Al Qaeda Attempt To Assassinate Saudi Anti-terror Prince

Picture 20The deadly war between Osama bin Laden and the Saudi Royals continues with a daring attempt on the life of the head of the Saudi antiterrorist secret police who happens to be a Saudi prince, of course.  The reason I picked a fight with the so-called ‘9/11 Truthers’ is their blatant attempt at lying about everything concerning bin Laden, the Saudi royals and how the CIA and the Bush clan interface with all this.  The Bushes have been as entangled with the Saudis and the communist Chinese for as long as my parents and I have been interacting with these same foreign powers.  If people wish to disbelieve me, this is OK: but it won’t stop bin Laden’s long range war.  Which is directly aimed at taking over Mecca and reviving the Muslim jihad..

The US media, much of which is owned or run or edited by Jewish people, loves to call Saudi Arabia, a ‘moderate’ country.  This is utter insanity.  It is one of the most radical Muslim fundamentalist countries on earth, the Taliban can only slightly exceed the Saudis in severity.  It is a police state.  Unlike Iran, there are no real elections or even fake elections in Saudi Arabia!  No women have any civil rights of any sort at all.  The women of Iran have far, far greater freedoms compared to Saudi women.


Rich Saudi women solve this by leaving the country.  They come home for various events and other reasons, but the Princesses of the royal clan strive to live overseas as much as possible.  Indeed, there is this odious double standard in Saudi Arabia: the masses are forced to live under strict medieval rules while the rulers get to do whatever the hell they want.  They all travel freely and live lives utterly divorced from their own laws which they enforce with gleeful cruelty.


Saudi Prince Wounded in Suicide Attack –

Picture 20A Saudi prince who leads the kingdom’s antiterrorism efforts received minor wounds in a suicide attack Thursday in what appeared to be an unprecedented assassination attempt by an affiliate of Al Qaeda against a member of the royal family, news services reported. .

The Saudi Press Agency said that Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, the deputy interior minister, was meeting well-wishers on Thursday night when a visitor detonated explosives hidden on his body while undergoing a security inspection. The prince was treated for minor wounds at a hospital and was later shown on state television explaining the episode to King Abdullah.


The picture of the Prince’s dad shows exactly why bin Laden is at war with the Saudi Royals: they are fat little dumplings who want everyone else to diet.  That is, they want to have fun while everyone else has to be miserable.  Do not underestimate this feeling!  For example, chairs vanished during the Dark Ages.  Chairs are very easy to make and existed before the Dark Ages overtook the Roman Empire.  During this terrible time, only rulers were allowed to sit in chairs with arms.  These were called ‘thrones’ and everyone else had to kneel or sit on the ground or stand or if they were lucky, got to use benches.


The degree of discomfort is used to denote power and status when there are no other means of doing this.  The Saudi Royals censor all the news, far more severely than in Iran, for example.  And the news they are most eager to suppress is any information that concerns their own odious double-dealing lives.  They are very much like the leadership of the GOP in the US: they desire moral meddling rules be applied strictly to others while breaking all these rules with impunity, themselves.


Global Voices Advocacy » Saudi Arabia blocking Twitter pages of activists

Saudi Arabia’s Communication and Information Technology Commission (CITC) has recently blocked access to Twitter accounts of a blogger @Mashi97 and a human rights activist @abualkhair. The move comes after the role Twitter played in the recent post-elections uprising in Iran. .

Blogger Khaled al-Nasser told AFP that his tweets which included links to other websites like a Human Rights Watch report on Saudi Arabia which may have bothered censors. Human rights activist Waleed Abu al-Khair also referred to human rights violations in his tweets.


The NYT and WP are both running continuous stories this summer of suppression of information and communication in China, in Iran, in any places we plan to destroy or attack.  While at the same time, not a peep about this going on in countries that are allied with the US.  Saudi Arabia, NOT Afghanistan, has been the center of all the terrorist attacks we attribute to Afghanistan.


We invaded Afghanistan with the excuse, we were hunting down Saudis who were fighting the Saudi Royals and by extension, the US government which is the Praetorian guards for the Saudi royals. This is why only Saudis were allowed to fly around the US right after the 9/11 attacks.  If anyone wants to be hysterical about something, this is it: Saudi terrorists attacked the WTC, the Pentagon and tried to destroy other US facilities on 9/11 so why on earth did the corrupt Saudi friends, the Bushes, permit ONLY Saudis to fly the very next day????


Makes no sense unless we figure out that the Bushes were conspiring with the Saudis on many things and both were very, very anxious to not have the FBI question the Saudis.  Now, we go to very great and expensive lengths to protect these conspirators!  First, we invaded Iraq and took over.  And now, are agitating to illegally invade Iran and thus, eliminate a major rival for power in the Gulf.  Then, the Saudis can continue to rule us for their own ends.  We, in turn, will be allowed to guzzle oil.


Ahmadinejad Urges Prosecution of Political Rivals –

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad lashed out at his chief political rivals on Friday, calling on judiciary officials to “decisively” and “mercilessly” prosecute them for challenging the legitimacy of his electoral victory and tarnishing the image of the state. The president’s remarks, in a speech prior to the nationally broadcast Friday prayer ceremony in Tehran, underscored the grim reality of a nation whose political factions are deeply divided, hostile and exhibiting no appetite for common ground or compromise.


