CIA Wants Obama To Legalize Their Many Crimes

Obama is confused about what to do with the CIA criminals.  It is easy: he can put Bush, Cheney and the CIA (plus the Blackwater mercenaries) on trial!  How novel is this?  If the CIA doesn’t like this, they can DISBAND.  And cease existing.  The KGB no longer exists.  Nor does the Statsi.  Or the Gestapo.  And no one misses these organizations.


Ex-Intelligence Officials Cite Low Spirits at CIA –

Morale has sagged at the CIA following the release of additional portions of an inspector general’s review of the agency’s interrogation program and the announcement that the Justice Department would investigate possible abuses by interrogators, according to former intelligence officials, especially those associated with the program….


Poor babies.  The CIA has existed approximately as long as I have existed on this planet.  During this lifespan, the CIA has become infamous for all sorts of mischief the organization creates.  That is, the CIA has always been an anti-democracy, anti-social, anti-freedom organization.  Its function is to enable various imperial projects including committing crimes condemned by the Nüremberg Trials.


The Nüremberg Trials were always a problem for the victors of WWII.  Virtually none of the parties (actually, none) were going into that trial with clean hands.  When the victors decided to pass judgement on the Nazis and the Japanese warlords, they had to first figure out some way of excusing a long history of identical crimes being committed by the victors.  Indeed, many of these crimes were happening even as the trials of the Nazis and Japanese were underway.


People against ethnic cleansing, for example, noticed that the Nazi model including especially the intercourse rules separating ‘races’ was pioneered in the USA.  And still very much happening in the USA in 1945.  The CIA, itself, was born out of Operation Paperclip which was the US push (my dad was involved in all this) to lasso the Nazi rocket scientists as well as other technical experts.  And unfortunately, a group of experts sought out by Donovan, the architect of the CIA, were Nazi secret police.


This grubby beginning to the CIA is all entangled with the Nüremberg Trials.  Our pretense at being shocked, just shocked that invaders could enter a country like, say, Palestine, and ethnically cleanse the natives, like, say, the entire North American continent was cleaned of its natives.


….Paul Gimigliano, acting director of the CIA’s Office of Public Affairs, said the agency remains focused. “Intelligence and espionage are, by definition, high-risk and controversial,” he said. “That comes with the territory.”…


The excuse for creating this monster was, the President needed direct information from an agency that reported only to the President, not Congress.  Congress did win some very meaningless and minor oversight rights.  But the nature of this creature is to be used not to gather information or track potential dangers or to analyze anything at all.  The CIA has one directive only: to expand the powers of the international bankers who control the Federal Reserve and the money men behind the Presidency.  That is, corporate America and not just them but exclusively, corporations that have international facilities they wish to protect.


The CIA has been a danger not only to the rest of the world but the US public since day one.  Every time Congress is amazed and the public horrified by CIA crimes, there is a brief, very ineffective clean up and then business resumes.  Often, worse than before.  Bush Sr. ran the CIA then ran the US and he restored all the criminal elements in the CIA that the Nixon scandals exposed.  Bush Jr. then used the CIA as a total fascist organization whose job was to not just spy illegally on the American people as well as the whole planet earth, he also used the CIA to commit many war crimes including putting together fake information so the US could illegally invade other countries.


The CIA is still focused on these projects!  They still want to create excuses to invade other countries as well as sponsoring coups and uprisings.  Some of these uprisings have failed.  But this won’t stop the CIA from sponsoring these in the future.  Both Russia and China are now very aware that the CIA is working tirelessly to enable and encourage uprisings inside of their own countries.  This is causing rising tensions in places too terrible to contemplate since this can turn into WWIII all too easily.


…..A much-discussed question is whether the legal reassurances of one administration carry over to its successor. “When a previous administration says something was legal, and the next says it doesn’t matter, the result is hesitancy to take on cutting-edge missions,” the former senior official warned.


