California ‘Liberals’ Attack Entire News/Internet Systems Censoring Opposition To Draconian Rules

Citizens are growing very angry about the coronavirus lock down rules.  I see a revolt growing across the nation.  The DNC run cities that teem with armies of poor and illegal aliens have chased out much of the middle class over the last 50 years and thus cemented their power base in every state, in the dependent cities that are surrounded by suburbs.


Exploiting this and destroying this is the DNC program now, they can read the maps in elections: the rift between countryside and cities is stark and getting starker each election.  They have to destroy democracy so they can rule with an iron fist via importing dependent populations and using them to ‘farm’ the taxpayers who flee DNC cities.  These cities are now diseased hell holes!  This epidemic is just one of many lurking nearby as diseased people are allowed to illegally enter and move immediately to our diseased cities which wallow in filth even in ‘rich’ states like California.

This reopening of golf courses comes after Obama was caught on camera golfing in Maryland after telling everyone to stay at home or else.  Just like all the global warming elites, rules and laws and regulations are for little people and the abuse of everything is OK if you are rich and poor people have to suffer to ‘save humanity/save the planet earth’.

All these ‘let them eat cake’ kooks should be arrested for fraud and social abuse and crimes against humanity.  Here is a great illustration of how the Democrats want to unleash a huge army of violent criminals and illegal aliens upon society at the same time they intend to viciously imprison a 75 year old political opponent, Roger Stone, for ‘cooperating’ with international whistleblowers at Wikileaks:

The Bilderberg ‘liberals’ are actually international communist fascists.  The intend to crush anyone who defies them in public.  Their anxiety to crush Roger Stone is hitting this stone wall: these same international creeps are also releasing violent prisoners due to the coronavirus, supposedly!

Governor Newsome is now arresting people going to the beach again, snarling at people in California, if they dare go to the beach, they will be arrested.  I am assuming the demand to release real criminals is being done so citizens can be put in prison for going out in public!


California voters deserve this. They let this happen.  They didn’t revolt when it was obvious, the scheme was to flood the state with illegal aliens and drug addicts. Voters also thought, legalizing fun drugs would be fun and not attract an army of criminals and addicts to the state.  The free needle program was the final nail in California’s coffin.


Back to Roger Stone’s astonishing case:


When this news hit the media like a bombshell out-of-control left wing Judge Amy Berman Jackson tightened the unconstitutional gag order on Roger Stone to prevent him from discussing the shocking revelation and Kravis filed a sur reply with the court falsely claiming that the US Government and the Mueller investigation had additional evidence to bolster their claim that the Russians hacked the DNC.


It is notable that Kravis’s untrue filing with the court did not include or attach any such evidence because in fact, as the Gateway Pundit has fully reported, none exists.


Yes, the cupboard was bare.  There are two reasons to keep things secret: the stuff is very toxic and will frighten citizens or…it crushes someone so power can be concentrated into certain hands which want to stay hidden from view.  The Operation Paperclip information was top secret not because the government was scared that Nazis or Russian agents would know the information, it was to conceal the importation of Nazi rocket scientists to America, give them new identities and have them run our rocket programs!


In other words, Kravis, knowingly defrauded the court. Judge Jackson specifically barred Stone’s lawyers from challenging the false filing by Kravis or to use expert witnesses such as former NSA Russia specialist and Technical Director Bill Binney or to enter forensic evidence that would disprove the bogus filing by Kravis. Stone’s lawyers have the option of filing a formal complaint with the Department of Justice and with the DC Bar in an effort to end this left-wing activists’ practice of the law based on his abuse of power.


Special Counsel John Durham should examine the trial of Stone in which the Russian collusion hoax was used as a pretext to obtain search warrants for Stone in violation of his 4th Amendment rights and to charge him with highly contrived process crimes when no evidence of Russian collusion or collaboration with the web-based news organization, Wikileaks, could be found. In fact, Robert Mueller’s rogue prosecutors investigated and indicted Stone long after they knew that there was no collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign.