Saudi Arabia is profoundly divided.  But we won’t hear of this because it is a totalitarian religious police state.  If the US leaves Iran alone, eventually they will recover their sanity and resume having a well-run micro-empire.  This is the home base of great civilizations in the past and has the potential to be this in the future.  There is a strong work ethic in Iran as well as a love of learning.  But this is the last thing the US and Israel want and certainly, the brutes running the Saudi prison society don’t want a vibrant alternative to their ugly regime.


Indeed, the Saudis are basically rich North Koreans.  That is, they are rich thanks to oil but have the same brutal mannerisms and rules that ruin the lives of millions of North Koreans.  And like the NK rulers, they starve others while feasting in their palaces.


US Won’t Press Israel on Settlements — News from

While the US State Department publicly insisted the official Obama Administration on the Israeli settlements had not changed, privately diplomats are saying that the adminstration has done a virtual 180, backing off pretty much all its demands with respect to Israel’s settlement activity. At this point, the US had agreed to completely abandon complaints over Israeli construction in East Jerusalem, which Israel occupied in 1967. Though the US will not publicly endorse the continued construction it will no longer ask Israel to freeze them.


Obama went to the police state of Egypt which roils with hatred towards the US.  He then made this nifty speech that made it sound as if he was going to pressure the neo-fascists of Israel to stop their brutal ethnic cleansing and to obey UN directives.  This was all fake.  Obama is a puppet of AIPAC.  The only two candidates in the previous US election that were not AIPAC puppets was Ron Paul and Kucinich.  Both of whom I supported, hoping that voters could see the real choices here.  But no, we were shoved by the media into picking between Hillary who is 100% AIPAC, Obama who is about 75% AIPAC and McCain who is 1,000% AIPAC.


Obama exploited his tiny differences with AIPAC to lull the Muslim world into complacency.  This is now finished due to today’s news.  Obama’s miserable retreat in the face of foreign power is FATAL.  He is finished.  He will jerk up and down while his strings are pulled but now, everyone is certain that the Mossad agent running the White House is the real power and will not even bother with going to Obama who will go on vacation, JUST LIKE BUSH JR, and stay out of the way of the real guys running things.


Raw Story » ‘Just 4%’ of Israelis think Obama is pro-Israel

Only four percent of Jewish Israelis believe US President Barack Obama’s policies are pro-Israel and 50 percent oppose a temporary freeze of Jewish settlements in the West Bank, a poll out on Friday showed…..The percentage of Jewish Israelis who consider Obama as pro-Israel was down to four percent from six percent in the June 19 poll. By comparison, 88 percent of those interviewed for the June survey thought former US president George W. Bush was pro-Israel.


And Obama gained nada from his retreat!  The rulers of America who are Israeli or conspiring with Israelis, still hate him for even suggesting a stop to ethnic cleansing.  The fast birthrate of the Palestinians is a problem for the Jews who have a very low birthrate, overall.  This is due to using birth controls, not getting vaccinations.  Universally, vaccinations increase the population of children who cease to die of contagious infections. The Palestinians have managed to keep their vaccination programs active in the teeth of attempts by the Zionists to slow down or stop this.


One thing we must understand: ethnic cleansing has happened many times in history.  These things are always tribal in nature and when a tribe takes over a government by whatever means, and then begins ethnic cleansing, usually they use brute force.  That is, they unleash open murder and mayhem.  Why this is, isn’t puzzling.  We are a rather violent species and traditionally, we hacked up (and ate) all other rivals.  We simply don’t eat them (well, usually) anymore but that is a recent (in the last 6,000 years) change in human behavior.


Bush’s Search Policy For Travelers Is Kept

“It’s a disappointing ratification of the suspicionless search policy put in place by the Bush administration,” said Catherine Crump, staff attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union. “It provides a lot of procedural safeguards, but it doesn’t deal with the fundamental problem, which is that under the policy, government officials are free to search people’s laptops and cellphones for any reason whatsoever.” .

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano yesterday framed the new policy as an enhancement of oversight. “Keeping Americans safe in an increasingly digital world depends on our ability to lawfully screen materials entering the United States,” she said in a statement. “The new directives announced today strike the balance between respecting the civil liberties and privacy of all travelers while ensuring DHS can take the lawful actions necessary to secure our borders.”


And nearly nothing changes!  Good gods.  Talk about a gross violation of privacy!  So, they spent hours downloading and spying on only 1,000 people in half a year??? Not once, using any legal warrants???  And this is about a gross violation of the Constitution that I can imagine!  We don’t need an intrusive police state to run a civilization!  When this happens, it means that we have a lot of growing up to do.


Liberals were all knocked up when right wingers paraded around Obama’s appearances in Arizona.  Well, Obama is no different from Bush or Stalin or Hitler.  He endorses ethnic cleansing.  He approves of kidnappings, torture and assassinations by both the CIA and private contractors hired by the Pentagon.  He won’t close Gitmo.  He is striking out, over and over and over again.


Young Afghan freed from Guantanamo to sue US gov’t | Antiwar Newswire

The family of one of the youngest prisoners ever held at Guantanamo plans to sue the U.S. government to compensate him for mistreatment and an adolescence lost to nearly seven years in a cell, his lawyers said Thursday. .

