A Very Cold End Of May Means Liberals Must Scream Loud About Global Warming


I live in NY and it is nearly June, today’s high will be…53F.  We are definitely roasting to death as liberals predicted.  The NY Times, one of the most insane ‘news’ operations on the planet, has given up on daily headline top story of Trump being a Russian agent, has switched gears to screaming how Trump will roast us to death.  I find it funny the photo illustrating this silly story shows a cold, cold day with water vapor from chimneys.  This is supposed to fool dumb people into thinking this is smoke, not steam.  This is done all the time by the lying creeps who run the global warming scam.


The present weather cycle is very much like the ones during the previous cold cycle.  Half of the country is freezing cold, half is quite warm and tornadoes and blizzards are frequent along the line separating the cold half and the warm half.  These cold/warm zones can last for months with storms rolling along the division between hot and cold just like we see below:

A Warning from the Dead

The Midwest has been hammered by storms that move along the stationary cold/warm front and storms form near the Gulf of Mexico and roll northeastwards.  It has been very wet up where I live, for example.  But not nearly as wet as the farming belt which is flooded pretty badly.  Harvests will be poor this year.  Even more troubling, it continues to snow in the West, too.



Winter-type storms continue to roll in off the Pacific Ocean, it is still snowing in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, California, Oregon and even Nevada.  This is insanely cold!  These cold waves go all the way to Mexico City.


It is warming slightly in Canada, finally.  A tiny bit of Hudson Bay is finally melting the last three days.  The ice melts is much further along on the northshore of Alaska and Northern Canada but less at Hudson Bay.  I am certain now that all danger signals of impending Ice Ages must lie at Hudson Bay.  When it doesn’t melt in summer, this would be very dire news.


The NY Times is utterly insane.  Here is another example of this insanity: as European farmers in Africa are chased out and millions starve when this happens, as South Africa’s black rulers yell about terminating all white farmers and handing over the verdant farms to blacks, we get this insane story:


HAHAHA.  So, black guys from schools will teach farming?  In the above picture, we can see how this  contrasts with how modern farms run by whites in South Africa which are 1,000% better, the cloying storyline that ‘look, the black natives can actually raise some crops!’ sort of racist junk just sets my teeth on edge.


Universally, when black politicians take over farming areas in the US, Europe or Africa, farming collapses.  Minorities much prefer the food appear magically at taxpayer expense.  And yes, the attitude towards farming in Muslim and African cultures is always negative.  Men leave this to women to do while they do fun things.


This is why ‘farming’ in these cultures is peasant/poor work.  The rage towards successful white farmers in Africa is very intense.  They think it is a form of evil black magic that crops appear out of nowhere.  Well, ‘nowhere’ is going to be ‘everywhere’ and the magic crops won’t show up once all the whites are killed or driven out.  The NY Times won’t discuss any of this, no university will fund studies as to why this happens.  Nope, everyone has to lie about this.


I will never forgive the NYT for their attitude back in 1998 when Clinton’s free trade deal killed off the entire…100% of our sheep farms in this state.  Bang!  In just one year, a flourishing farm business with a million sheep vanished.  Utterly gone today.  You can drive all over the state and see barely one ram.  I am still very outraged by this.  Lots of people are outraged by global warmist liberals who are losing power in Europe, Australia as well as the US:

The NY Times, being an elitist Bilderberg gangster operation, hates ‘populism’ with a passion.  They hate the populous and wish it could be muzzled.  The tech giants in sick California are working day and night to muzzle any opposition to the Bilderberg gang rulers.


Voters are ‘polarized’ due to naked fear that we will be starved and frozen to death by cruel, indifferent, lying bastards who hate us and want us all dead.  This is, in a nutshell, war.  Wars happen when ‘populations are divided.’  This division ends when one side or the other wins battles.  The stupid idiots who want to freeze us to death are too stupid to figure out that we know we have to fight to the death since they intend very much to kill us all.


The liberal allies still believe the ‘we will roast to death’ storyline but not for much longer.  In five years or less, the followers of these lunatics will be freezing cold and very hungry and quite angry.  Even school children will cease believing the propaganda.


