sit on that throne is based on genes, the Queen should have abdicated  and saved her great grandchildren the fate from hell, having to pretend to be ‘royals’ while peasants gawp at them all and pretend they have special powers granted via genes.


The other main finding overturns the most famous images of Richard, including the portrait head reconstructed from his skull that shows him with dark eyes and shoulder length dark hair. The analysis of his DNA gives a 96% probability for blue eyes and a 77% likelihood that he was blond at least in childhood.


Um, hate to break the news but all of us Normans have the same genetic freak: we are born blonde and I certainly was as were my siblings, then as we become teenagers, we see that hair darken to dirty blonde and then rather dark, on a scale.  Mine, for example, is fairly light in brown color but still, not a full blonde.


I surmise, this was when the Vikings married into the French families in Breton, for example.  It would be fun to find out via genetic testing.


Working out where the line from Edward III to the present Beaufort family was broken could only be done by exhuming a lot of bodies, Schürer explained – it took him 36 sheets of A4 paper taped together to demonstrate the family trees – and is not going to happen.


Dig them all up.  I would love to see the results.


Nor will he be knocking on the door of Buckingham Palace looking for DNA samples. There are, however, at least two breaks in the line. The most significant would be if John of Gaunt were not the son of Edward III – which enemies suggested in his lifetime – which would affect the ancestry of the Tudors, Stuarts and Windsors, though Schürer suspects the break came later.


AncestryDNA™ US | DNA Tests for Ethnicity & Genealogy DNA Test for only $99.  I’m sure the British royals can afford this.  Could this ex-Mormon lawyer be the true heir to the British throne? | Daily Mail Online reported last summer.


James Ord was a 13-year-old schoolboy growing up in Virginia when, he says, his grandfather took him aside and told him the extraordinary story of how his family had been tricked out of the British crown.

Funny, my grandfather told me something near that only, ‘We executed a king who had no right to the throne and then were kicked out of England.’  This is why my family came here as one of the earliest families from Europe.

It is a tale that goes back almost as far as the foundation of America and involves the future George IV, his forbidden marriage to the Roman Catholic love of his life and a child whose very existence had to be kept secret for the sake of the monarchy — to whom Mr Ord’s family believe they can trace their ancestry.


So, Ord is a late comer.  We were here before his family came trotting over the Atlantic Ocean.


James discovered that his father, a doctor, had been told exactly the same story by his own grandfather when he was about the same age.


‘It seems to have been a rite of passage — sharing the story with your children is very important,’ he says of the tradition.

Not only has the story been passed down through the generations of his family, but so has the name.


In nearly every generation of the so-called Maryland branch of the Ord family, the first-born son has been named James. This has made it easier to trace the Ord who appears to have the strongest claim to the British throne.


Whoa, wait!  In my family, we have the exact same thing only our family eldest and second eldest sons have these two interesting names: Henry or Richard Steele.  Ahem.  Clearing my throat.  The Ord name is from after Queen Elizabeth.  Our names are from the time of her father, one of many Henrys.
So, based on that story, my family has more of a claim than his family.  Ex-British spy Christopher Steele breaks silence over explosive Trump-Russia dossier is distantly related to me but he wasn’t given the Magic Names.


And what is the end result of all this?  Well, my own family was filled with psychotic, crazy, put them in a mental hospital…seriously, yes…nut cases.  Genetic inbreeding is very dangerous.  This inbreeding was to keep deeds for lands in order.  And didn’t work too hot because look at the War of the Roses!  A lot of this genetic chaos broiled out of that internal struggle for power based on who was the most direct descendant of whoever.


The Chronicles clearly show how madness grew and grew all over the place due to inbreeding.  The more ‘blue’ the blood the more wretched the genetic outcome.  This is the most obvious reason to get rid of the concept of ‘royalty’ except to describe some utterly messed up family.


Kate Middleton Talks to Prince William and Prince Harry About Princess Diana’s Death…they had to sit at this picnic table and both young men were struggling to say even the smallest things about their murdered mother.  The poor chaps can’t even talk to a psychiatrist about all this mess.  Or anyone, for that matter.


It is obvious that any conversation about their dead mother would lead to royal riots of rage and so everyone walked around on tippy toes in those awful buildings.


They also get all the goodies of ‘royalty’ but also all the hellish messes and genetic messes are high on the list of bad stuff here.


In a new film for the #oktosay series of their joint Heads Together mental health campaign, the trio of royals sat outside at Kensington Palace for an intimate conversation about the topics that have hit them the hardest. For the men, that meant the death of their mother, Princess Diana.


“Harry and I over the years have not talked enough about our mother,” Prince William admitted to his wife. The Princess of Wales tragically died in 1997, nearly 20 years ago this August.