All we have to do is refer to the Nüremberg trials: legalizing war crimes is punishable with DEATH.  That is, every single Nazi leader said, everything they did was legal.  And Bush has maintained the exact same reasoning: if the President decides to do something and his hand-picked lawyer OK’s it, then it is legal.  This is unconstitutional as well as absurd.  And we killed the Nazis who claimed this level of sovereignty.  The Geneva Conventions existed before WWII.  And still exist.  And the US is a signatory of these international laws.  And so we have an obligation to put Bush and Cheney on trial and then execute them if they are found guilty.


Another former top official said senior managers detect a double standard. He pointed out that Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. supported Obama’s decision not to release photos of military abuses of detainees in Afghanistan and Iraq because they would harm military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. “The warning that CIA operations would be made more difficult were disregarded,” former official said….


Basically, Yoo told Bush and the CIA that torture was OK so long as they had nifty torture rules.  These rules were, of course, utterly and totally illegal.  But Yoo and Cheney decided that the victims of US crimes were not humans but were outside all laws so we didn’t have to obey any laws while torturing and kidnapping them.  The sky was the limit.  So the minions in the CIA thought, by limiting the torture to small things like not letting someone sleep for over 100 hours or threatening to murder their children, who were also being tortured, or torturing 13 year old boys: all this was perfectly fine.


The victims were Untermenschen.  The Nazis even said, if they captured anyone who resisted the Nazi war machine, and they were not wearing uniforms, it was OK to torture them to death!  Ditto for Bush and Cheney.  How on earth they could do this in the teeth of our punishment of the Nazis just shows how corrupt power has made the Presidency.  And Obama is already sucked into this maelstrom of power and is reluctant to even put these criminals on trial, much less, execute them.


….Helgerson now says he received a steady flow of information, questions and encouragement during his inquiry. “Frankly, I could not walk through the cafeteria without people walking up to me, not to complain but to say, ‘More power to you.’ “


I’m certain that before the Russians entered Berlin, Goebbels was greeted the same way by fellow Nazis.  In 2003, if Mr. Helgerson walked up to me, I would have not high-fived him.  I was already horrified by the earliest pictures of abuse, that is, the way we transported our kidnapped victims to the illegal concentration camp in Cuba.   Why can’t we learn the lessons we learned from the Nazis?  That is, the more they tortured freedom fighters, all they did was make themselves into worse Nazis and people hated them even more.  Why are we trying this same stupid method?  It doesn’t work, if the object is to control a population so they are friendly.


Top officer says US bungling Muslim outreach | Antiwar Newswire

Mullen said he dislikes the military’s focus on “strategic communications,” which he said has become a cottage industry where the shaping of a message eclipses what that message says. “Most strategic communication problems are not communicatons problems at all,” Mullen wrote. “They are policy and execution problems.”


The Nazis were all about ‘Sieg Heil!’ That is, victory was all that mattered. If subject populations were troublesome, they could be ruthlessly eliminated. The US has been executing many ‘problems’ via killing people. Our policy has been to kill. After we kill enough people, they surrender. Of course, this works only in some very queer cases. Germany and Japan both surrendered to the US in the hopes of not being overrun by the Soviet Union. They had exactly two choices: the Truman or Stalin.


Half of Germany was stunned to learn they would still be handed over to Uncle Joe. Japan escaped this entirely by surrendering very suddenly and surrendering only to the US. The US wishes to communicate to Muslims and the message is simple: DIE or shut up and follow orders. We support some of the ugliest, vile regimes on earth so long as these despots control Muslims on our behalf. As we go bankrupt, our ability to fund despotic rulers of Muslims is in decline. One of the things that irritates the Chinese no end is how the US is trying to rouse Muslim anger in China while at the same time, demanding China fund our anti-Muslim crusades.


….A survey of two dozen nations conducted this spring found that positive public attitudes toward the United States have surged in many parts of the world since President Barack Obama’s election, but not in most of the Arab and Muslim world.


….U.S. intelligence considers Pakistan, a nuclear-armed Muslim country that Mullen has made a priority with nearly a dozen visits over the past 18 months, among the most profoundly anti-American places on Earth.