From the liberals who run the BBC in England: Hundreds of British teenagers are being sent by their parents to East Africa to avoid knife crime in the UK, representatives of the Somali community say. Why are they taking this drastic choice?


HAHAHA…the knife attackers are Somali!  Send all the Somali teens back home.  Send their entire families and voila: crime will fall.  No need to confusticate all knives in England.  This is why the conservative parties are collapsing in England and the radical right is taking over.  Hello!  Figuring out the obvious is nearly impossible for liberals.  All liberal cities globally are renown for being filthy and crime ridden messes.



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11 responses to “A Very Cold End Of May Means Liberals Must Scream Loud About Global Warming

  1. Ken

    The more I think about it, the more I think that Pet’s comment yesterday about the “big lie” being used to promote global warming may be right. Josef Goebbles is famous for saying that the public is much more likely to believe a “big lie” than a small one. Especially if you repeat it publicly over and over. This is exactly what we are seeing. And it is working! Reasonable and intelligent people are absolutely convinced that the lie is true.

    Another good example of this is the lie that “diversity is our strength.”. All of the media repeats this mantra, and the public is believing this even though there is no evidence for this, and it is contrary to what they observe in the world around them.

  2. Rob

    That NYT farming story from Africa made me laugh:

    “For Mr. Azumah, 27, the future is giant rats. And giant snails.

    Both are rare delicacies here, and are typically harvested from the wild. Mr. Azumah, who has a bachelor’s degree in social science, spotted a missed opportunity: captive breeding. When he told his mother, Martha Amuzu, she wept.”

  3. Fred Mrozek

    Solar minimum.

    On Tue, May 28, 2019 at 4:46 AM Culture of Life News wrote:

    > emsnews posted: ” > https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/27/us/politics/trump-climate-science.html?action=click&module=Top%20Stories&pgtype=Homepage > I live in NY and it is nearly June, today’s high will be…53F. We are > definitely roasting to death as libera” >

  4. AT

    It amazes me how much credibility they have wasted pushing global warming. Consider all the things they could have used that political capital to do?

    With the fed doing a complete 180 on rates this year, they are shown to be completely uninformed about the future as well, basically making it up as they go along. It doesn’t help that with all pricing controlled in their fake economy there are no longer any indicators.

    Truly this is an idiocracy.

  5. Melponeme_k

    @ Jim R

    I like the commentary next to each item on the itinerary. Lets make our own!

    1. A Stable Strategic Order – OR

    Our Chaos is ordering itself in ways we did not direct. How DARE IT!

    2. What Next for Europe?

    No one is welcoming our illegal alien Muslims with warm hugs anymore.

    3. Climate Change and Sustainability

    The climate is changing faster than we can spin it. HOW DARE IT REALLY CHANGE!

    4. China

    The industrial goodies we promised China courtesy of US, UK and Europe are falling through.

    5. Russia

    How do we conquer them without turning ourselves into popsicles ala Napolean and Hitler?

    6. The Future of Capitalism

    Should read, the future of cronyism in an awakened world.

    7. Brexit

    How dare the British peasants start to revolt!

    8. The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

    Still trying to figure out how to convince people that AI is a real thing.

    9. The Weaponisation of Social Media

    The people still have two marbles to rub together and are speaking to one another! WHY? HOW?

    10. The Importance of Space

    The final frontier. To go where no man has gone before…mainly the space in between our ears where the brains should reside.

    11. Cyber Threats

    How can we convince people this exists and they should buy big insurance for it. So that we can eventually stage a false flag and pay ourselves damages. You know, like the Titanic.

  6. Jim R

    LOL, @Melponeme!

    3. Climate Change and Sustainability

    The climate is changing faster than we can spin it. HOW DARE IT REALLY CHANGE!

    not only that, but it keeps changing the WRONG WAY!

  7. timothy carroll

    @Melponeme…….Standing ovation! …. 😀

  8. The hardest thing to do is convince people who are very cold that it is too hot.

  9. Lou

    10–The media is doing just that, convincing people there is so much heat and ice cap melting happening or about to kill us.

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