Here is an amusing comment but it leaves out the ‘nobility’ that ended up in the NY region:


If it came down to it, you’d find that all the descendents of the first settlers in Virginia, are the younger branches of the big English estates. Who can say how many of them should have been peers as family lines died out, and no obvious heir was known in Britain?

Let’s DNA test all the royals. They cost us millions, it would be nice to make sure the right people are ripping us off.

Then lets DNA test her and see if she is the rightful ruler. 🙂

Or even if they are human!

Some of our rulers had many kids on the wrong side of the blanket. Charles II is a prime example.

And Diana….

Charles II acknowledged a full dozen illegitimate children (though there was doubt about Barbara Castlemaine’s younger daughter). But Charles doesn’t even come close to Henry I, who acknowledged 23 illegitimate children!

Ah, I see that the peasants are capable of reading, writing and poking into the affairs of the royals quite a bit and are highly aware of the history of their royal interlopers.  Maybe they will lop off the heads of these ‘royals’?  That is how my family escaped to the New World, after all.  English people, rise up and rid yourselves of these fakers!  I’ll support you all, over here.


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16 responses to “The Queen Of England Is Demanding No Genetic Tests Of Upstart Royal Clan

  1. Ken

    On the one hand, the “Royals” are supposedly plagued by in-breeding. On the other hand, a lot of non-Royal blood seems to be getting into the gene pool.

  2. melponeme_k

    I knew, I KNEW, the minute that Richard III was dug up from that parking lot it was VERY INCONVENIENT to the powers that be. Very. The fact that he was not buried in Westminster or even by his own choice York, was very suspect. I believe they verified his remains by a true relative in Canada! So really Canada is the home of the rightful heir to the throne. LOL

    I hope to see the fall of the Royals in my lifetime and what is known as the UK set free from them forever. Well at the very least before they sacrifice their latest brood mare.

  3. Lou

    Masons and Satanists.

  4. Lou

    Well at the very least before they sacrifice their latest brood mare.!!!!!!!!

  5. melponeme_k

    The rightful heir who Identified the return of the King.

    Incidentally, MIchael Ibsen is a blond. Also he never had children nor did his sister. Which means the royal blood line will end with them.

    Lady Justice has a hard, wicked sense of humor.

  6. Petruchio

    @#2 Mel: Yeah, I was a little surprised to discover that Richard III’s grave was “lost”. I thought that a King of England, no matter what happened during his reign, would be buried in a known place and recorded in history. Never made the connection though about hiding a Bloodline so an interloper could take over####BTW: I can recommend the Showtime Series, “The Tudors”. Very interesting historical Drama. And as far as sex goes, if the series is giving an accurate picture, the King himself and most of his Court were having sex liked crazed weasels. VERY easy to see how little Johnny the Duke of Suffolk’s kid could really be the son of a different Duke. Or some Lord. Or the King himself. Or even–Yikes!!–a Commoner could be the Daddy!!. If the series “The Tudors” is accurate, King Henry VIII had a Court which was very pre-occupied with sex. I always find this part of “The Tudors” amusing: one minute Milady is praying in her Private Chapel. Then at night she is secretly “meeting” with someone other than her husband in her boudoir as the French say. Accurate or not, the series “The Tudors” is a very entertaining program. Great costuming. Great looking Sets. Almost ALL of the women are strikingly gorgeous. Whomever cast the female roles for the series did a superb job, btw.

  7. tio

    Elaine, I will support your claim to the throne – but in return I want a shrubbery, one that is nice and not too expensive.

  8. Petruchio

    Elaine: I think I should at least be made a Duke. Duke Petruchio. Has a nice ring to it, dontcha think?

  9. Yes, must organize an invasion! 🙂 I need archers, more archers!

  10. BTW, when I was posting, one of the comments disappeared when my computer crashed while I had the comments section open.

    Sorry about that!!!

  11. Petruchio

    You want an invasion? I’ll give you an invasion! I am going to invade Sweden. I hear there are a lot of Damsels in distress that need rescuing. If I can Tame a Shrew I should be able to succeed in my Quest in Sweden. HaHa!

  12. Do you really believe that Petruchio really tamed the Shrew? Remember, she had control of the PURSE. That is worse than squeezing a man’s balls.

  13. Petruchio

    Elaine: Kate only THOUGHT she had Petruchio where she wanted him. In the Eternal Battle between the Sexes, appearances can be deceiving. You take the woman’s perspective, but I, Petruchio know better!!

  14. Hahaha…until she locks the bedroom door and her new lover climbs the vines into the window and….keep your sword sharp.

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