Future Olympians: Young Russian Girl Skaters Sweep ISU JGP Japan Finals

Evgenia Medvedeva FS 2017 Russian Nationals – YouTube

The Russian junior skaters swept the international competitions this year and now rule. Watch this ceremony! The young ladies sing their national anthem with gravity and love. They are highly aware of US/EU wretched attempts at embarrassing Russia at the Olympics. This is backfiring, the stupid ‘you can’t march in as Russians!’ business.  It is interesting watching how the Russians deal with political mayhem created by the Bilderberg gang.

Jr Ladies Awards-ISU JGP Final – – Nagoya 2017 – YouTube


Success of Russia’s Female Figure Skaters Takes a Toll in Injuries and Stress – The New York Times The NYT pretends to care about Russian skaters even as it attacks them over and over again.


 Medvedeva and her training partner, Alina Zagitova, 15, are widely expected to win two of the three available medals in women’s singles skating at the Winter Games and are expected to make Russia a gold medal favorite in the team competition. But no longer does Medvedeva appear invincible. And neither does Russian skating.


So, any time any Russian athlete has injuries or gets hurt, this means Russia is evil.  Got it. When US athletes get hurt, does the NYT say this is due to US people being evil, too?  Of course not.


Nearly three decades after the fall of the Soviet Union, Russian women have advanced to the forefront of skating in a wave, not unlike tennis players did after the millennium. And skating officials are coming to terms with exactly what that means in terms of maturity of performance and sustainability of health.


HAHAHA.  Boy, the concern for Russian athletes is just bottomless!

Medvedeva is the third high-profile Russian skater to have had her career disrupted lately because of injury or an eating disorder.


The list of injured US athletes is long.  Of course, the reporters for the NY Pravda on the Hudson won’t mention this salient fact.  The NYT must have this directive to all writers and reporters to never, ever look up all salient facts.


Her fragile foot has raised continued questions about whether Russia’s reliance on tiny young female skaters — who best succeed with the difficult jumps required in today’s scoring system — has put some elite performers at risk of getting hurt and having their careers derailed while they are still teenagers.


My daughter had to quit skating with her Olympic coach because of a problem with two bones in her foot.  Now, it has been corrected thanks to advances in medical technology.  Also, the skates used to weigh a ton, now they are much lighter thanks to better technology.


Indeed, the rise in higher, more difficult jumps is thanks to the new skates which are significantly lighter and better designed than the old style.  When my daughter was training at Sky Rink, I picked up figure skating so I wouldn’t be bored, waiting for her to finish.


It is lots of fun!  I never jumped but could do all sorts of neat things thanks to hanging out with so many great skaters.  Everyone helps everyone else when training, the older skaters will stand on the rail and watch instruction going on and chat with each other about the skills being developed.


It is quite a nice community, actually.  And Russian skaters have come to the US to train or coach over the years and still do.  Here are some recent performances at the Junior Olympics level that look great:

Alexandra TRUSOVA RUS – ISU JGP Final JUNIOR Ladies Short Program Nagoya 2017 – YouTube

Alexandra TRUSOVA RUS- ISU JGP Final – Ladies Feee Skating – Nagoya 2017 – YouTube

This energetic young lady is an amazing performer.  What I notice immediately is how she…and almost all the Russian-trained skaters…uses her arms in a very fluid and eloquent way.  This is thanks to deeper ballet training (which my daughter was doing, too).  It is highly recommended that young skaters get good upper torso work and learn how to ‘communicate feelings’ via the hands in particular.

[Yuri!!! on Ice AMV] Runnin From my Heart – Yuuri & Victor – YouTube


What amuses me about this young skater is, she is a fan of Yuri, the Japanese anime Olympic skater.  She was given a dog/kleenex toy identical to the one in the anime, for example.

Alena KOSTORNAIA RUS – ISU JGP Final – Ladies Feee Skating – Nagoya 2017 – YouTube


This is the other hot young upcoming Russian skater who is elegant and focused.  I watched the award ceremony for the up and coming skaters and all three winners were Russian.  The young ladies sang the national anthem and they were quite serious about being patriotic.


The US/EU attacks on Russian athletes is backfiring.  They are all ready and determined to put the other participants in their place, that is, off the podium.  It has raised patriotism in Russia.  There is significant push back by Russian citizens.

ISU JGP Final – Men Free Skating – Nagoya 2017 – YouTube

Now, the curse of the junior males: their bodies suddenly change size rapidly during the teen years.  And the men’s program is harder than the women’s programs!  They are in a hard, hard place and watching the young men trying to do harder and harder stuff while undergoing huge body changes…the male skaters mature later and don’t do their best until after age 18 whereas young women between 15-20 are in their prime.


In the young men’s competition, two of the finalists who were first and second were USA citizens.  Krasnozhon was born in Russia but  moved to the US and stayed with relatives here in 2014 and Pulkinen was born in Scottdale, AZ (I lived there for a while when a child!) and is Asian.


One lure for Russian athletes is how to make lots of money and moving to the US to do this makes sense.  Americans should not view this as ‘we are smarter/better’.  The US training of athletes depends on parents making huge sacrifices for their children.  In Russia, the state pays for the training.


This is a huge difference. One of the two US Olympic champion representing men’s skating is a person raised inside the Russian system.  The US media will show him as if he were a product of our culture, our system.  The kid from Arizona is a home product and bravo, his parents deserve a medal for their faith in their son and the money they had to spend to have him trained.  They are heroes and I admire their strength and determination and faith in their son’s immense talent.


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2 responses to “Future Olympians: Young Russian Girl Skaters Sweep ISU JGP Japan Finals

  1. Melponeme_k

    Did you ever skate at Abe Stark rink in Coney?

    That was where I used to go as a kid when let out early from Catholic school. Way back when. The teens working at the DJ booth would play disco music for all of us (for the few people there early in the day).

    Skating to Le Freak was lots of fun.

    I don’t plan to watch the Olympics. Ever since they now allow men to compete in women’s competitions, there is no point. Men will always be stronger and more accomplished physically than females.


    ELAINE: Oh, yes, many times years and years ago in the 1970’s. Almost no one there, it was great fun.

  2. Ken

    Looking at Elaine’s observations in a broader perspective, the actions of the Olympic Committee sanctioning Russia could have political repercussions. If, as Elaine believes, the action of banning Russian teams in the Olympics only causes the individual Russian athletes to be more patriotic, then this could backfire on the globalists.

    The Russian athletes will be proudly Russian while competing, and winning. They will stand proudly on the podium when their national anthem is played. European athletes will be inspired to also show patriotism, proudly competing for their individual nations and not some nebulous concept of a greater Europe. The emphasis will be on nationalism, not globalism.

    Similarly, it is doubtful that any American athletes will “take a knee” during the playing of their anthem. They will be inspired to patriotism by the Russian athletes.

    Also, many years ago two black Olympic athletes raised clenched fists in a black power salute during the playing of the US national anthem. They may have felt that they made an important political statement, but they never got any commercial endorsements afterwards. At the same Olympics boxer George Forman proudly stuck a miniature American flag in his glove during the playing of the American anthem. He later became rich off of commercial endorsements. I’m sure the lesson has not been lost on the current generation of athletes – American or European.

    Audiences watching at home will be similarly stirred to patriotism and nationalism. This will give rise to feelings of resentment against the flood of immigrants who refuse to assimilate. The globalist agenda of undermining nation states and patriotism will take a hit.

    Although probably not a fatal one.

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