Mohammed Jawad returned to Afghanistan this week after a military judge ruled that he was coerced into confessing that he threw a grenade at an unmarked vehicle in the capital in 2002. The attack wounded two American soldiers and their interpreter. .

Afghan police delivered Jawad into U.S. custody and about a month later he was sent to the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. ..

Jawad and his family say he was 12 when he was arrested, and that he is now 19 years old. The Pentagon has said a bone scan showed he was about 17 when taken into custody. His defense lawyers decline to give an exact age for Jawad, who does not have a birth certificate, but say photos taken in Guantanamo showed that he had not gone through puberty.


The US is celebrating the rescue of this poor girl who was kidnapped and raped repeatedly for more than a decade.  She is now free.  This poor kid, on the other hand, was also kidnapped and tortured often in sexual ways.  I learned this week that the CIA would put suppositories into these victims and then put on diapers and then strap them down for hours on end!  This is very much like the Nazis who had this thing about anal sex.  It is a form of rape.  This is really disgusting.


The man who kidnapped and raped the girl thought god told him to do it.  Ditto, Bush, when he unleashed neo-Nazi rapine in his ‘war on terror.’  We can’t let these people simply fade back into the shadows.  Like with the other torturers, we have to put them on trial and use them as an example.  This Afghani boy was raped by the US government.  If we don’t give him huge compensation PLUS punish the people who ORDERED this and who ENABLED this, we will fall down yet another step into tyranny.  All governments can fall into tyranny.  The solution is not to have no government.  The solution is to balance laws with basic rights with democratic participation.  Things that do not exist in the religious maniac state of Saudi Arabia.  And which is increasingly missing from the US.

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60 responses to “Al Qaeda Attempt To Assassinate Saudi Anti-terror Prince

  1. ralph

    TAKE THE SHOT ELAINE, EMBRACE IT. Scientists who developed the Small Pox vaccine are refusing immunization inoculation against the Swine Flu due to major medical side effects. 1 in 3 UK nurses refuse the jab. . . . . .

    Read One in Three Nurses ‘Do Not Want Swine Flu Vaccine’ (18 Aug 09

  2. ”For example, chairs vanished during the Dark Ages. Chairs are very easy to make and existed before the Dark Ages overtook the Roman Empire. During this terrible time, only rulers were allowed to sit in chairs with arms”

    Elaine you would do well to watch this, it will change everyones view of that time, nothing about chairs though.


  3. You might enjoy Galen Cranz’s book “The Chair: Rethinking culture, body, and design.” NY: Norton, 1998.

  4. charlottemom

    Jay Rockefeller of ignoble congressional torture/rendition briefing seems to have been working on another project on behalf of Obama/Bush tyranny inc:

    From CNET
    Internet companies and civil liberties groups were alarmed this spring when a U.S. Senate bill proposed handing the White House the power to disconnect private-sector computers from the Internet.

    They’re not much happier about a revised version that aides to Sen. Jay Rockefeller, a West Virginia Democrat, have spent months drafting behind closed doors. CNET News has obtained a copy of the 55-page draft of S.773 (excerpt), which still appears to permit the president to seize temporary control of private-sector networks during a so-called cybersecurity emergency.

  5. Joseppi

    Grab a chair for this one – While we are the subject of Totalitarian Police States and the freedom of expression this is yet another nail on our virtual coffins

    With the FED in control of financial information and the State controlling the populous from communicating through an executive order from the President – All agitated citizenry will be marooned on the dark side of reality and left in the wilderness of their own fears.

  6. openly hidden

    god i hate to nitpick but you claim: “We are a rather violent species and traditionally, we hacked up (and ate) all other rivals. We simply don’t eat them (well, usually) anymore but that is a recent (in the last 6,000 years) change in human behavior.”

    so i am familiar with egyption, indian and chinese oldest texts in addition to the Mesopotamian Texts Archive .

    the old testament has a story about women eating their children during the siege of jerusalem….in fact, women eating their children has some sort of primal symbolic tradition i suppose like warriors eating the heart of the king they killed but that is all i am aware of.

    so how does this assertion of common behavior for most fit into your model of reality? i know it was claimed by dialectical materialism of the 19th century as proof of mankinds “progress” out of superstition. but that is the only place i can find such confident assertions. i bet cannibalism wasn’t common behavior certainly in the bronze age or the stone age even. there was the donner party westward ho! i bet cannibalism was only in response to really, really extreme conditions….or as a misunderstood symbolic ritual by modern univeristy materialist num-nuts.

    Margaret Mead saw what she wanted to see.

    and greece never recovered from alexander, nor did rome from its horrible slave empire or portugal or spain or england and if american “elites” don’t change their model of reality, we won’t either.


  7. openly hidden

    maybe i just don’t get much. about the internet story above i read: “….But Rockefeller, who introduced the bill in April with bipartisan support, said the legislation was critical to protecting everything from water and electricity to banking, traffic lights and electronic health records.

    “I know the threats we face,” Rockefeller said in a prepared statement when the legislation was introduced. “Our enemies are real. They are sophisticated, they are determined and they will not rest.”….”
    maybe i am too old anymore, but i still do not see any real “threat” to america except the threat from within, from our own people. i think all crisis in my lifetime has been deliberately manufactured actually.