Most nations think Obama will change course.  In the US, many Obama supporters are giving up any hope, he will change anything at all.  He backed down and bowed to the right wing fascist Israeli leaders.  He abandoned the Palestinians to be finally ethnically cleansed from the Holy Land.  He clearly believes that political expedience means giving away civil rights of various people. So, instead of a beacon of hope, he has shuttered the lamp of freedom and is basically telling everyone, the old status quo is the future status quo.


This is stupid for the obvious fact is, our status quo rule is ending.  The CIA funding is from China.  The CIA has spied on China since day one.  That is, when Nixon went to China, he brought in all the  CIA operatives, that is Bush and my father and others.  THE CHINESE KNEW THIS.  Like the Russians, they were more than happy to play spy vs spy.  Better still, they discovered the US agents were open to sexual lures (something the Russians knew, too).  Better still, the American CIA operatives were also open to bribes of various sorts.  This is due to the CIA being run by banking gnomes.


The CIA is supposed to analyze stuff which is why the CIA hates me.  They want FAKE analysis!  And this is most glaring with the Muslim populations.  The CIA can’t tell the President that the gravest danger to the US is in AIPAC.  Nope.  They say the opposite.  So, how many spies do we need to learn that the Pakistanis hate us more than anyone on earth (aside from Afghani tribes, most of Iraq, Iran and the Palestinians)?  That is, we are using CIA assassination squads in Pakistan and they hate us?  HAHAHAHA.  Talk about geniuses.  Simple equation: if you go around butchering people and paying others to torture, ethnically cleanse and abuse whole populations, the victims will hate you!  I hope someone inside CIA think tanks explains this to the President and his gang of criminals.

.朝日新聞社):China denies port call to MSDF ships – English

SHANGHAI–China has rejected a port call by a Maritime Self-Defense Force training squadron, apparently in protest over the recent visit to Japan of a prominent Uighur activist, Japanese government sources said.


The MSDF asked China whether the fleet of two training vessels and a destroyer, which is on a 13-nation tour, could make an unscheduled stop at Hong Kong between late August and early September.


But the Chinese government informed the Japanese Embassy in Beijing on Aug. 12 that it would be difficult to accept the squadron, citing “sensitive issues,” the sources said.


As I said, China is signaling the days of the US  CIA messing around inside of China is ending.  China allowed this so long as the US allowed China to flood US markets with exports.  But we are not buying so many exports and the CIA export of revolutions is not pleasing the Chinese.  They are focusing on first one, than another of our allies, slowly forcing them to choose sides.  If these parties choose to support the dismemberment of China, they get put on the ‘to be destroyed’ list.


Remember: WWI started over ethnic warfare in the Balkans.  WWII began with ethnic warfare in Bohemia.  Ethnic warfare has and can start global wars between empires!  We can’t take this lightly.


2009/08/31 00:15 – DPJ Poised To Take Power After Overwhelming Victory

TOKYO (Nikkei)–The opposition Democratic Party of Japan appears to have fulfilled its mission of ousting the long-dominant Liberal Democratic Party from power, with early results indicating that the DPJ clinched more than 300 of the lower house’s 480 seats in Sunday’s vote. DPJ President Yukio Hatoyama awaits election as the country’s next prime minister in a special Diet session scheduled for mid-September. The LDP will no longer be the largest party in parliament for the first time since its formation in 1955. No opposition party has ever won a majority in the powerful lower house, and 16 years have passed since the LDP briefly fell from power for the first and only time.


A historic moment: the corporate/LDP dictatorship in Japan has not only lost an election but has been totally defeated and is a much smaller party.  This is an important moment in Japan.  Will the Japanese people now be actively involved in politics again?  I hope so.  They ran on autopilot for 50 years.  This has to end.  If not, Japan will literally cease to exist in another 50 years.  So ridding Japan of the odious LDP is just the first step in a long road of escaping the ZIRP depression system.  Time is running out.


