Huge Mobs Of Military Age Male Invaders Attack Texas, Biden Gang Helps Invaders


The USA is being openly invaded mainly by military age males.  This invasion is 100% caused by treasonous Democrats who hate the US citizens and need to replace us with illegal aliens who will vote for more lawbreaking in all DNC cities and states.  This is major treason and I am baffled why US media and politicians opposing all this will not call this an ‘invasion’ they call this a ‘crisis’.  It is not a ‘crisis’ it is a ‘CRIME’.


Texan Republicans this week announced they are going to be an independent country and they are doing this because they want to have the ability and right to protect themselves from invaders.  Since both GOP and DNC traitors who control Washington, DC openly refuse to stop these invaders, Texas has a Constitutional right to leave the union which is no longer functional.


This treason irritates me greatly.  I have been calling for the arrest of all traitors in our government and alas, it is a huge number of traitors.  They want political power and hope that foreigners will give them this, the golden key to total power and they also want to end the Constitution, too.


This is why Bilderberg Republicans who meet secretly with Bilderberg Democrats to keep power via destroying our Constitutional powers and the Supreme Court just yanked their chains by telling them, citizens have a right to arms so we can fight invaders and stop criminals!  I spent many, many years apprehending and fighting criminals!


I know all about this topic!  All those years, the criminals had guns and I didn’t have or use any guns.  This was an unfair fight except I had the entire police force and some judges on my side so criminals knew they were in trouble when tangling with me and this includes all the criminal Democrat politicians who conspired to intimidate me and drive me out.


The world is going nuts now.  Germany, a country that is rapidly collapsing into chaos, decided there is no difference between men and women so men can now enter and take over all ‘women only’ sports and they will now do this since all they need is to claim, they popped a few pills that does nothing to change how big, fast or strong men are compared to mere females.


No need to do what East Germany did to women many years ago, doping them up and then seeing them win against all other women!  Now, they can simply have some men pop a few pills for a few weeks and voila: they can compete just like the former East German women!


The DFB also stated that its has operated a trial run of these rules since 2019 and determined that the move will not impact the competitive integrity of their competitions.


The person decreeing this is a man who changed himself into a ‘woman’.


Experience has shown that this does not jeopardize the integrity of the competition,” the DFB statement added.


This is a blatant lie and they know this and don’t care.


After all, all people have different physical strengths and abilities that only lead to success together in a team, regardless of gender.”  The DFB also said it will appoint people to work alongside transgender, intersex and non-binary players to assist their integration, while also introducing rules to safeguard players from violence and discrimination.


Yes, any ‘team’ with many fake females will win every time against ‘all genetic female’ teams!  So all teams will strive to have as many fake females as possible because then, they win!  Isn’t that amazing?


This kills ‘women’s sports’ entirely.  This totally annihilates it.  The refusal to see this looming is hilarious because the ‘feminists’ brought this result, themselves, and to this day, now claim, no one can define what a ‘woman’ is anymore because ANYONE is a ‘woman’ whenever they choose to say they are a ‘woman’.  This is utter insanity.


For some horrible reason, liberals think acting like the KGB is fun so long as they are arresting and abusing only rival political opponents:



This now happens all the time.  They show zero interest in arresting outright rioters burning down cities while at the same time, treating political opponents like they are mass murderers and have to have their homes raided at 4am in the morning, grab their victims out of bed and shackle and cuff them all up and literally drag them into prison only to release them hours later, battered and bruised.


Their wives are hauled in their nightgowns into the street, too and manhandled before shoving them back into their homes.  This brutal behavior is totally uncalled for and is totally political and the people doing this should be arrested for this is also TREASON for they are doing this to intimidate political opponents and scare others from defying them.


This is pure evil and totally UNCONSTITUTIONAL.  Our Founding Fathers knew all about night raids at home to intimidate political opponents which is why they took greatest care in the Constitution to forbid this sort of nonsense.


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11 responses to “Huge Mobs Of Military Age Male Invaders Attack Texas, Biden Gang Helps Invaders

  1. TinaB
    “In recent decades, surface air temperature (SAT) data from Global reanalyses points to maximum warming over the northern Barents area. However, a scarcity of observations hampers the confidence of reanalyses in this Arctic hotspot region.

    Here, we study the warming over the past 20–40 years based on new available SAT observations and a quality controlled comprehensive SAT dataset from the northern archipelagos in the Barents Sea. We identify a statistically significant record-high annual warming of up to 2.7 °C per decade, with a maximum in autumn of up to 4.0 °C per decade.