Rushing this elderly man into prison when he is appealing his case and in a time when liberals are releasing violent criminals due to the coronavirus epidemic is criminal.  It is attempted murder.  All parties in this scheme to deliberately kill Roger Stone should be arrested and charged and put in prisons filled with illegal aliens and drug addicts.


And now Flynn will sue everyone who framed him and put him in prison for the crime of working for the President in a totally legal way:

The agents who framed him should be put in prison and forced to pay reparations to this poor man, tortured for working for Trump.  It is totally disgusting what happened to him.  Liberals are not liberals, they are actually state power fanatics who want to crush any opposition to any crackpot ideas they impose on citizens so furiously.


Meanwhile, the scandal of You Tube censoring anything and everything to do with the coronavirus that disputes certain science based actions based on new information or inventions continues.  The California fake liberals reveal themselves as Chinese communist dictators.  You can’t talk about China and the disease, either, on many platforms run by these communist overlords:


Earlier this week, YouTube deleted a video of two California emergency room doctors who criticized the state’s COVID-19 shutdown. By the time it was deleted, it had been tweeted by Elon Musk, viewed more than 5 million times, and texted to me by conservative family members. The doctors had become heroes among a sect of the right that wants to immediately re-open the economy regardless of the human toll. The video was and is dangerous, but by deleting it, YouTube made these two men martyrs in the right’s ongoing war in which they claim Silicon Valley and The Left are censoring conservatives.


AND…SiliconValley is censoring conservatives!  Nonstop!  And this is anti-American, anti-Constitutional First Amendment Rights and it is pure communist evil. How dare they do this!

I don’t care how many ‘doctors’ attack other doctors who dare to have different ideas how to handle this epidemic, it is wrong to silence debate.  There are many things to debate about this disease and how to handle it.  Silencing disputes is totally wrong as well as it backfires in the long run.

Yes, they mock us openly and are defiant when we catch them not practicing what they preach.  The British royals do this, too.  They hiss and snarl about how we are destroying the planet earth by flying on jets and sailing on yachts while doing both, nonstop.  This ‘let them eat cake’ nonsense is much worse than Marie Antoinette’s day.

The Obamas and their gang are now up against a wall: their Marie Antoinette attitude is now going to be examined in the court of law as Flynn sues all of them.  They will settle out of court like all the gangster media giants and politicians who are settling with the school boy they tormented for wearing a MAGA hat in DC.


These vicious clowns claim to love humanity!  They hate humans and openly talk about eliminating at least 50% of us one way or another.  Arrest them all.






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5 responses to “California ‘Liberals’ Attack Entire News/Internet Systems Censoring Opposition To Draconian Rules

  1. Petruchio

    I think that, secretly, the DNC has determined that the Democrat Party is DYING!! The Democrat Party is going to become more and more irrelevant at the National Politics level, So, like the ultra spoiled rotten, overindulged children they are, they have determined to do as much damage as they possibly can. Tear the whole thing down; if “we” can’t have it, nobody else can either.

  2. Zeke

    I think that, secretly, the RNC has determined that the Repuke Party is DYING!! The RepukeInaCan Party is going to become more and more irrelevant at the National Politics level, So, like the ultra spoiled rotten, overindulged children they are, they have determined to do as much damage as they possibly can. Tear the whole thing down; if “we” can’t have it, nobody else can either.

  3. SurfBoy

    @Zeke.. I know you are but what am I?

  4. Petruchio

    Zeke: the Republicans have a majority in the Senate. We’ll see what happens this November with the House. Say what you want about the GOP, but they are NOT a dying Party. The Democrats and the GOP work and are owned by the same people and Special Interests. It’s DNC cities like NYC and Chicago and DNC controlled States, like California, that are disaster areas. Between the 2 Parties, the Democrat Party has a much bleaker future than the GOP.

  5. The DNC is in a panic because their voter base is literally illegal aliens and newcomers. They hate America and want ‘open borders’ to maintain power.

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