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  9. JSmith

    “Bush’s Search Policy For Travelers Is Kept”

    I don’t care if DHS searches my luggage as long as they search Abdrool Abu-Jihad’s luggage too.

  10. openly hidden

    i am interested in your assertion that basically mankind outgrew cannibalism elaine. what you are claiming essentially is that ethical behavior is an achievement of conscious man and his culture. is this so? do you think there ever was a time cannibalism was not …. inappropriate to modern man? you claim so. i bet not. if fact, i bet there was already an existing something in mankinds unconscious before he even left the garden of eden that would make cannibalism “not just” to say the least. otherwise, where is the evidence. the witch in the german forest had an oven to cook lost little children, but that just proves that sort of behavior in not good behavior. where is teh archetype for hanibal lecters kind hidden except as uncommon evil?

    well now i am off to play cards. and think about merkins and their vanities.


    ELAINE: What I was referring to was the fact that cannibalism is illegal, for the most part, in most places on earth. Not that humans never do it. OBVIOUSLY. I always assume readers have some brains and their brains weren’t scooped out and eaten. Heh.

  11. w.c.

    just devoured =a chicken .. roasted, free range feed, no pesticides, no living in incumbered space,, a happy chicken i suppose..

    on the chicken level .. would the eater be considered a chickbalism,


    ELAINE: Since we pen up chickens (the ‘free range’ ones are not allowed to run totally loose, either. They are eaten by foxes and dogs as well as chicken hawks) they eat each other if one of them gets trapped, for example. Hens can be very vicious. Rather human of them, actually. 🙂

  12. Daliwood

    JSmith, would you care if they threw you in prison for life with no arrest warrant and no charges ever brought against you as long as Mr. Abu-Jihad was thrown in prison too?

    I suspect you see cyber searches as a minor inconvenience and that they are not a big deal if applied equally. But the issue is truly bigger than many people realize because it cuts at the heart of the American justice system. When the gov’t can search your property with no probable cause, they are in essence demanding that you prove innocence. You must demonstrate that you have nothing illegal in your possession. Such conduct is repugnant to anyone with even a passing respect for the Constitution.

    I was once randomly stopped by the cops at a drunk driving check point. I was perfectly sober (I don’t drink), and the cops admitted that they had no reason to believe I was intoxicated or had done anything wrong, yet they still wanted to search my car.

    I declined, saying that I don’t have to prove innocence. I was forced to wait while they radioed for a drug-sniffing dog, who of course found nothing. I was hassled for about 20 more minutes and then allowed to leave.

    Is that the world you want to live in–a world that makes innocent people prove they aren’t doing anything wrong? Laptop searches aren’t a mere inconvenience. They are outrageous and unConstitutional intrusions into our lives.

    Shakespeare quotes have become quite popular on this blog lately, so think about Hamlet: “Rightly to be great is not to stir without great argument, but greatly to find quarrel in a straw when honor’s at the stake.” In other words, if you give in on laptop searches, where will you finally be willing to draw the line against an over-zealous gov’t?


    ELAINE: Indeed, this is exactly like the Brits searching private mail! This is one of the things that utterly riled our Founding Fathers. They were revolutionaries, after all, so they enshrined our privacy in the Constitution and the US threw this out during WWI and in subsequent ‘wars’ including the odious ‘War on Drugs.’

  13. flipspiceland

    “…… Indeed, there is this odious double standard in Saudi Arabia: the masses are forced to live under strict medieval rules while the rulers get to do whatever the hell they want. They all travel freely and live lives utterly divorced from their own laws which they enforce with gleeful cruelty.”

    Sounds just like the United States Congress– executive, legislative, and judicial branches to me.

  14. jim dandy

    you provide example after example of the craven, wanton and cowardly criminal acts committed by those in power but ascribe noble motives in areas such as health care and public safety. Can anyone say VACCINE for your own GOOD

    I will plan to visit Planet ELANIE sometime in the future for a quick look around. Sounds like an LSD type experience of contorted reality and logic.

  15. emsnews

    Vaccinations are part of PUBLIC health. That is, I do not want someone spreading infectious diseases to me just because they are scared of shots. What should I do? Shoot you if you cough on me?

    This is why I stress community actions which is how civilized entities operate. I would not want to live in a city wracked with epidemics, that is 100% certain.

    Nor would other people. Right now, we have been without any epidemic EXCEPT FOR SEX DISEASES since I nearly died in 1969.

    Sex diseases can be avoided (except when raped!!!) and even then, I don’t like these epidemics. They kill millions. Look at AIDS!

    Do you want people to ‘choose’ AIDS? Or stop this horrible epidemic? I pray there is a vaccination eventually that will counteract this horror….and if so, I would push to have it mandatory. Because letting jerks spread fatal diseases is ANTISOCIAL.

    And antisocial is bad. This is not a wonderful thing, it is a horror. I hope you figure out why I support actions that fight the Viral Kingdom’s constant attempts at killing us.