    Our results are compared with the most recent global and Arctic regional reanalysis data sets, as well as remote sensing data records of sea ice concentration (SIC), sea surface temperature (SST) and high-resolution ice charts.

    The warming pattern is primarily consistent with reductions in sea ice cover and confirms the general spatial and temporal patterns represented by reanalyses. However, our findings suggest even a stronger rate of warming and SIC-SAT relation than was known in this region until now.”

  2. TinaB

    But who cares! As long as the trees in Elaine’s backyard are thriving there is no problem – so she says! Oh dear Elaine! You’re getting pretty desperate now aren’t you? All your self-proclaimed, no evidence prescience is circling the drain as it should be! Just like your pos dear cult leader.

    Might I suggest getting all YOUR state of the art measurement tools and prove them wrong! Get a team together and PROVE them wrong! You know how to do that, right?

    Or just go out and take pictures yourself. SHOW US! We want to see!! Prove your claims – your baseless declarations are just not enough ems.. They just don’t fly in 2022! Call 1-800-crynow.

    “What does this mean for future forests?

    Trees in Western forests have been dying at an alarming rate over the past two decades due to droughts, high temperatures, pests and fires. As continuing greenhouse gas emissions warm the planet and drive moisture loss, increasing the frequency, duration and intensity of droughts, research shows the U.S. and much of the world will likely witness more widespread tree deaths.

    The impact that changing drought and fire regimes will have on forests farther in the future is still somewhat unclear, but several observations may offer some insight.

    In the past decade, the Western U.S. has witnessed its most severe droughts in over 1,000 years, including in the Southwest and California. A recent study found subalpine forests in the central Rockies are more fire-prone now than they have been in at least 2,000 years.

    If there is no change in greenhouse gas emissions, temperatures will continue to increase, and severe drought stress and fire danger days will rise as a result.”

  3. TinaB

    Coming to a theatre near you! Who wants to bet that they’re NOT PRAYING for an ice-age – AS WE ALL will be in just a few years – imagine that – who knew? Uh maybe the “scientists” ? But apparently NOT prescient ems! hahahaha!

    “Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said this week that China should increase its coal production capacity in order to prevent power outages, as the northern and central parts of the country are baking in a heatwave that is driving power consumption to record levels.

    China needs to “resolutely prevent power outages,” the premier was quoted as saying on Tuesday while a heatwave sweeps through northern and central China, while heavy rain in the southern provinces is flooding cities, including in the most populous province, Guangdong.

    Consumers are cranking up air conditioning in the north, driving power demand in China to records, and threatening to overwhelm the Chinese power grid again.”

  4. TinaB

    Is FAUX News not aware of this? Or your Q blogs/websites, whatever. Say it isn’t so!

    I know it’s more important for you to determine the “undesirables” you want to “shoot” or “take down” but THIS is kinda important. You know there’s that damn pesky thing called the “truth” that just keeps haunting you. Frustrating isn’t it.

    It’s not really that hot in China is it? They’re thermometers must be faulty… right? Oh wait – they have eyes and feelings. Hhhmmm damn, not THOSE pesky, little things!

    But hey just keep telling your “followers” that it’s raining when you’re pissing on their boots!

  5. TinaB

    And I find it somewhat curious that you say there are SO many people who agree with you but in the last year at least, I have only seen maybe 10 commenters – tops – on your blog. What’s up with that – you should have hundreds if not thousands of viewers! No? Let me guess – it’s Google’s fault!

  6. qbutnoa

    “…warming over the northern Barents area. However, a scarcity of observations hampers the confidence of reanalyses in this Arctic hotspot region.”
    The town of Nome is located there. Two winters ago was very cold -40F, the coldest in past 100 years and thick sea ice (I posted a video as evidence – remember). Who should we believe, your global warming sensor (which you say is unreliable) or the locals who live there ?

  7. TinaB

    @qb believe whatever makes you feel good – isn’t that the prescription of the day these days? The scientists and the facts be damned.

  8. qbutnoa

    “The scientists and the facts be damned.”
    The global warming scientists are cranks and their models and predictions are fake. You have been cursed to follow a false prophet.

  9. tinabee could learn about ‘science ‘ today and how it really operates , from a few of the smartest guys around . But no , too much for tinabee . for the rest of us, interesting stuff !

  10. Zeek 2.o

    Pie – in – the – sky b.s.

    Musk can rocket to Mars; who cares.

    We live down here on terra firma.

  11. This is the coldest hot summer, ever, for us in the Northeast.

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