UN CO2 Report: We Will Roast To Death After We Thaw Out Someday

jet traffic March 2014


Emma Stone and boyfriend Andrew Garfield launch Earth Hour: these two and their publicity staff flew all the way to Australia and Singapore  to talk about not burning CO2 because it is evil.  Then they turned off the lights for one hour to show how to save energy!  This is depraved.  Note all the jets spewing CO2 in the above screen shot.  Web masters: the Spiderman team has flown to Japan today to wave at fans while fanning themselves due to dying of the heat.


If the UN and the global warmists really really believe their garbage, they would instantly outlaw all jets.  These jets also disturb the atmosphere by making vapor trails.  This changes the climate as well as the CO2 if the science is correct.  So, why do so many representatives of countries support the UN report?  And the answer is obvious: money.


The bulk of the voting nations are poor and were promised a percentage of the CO2 taxes that are now beginning to plague tax payers in first world countries.  The majority of the CO2 taxes will go into the military spending plans of empires or graft for well connected parties who fund candidates.  Virtually none will be used to stop the present system which will roll merrily onwards except the lower classes in first world countries will live very miserable, third world lives.


U.N.: Little time left to reduce world’s heat | News – Home: this has got to be the looniest prediction yet but it also explains why NOAA has consistently misforecast long range weather.  The UN report talks only about droughts and other hot weather events not blizzards and extreme cold:

Screen shot 2014-03-31 at 7.44.10 AM

The UN solution is to tax the poor in first world nations which is why we have so many stories about the nobility of living in a little organic hut made of palm leaves while possessing nothing except a few rags.  And here is reality:  Polar Vortex to Once Again Grip Midwest, Northeast from February 25, 2014, one of the colder days this cold winter which illustrates the nature of this long, tedious winter:

Screen shot 2014-03-31 at 7.47.38 AM

Screen shot 2014-03-31 at 7.48.17 AM

This Day In Weather History
Midwest (1843)
Extreme cold in Central states for March. St. Louis, MO: 17 degrees below normal; Minneapolis, MN: 25 degrees below normal. One of the coldest months ever.


So, March was 10 degrees colder than 160 years ago!  Talk about insane!  I suspect the NYT noticed the winter was very bad in between visits to the Caribbean so they hedge on the headlines:  U.N. Panel Says Worst Effects of Climate Change Are Yet to Come.


HAHAHA.  Yes, they really aren’t showing up, are they?  The Huff and Puff Post didn’t make it the top story with the usual burning globe but did have it down lower with this headline: Wild Climate Ride Has Only Just Begun showing a bone dry planet.  Seems even California isn’t that dry.  All the classic signs of another Little Ice Age are visible this year including the floods as well as delayed spring in the Ice Age glacier zones.


This is the way the world ends: Once-in-a-millennium drought a wakeup call for America – Salon.com is in hysterics about this because the staff lives in California and don’t work outdoors so they didn’t notice the many pulses of Pacific storms this month.  Yes, people must ration water every 20 years or so due to the southern half of the state being a desert.  Has been a desert for a long time.


Indeed, the rain in California has been greater than normal this last century mainly due to global warming.  But now that it has cooled, the droughts are beginning.  the la Nina lost its grip finally and we may get a weak el Nino.  These el Ninos are mainly driven by the sun and coincide with solar maximums.  The sun has generated a late pulse of activity this last month so it may warm up the atmosphere enough to create an el Nino which means lots of rain for California.


California drought: Past dry periods have lasted more than 200 years, scientists say – San Jose Mercury News: and future ones will do this, too.  Since the earth’s climate isn’t all that stable, this is to be expected and has nothing to do with CO2.  The sun does this.

Screen shot 2014-03-30 at 4.12.45 PM

We see from the above graph that after Rome fell, California had a long series of dry cycles.  It has been particularly wet since the Gold Rush except for this one tiny spike.  Note how Antarctica’s ice has grown this year.  The red line is previous Antarctic ice size and one tiny section had slight shrinkage while the majority grew:

antarctica ice growing 2014

New Study Shows Antarctica Ice Is Melting 70% More Slowly Than Thought – Another Scare Bites The Dust so it isn’t in the headlines.  Indeed, it is growing, not shrinking which is what the next report will have to admit.


