Germans Send Their Nuclear Waste To Tennessee

Global free trade has turned the US into a garbage can.  We suck down some of the stupidest import items, remember the flood of teddy bears from China?   And in return, we dismantled our industries and now have to be like any pathetic third world nation and take in nuclear waste from rival traders who run huge trade surpluses with us.  Here is the latest example: export power Germany is shipping their nuclear waste here.

This was voted on by the GOP guys in Tennessee.  Remember Al Gore? He was replaced with right wingers. Not that Al would have done any different: he is for nuclear power to save us from a planet that would be as warm as say, 3 million years ago before the first Ice Ages.  Not only is this nuclear garbage coming here, it is going to be BURNED here!  EnergySolutions gets permission to incinerate German radioactive …and here is the news in Japan about this:  German radioactive waste approved for Tennessee – The Mainichi Daily News.

People living on the route this garbage will travel are very upset because Radioactive waste is to pass through Hampton Roads.  I hope they riot.  They should, at least, block the roads with their cars or lie down on them.  Germans do this all the time!  Germans get rowdy to stop nuclear waste and it isn’ just smart Germans, it is also the surrender monkey French who fight back fiercely:  Nuclear waste dodges French protests on way to Germany.  Too bad many Southerners won’t read commie stuff but if they did, they could learn tactics from the left when it comes to stopping right wing corporatists:  Rad Journal – germans protest nuclear waste shipment.

The media here likes to ignore this stuff so if one doesn’t look closely at foreign news, one would never know that citizens in Europe have terrorized their governments into being very careful about nuclear matters.  So, the poor people in Tennessee have been spared these radioactive transports entirely because the leftists in Europe risked their lives to stop this!  But few in Tennessee know of this sacrifice.  Here is a pre-Fukushima article about these very same shipments that are now going to rain death on Tennessee:  Anti-Nuclear Protest Reawakens: Nuclear Waste Reaches German Storage Site Amid Fierce Protests – SPIEGEL ONLINE .


Eleven trucks carrying radioactive waste from German nuclear power stations arrived a day late at their destination, a storage site near Gorleben in northern Germany, early on Tuesday morning after thousands of anti-nuclear activists tried to stop the convoy.

The protests were far stronger than during the last nuclear shipment to Gorleben in 2006 and are a response to growing calls from the ruling conservative Christian Democrats and from German industry to reverse the decision to phase out the country’s nuclear power stations in the next 15 years.

At the weekend more than 15,000 people took part in the protests which involved holding up the trucks with sit-down demonstrations, blocking the route with tractors and chaining themselves to concrete obstacles placed in the road.


See?  Tennessee citizens can do this, too!  They have tractors!  Chains!  They can copy the Germans.  I would strongly suggest this.  I have successfully stopped projects this very same way, years ago.  Once, we wanted to stop a project and we voted to have only women and the elderly be chained across a road.  The police saw that we outsmarted them, they couldn’t haul these citizens off (this was back in 1978, not today with the modern police state) so we won.


I would love to see the people of Tennessee do this.  It would be a first step in the direction they must take if they want to survive for this is the cracked open door for crap to flow back into our country like some boomerang monster.  All the pollution that was generated overseas to produce imports will come here again as garbage!  Sheesh.



Here is the GOP reason for betraying the people of Tennessee:  Tennessee’s Radioactive Budget; Getting Jobs Back on Track; Better …and here is a sarcastic editorial about this:  Tennessee To Be the Proud Owner of 1000 Tons of Radioactive German waste.


And last of all, another nuclear waste story:  Israel reveals it has returned dozens of kilograms of nuclear waste to U.S.


Horev did not specify the exact amount of waste that had been returned, but according to estimates, Israel has sent back at least dozens of kilograms, probably more, of 93% enriched uranium, which was used to power the Sorek reactor.



This toxic stuff is extremely dangerous and hard to dispose of and is a huge problem for us so of course, we are not charging Israel a penny for processing their nuclear waste.  Thanks. This is one monster that grows and grows and never goes away.  It is the last thing we need.  On the other hand, this is supposed to be how the Jews there prove they are not turning this stuff into bombs. On the other hand, they do NOT tell us if this is ALL the nuclear bomb material.  No, I am assuming they keep what they need and send us the excess to deal with here in the US for the next 100,000 years.

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21 responses to “Germans Send Their Nuclear Waste To Tennessee

  1. Clueless

    The decision by the US to use plutonium and uranium as their benchmark as fuel to power nuclear plants was primarily due to its waste being used for nuclear weapon production. Otherwise, nuclear power plants could have instead been powered by thorium which has abundantly greater safety benefits. Most import of which is thorium cannot sustain a nuclear chain reaction without priming, so fission stops by default.

    Germany as far as I know does not have nuclear weapons, except those clandestinely located there by US military forces. So why should they be held responsible for cleaning up someone else’s nuclear mess since it has been imposed on them?