  16. nah

    The picture of the Prince’s dad shows exactly why bin Laden is at war with the Saudi Royals: they are fat little dumplings who want everyone else to diet. That is, they want to have fun while everyone else has to be miserable. Do not underestimate this feeling! For example, chairs vanished during the Dark Ages. Chairs are very easy to make and existed before the Dark Ages overtook the Roman Empire. During this terrible time, only rulers were allowed to sit in chairs with arms. These were called ‘thrones’ and everyone else had to kneel or sit on the ground or stand or if they were lucky, got to use benches.
    A power vacuum could be more discreet… dishonesty is trivial in the order of some center of belief… wealth is a joyus opportunity difficult to put to any good use… so let us all just hold hands, pray, and create a better world

    princes rarely choke on a pound of flesh

  17. criticalcontrarian

    @Elaine: two weeks ago it was quietly reported that Prince Bandar Bush had been behind a failed coup d’etat against his uncle the King. Same weekend, another failed coup in Qatar. Nary a peep from you. Today, an assassination attempt on Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, the King’s anti-terrorism czar, one of the King’s trusted protectors and you flash the bin Laden card.

    How did you connect those dots? Why no Bandar Bush – bin Laden connection of dots? Are you implying the CIA and bin Laden faction have formed an alliance to project Bandar Bush into power, to maintain the status quo in Saudi Arabia to keep that domino from falling?

  18. Joe

    Elaine, why do you keep making such nonsensical statements.

    “The reason I picked a fight with the so-called ‘9/11 Truthers’ is their blatant attempt at lying about everything concerning bin Laden, the Saudi royals and how the CIA and the Bush clan interface with all this.”

    I have been active in the Truth movement for years now. This statement is absolutely false. There is no doubt about the Saudi’s, Bil Laden, CIA and Bush clans interaction in bringing about 9/11. There is also no doubt that those buildings were brought down with explosives.

    The two are in no way exclusive. Why don’t you try addressing the real facts purported by Truthers and quit trying to marginalize through the use of straw men. What is it that you fear which blinds you to what is right in front of you?


    ELAINE:There is tremendous doubt about the bomb beliefs! Good gods! Inside your own tiny community, it seems to be total truth, outside, you look nuts. Also, all the Truthers attack me nonstop whenever I talk about bin Laden’s tactics, goals and how he has manipulated the ruling elites who tried to use him. At least you guys now admit bin Laden and al Qaeda exists! Or do you? HAHAHA. 🙂

  19. CK

    Where is the profit in this? How much will your income or your leisure increase? Explosives and/or airplanes and/or the hands of the gods and/or bin laden and bush sitting in a tree. The buildings are down, the insurance was paid or not, the stock options were left to expire, the dead are buried and the living some remarried. Is there an extra week off in this because it might have been nanothermite, or concrete rot, or Rudy G destroying evidence in wtc7?

  20. emsnews

    What matters here is how the ‘bombs in the buildings’ business has dovetailed into the ‘vaccinations are killing us’ garbage and other things, I suppose, like….aliens in outerspace are spying on us, etc.

    There has been this ‘alternative universe’ system of beliefs floating around all my own life, I have intersected with it repeatedly over the years.

    This belief system loves to stand reality on its head. For example, every thing seen in the sky that can’t be immediately identified by the public is now called ‘UFOs’ not ‘Things in the sky we think we see’.

    Online, we now have people claiming they photographed UFOs that they didn’t see but only saw later, in the photos and these often are back light effects, the prism effects of lenses or even more stupid, dirt on the lens.

    Or even bugs flying past that are out of focus when people look at the images, later.

    We have lots of ‘I see this’ sort of reasoning totally devoid of understanding what they see. They often see assumptions. But cannot accept that they are assuming things.

    The other day, I got an email from a reader who claimed, he had the H1N1 flu but was never tested for it or saw a doctor. Actually, he was merely sort of sick so he ASSUMED he had that flu! Then, he decided, since he didn’t die, the entire H1N1 flu thing was fake!

    Then, he jumped another hedge and decided it was a government conspiracy to talk about the H1N1 flu.

    Etc. People attack me all the time for being rational. I will insist on being rational for as long as possible until I go senile. Eh? What did I say? I forgot… 🙂

  21. emsnews

    Another reader emailed me today to complain that we should wait until many millions of people die before deciding we are in a potential pandemic. That is, he won’t believe in the POTENTIAL for a pandemic, he wants to sit on his ass until it is obvious to everyone even foolish people, that we are now in a deadly epidemic!


    Should 50 million people die before we decide something is wrong? A billion people die? What is the magic number that will trigger governments so they move to stop deadly diseases?

    During the AIDS crisis, I and others fought with the Reagan government to do something and since gays had it, the government sat on its ass.

    Fatally, of course. Now, many millions have AIDS and it has killed MILLIONS of people and it rages onwards. Good gods, talk about too late.

    This is the lesson: we nip these things at the bud. Or die.

  22. w.c.

    a rational ems ,, and interesting for sure

    a bldg dropping into its own footprints ,, as in bldg 3,, and believing a puff of wind did this is irrational ..

    others i see are attacked .. by some here .. with equal voracity and spiels of spit, spite,,

    grousing over the preconcieved beliefs .. and jumping over a slew of positives..

    but an interesting site,, and fun to navigate

    and ems one of a kind for sure,,

    sometimes mixing apples with oranges.

