Japan’s Abe Thinks Fukushima Safe And China Is Aggressor Nation

Nearly totally unnoticed by the average American, the Unleashed Rulers of Japan continue to push for WWIII.  The biggest mistake on earth was when Hillary gave the LDP a green light to do anything they wished in exchange for expansion of US military bases around China using Japanese territory.  She also wrongly claimed Abe would pass the international child custody laws that Japan has defied for the last 60 years.  He didn’t pass the bill, by the way and still talks about doing it but in classic Japanese stall tactics, won’t actually do anything.  Also, Abe is whitewashing Fukushima as fast as possible.  No surprise here.



Scared by the rising economic power of China, Japan’s citizens voted into office the son of a WWII war criminal who is now openly talking about going back on any and all apologies about that imperialist fascist war and has continued to talk wildly and aggressively about delicate international issues:  China slams Abe over comments in Washington Post ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion


China’s confrontational stance risked eventually harming its economy and scaring off foreign investors, Abe added.


“Such behavior is going to have an effect on their economic activity at the end of the day,” the paper quoted him as saying. “In the case of China, teaching patriotism (is equivalent to) teaching anti-Japanese sentiment.”


Beijing fired back, with foreign ministry spokesman Hong Lei saying Chinese officials were “shocked” at the comments, according to the state-run Global Times newspaper.


“It’s rare that a country’s leader would brazenly distort facts, attack its neighbor and instigate confrontation among countries in the region,” it quoted Hong as saying.


China was demanding a clarification and explanation over the comments, he added.


The Chinese seized no disputed territory in the last 40 years.  Japan did this now.  This year.  Generally speaking, when someone is aggressive, they are the aggressor.  But not in Japan!  The Prime Minister claimed that China is the imperialist aggressor which flies in the face of most of the last 150 of history.  True, China had skirmishes on various borders because the borders where so often violated by others since 1750, establishing the outer perimeter was a fluid situation.


On the other hand, Japan’s wars with its neighbors were pure military imperialism seeking to take over other people’s countries.  The biggest and bloodiest of these was the attempt to conquer and brutally exploit China.  Totally unrepentant about this affair, the people of Japan give their wayward warmongering Prime Minister loud support because they fear the Chinese.  The Chinese, in turn, are getting increasingly anti-Japanese and have very, very good emotional reasons to hate the Japanese which, of course, are now exploding into rage.


The rulers of Japan don’t much like their own people any more than our own rulers like us:  No ill health effects seen in residents near Fukushima plant yet: researcher ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion


“Since the accident in Fukushima, no health effects from radiation have been observed, although we have heard reports some people fell ill due to stress from living as evacuees and due to worries and fears about radiation,” Sakai said.


“We know from epidemiological surveys among atomic-bomb victims in Hiroshima and Nagasaki that if exposure to radiation surpasses 100 millisieverts, the risk of cancer will gradually rise.


“To put it the other way round, we can’t say risk of cancer will rise if you are exposed to radiation lower than 100 millisieverts,” he said, adding that most people measured had radiation exposure of 20 millisieverts or less.


Sakai said radiation is not at “the level we have to worry about its health effect,” for people in Fukushima, taking into account exposure from the atmosphere and ingestion from food.


I was exposed to nuclear bomb tests when in my mother’s womb and later in life thanks to the testing grounds in the Death Valley/Nevada regions.  I also had to have surgery on my thyroids when only 12 years old.  To this day, I have to take medicines due to this and it worsened my health.  My older brother died of cancers.  Scientists who also had children lost them to cancer when I was a child.  It takes more than one year for the true hell of contamination to show up.


The US military denied responsibility for causing cancer in military men used as guinea pigs in these nuclear bomb tests.  As well as the civilians who were impacted and who was impacted?  Why, the entire planet earth!  We got this ‘cancer epidemic’ which continues to this day, no thank you!  Naturally, the tools of the State refuse to take responsibility for all of this contamination and cancers and if people don’t keel over dead instantly from exposure, ‘No one dies’ is what these quacks claim.  This is false.  The deaths are slow and agonizing.


Onto another story about our elites hating us and rewarding themselves while destroying us or treating us like this is Victorian England where children who ate food while doing labor were whipped mercilessly:  Walmart pressing felony charges against employee who ate ‘multiple’ Oreo cookies.  One of the richest corporations pays the least money and makes everyone work part time.  Much of Japan’s workers now are forced to work part time, too.