    Moving on, here is the best and most comprehensive site I have come across detailing the situation at Ft. Calhoun:
    Fort Calhoun Fuel Storage and Flood Alert

    The US is starting really look like China in terms of media censorship. Thank God for the French!

  2. Clueless

    Notice how the storage of 2,000 tons of radioactive spent fuel is stored in a concrete structure at ground level. Why?

    Because “When the Fort Calhoun station was designed, the pool used to store spent fuel was never intended to be a permanent storage site. The same is true for the dry cask storage facility we use” Jones said OPPD (Omaha Public Power District).

    The $20 million cost of dry cask storage thus far has been paid by the U.S. Department of Energy because of a June 2006 settlement to a lawsuit in which OPPD sued to recover its cost in handling nuclear waste.

    OPPD still argues that the federal government is obligated under the 1982 law to take possession of nuclear waste for permanent disposal.

    Translation: Same issue as the Germans methinks. The US government/Pentagon, whoever, want nuclear weapons; they should clean their own mess. Instead they spend a measly $20 million in exchange for the lives and health of countless Americans.

    That is unconscionable, and unforgivable.

  3. JT

    This is how you do it.
    420 meters deep in the most stable bedrock on earth.


    ELAINE: True, and very, very, very, VERY expensive disposal.

  4. JT


    60 million euros so far.
    It is now ready for test and in full depth.
    But we are the only ones with an actual plan for nuclear waste.

  5. Clueless

    Herein lies the problem, borrowing from Elaine, “…very, very, very, VERY expensive disposal.”

    It all comes down to dollars and cents, people. While they are allowed to make huge profits, it is their god given right never to take a loss. Assuming even a million American lives are lost, if you factor JT’s €60 million, that would come €60/person. About a tenth of the minimum wage in the US.

    Following that rationale, politicians are expensive. Americans should get rid of all of them and start running their country without them, since they are jobless and have the time. Over time, it would be much cheaper and they would get more benefits once the parasites have been jettisoned.,

    It’s time for “real” change. Stop believing in their bullshit.

  6. Elaine, I am so glad I came to your site today and read this article. I have not heard this news mentioned once on our local news stations!!! It’s horrible!! I will forward this blog to our local news stations right now!!

  7. JT


    Well it´s about 11 euros per Finn so far.
    For 100 years of nuclear waste from 6 powerplants?

    It is not very expensive in my opion.
    In Europe we pay that much energy taxes on electricity in one month nowdays.

    But we also have laws against importing nuclear waste.
    We only intend to hold our own waste in Onkalo.

  8. Clueless

    @ JT: Thank you for making my point. I was being sarcastic about the Posiva waste disposal being expensive. Expensive compared to what? Human life? Medical expenses of the affected population? Etc.

    This while GE execs get paid millions in bonuses every year and zip around in Gulfstream jets? In this context it is absolutely irresponsible, one might even say — inhuman.

    I agree with your country’s law about banning the importation of nuclear waste, everyone should clean up their own shite. But to be consistent, they should also shift to thorium as fuel. If you want to keep the environment clean, you have to be consistent — do not add or propagate the raw material for nuclear weapons production. Does your country export spent uranuim or plutonium rods?


    ELAINE: I fear some people here have become downright silly.

    This is expensive in cost. That is, disposing of this nuclear stuff costs a tremendous amount and all of this is on the backs of the tax payers. Sure, one can isolate this stuff for seemingly forever except it costs so much it is prohibitive unless you hide this from energy consumers by making it a tax problem.

    Then, when it costs too much (I hope you figure out what that means some day before you die) the government will announce social service cuts due to not having enough money. See?

  9. JT


    Not only import export also.

    “Spent fuel from the Loviisa Nuclear Power Plant was initially shipped to the Soviet Union for reprocessing. After news of the 1957 Kyshtym disaster at the Mayak nuclear fuel reprocessing plant was made public this option was no longer seen as politically acceptable. The Finnish Nuclear Energy Act was amended in 1994 so that all nuclear waste produced in Finland must be disposed of in Finland.[16] All spent fuel would be permanently buried in bedrock. Olkiluoto was selected in 2000 to become the site of underground disposal of all of Finland’s spent nuclear fuel.”

    Solar – no
    Wind – maybe to some degree
    Oil – no
    Geothermal – yes
    Wood – yes
    Peat – yes
    Insulation and building codes – yes

    “The Finnish public is among the most nuclear power-friendly nations in the EU: in a 2008 survey, production of electricity by means of nuclear power was supported by 61%, clearly above the EU average of 44%.”
    “Speaking in very general therms, using air heat pump is twice as efficient as using electric baseboard heating. By adding geothermal energy to the mix, your efficiency doubles yet again. Therefore ground source heat pumps are arguably the most efficient heating (and cooling) systems available today. Basically, you are getting a Dollar worth of heat, while paying only 25 Cents.”