  23. Van B.

    Earlier this month, I heard Prince Bandar was attempting a coup and is now under house arrest. It must be obviously un-true since the NYT didn’t cover it–or does that mean it is true?–I get so mixed up. Do you believe what you read or do you not believe what you don’t read–see how confusing it is Even this website which touches upon Saudi Arabian issues is silent. Is it true? Since it was picked up by Iranian Press TV it must be a lie–those Iranians never tell the truth–or was it the Iraqis never tell the truth (Saddam: “We have no WMD”) who in thier right mind would believe “Saddam”. Here’s the link

  24. Van B.

    I noticed my comment posted at “7 pm” but it is 3 pm EST–which time zone are we in??????

  25. Sky

    @ Van B.- Interesting observation re the time zones/strange posting times.
    I’ve wondered the same thing myself .

    Elaine’s supposed to be based in Eastern USA, correct ?

  26. Sky

    I’m posting @ 1:21 am Pacific time and it came up 8:21 am.

    Eastern time is 3 hours in advance of Pacific time…NOT 7 hrs in advance.

    I too would like to know what the heck is up with the strange time zone.


    ELAINE: Talk about odd things to worry about! 🙂

  27. w.c.

    sky part of a plan .. to cause anxiety, lol a devious one at that ,,

  28. CK

    This posting is being made at 6:45 am EDT.

  29. CK

    It’s getting better, when the site premiered it was 5 hours ahead of itself ( Approx London ) now it is only 4 hours ahead ( approximately Buenos Aires )

  30. CK

    In the news this week:
    A. Q. Khan is a free man. Pakistan’s supreme court says so. It’s always a good time to proliferate.
    Concurrently, the US is shocked SHOCKED that the Pakistanis appear to have made modifications to missles the US sold them.
    Muntadhar al-Zeidi to be released early. If the shoe fits throw it.
    Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi the man who probably wasn’t the Lockerbie bomber went home to die. Or endure a miracle cure. Partying was restrained in Libya.
    It is a rank and total conspiracy to believe that energy might have had anything to do with his release.
    The last Kennedy brother was buried.
    Cindy Sheehan embarasses the US again by protesting for peace when the US now has a piece president.
    Those verifiably insane North Koreans, released more south korean spies today, sent official mourners to the funeral of the South Korean ex president who supposedly died of swine flu, and invited the US to indulge in some one on one talks. Insanity thy name is Jung.
    East Timor makes its once every 5 year news appearance, billions spent by magnanimous outsiders on themselves, timorese has no ease.
    In Japan, all will be roses and champagne as the other party has won an election. I believe I have seen the next prime minister on one of the Iron Chef reruns as a judge. Make that wasabi and camelias.
    Mother Nature has made her views of several recent movies known.
    In Colorado, Argentina, and Mexico drugs have suddenly lost their terror… at least in small quantities for personal use without much fanfare. Smoke ’em if you’ve got ’em but don’t be bringing ’em back across the border muchacha. ( Colorado $1 fine for possession, Mexico possession of a couple days worth of H or C or Grass or LSD = no biggie, Argentina basically likewise. )
    Health Insurance premiums are going up, inflation, of course, isn’t.

  31. Joe

    CK – The reason the demolitions matter is that until people understand how easily they are manipulated into believing clearly impossible things…all other issues and exercises are useless. Justice and law are paramount in a free and open society.

    Elaine – You are no better than DARPA when you continually try to link ridiculous people and ideas with obvious physical events. You know damn well that one tactic for hiding things is to flood the world with massive disinfo…don’t contribute to there cause by linking 911 to aliens, the moon, the beatles or any other nonsense. Ignore the issue if you must but don’t marginalize, while you may feel you are in some majority, it makes you appear incapable of objectivity.

  32. emsnews

    Um, look, some people here try very hard to make it look like they are the MAJORITY so I have to disabuse them of this notion when it is obviously wrong.

    As for ‘linking to ridiculous people and ideas’, what the heck are you talking about??? Perchance, are you demanding I link only to paranoid sites? HAHAHA. Nope. 🙂

  33. emsnews

    And Joe, demanding we all believe in magic bombs that make zero logical sense (there was no need for any bombs)—you are engaging in exactly the same things you accuse others of doing.

    This endless demand that we all adhere to whatever queer ideas that roll around in your head, is how fascists operate. They want total unity in belief systems. Ditto, communists. They tolerate no deviations.

    YOU DON’T NEED THESE DUMB BOMB STORIES to convince people something is wrong with our government. Got that? Far from being a necessary thing, it is a totally unnecessary thing.

    I know you were told by others, this is life and death. But it isn’t. If it were, I would see you guys in the streets raising hell.

    Instead, I see nobody. Nada. Zilch. Eh? Where are you guys? Hiding? Hanging out here? Too scared to go to a street corner and demonstrate? Try it some time.

  34. Joe

    This is what the heck I’m talking about Elaine – “What matters here is how the ‘bombs in the buildings’ business has dovetailed into the ‘vaccinations are killing us’ garbage and other things, I suppose, like….aliens in outerspace are spying on us, etc”

    There is no magic involved, just physics. Last time I check physics was logical. Your attempts to marginalize are what lack logic.

    I am not trying to convince anyone that something is wrong with our government. The problem is much bigger. No one told me this issue was life and death, I am not that dramatic. It is out of respect for what wisdom you appear at times to have that I challenge you emotional arguments pertaining to 911. It is you who is intolerant on this subject. You repeat the same rhetorical questions and attempt to marginalize while never addressing facts that don’t jive with you fantasy.

