America Is Tired Of Hillary Clinton

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This is a picture of my grandson visiting the hospital last week.  I am very happy to be home but still am not out of the woods.  I seem to have a problem with my diaphragm of all things.


Now on to politics: Hillary Clinton has been all over the Democratic Party for many, many years now.  Her tenure as Secretary of State has been as bad as the Bush SoS.  The mess in Iraq has spread across the entire Muslim world with Egypt repressing liberals to total chaos in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, etc.


Saudi Arabia is directly responsible for this and the Saudi royals owned the Bushes and own the Clintons.  My parents did diplomacy inside Saudi Arabia under Reagan and when a police officer deliberately ran over a Saudi mother who was forced to cross the street without a man, my mother saw this and grew very enraged and went to the King and complained and then stormed out of the country.


She had BALLS.


I know some of the Saudi Royals, too, for they visited my parent’s home and when I did work in NYC, I could see them at the UN, for example.  They are all behind this mess in the world including 9/11/1.  Nearly all the hijackers were Saudis using the King’s funds!


This was hidden from the American people and our government went silent while stupid magic theories of bombs in buildings, etc. muddied the waters completely.  Now, rather than remember the lessons of 9/11 (DO NOT TRUST THE SAUDI ROYALS) we have now begun to just ignore it even as the forces of destruction gather strength.


The Jews have a huge element in all this.  Jewish owned media in America protects this cruel, evil family because the Jews think…LEARNING NOTHING FROM HISTORY…that they are safe if Muslims are killing each other.


All these Muslims have not forgotten the Jews at all and when the dust settles, Israel won’t exist anymore.  There are a billion Muslims and only a tiny handful of Jewish people on this planet and sowing chaos does the minority no good at all.


ISIS was created right under our noses in Iraq by the Saudis and it wouldn’t surprise me if they were first armed by Mossad, I have no proof but there were plenty of Americans who could possibly be Mossad on the side doing this in Iraq.



UCLA Offers Paid Internships to Illegals


Meanwhile, Hillary supports letting in masses of illegal aliens…again, I recall 9/11 because it was extremely traumatic for me (my husband used to work on the 66th floor in Building #2) so I cannot ever forget it.  The US was going to enforce its boarders much more closely instead Bush Jr. ran off to Iraq and launched an illegal war with a leader who had zero to do with 9/11 but who the Saudis who had around 80% responsibility got to get rid of a dangerous rival.


A taxpayer funded university system is going to pay illegal aliens to come to school at the expense of the taxpayers.  This boggles the mind.  It is insane. The flood of refugees pouring into Europe all, every one of them, come from formally stable countries some of which—Libya and Iraq—were giving social services to the people.  Now they are desperate and dying and trying to flee and Europe is being overwhelmed and this is due to Europe not stopping Bush Jr. and Obama’s many wars.


Obama is a war criminal like Bush Jr. and should be put on trial and he is a ‘lawyer’ and has no excuse.  And ditto, Hillary.  They are hardly any different from the Nazis in this regard.  Punish the media owners who backed blatant lies, too.




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14 responses to “America Is Tired Of Hillary Clinton

  1. Shawntoh Yeshe Dorjie

    Yup, Elaine, you got it right. The folks you mentioned doing evil will get it someday and maybe we won’t live to see it but it’s inevitable.

    Bad action attracts bad reactions, and as you have pointed out, encouraging warfare through the use of selling arms, sowing mutual hatred, and so on, –this is the meaning of “karma” in the truest sense! The kind of karma the rest of us WANT to AVOID.

    If only we could entice and buy all of ’em off and sending them packing to the nearest planet that they could name, “WAR”, and there, they could indulge themselves in whatever way they wish until they re-humanize themselves completely and then maybe we’ll let them come back to this planet.

    Otherwise, I say turn that planet, “WAR”, into one huge museum after they end up mutually destroying each other, and give tours to any life-form in the universe to show them why PEACE is the only solution!

    Glad to hear you are doing better, Elaine.

  2. ziff

    Hey Elaine your’re look’n good!

  3. Jim R

    Nice to see you back.

    I have continued to follow the Ukraine. Nothing much has changed. They are still trying to blame Russia, and not getting much traction anywhere but here in Bubbastan.

  4. Ken

    I’m not a big fan of Obama, but I wouldn’t call him a war criminal. In his two terms we have not gotten into any new wars. Granted, our troops have not come home 100% from the wars Bush started, but at least there are no new ones.

    Obama almost invaded Syria, but Putin talked him out of it.

  5. Jim R

    Ken, the Ukraine thing was entirely started on Obama’s shift. And yes, the USA has military “advisors” and “trainers” over there. Like Vietnam. Delusional about going to war against the bear. Like Napoleon and Hitler.

    As for not bringing troops home from Iraq, how long are wars supposed to last, anyway? Shouldn’t there be some resolution after more than a decade?

    There won’t be any trials for it, though, unless the whole empire collapses.

  6. CK

    Nice to have the proprietress back and in good form again.

  7. Petruchio

    Hi Elaine! Welcome back…

  8. Petruchio

    First off, a personal note to you Elaine: thank you for not printing a picture of that sleazy, hideous shrew Hillary Clinton! The very thought of her makes me want to wretch. The fact that the Bushes and Clintons are such good buddies with the evil Saudi Royals tells you more about OUR elites than the Saudis. The fact that the ONLY people allowed to fly for three days after 9 11 were bin Laden family members tells you all you need to know. I was still a brainwashed republican at the time and even I thought that suspicious. @@@”All these Muslims have not forgotten the Jews at all and when the dust settles, Israel won’t exist anymore.” Spot on, imho. Israel came extremely close to losing the Yom Kippur War in 1973! In 2005, Hexbollah handed them their Khazarian as#es. The Israelis should be afraid, VERY afraid. So what do the Israelis do? Take it out on the helpless Palestinians. I believe the Israelis will get a huge dose of Karma one of these days.

  9. Maddie's Mom

    Great picture Elaine 🙂

    Hope you’re feeling much better.

  10. Ziff

    Trump trump trump

  11. John

    #4 Ken,

    You forgot Libya. Not so much a war, exactly, but Obama did oversee the removal and execution of Gaddafi, and therefore bears responsibility for the collapse of the place, as does Hillary, who was SecState when it happened.

    So yeah, the Peace Prize Prez is definitely a war criminal. So is Harpy Clinton.

  12. emsnews

    I constantly mention Libya. The place had equal rights for women and social services for all and now it is a catastrophe where the oil is being pumped out and nothing goes to the populace. They greatly regret this destruction but it is too late now.

  13. Jim R

    And now everybody wonders why there are floods of ‘economic’ refugees from Libya. Because the destruction never made the news, except for that time some irate locals destroyed the ’embassy’ and killed off all the ‘ambassadors’.

    Notice how all these countries that needed overthrowing were the ones aligned with the USSR back before 1990.

  14. emsnews

    Putin has noticed this very much as has the Chinese.

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