More Bald Faced News! Also, Russia Explains WWIII And Currency Solutions With Insane EU Leaders

The slap heard around the world continues to echo.  Now the Academy Awards announced days later that they asked the violent black male actor to leave the ceremony only he refused.  They then turned around and gave him the top award, let him whine and cry on the stage while clutching it then he partied until he dropped, celebrating all this!  And now, suddenly, the Awards people who ran that stupid event claim they asked him to LEAVE and he REFUSED.  Also in today’s news is Russia and NATO’s attempts at threatening WWIII while Germany freaks out because tomorrow, Russia is going to shut off 40% of Germany’s energy systems!  Boom.  Germany will collapse.


But I digress.  Back to the BS in the US: the liberals who run the Academy Awards  punished the violent black actor by giving him the Oscar prize and let him on stage to celebrate this!  Wow.  Way to go, guys.  Aren’t liberals fun?  All blacks get this ‘get out of jail free’ card from all white liberals.  We all knew he would win that silly award because two years ago, the Academy said they would give black people most of the awards and they are sticking to this.


So a movie nearly no one saw with an actor playing himself (that is, as an entitled black male who is very pushy) in a movie about spoiled black female tennis stars (who were also coddled due to skin color) who have a reputation for throwing violent snits on the courts, throwing their considerable weight around, smashing things and making demands based on skin color privileges…yes, in today’s liberal universe, black lives matter and everyone else can go to hell.


Way too late now, the Academy will think about ‘punishing’ this criminal who should have been arrested for assault.  The message the TV show broadcast was, blacks can commit crimes openly on TV, live, and get rewarded and petted for this. I saw the online videos which showed him getting a standing ovation for slugging the MC without warning.  This is what all the elites want: the right to attack anyone and everyone if they SAY the ‘wrong words’!


Now on to the reason why the male actor slugged the MC.  The actor’s wife has aphasia.  For some reason, this condition leads to a form of insanity as these victims struggle to whine about it instead of wearing wigs which is why most black women do in the first place, for example.  Wig wearing is a huge business in black communities!  Baldness is no barrier to doing anything except stroking the hair while acting ‘sexy’:



This is insane news!  So, this male actor, Bruce Willis, is not going to ‘act’ anymore because he is bald?  Someone should tell him about Kojak.



Someone should remember this bald top dude:



Willis should go on Steve’s show!  Whine about no hair with the Hairless Wonder.  Steve can then brutally explain reality to the poor lad.


Yesterday, RT News which is verboten to watch in Europe issued information about Putin’s plans for destroying the entire EU economic systems if they keep on stealing Russian gold and money and other goods:


Russia says Europe will not get free gas if countries refuse to pay in rubles. “We are not going to supply gas for free, this is clear,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Tuesday. When asked whether gas would be turned off for non-payers, Peskov replied: “No payment, no gas.” He added, however, that Russia is yet to make a final decision on how to respond should European countries refuse to pay in the Russian currency.


…Meanwhile, increased liquefied natural gas (LNG) imports in an already tight global LNG market would place immense upside pressure on prices. This would be a major hit to the European economy, which is already suffering from sky-high energy prices. A prolonged halt in supply of Russian gas would come at a cost for the EU and might even result in some countries that are more exposed to Russian gas fluctuations, like Italy and Germany, having to take emergency measures. German chancellor Olaf Scholz has warned that a ban on Russian energy imports would trigger an economic recession across Europe.


No, it is much worse, it will cause the collapse of all ‘liberal leftist welfare states’ in Europe.  The entire edifice will fall, millions will have nothing to eat and no heat in winter.  This will make the French Revolution look like a walk in the park.


President Vladimir Putin has hinted during his payment plan announcement that natural gas could be the first Russian commodity to be sold in rubles. If the West imposes further sanctions, it raises the possibility that other Russian export commodities could be priced in rubles, including crude oil, coal, metals, rare earths, minerals, precious stones, noble gases, timber, fertilizers, food oil and grain.


Now on to real news: Germany is bending the knee to the Kremlin!



Tomorrow the gas is shut off if Germany doesn’t obey Putin’s orders.  I am betting Germany will obey while pretending they aren’t really doing this they are paying Russia with euros and dollars, not buying rubles and then paying in rubles.  This is very tricky because they ARE doing exactly this only Putin is being asked to pretend they are not doing this.  How they think this will fool anyone baffles me greatly.


This is ‘el stupido’ at work.  Why can’t the Germans be honest…hell…they can’t.  Here is the result of all this so far:



Germany is now rationing food.  People are now beginning to RIOT in GERMANY.  This is just the first month of ‘stop trading with Russia’ and this will only get much, much worse especially when heat and electricity begins being rationed, too.



There is already a stagflation recession with huge rises in costs and huge bailouts by frantic governments as all systems continue to collapse already and if 40% of the energy the EU needs to run as ‘normal’ vanishes tomorrow, the result won’t be a recession, it will be total collapse of epic proportions.  The EU and US and others cannot threaten nuclear armed Russia with WWIII nuclear bombs.  In this war, Europe will cease to be habitable.


The US and Russia are huge and the cities in the US are, for the most part, hell  holes and nuking these will make the US better off, not worse off in the long run.  I know we are not supposed to discuss WWIII but I have thought about it and written about it all my very long life.


My father had to worry about it nonstop as he was a member of the White House advisors to several Presidents starting with his old WWII pal, Eisenhower.  So I grew up hearing the inside information (mostly via spying on my dad).


We are always one event away from WWIII.  Period.  Our government lies to the masses about this reality.  But ask any military guys…nope, they are forbidden to talk about all this with civilians.



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  1. thomas meier

    Aphasia vs Alopecia – What’s the difference? | WikiDiff

  2. Hollywood has brain rot.

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