Powerful GOP Senator Flake Caught On Open Mic Plotting To Stop Trump’s Deplorable Voters

Arizona Senator Flake Downplays Trump Criticism – YouTube


In this video from last summer, Senator Flake says Trump is insane to insist on stopping the trade deficit and building a wall because Flake is a ‘free trade/open borders’ Bilderberg gangster.  This is why Arizona’s voters (aside from illegal aliens voting) are dumping him.  He hates Trump and his buddies make money off of the sweat of illegal aliens who keep wages low by flooding job markets and underbidding citizens who pay taxes.  Well, yesterday Flake and his fellow insider buddy were caught on an open mic discussing how they hate Trump and his voters who are Republicans!

From three weeks ago: White House press briefing on Senator Flake announcing he won’t seek re-election – yes, he suddenly gave up.  Well, he made the news again when Jeff Flake is caught on hot mic roasting Trump and Moore | Daily Mail Online in England:


At a tax reform event in Arizona on Friday, Flake appeared to forget that he was still wearing his mic when he told Mesa mayor John Giles: ‘If we become the party of Roy Moore and Donald Trump, we are toast.’


Here is Senator Flake lying to voters in August, telling them he is with Trump!
Sen. Flake says he wants to work with Trump – YouTube


Senator Flake is a fraud.  He and his buddies in the GOP go around running for office while lying about their real intentions.  So do the leaders of the Democrats who were supposedly for unionized workers yet somehow end up doing exactly the same thing the GOP leaders are doing: flooding the country with illegal alien workers who are displacing citizens.


Giles replied by urging him to run for president himself, saying: ‘I’m not throwing smoke at you but you’re the guy that could… just for fun.  Think how much fun it would be just to be the foil and point out what an idiot this guy is.’


And what is this ‘smoke’?  I know what they are referring to: lying to voters with zero intention of doing what they tell voters, they will do.  The leadership of the GOP is exactly as corrupt and venal as the leadership of the DNC.  Both parties have been utterly corrupted by bribery.


I say frequently where this bribery came from: Ronald Reagan.  That corrupt man ran off, days after leaving the White House, to Japan, a foreign nation, to collect a 2 million bribe.  Before this, Israel used media owners conspiring to work for Israel to latch onto our money and suck down billions of dollars.


Between these two forces, all systems to protect taxpayers collapsed.  No longer having real borders, we have been systematically looted by ‘free trade’ and have run trade deficits ever since Reagan.


Senator Flake, in the above video, openly boasts about the billions in ‘trade’ we have with Mexico while not mentioning that it is a TRADE DEFICIT in billions!  This is malicious and deliberate.  Voters who were not illegal aliens have voted for him to protect their jobs, not move them to Mexico.


Since the accusations against Moore emerged last week, he has been vociferous in his criticism of him and said he would rush to vote for a Democrat instead of him.


Flake is pretending he is outraged about stupid, 40 year old ‘sex scandals’ that wouldn’t have lifted an eyebrow back then (at the height of the sex revolution which I was a part).


‘Just be clear, if the choice is between Roy Moore and a Democrat, I would run to the polling place to vote for the Democrat,’ he said this week.  He has also been vocal in his criticism of Franken whose behavior he said ‘disgusted’ him. The lesser-known Giles has stood against some of the president’s proposed policies in the past.


Senator Flake has not demanded that Senator Frankenstein step down.


In August, he joined a larger group of mayors who urged Trump not to do away with Obama’s DACA ‘Dreamers’ program. Giles has been the mayor of Mesa since 2014.


Giles is a gangster.  He depends on foreign money to run for office as does Clinton and a host of others.  No foreigner gave Trump any money in the last election.  He had less than half the money Hillary had for TV ads, etc.  This is why he is not beholden to anyone except the voters who donated to his run.

President Trump: Jeff Flake is toxic – YouTube

Conservatives in Arizona want to get rid of Flake, not Trump:  Conscience of a Conservative–Really Now? | Arizona Daily Independent


Senator Flake started writing his book “Conscience of a Conservative” last summer.  His crystal ball predicted huge loses for Republicans in the 2016 elections, and he wanted a jump on the postmortem.  He was confident candidate Trump would drag the Republican party into miserable defeats.  History proved Flake completely wrong.