And there is this messy story:  Whistleblower fired for revealing cops threatened Obama while protecting him | The Raw Story


“There was an officer providing exterior security to the president on that day on the phone with the supervisor,” the whistleblower explained to WTVR last May. “The supervisor said to that particular officer, ‘you’re down there right? So, you can take a couple of shots, you might have to kill yourself, but you can take a couple of shots.’”

He said that the supervisor made those comments to a sharpshooter on the day of the president’s visit to Richmond.

And “another officer in the background started talking and he said, ‘yeah, somebody should plant a bomb underneath the stage while they’re on there and blow it up,’” the source said.

Inappropriate remarks were also made about Michelle Obama.

“Nobody wants to see her anyway — unless she gets undressed or get [sic] naked,” an officer allegedly said.


This is the Assassination Nation.  In the Deep South, if Kennedy were to ride in an open car in Texas, BOOM.  The SS didn’t arrest these officers.  I thought joking about killing people on planes was enough reason for arrest and jail time!  You can’t joke about hijacking anything due to the stringent laws against this.  But the cops can joke about deliberately assassinating the President because he isn’t a Southern Right Winger?


They were fired and they want their jobs back.  But the guy who spilled the story is also fired.  True story: when Dr. Spock ran on the Peace and Freedom Party platform against the War in Vietnam, I was one of his ‘bodyguards’.  He also had SS agents assigned to him.  My job was to watch THEM and Spock knew my dad was CIA and thought it was very funny to have a kid raised by his book, doing this for him.  The SS got rather annoyed with me, I was a teenager, after all, because I trailed after them all the time and sat nearby when they talked to each other.


‘I’m just spying on you,’ I happily said, smiling goofily.  Yes, those were the fun old Cold War days when Presidential candidates and President were gunned down left, right and center.  And then there was the Reagan assassination attempt by a Bush friend’s son…another strange event little seen or discussed by the elites.

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11 responses to “Japan’s Abe Thinks Fukushima Safe And China Is Aggressor Nation

  1. Christian W

    “Walmart pressing felony charges against employee who ate ‘multiple’ Oreo cookies.”

    No more cake for the peasants then 😦

  2. Heavy rainfall today here…I don’t go out in it any more especially when the jet stream is above us.Limit my exposure to Fukushima hot particles.
    Thanks a lot Japan.

  3. Christian W

    Back when the US was blowing up nukes in the Pacific Japan used to get Nuclear Rained upon too.

  4. tfoth

    If eating a bag of cookies amounts to grand theft in Indiana, no wonder she can’t afford them.

  5. Christian W

    Underground nuclear tanks are leaking at Washington’s “Hanford Nuclear Reservation”…


  6. Seraphim

    It is strange, or is it, that Abe used the hilarious threat: China will loose because people would not invest anymore in China. It is the same slogan applied to Russia, when she does something that upset the “West”. For Russia there is also the “loss of image”. When that for China also?
    Who is noticing that the first outside visit of the new Chinese President will be to Russia?

  7. Being There

    Two stories this week of importance.
    Rock Center with Brian Williams covered both.

    1) Increased cancers and breast cancers of Marines who were stationed military base of Fort Lejeune. Polluted waters are the cause and the military did nothing about it for years and are not doing anything to compensate the suffering of the Marines and their families.

    2) China hacking our corporations for espionage run by their military.

  8. Christian W

    “2) China hacking our corporations for espionage run by their military.”

    And the US is innocent of spying? Stating the obvious like this about China is just another drop in the steady propaganda stream painting China as a ‘legitimate’ target. You’ve seen how well the ground had been prepared for invading Iraq, Afghanistan and, not the least, with Iran and their nonexistent nukes. The brainwashing of Americans is a far bigger threat and problem than spying by the Chinese. If 9/10ths of Americans cannot understand and deal with reality in a sane manner what kind of future awaits the US?

  9. Ziff house

    Off topic; may have been on your news also , they have found this years flu vaccine to be only 50% effective and less so among the elderly.

  10. emsnews

    Yes, this is due to THREE VIRUSES running riot. I wish there were multiple vaccinations! As many as diseases. But this is unaffordable so they shoot for only one each year. This is sad, no?

    The alternative guys want NOTHING AT ALL. Just let the germs run riot. a bad idea, NO?

  11. z.house

    I’ll get one next year, i was among the first to get this years bug, lost a week.

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