I Ended Up With A GOOD Doctor And Have Again, Managed To Escape The Gates Of Death

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I painted this picture before I had any children, way back in 1969, in Tucson, Arizona.  This was to commemorate my earlier escape from the Gates of Death for I was one of the THREE first Americans to get the Hong Kong flu and I nearly didn’t survive that ordeal.  At one point during the night as my temperature rose above 104 and the nurses of the Free Clinic where I worked part time were covering me with ice to bring it down, one of them said, ‘Our coffee machine broke!”


I came out of my coma and said, ‘Put the coffee on me.  I can heat it up.’  This startled everyone.


At 3:am I came back to the surface and turned my head to the doctor standing over me and sighed, ‘If a bird lands on the bush by the window, and sings the dawn song, I will live.’  Went back to the Gates of Death which lies in the setting sun and then, a few hours later, the dawn came and a small sparrow alighted on the bush, the staff opened the window just in case a bird came…and it lit into melodious greeting to the Eastern Sun who keeps all of us alive.


I woke again and sighed, ‘Now I can sleep’.  I was turned from a active, hardworking very strong mountain climbing 19 year old into a skeleton but I cheated Death again!


This visit this summer at my familiar stomping grounds, aka, the Gates of Death, was not as dire but has harmed me.  I did lose a lot of weight.  I had sufficient insurance to spend a total of 6 trips in an ambulance or car and around three weeks in hospital.  But the medicine that is fixing my internal organs is very expensive: $300.  And it had to be made by a chemist.  But the minute I started drinking it, the stabbing pains ceased and I generally had only 3 hours sleep a night, now it is still annoying to sleep but I get at least 7 hours a night.  Only the last three days have I eaten solid food.


My fingers are still numb and my hands shake and I am sadly easily confused because the Watchers, if you visit the Gates of Death (they are basically Vultures of the Gods, ask Promethus about them!) messing with my brains.  My memory is coming back bit by bit and I am still very very weak and typing is torture due to the many mistakes,tiring.  Will talk tomorrow after I have another day of restoration.


Love you all, Elaine Supkis


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20 responses to “I Ended Up With A GOOD Doctor And Have Again, Managed To Escape The Gates Of Death

  1. Christian W

    Good to hear you are on the mend, Elaine. I can’t help but think that this is your body telling you something important. This is the second serious medical problem in a short period of time for you in a short time, third if you count the problem with the Achilles tendon.

  2. J Phillips

    Thank God!
    Love your picture from 1969 — so beautiful.
    Love the dawn bird song

  3. Old Pueblo friend Melissa

    Is the painting oil on wood panel? You had painted a number of those at that time, as I recall. I love seeing it. I love seeing the clothes you are wearing in it. My basic outfit was very similar. Back then, you had a magic closet! You had converted one of the clothes closets where you lived into a bird cage. Beautiful song came from that closet…it was so cool! Were they finches in there?

    I am so glad you are on the mend.


    ELAINE: Melissa!!! How can I forget you! I still have the drawing Hal drew of you sitting with wings, combing your long, auburn hair, it is on my office wall. I hope you have thrived. I have two adult children and one cute grandson and both husbands are friendly now and the ex lives down the street from my farm.

    I left politics back in 1992 after doing huge stuff in NYC and making the national news regularly. My nickname at the Daily News was ‘the Housewife from Hell.’

  4. Duski

    Great to read about your recovery. You have been one of bloggers that have opened my eyes to global problems ailing us.

    Also, even if I don’t generally believe in supernatural things, sometimes in some situations I feel like things are a bit hard to explain with intuition alone… although that might be often the case.

    Get well, stay healthy and live long.

  5. melponeme_k

    I’m glad you are getting better.

    That is a lovely picture. It looks very Tarot. You could design your own cards and get them vanity published.at sights like thegamecrafter.com.

    Keep resting!

  6. Simon

    I’m glad you are recovering to. Get well soon

  7. Craig

    Nice painting! What is that object in the lower left corner – a book?

  8. Petruchio

    Glad to hear you are on the mend, Elaine…

  9. Shawntoh Yeshe Dorjie

    Yes, yes, I thank the Goddess that the prayers worked! Elaine, I have been praying for you like a Money-Copulator and I hope you continue to heal. Thanks to everyone who sent healing energy to Elaine in what ever form –good thoughts, Reiki, prayers, and so on –anything you did that was positive for Elaine’s recovery. Peace.

  10. Shawntoh Yeshe Dorjie

    Great painting, Elaine. You’ve inspired me to head back to my easel to take up the brush again to complete some unfinished works that I’ve left dormant but can now complete.

  11. Shawntoh Yeshe Dorjie

    Another question, Elaine. Is this painting untitled or did you give it a name? Thanks and Peace.

  12. Shawntoh Yeshe Dorjie

    To Craig —

    Looks to me like it’s the classic, “Lord of the Rings”, in paperback form, which was quite popular at the time. Is this correct, Elaine? Thanks and Peace.


    Elaine: Yes, it is.

    My house was torn down in Tucson, AZ and I had to move. Went to NYC. Soon after leaving a military jet slammed into the ground where the house once stood. So I painted this picture as a memory after being very shocked at that near death experience. I saw the crash on TV and my mother went hysterical thinking momentarily that I was still living there.

  13. Good to have you back girl. Liebe Grüsse aus Deutschland.

  14. Hierophant

    Good to hear you are getting better!

  15. mike

    SAW stress tread mill tests are billing for 17,000 rather than the 256 dollars they were 2.5 years back…..more money printing savings destruction or fascist prison state insurance costs up times 65…?

  16. mike

    guess we will not notice the chain on our leg climbing Trumps wall, ….or being its installed by passport controlling irs it will be non mentionable…?

  17. CMcB

    Glad you are getting better sleep and able to nourish thyself. Keeng you in my prayers – may the healing Force smile upon you and be with you!

  18. wellwell

    Welcome back to health, Elaine! That was a very moving story about your struggle with Hong Kong flu, and the painting is wonderful.

    If there is an afterlife, then Death’s matches against reluctant creatures probably draw huge crowds. “Death v. Elaine Supkis: Part XII” would have been one of the most popular! 😉

  19. Anjan

    What a lovely post

  20. Judah

    Elaine, I’m glad you are still here. Best wishes on a speedy recovery… you can almost picture the virtual Hallmark sentiments, right?

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