Flake didn’t understand his voters because he hates his own voters.  He uses them to promote his own agenda of making the rich richer and crushing labor who vote for him because the DNC that used to be for the workers has betrayed them and destroyed their economic welfare via flooding the US with illegal alien labor.


Throughput the 2016 election Flake was a staunch “Never Trump” groupie.  Flake campaigned against candidate Trump.  Since the election Flake has been a loud, non-stop, adamant opponent to everything President Trump has said, tried or done.


This is why his political base is deserting him.


In contrast, from 2013 to 2016 Senator Flake uttered hardly a peep in opposition towards the Obama administration.  There was no loud, non-stop, adamant, headline grabbing Flake opposition to the numerous liberal, big government, anti-gun, anti-business, pro-socialism things said, tried or done by Barack Obama.  The years he served as a Senator under Barrack Obama’s presidency did not stir Flake’s conservative conscience to write a book.  During the 2016 presidential campaign Flake did not form nor join a “Never Clinton” group.  Flake did not campaign against Hilary Clinton’s run for president.


Why?  Flake enjoys his current status in Washington D.C—Holding a martini glass at blue-blood establishment Republican party socials.  An outsider in charge threatens that status quo.  So Flake chooses to fire broadsides into the person who would drain the swamp in which he swims, namely Donald Trump.


“Conscience of a Conservative” is nothing more than a condemnation of Donald Trump and blasts not only those who support him, but excoriates those who do not actively oppose the Trump agenda.  Flake does not condemn those who failed to oppose Obama–avoiding self inflicted wounds.  Essentially, all Flake does is whine and complain how Trump is “changing” everything and “going against the grain” with “how things are done” in Washington.


The wail of the corrupt.  How can they collect endless bribes!


Gee, I thought that was why most of us in fly-over country voted for Trump.  We are tired of “how things are done” in D.C. and want someone to “change” things.  Certainly for those of us who do have conservative consciences there has been only pain and suffering from Washington D.C. for the past eight years, and nothing to get excited about for the past sixteen or so years.


They were fooled by the Bilderberg Bush clan.  All the empty promises led them to dump the GOP and vote for Democrats only to see the same policies or worse.  Europe is a mess right now due to these same policies and terror attacks along with an army of hostile aliens brought in by politicians who are sucking down all public funds is driving EU voters away from the Bilderberg parties.

Flake challenger Dr. Kelli Ward on the establishment fight – note that it is a woman that Trump is supporting in the next primary, not Flake.


This is a huge force at work: citizens of first world countries now can see they are being looted and raped, literally.  And that their ‘protectors’ are actually ‘predators’.  There is a growing revolt about all this on the far left and far right.  Who will win?  This is unknown at this point but I suspect that patriotism is going to win over zero protection and no borders. I almost forgot, here is McCain whining about fellow GOP Bilderberg betrayer going under:



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16 responses to “Powerful GOP Senator Flake Caught On Open Mic Plotting To Stop Trump’s Deplorable Voters

  1. melponeme_k

    It’s all like a comedy of errors with the Bilderberg gang. I never thought I live to see the day of such buffoonery amongst them AND have it broadcasted all over the place.

  2. ziff

    Interesting to consider what they mean by ”idiot” , do they mean Trump is idealistic ? not cynical enough to play the game ?

  3. Sunger

    Here’s another GOP sex criminal-

    November 19, 2017

    “Ralph Shortey, a conservative Christian lawmaker who advocated “family values” during his winning campaign for the Oklahoma State Senate, has agreed to plead guilty to child sex trafficking charges in connection with the solicitation of a 17-year-old boy.

    “Shortey resigned in March after he was charged with child prostitution, prostitution within 1,000 feet of a church, and transporting a minor for prostitution or lewdness. Now he has admitted to a child sex trafficking offense in exchange for the prosecution dropping some of the other major charges against him.

    “By making a deal, Shortey, 35, hopes to avoid being locked up for nearly the rest of his life. Still, he will be required to serve at least a 10-year prison term, the mandatory minimum time for child sex trafficking.”


  4. Mewswithaview

    Something is up but what exactly? We know the military faction of the US government holds the reins of power within the Trump administration.

    Report of Marines Invading CIA Headquarters

  5. Mewswithaview

    The trade deficits began under Nixon and were hidden by the inflation of the late 60s and 70s and only really became visible under Reagan.