As it is here in the US: we can’t be complacent. Antiwar Movement Plans Fall Campaign on Afghanistan –  the antiwar movement is very much not ready to fight Obama.  Even though more and more Obama voters are getting angry about the direction he has chosen, not enough are angry enough to go after him….for now.  Next year will be another story.  Before then, another 50,000 people will have to die.  And the CIA will have to spend the next year, avoiding any investigations or trials.  And the US will lose even more grace.  This grace business isn’t a bottomless pit.  The love showered on us after WWII has already dissipated.  Now, everyone is allowing us to be naughty only because they want to keep trade advantages.

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23 responses to “CIA Wants Obama To Legalize Their Many Crimes

  1. Elaine, I find myself skeptical about your claim that the KGB no longer exists. Maybe the name has changed, but that is probably the biggest change they’ve had.

    Take a look at Paul McCartney’s Live in Red Square DVD. Putin shows up at the outdoor show – but he never cracks a smile.

  2. emsnews

    Yup. The KGB is dead but Putin started a new organization. But the CIA hasn’t died, yet. Not even formally, much less, in reality.

  3. charlottemom

    Wonder what this new Japanese gov will mean for the US? Saw this late last week on Marketwatch:
    Jul 28, 2009, 11:33 p.m. EST

    Wal-Mart issues samurai bonds, raising hopes for market

    The market for samurai bonds — yen-denominated bonds issued by foreign institutions in Japan — evaporated in the global credit storm. But including Wal-Mart’s offering, samurai issuances in July are expected to exceed 200 billion yen — the largest amount since June 2008, Japanese business daily Nikkei reported Wednesday.

    The issuance marks Wal-Mart’s second foray into the samurai market. It raised 100 billion yen from samurai bonds in July 2008, in one of the last big issues before a five-month drought for the instruments.”

    If its good enough for WallMart will the US bond market move into this? Can we issue US bonds in non-dollar denominations? Seems like a bankster work-around for Japanese allegeric to dollars.

  4. Daliwood

    From your Washington Post link: “Morale has sagged at the CIA…”

    Cheney was on Fox News today and discussed this subject. I think that’s the first time I’ve ever seen Fox News, and I lasted about 55 seconds–waterboarding would have been easier to take.

    He whined that Obama has “broken his promise” not to investigate the CIA and that the only things Obama has done right are continuing the use of rendition and predator drones, etc.

    It was truly sickening. The man who would not show himself for 8 years, who skulked around Golum-like from dark cave to dark cave, operating in secret, conspiring with his CIA flunkies, and plotting the deaths of thousands now can’t keep his mug off TV for long.

    He claimed that we are more vulnerable to terrorists now, blah, blah, blah. I wish people would see that what makes us vulnerable to terrorists is the justifiable hatred in the Arab world for our heinous acts in the Middle East. If we would prosecute the offenders, we could regain some high ground in the world. To excuse and ignore past crimes in this country will only deepen the hatred of the US and will be an invaluable propaganda tool to those who already prosper through that hatred.

    Next to the photos of Abu Ghraib and our secret prisons, I wish we could show the world some frontpage photos of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld et al. doing the perp walk in leg irons and cuffs. That would do more to end the so-called war on terror than any predator drone killing peasants can ever do.

    Ah, but I don’t think I’ll live to see it….

  5. the fool on the hill

    The issue of torture is not a matter of jurisprudence. One either knows torture is against the law, or doesn’t.

    This is a Constitutional issue in an Aristotelian sense.

  6. emsnews

    It isn’t just Constitutional! Bush and Cheney should have been impeached when they opened Gitmo and falsely claimed, it wasn’t part of the US even though our damn flag was flown there!

    This breaks international covenants the US signed, repeatedly. It also breaks with legal precedent of the Nuremberg trials. The US was one of the chief justices in those trials.

    As for Obama promising Cheney he would not prosecute obvious crimes: Obama cannot do this. Pelosi cannot do this. No one may do this. The laws must be enforced, down the line and all the way to the top. Cheney could, like Nixon, beg for a pardon. But he can’t beg to not be charged and tried.

  7. emsnews

    But then Congress and Obama let the AIPAC spies go free. No trial. Due to false claims that state secrets (!!!!) would be exposed.

