Oxfam Warns We Will STARVE Right When Grain Speculators Claim Record Crop Due To Possible Warm Summer

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See these beautiful national landmarks? They’re all imperiled by rising seas and wildfires: you see, it will be warm and ice will melt and we will all die!  At least, according to global warming fanatics.


Today, Oxfam warns price of cereals will surge because of CLIMATE CHANGE | Mail Online: every warning is about this topic with no examination of what is causing this ‘change’.  So far, crops are being hit hard by extreme cold and wet conditions in the North American bread basket states of Canada and the US.  But this is due to low sun spot activity, not CO2 at all.


Since Oxfam, a liberal operation, is whining about ‘declining crops’ I decided it is time to see this week’s futures:  Corn Posts Longest Slump in Six Months; Wheat, Soy Drop – Bloomberg

Corn futures fell, capping the longest slump since November, on speculation that beneficial weather will boost crops in the U.S., the world’s biggest producer. Soybeans and wheat declined.


Warm, dry weather in the next six days will aid corn seeding from North Dakota to Ohio, Commodity Weather Group LLC said in a report. Planting was 73 percent completed as of May 18, up from 65 percent a year earlier, U.S. Department of Agriculture data showed yesterday. On May 9, the agency forecast that the harvest will rise to a record in 2014.


Just three weeks ago, there was despair as it was quite cold and wet.  It nearly froze here yesterday but warmed up again and spring is lush this year thanks to the cold turning warm finally.  Today, my crab apple finally bloomed!


The market believes an el Nino will happen this year and this means GREAT FARMING!  The warmists, on the other hand, think this is a horror show because it will rain in LA at some point.  Seriously.


Since the warnings that we will starve if it gets warmer is falling apart, they have this to fall back on:  Turtle female domination! Warmer temperatures could lead to single sex population of sea turtles, climate experts warn! 


HAHAHA.  I would suspect since one male turtle can impregnate dozens and dozens of females, this is why females proliferate when there is good eating, good climate conditions that is, WARM.


Study shows short-term rise in females will increase rates of population growth
Long-term warming trends will lead to their extinction.


Sadly, turtles have been around for 220 million years.  They thrived after some of the greatest extinctions to hit the planet.  They thrived when it was much, much, much warmer than today and did fine when there were Ice Ages, too.  So these warnings by warmists is…INSANE.  Good gods, are they scraping the barrel here.


Headed Into Grand Minimum, Says Solar Physicist which was my father’s prediction, too.  Mark Giampapa works at the solar observatory my father helped design and build at Kitt Peak which is where Turtle Rock is which is where I use to play when I was a child.  No longer cowed by the warmists, more and more solar scientists are speaking out at last.
Antarctic Sea Ice At Record Levels which means the warmists are yelling that Antarctica is melting because so much ice fell into the ocean this last summer there.  Duh.  More ice=more ice calves. Finally, Hefty Global Goals from a Vatican Meeting: Stabilizing the Climate, Energy for All and an Inclusive Economy – NYTimes.com.  So the Pope is going to create a ‘stable climate’?  HAHAHA.
Do we get to burn him at the stake if he fails?  And I would guess that the real gods, that is, the goddess that contrives to exist as Mother Nature, will fall out of her hammock, laughing at the humans.  As if we can control the sun!  How insane.


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19 responses to “Oxfam Warns We Will STARVE Right When Grain Speculators Claim Record Crop Due To Possible Warm Summer

  1. goldtraderrr

    (Official Movie) THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?




  2. Jim R

    Still clinging to the crackpot ‘science’, I see.

    When did the infrared spectrum of CO2 change?

    When did human activity stop spewing it into the air?

    April 2014: warmest April on record — Boingboing

    They figured out where your warm winter went. And it’s still GLOBAL warming.


  3. emsnews

    The ‘change’ (Jim, you have to keep up with the propaganda better, even your leaders admit it isn’t really warming now) you see in the weather is due to the beginning of probably another Maunder Minimum.

    CO2 has no connection to all this and may even save our lives by giving plants more food to digest while under stress from increasing cold.

  4. Jim R

    Oxfam is just another tentacle of the global financial fraud parasite. It has many others. And that parasite has indeed latched on to the AGW story.

    But I did misspeak in my previous comment, the map at that link was for the month of April. So it’s where your warm spring went not where your winter went, though I think the winter was similar.

    There were stories this year out of Siberia of an unusually warm winter (they loved it, by the way), and you can see it on this map. The AVERAGE temperature is still climbing. It may be slowed down a bit by the current solar activity cycle, but it is there.

    And, when did we find that SCIENTISTS have been lying about the infrared spectrum of CO2 for two hundred years? A couple of blogging trolls do not trump centuries of real science. No serious climate scientist thinks it is generally getting colder. Nor do they say that you will roast; that is your little fantasy.


    ELAINE: Sorry, but NO, the temperature of the planet hasn’t risen in 14 years. Even the top warmists ‘climatologists’ finally have admitted this. Do NOT read liberal papers for news about the weather. They are nearly always dead wrong.

  5. melponeme_k

    @Jim R

    Again as I’ve told you before, Native Americans WALKED through Siberia across the Bering Strait into Alaska during the last Ice Age. It was WARM. A sign of WARM in these areas means ICE AGE.

  6. Jim R

    And as I’ve mentioned, melponeme_k:
    Native Americans walked when it was cold sometimes. They were a lot tougher than you give them credit for.

    If the only evidence of warmth is that you are HERE, well, OK. It never got down to -273°C. But the natives, at least up until they got ahold of snowmobiles, knew how to navigate ice and water. In fact, the land bridge across Bering only ever existed because of ICE somewhere. Lower sea level you know.

    WARM climate leads to NO ice, which means HIGHER sea level.

    In other words, that is less than no evidence at all. It is evidence of the opposite of what you say.

  7. emsnews

    False, again.

    The temperature varies like today only opposite. The East Coast of the US,/Canada continental parts became very cold and locked under a mile of ice while the coast of Alaska and Siberia were ice free.

  8. Jim R

    And? Your point?

    What evidence is there of this warm/cold disparity, and what does it have to do with AGW now?

    And, no, not false. When there are ice sheets, the sea level is down, and a lot of continental shelf becomes land. And vice-versa — in warm times, the sea level is higher, and more land is submerged. There is abundant cave evidence of old sea levels going both ways.

    It’s also worth noting, none of these ancient eras featured an animal digging up all the carbon in the earth’s crust and burning it. Long before the mammals emerged, and before most dinosaurs, there was a lot of carbon buried, however.

  9. Jim R

    Furthermore, ice-free does not equal warm. Parts of Antactica are ice-free, or have very little ice. They are cold, cold deserts.

  10. luc

    ‘There were stories this year out of Siberia of an unusually warm winter (they loved it, by the way), and you can see it on this map. ‘

    and an unusually cold – snowy winter and spring in USA-Canada. So now where are we heading? I have no idea.

  11. emsnews

    Siberia was never covered with mile thick glaciers. Canada and the northern states of the US especially around the Great Lakes were. This is the problem. If it is severely cold specifically in this area, it is a strong Ice Age signal.

  12. The NYT posts Governments Await Obama’s Move on Carbon to Gauge U.S. Climate Efforts

  13. luc

    If there is so much grain then why do prices rise? Surplus would indicate lower price?

  14. emsnews

    Luc, guess how much grain is used to make car fuel?

  15. luc

    I do not know but I assume most grain is ‘feedlot’ and gets turned into beef, pork etc.

  16. emsnews

    A HUGE amount of corn is used to make gasoline.

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