From the comments section of We Are All Ehrlich Now | Real Science:


Andy Oz says:

We had a couple of hot weeks here in Perth this summer and zero deaths due to heat waves, totally normal. My missus has been freezing at night since February. Power prices have doubled in WA since 2008 due to government increases, high gas prices for gas turbines, high windmill prices and the dumb Green caused closure of the cheap coal fired power stations in Collie. My bill and my taxes subsidise all the solar panels in Perth. Not happy Jan! I’m voting for the Shooters Party in the weekend Senate election and hope they toss out the Greens.



Electricity bills to increase to $2000 a year by 2016 | Perth, Australia:


This will take the average annual family power bill from $963 to $1998 under Mr Barnett’s reign, despite his promise during the March state election campaign to keep electricity prices “at or around the rate of inflation” which is now 2.5 per cent.


Meanwhile, according to the Clean Energy Council, more than 75,000 households targeted by the Barnett Government’s solar-panel backtrack will lose up to $800 a year. The average loss would be $240.


Treasurer Troy Buswell announced in the Budget on Thursday that the solar feed-in payment would be cut from 40c to 30c a kilowatt from October 1 and to 20c in 2014.


Opposition Leader Mark McGowan said the 7 per cent electricity rises were a clear breach of Mr Barnett’s election promise. “This is a doubling of the average household’s power bill at a time when Mr Barnett is increasing costs across the board and increasing taxes,” Mr McGowan said.


Mr Buswell said on Thursday that state debt $3.6 billion in 2008 was heading towards the $30 billion mark.


See?  They even admit openly that the taxes are for supporting the government, not stopping CO2 stuff from happening.  And energy bills are rising while the feedback energy from private owned solar panels is being dropped by 50%.  What they fear is home owners selling electricity, not global warming.


This is happening in the US, too.  Promises to pay a fair rate for energy feed in systems run by homeowners is under attack everywhere.  This is, of course, theft.  The homeowners installed systems that feed energy they are not using back into the system. Now, it continues doing this but they get no profit from it.  This means fewer people will install solar panels since it doesn’t pay off.


And some good news because killing whales is stupid:  World court rules Japan’s Antarctic whaling not scientific and therefore must cease.  The Sea Shepherd crew will now have to find new jobs.

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15 responses to “UN CO2 Report: We Will Roast To Death After We Thaw Out Someday

  1. Luc

    The UN report talks only about droughts and other hot weather events not blizzards and extreme cold:
    Maybe they can not tax cold and quakes.

  2. ziff

    look up allan savoy, TED talk, horrifying , but another perspective and possible solution

  3. Jim R

    Hey the UN report is totally true, because hot weather in Texas this week.

  4. Christian W

    They discovered with the Enron looting that fleecing people on their energy bills is easy pickings.

  5. ziff

    whats going on with bees? just seen a report of more drastic declines, but grocery stores still full

  6. CK

    The less light you have on, the more you look like The People’s Republic of North Korea. It’s a good thing.

  7. JimmyJ

    The Japanese need their whaling industry for the oil to light their lamps, since they can’t rely on nuclear power anymore.

    As for bees, last summer I looked at every bee on a flower as I passed and the bulk by far were bumble bees. All summer I saw less than half a dozen honey bees and we used to have both domestic and wild honey bees by a wide margin as pollinators. Bumbles being more solitary will get the collapse disorder slowly, but they will get it according to results already seen. One hopes beetles etc will take up the slack, if not oh boy.

  8. JT

    Earth hour does more harm than good.
    I read that If people in masses took part it would mean more pollution (running the auxliary capasity down and then back up fast within one hour means more emissions, especially small particles).

    So If you like the environment don’t take part in earth hour.

  9. Ziff house

    Bee says if we die so do you. Got a notice from avaaz.org , problem getting worse, nicotinids industry gettin blame , they respond with fake science like oil company. Who knows? But why take chance? bloody criminal.

  10. melponeme_k


    Kerry and Obama looking to release American spy for Israel.


    It used to be the US used to execute turncoat spies (Rosenbergs) but we have kept this guy since the 80’s. This man is a Benedict Arnold and should stay in jail for life.

  11. emsnews

    Yes. the usual sneaky deals from Israel. They will get Pollard while promising to SLOW DOWN theft of Palestinian lands! Which is absolutely stinky.

    Talk about chutzpah.

  12. Luc

    Turncoat spies? turncoat tribe!

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