  6. Jim R

    #4, Here’s hoping Armstrong’s story is true. Perhaps Trump will finish what JFK started? Maybe that’s too much to hope for.

  7. Christian W

    @ ziff

    ‘Idiot’ means that he doesn’t know the game, yes. If Trump manages to put up tariffs the entire US post-WWII strategy will collapse. The USD as main reserve currency will go bust. Wall Street will crash. NATO will collapse. Europe etc will join the BRI economic system simply because that is where the real growth is. Russia and China will grow while the US faces the real bite of it’s debt burden, this time unable to print its way out. The US could no longer enjoy limitless military budgets. Nations will simply opt out of forced investment in the US dollar and paying tariffs because now they actually, for the first time since WWII. have an option that makes more sense.

    The US no longer has the diplomatic and military goodwill to keep nations obedient within it’s fold. This is one reason we see so much hysterical anti-Russia propaganda combined with US expansion in Eastern Europe in order to decisively split off Europe from Russia and China (see the Ukraine). Tariffs would make Europe give up on the US as not worth it. The elites hate Trump because he, more or less out of ignorance, is about to kill their golden goose.

  8. ziff

    @7 USA is is the place to park money because it can handle the volume they have created so much , nice set up eh ? Ultimate trajectorymay be the same Trump ‘idiot’ or no,,although Armstong thinks Trump may alter the course of things if he gets tax cuts etc.

  9. Christian W

    @ 4 Mews

    Interesting story to say the least, even if it turns out to be nothing more than some kind of psyop.

  10. Christian W

    And while all this nonsense is going on the Oligarchs, including Trump, are robbing the American people blind:

    The US tax bill: A massive handout to the financial elite
    18 November 2017

    On Thursday, the US House of Representatives passed a sweeping bill that will slash taxes on the wealthy and hike taxes on millions of working class households, in a move that will further fuel social inequality in the world’s most unequal developed country.

    According to a report published last month by UBS, more than half of all billionaire wealth in the US is controlled by individuals older than 70, and the US financial elite has been waiting for the abolition of the estate tax to transfer its wealth to the next generation. The abolition of the estate tax would be a major step toward making the United States a hereditary oligarchy, in which wealth is passed down dynastically without any diminution.

    According to the non-partisan Joint Committee on Taxation, under the Senate version of the bill, by 2027 every family earning below $75,000 per year will see a tax hike, and every family making above $100,000 per year will see a tax cut.

    The bill includes provisions that are little more than cruel and insulting. Alongside a tax break for the ownership and maintenance of private jets, it mandates the elimination of tax deductions for graduate student stipends and tuition reimbursement. The Harvard Crimson wrote that the result would be a 400 percent tax increase on graduate students, who are often massively underpaid.

    Finally, by putting a $1.5 trillion hole in the budget, the tax plan will accelerate demands for slashing Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, together with other forms of social spending, to plug the gap.



    Calling it robbery is an understatement really. This is outright war on the American people, who for some reason, continue to vote for their own destruction.

  11. Petruchio

    Dear Senator John McCain: DIE ALREADY……

  12. tio

    Investing: Goldman Sachs says if you thought 2017 was surprisingly good, just wait for 2018

    I read in an interesting article somewhere that the chap who cooked up the GDP measurement specifically excluded most of the FIRE sector components. Which of course are now included along with hookers and blow, ahem. And that if one were foolish enough to recalculate today’s metrics using the old parameters you would see (drum roll please) no growth in the last forty years .. at all, perhaps even a reduction. And don’t even mention GNP.

    Anyway, all is for the best in the best of all possible worlds.

    For more information: http://www.squid-world.com/

  13. Christian W

    The US Thought & Mind Control Police strikes again:

    Google will ‘de-rank’ RT articles to make them harder to find – Eric Schmidt


  14. Google has been screwing with the system turning it into a useless crap hole for the last six months. I check my own site frequently there and it is barely useable at this point. This is disgusting, stupid and annoying. And it will backfire on Google which I call Evil. So much for ‘do no evil.’

  15. Lou

    14–The latest death around the Clintons is buried [no pun] in search.
    Kurt Smolek is his name.

  16. Lou

    14–did you put a spell on it or them?

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