    We also try to do the math and not to be childish about energy.
    We are the world´s second northernmost county we cannot fool around with energy issues.
    If you want to get rid of oil your electricity consumption will increase significantly even if you use geothermal, heat pumps etc.
    The electricity has to come from somewhere when we move away from oil.

  10. Clueless

    JT, no argument, we agree on the need to replace oil with a reliable alternative power source. Nuclear is still cheapest, for how long depends on how much suppressed technology is released by the parasite class running the show.

    However, as cheap as nuclear power currently is, if it kills you it makes no difference how cheap it is. You are dead and will not benefit from it.

    The world is changing rapidly climatological, geological and political levels. I have no issue with nuclear power so long as it is thorium based.

    Please note resistance to thorium as fuel is predominantly due to its glaring abundance. That is never convenient to the parasitic control freaks who don’t give a shite about people — only how they can control and get their money.

    Suggest you read: &

  11. emsnews

    A note here: we cannot compare the sequestration of nuclear wastes with the oil blow out in the Gulf. The oil blow out is very definitely comparable with Fukushima! It was an out of control accident. But it was finally controlled but only after polluting vast areas with toxins which are very much still there.

    The thing to compare nuclear waste to is the noxious oil tar sand water in say, Canada. This is epic pollution as a side effect of mining for oil. It is very dangerous and birds have to be warned off or they die if they land in these ponds that look normal from the sky.

    These ponds will exist a long time and over time, humans will cease protecting the birds and the poor birds will die.

    I am against all of this, of course. The question here is, how do we save ourselves from these messes? We obviously have serious problems with this.

  12. mile

    read something about the safety of thorium generators and the possibility of using them to run electric autros or create fuels to run automobiles and self power houses…..and the cheapness and ready availibiulity of thorium..?

  13. Clueless

    Elaine said: “I fear some people here have become downright silly.

    This is expensive in cost. That is, disposing of this nuclear stuff costs a tremendous amount and all of this is on the backs of the tax payers.”
    I suppose this works if your mindset is to cull your serfs (which you can afford to do since they are currently hugely unemployed, thus expendable) by sending in droves to die in fabricated wars (that make you huge profits — at taxpayer expense of the serfs), or radiate them at home because you want to make more profit by cutting safety costs (which the serfs pay for through taxes).

    You can’t fix stupid.

  14. Clueless

    So it’s acceptable to send Americans to die in fabricated wars far away from home, at their expense, while you nickel and dime them at home. Brilliant! Der Fuhrer would be so proud. At the very least the Jews didn’t pay for their incineration.

    Unfu***** believable!

  15. Clueless

    Moving on, here is the latest on the Ft. Calhoun nuclear power plant. There is both good and bad news.

    First the bad news. Flood wall fails at Fort Calhoun. This means the flood waters are continuing to rise. Mother Nature is in cleansing mode.

    Now the encouraging news. Let’s hope and pray this remains this way.
    6/25/2011 – Nebraska – Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power plant — 70 miles down wind — 59.2 CPM

  16. Clueless

    Here the news report on the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station Berm Collapses – June 26, 2011

  17. Clueless

    Here is the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chairman at the Cooper Nuclear Power Station. It gets interesting at 1:05, clearly the guy was fumbling for an answer. What bothers me is if they feel there is a real threat then why do they not begin evacuation of civilians to safe holding areas (this is another concern, has anyone heard of preparations for such an event?) until the situation hopefully stabilizes. The man uses the “proactive” word for flood mitigation measures at the plant, how about some proactive safety measues for the civilian population?

  18. JT

    “ELAINE: I fear some people here have become downright silly.

    This is expensive in cost. That is, disposing of this nuclear stuff costs a tremendous amount and all of this is on the backs of the tax payers. Sure, one can isolate this stuff for seemingly forever except it costs so much it is prohibitive unless you hide this from energy consumers by making it a tax problem. ”

    At least here in Finland the Onkalo site is paid for by the 2 energy companies that will be depositing waste there not taxpayer money.
    Of course you pay for it in your electricity bill.
    It is rather cheap in my opion.
    0,25 cents per year per person, that´s not too much for 30% of your electricity production.

  19. Clueless

    Latest from yesterday’s Ft. Calhoun optimist. This is now quite alarming. I hope there are evac plans in place for the people. Where is FEMA?!!!

  20. Clueless

    This video is even more alarming, no, it is downright distressing! The man seems sincere and quite honestly afraid. If any of you have family in the area you should do the needful now. He is saying if the dam goes they will have 24-48 hours maximum to move as the dam is 107 miles from this location.

    He is extremely off the mark, if that happens the water will be moving at over 40mph and it will only take less than 3 hours for the water to reach his location.

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