    EXPOSE THEM!!! These secrets are no secrets to AIPAC or the Zionist Jews who run our government. Arrest all of them, of course. We should not let aliens (Emanuel) run our government.

  8. JT

    Come on Elaine…
    Putin is a KGB veteran and former head of FSB.

    Russian leaders are KGB/FSB. US is not nearly as bad.

  9. w.c.

    well obama raised by the con job .. millions from the common person the fools .

    as did bush.

    fools are 90 percent of the population according to the definition put forth by ems //

    how many here in the sound of this blog .. were fooled by obama,, how many fooled by armstrong lol


  10. the fool on the hill

    Of course you are right, but I think my point is worth considering in addition.

    Of course, it won’t be considered, because our society is militaristic and ideas are considered on the basis of rank, not merit.

    Obviously an anonymous commenter has zero rank. But anyway…

    Torture is against the law because torture is against the law.

    This can’t be subject to jurisprudential discourse because that in and of itself is indicative of intolerable corruption. For example, when Justice Scalia ‘argues’ that torture is not cruel and unusual punishment because it is not a ‘punishment’, he must immediately disbarred and removed from the court.

    We have jurisprudence because we don’t want the law to be arbitrary. But we can’t let it replace the very essence of why the law exists. This is what I mean by ‘Aristotelian’ sense i.e., the ‘Constitution’ as the spirit of the land, not a document subject to interpretation.

  11. w.c.

    torture is a disgrace .. from the very beginning ,, the little shitty nation is a disgrace from its inception,

  12. w.c.

    sinclair point of view

    Mr. Armstrong, although living a complex life probably as a victim, has NOT been wrong ONCE on trend since I first knew him in the 1970s.

    prove this is not a true statement. he has know hime for almost 40 years .. so i would tent to believe him over ems .. and i have studied sinclairs back ground and lawsuits ,, and they were petty in nature.

    a fool makes judgements on surface appearence. and mindless reasons knowing the judicial system is less than perfect and prone to mistakes ,,

    if a person has followed the judicial system .. and realize its corrupt nature ,

    the lady is not blind .. she peeks out at the little brown bags ,, of inducement .. those that do not know that are blind as a bat.

    ems two cons in the fountain,, each one seeking happiness opps lol

    illuminator .. we know nothing about him ‘

    but he also calls dennenger , and others a con.. while he is probably following the biggest con of all the keynesian system..

    but until a person knows from where he speaks then sour grapes .

  13. RS

    Elaine is right: Bush, Cheney and members of the CIA guilty of torture should be charged and sentenced. Obama should pardon them in the end. In this way, the US can claim with good conscience that torture is indeed illegal in the US. That could partly restore the moral authority our country lost under the Bush administration. I think the inconvenience of exposing members of the former administration to public charges is a small price to pay for such a rebuilding of our moral pride.

  14. w.c.


    ems saying she is privey to the sins of sinclair and armstrong .. lol

    double hubris add the illuminator,,, saying it does not make it so even repeated 100 times /

    now if we had a discussion with sinclair to take the other side .. then that would be a lesson for all to arrive at the truth ,,

    other wise it is just an opinion,
    maybe ems write sinclair get his take ,, for your web site .. he would maybe welcome the opportunity.


    ELAINE: I am trying to explain to you how you trust con men in prison while not trusting, say, me. I am not in prison. Yet, whenever I say things that contradict con men in prison, you side with the con men in prison. Can you see how queer that is? Not to mention, hilarious?

  15. w.c.

    dear mr sinclair \\\

    i own the culture of life news blog,, with some 500,000 hits a day. and would like in the fairness of honest reporting

    ask a series of questions ,, i would like to do .. as a service to my readers,

    explain the law suits during your 1982 -85 business dealings

    also the selling of a gold company for 300 million dollars

    also can you talk about the 100 or so employees in tanzania.. your relation ship with the goverment ,,

    of your leaving the family fortune and striking out on you own at age 19,

    of your realtionships in china , all over the world for fair and honest dealing ,, (snicker which i doubt)

    of the two books authored of future trends .