    This is bigger than Bush, bigger than the GOP, bigger than the US government. Is that what your afraid of seeing?

  35. w.c.


    ditto on steve jones ,, from spring city,, fired for reporting on 12 tons of thermite ,, just a lowly physics guy with thirty years of experience,, taking on ems with none .lol

    and now in peer reviewed work with 100 or more backers .. the idea that three bldge fell into their footprints at free fall speed ,, and emc defending some person grabbing her leg as she crossed the grimlin bridge into the black forest

    i will see if he will post asked questions, next time i see him .. beware of those who pretend to know ..and throw out balls of string and sacks of mush ..

  36. larry, dfh

    O.H.: Cannibalism was heavily practiced in the New World before white man. I was shown a large pit outside Mexico City full of human bones, about which my (father’s) friend said “they just ate them and threw them in the pit”. An anthoplogy prof. friend of mine said that there was a well respected theory that the area of Mexico City was so heavily populated that enough food could not have been grown/harvested from the lake, and that cannibalism was a routine source of nourishment. I wouldn’t be surprised if the supposed Mayan super-sacrifices didn’t have a major element of cannibalism. And the Incas as well were believed to have eaten their conquered. Amongst the Iriquois, cannibalism was known, but with a more ritualistic aspect, as you mentioned. And I’ve heard it explained that the kosher/halal ban on pork may be because it tastes like ‘man’. More than one person has told me that human flesh is referred to as ‘long pork’. But, of course, there are other explanations, as well. I’ve heard a story about this in Africa in the ’50s or 60’s.
    About the travel searches, all intelligence agencies do work in industrial espionage. Who’s to say that information downloaded from someone’s computer will not be sold to a business competitor? I routinely sign confidentiality agreements. And I always insert a clause freeing me from responsibility in case my internet is hacked. Of course, the lawyers of the other party always throw a fit, and remove the clause, but I am trying to make a point that I cannot personally vouch for the security of my electronic communications.
    And Elaine, osama’s dead.

  37. Joe

    By the way, I don’t quite see much purpose in demonstrating on the streets. Many 911 truthers however, do. We Are Change seems to be doing a fine job. Not hanging on corners, but actually confronting the government criminals one on one. Makes for interesting video if nothing else.

    So I really gotta wonder when you say things like, “I know you were told by others, this is life and death. But it isn’t. If it were, I would see you guys in the streets raising hell.

    Instead, I see nobody. Nada. Zilch. Eh? Where are you guys? Hiding? Hanging out here? Too scared to go to a street corner and demonstrate? Try it some time.”, just what are you thinking when you discuss this subject? Just throwing out whatever seems to support you walls? Why the walls?

    You don’t see the necessity in bringing down the buildings, right? You’ve been distracted by the Towers. What was in and under those other buildings?

  38. w.c.

    Yes, eat the willfully ignorant. Just use good table manners

    mikes quotes

  39. w.c.

    In answer to the question of why it happened, I offer the modest proposal that our Universe is simply one of those things which happen from time to time.

    — Edward P. Tryon

  40. criticalcontrarian

    @w.c.: this one’s for you. New rare footage of the WTC7 and North Tower collapses. Check out the perfectly symmetrical squibs running down the left and right main columns of WTC7 right before it collapses. Also the camera shake just before the North Tower drops. Physics?? Nah, just a couple of gremlins (merkins maybe, CK? 😉 ) called Al and Qeddy doing the fall guy shuffle. 😉

  41. w.c.


    see the towers fall .. puffs of wind .. and large rivers of molton steel..

    yep .. someone left a beam of iron out in the early bldge

  42. w.c.

    mike again

    And Jesus said unto them, “And whom do you say that I am?”

    They replied, “You are the eschatological manifestation of the ground of our being, the ontological foundation of the context of our very selfhood revealed.”

    And Jesus replied, “What?”

  43. CK

    Thank your for your response to my question. The ease with which humans are manipulated is not even an open question. Barnum pretty well covered that a long time ago.
    I am not such a big believer in the supremacy of law and the few times I have seen justice actually meted out have uniformly been condemmed by others as terrorism, vigilanteism or illegal self help.
    Good luck with your work, I will suggest that if you wish people to trade their current truths for a newer set of truths that are more upsetting to their self image, and more detrimental to their wallets, you will need to offer some incentive more immediate and fungible than a plea to truth, justice, and the american way.

  44. CK

    I swear I heard a horn blow
    the sound of the contra-contra bass shofer
    it blew before jericho’s walls
    it blew before wtc7’s falls
    I swear it caused the cameras to shake
    and the puddles to make

  45. CK

    A horrid thought just left a stain upon my brain.
    In 1943 when he died, the US government stole many cabinets cases and boxes of Tesla’s works, papers, designs and written ideas. Included in his work was his design for an “earthquake” machine. The Tesla Oscillator:
    Given the amount of black budget available to it, it is not inconceivable that the US govt developed the T.O. into a more tuneable and aimable weapon. WTC7 was just the final live test.
    ( Personally, I think that wtc7 had to come down to cover Rudy G and Bernie K for a little while. Shame that Bernie was banging that greedy Murdoch employed editor and she didn’t like to share. You would think that a dragon lady NYC literary lioness would have some understanding about Bernie’s needs for a wee bit of something more on the side as well as what was at home as well as Judith in WTC7 with the buzzy toys.)
    Thus proving that with enough sci-fi, one can connect really mediocre orgasms to the fall of wtc7.

  46. criticalcontrarian

    @CK: from my viewpoint the squibs coming through the windows are all the proof I need. Have watched lots of videos of controlled demolitions so I can see the similarities. Also in that video watch the North Tower collapse closely, the central core stays in place a little longer before it finally collapses. That tells a tale. They knew the planes were not enough, they provided the diversion, and the impetus to drive the faux war on terror.

    The Tesla occillator looks interesting, and you can be sure that this is just one of the many technologies that have been kept under wraps by the MIC since the war to maintain the oil driven economy of the world. This will soon come to an end, and if they choose to stay this course they will be left behind. A lot of new tech will be coming out of the woodwork all over the world. Exciting things are coming.

    My view is the WTC7 had the smoking gun on the Pentagon trillions ($2.7 trillion to be exact) that disappeared, and a lot of other paper trails that would incriminate the democratic criminal franchise. Sooner or later the truth will come out, as they do when empires collapse. It won’t be pretty.

  47. CK

    After empires collapse, a whole new set of truths is uncovered about the old truths that had been accepted. New truths do not collapse empires, they are after the fact exculpations. The fine thing about new truths is that they don’t usually have any bearing on the living. Noone to do the mea culpa mea culpa mea maxima culpa thing.
    The desire to see Bush or Cheney or Clinton or Guiliani “man up” “show some character””tell the truth” about 9/11/enron/chinese embassy bombing/Beirut/Vietnam/Nugan Hand/ BCCI/ Bert Lance/ Jack Ruby/ Woodrow Wilson’s embolism is that stupid movie thing where the villain actually admits ( usually is a scene involving sharks with fricken lasers ) his evil convoluted scheme.
    Politicians do not man up. The State does not admit guilt or error. The state never creates THE smoking gun when it can create a multitude of smokers for the edification and mental masturbation of multiple constituencies.


    ELAINE: Even if they ‘tell the truth’ if it doesn’t conform with the beliefs of the ‘conspiracy community’ the truth will be rejected. This is because people have interlocking and conflicting belief systems. The only thing we can do is look for proofs. Then INTERPRET these through our various ideological belief systems. There is no absolute ‘truth’ which can’t be undermined via various arguments, both true and false. Everyone is driven to defend whatever ‘truths’ that back up their own belief systems.

    This is very complex and is the fundamental basis of all philosophy. The ancient Greeks who had a very vibrant debating situation pre- 233 BC system thought a great deal about this business of ‘what is truth?’ And there is no absolute answer. Humans are too emotional and irrational to ever see the ‘truth’ at all. This is why the ancients created ‘Libra’ who was supposed to be ‘blind’ and thus, could see the ‘truth’. See?

    So many interesting paradoxes here.

  48. CK

    That which does not kill you now,
    will kill you later.

  49. criticalcontrarian

    @CK: Death is a fact of life, we are racing towards it from the time we are born. Best to prepare to meet it. I do this daily.

  50. w.c.

    mourn birth

    rejoice death

  51. emsnews

    WC, are you channeling the Outer Darkness now? 🙂

  52. w.c.


    the outer lightness ..

  53. Joe

    So…since it is easily shown that the following reasons do not exist…please Elaine, what is the real reason?

    “The reason I picked a fight with the so-called ‘9/11 Truthers’ is their blatant attempt at lying about everything concerning bin Laden, the Saudi royals and how the CIA and the Bush clan interface with all this.”

  54. CK

    Why bother to look for proofs? It will not make a whit of difference if there is substantial proof that a or b or a+b brought down the towers. The operative truth involving politicians is this: Are they still breathing? If they are then Ipso Facto they are still lying. Are they not breathing? If yes; then they are finally worthy of consideration among civilized productive people.

    At least one stream of ancient greek thought understood truth. The only truth is change. One may not step in the same stream twice. Both the stepper and the stream have changed in the interim. When the greeks decided that truth had to have some relation to permancy they went off the tracks.

  55. criticalcontrarian

    @CK: you are on a roll bro… must be the increased oxygen flow to the brain without the cancer sticks, and the exercise, eh? 🙂 Keep it up, you have the jets for it.

    Change is the only constant at this level. Resistance to change causes violence, embracing it brings growth and enlightenment.

  56. openly hidden

    hahahahah! you all must be the oddest people i have ever known. what must you be like when you are drinking. hahahahha!

  57. CK

    I cannot speak for the others but when I was doing some serious drinking, I was a quiet seething volcano of dullness. This usually lasted until the snoring started.
    Except for tecquila nights. Then it was “let’s see who can kiss the porcelain goddess first and then snore.”

  58. Any idea of how to stop spam? Ever since I made this site I’ve been getting hammered with spam I have tried akismet but that doesn’t seem to work that well.

  59. emsnews

    I hope your email address wasn’t sucked up by a spam operation. You should contact whoever handles your emails and get a spam filter. My spam filter for my email service gets all sorts of junk which I don’t have to ever see, of course. It is less painful.

    Anyway, the person in charge of that is your email service. Most well-run ones have great filters that are automatic.

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