    of your call for 890 gold in 1975

    of your call for 1650 gold in 2000.

    your involvment with hospitals , the sick ,, and the efforts to do what you can as a business person in that area .

    many think your participation in unwinding the hunts position and the billion dollar bailout was politically motivated . and makes you a crook

    my own position is that i think you a fraud , and con man ,, any defense ,, lol

    and any another questions to get at the truth. ask about his family history,, his contacts , his hidden sins


    ELAINE: Yes, ask him how he got his fortune. He started exactly at the same age and same style as…MADOFF. Who also began his stellar rise at 19. 🙂

  16. PLovering

    Massive Underreporting of Vaccine Bad Outcomes:

    FDA and CDC officials admit that there is underreporting of vaccine-related bad health outcomes. In fact, some studies say that less than 10 percent or even less than 1 percent of serious vaccine adverse events are ever reported.


    ELAINE: the ‘bad outcomes’ are those ‘nightmares and restlessness for one night’ effects that seems to trouble people so much.

  17. criticalcontrarian

    Daliwood: “Next to the photos of Abu Ghraib and our secret prisons, I wish we could show the world some frontpage photos of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld et al. doing the perp walk… That would do more to end the so-called war on terror than any predator drone killing peasants… Ah, but I don’t think I’ll live to see it…”

    Maybe not, but here you can see how your tax dollars are used to dispatch a bad ass terrorizer.

    @Elaine: after this weekends political event in Japan, I have come to the conclusion that your country can only change after a full economic collapse. We watched the Japanese people through the DPJ sweep the LDP out of power after 64 years!

    Like Japan, the US had an opportunity to do the same in the last election. His name was Ron Paul. Not Barack Obama. It is pretty clear to me, and I believe, most of the thinking world that democracy is alive and kicking in Japan. Not so in the US.


    ELAINE: The party replacing the LDP is still fairly unproven. We shall see if they are truly radical.

  18. nah

    definately a boilin’ cauldron of spill over wars in the world… with so many allies youd think we could call a kettle black… or AIPAC… or whatever… theres to many hidden levers of power sadness… so power sadness, pity, past, and globalism will dictate the 21st century…
    invest in being a looser just like everyone else

  19. nah

    Lehman UK to Sue Parent for $100 Billion
    Lets say it looks like a scheme…. the whole thing AIG,GS,JPM,GE,ENRON,FED, all of it… just rooting out competitive enterprise to establish junk bonds esentially….
    whos going to want Bretton Woods 3 with these kind of stewards
    Fact is money is dynamic… and difficult decisions are required for an atomsphere of investment… that is the built in risk/reward of capitol flows
    the media pumps, the government turns like eternal blind ‘eye’, while corporations dump for 20 or so years
    US ip is worth something… but our guarantors are perverting our interest into overbot leverage that i am not comfortable with…
    o and i cant pay my US gov bills with a 40+% tax rate

  20. criticalcontrarian

    nah: “Fact is money is dynamic… and difficult decisions are required for an atomsphere of investment… that is the built in risk/reward of capitol flows”

    Not difficult decisions, but HONEST ones. An environment of GREED based on DECEIT can only be maintained for as long as a facade of falsehood can be maintained. That is long gone. Only the people locked in the system have no choice but to live in it and by it. A kleptocracy for and by the people…

  21. CK

    The initials might have changed, the organizations maintain and will keep on trucking as always.
    Inertia is the greatest force in the universe of human institutions.

  22. JSmith

    “The KGB no longer exists.”

    Now it’s the FSK.

    “The CIA has been a danger not only to the rest of the world but the US public since day one. ”

    CIA: Can’t Identify Anything. It’s arguable that the CIA isn’t so much dangerous as it is farcical… and if The President needs information, he’s better off getting it from the NSA. In contrast to the CIA, those people know what they’re doing.

    “The love showered on us after WWII has already dissipated.”

    Yeah… it had dissipated by 1955.


    ELAINE: Which is about when we began to try to take over the British and French empires and run them as our empire.

  23. criticalcontrarian

    @Elaine: we watch with bated breath…

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