Saudi Arabia Is Our Direst Enemy…And Eco-freak Germany Is Fake

For the last 50 years the US has claimed that the extreme oily oligarchy ruling ruthlessly the lands of Saudi Arabia are good guys.  The royals are not only extremely radical and very violent, they periodically sponsor terrorist attacks with the 9/11 event being the biggest done against an ‘ally’.  We are NOT allies of Saudi Arabia, we are their enemy in the long run, infidels who prevent them from ruling Jerusalem.  My family has had many intimate dealings with the Saudi Royals until my mother got in a big fight with them way back in 1979 when a Saudi royal deliberately ran over a Dutch woman riding a bike between ‘European towns’ set up for oil workers.  The lady wasn’t wearing a veil so the man ran her over to my mother’s great rage.


My parents stormed out of Saudi Arabia and never went back.  The US advertises that various Muslim groups are ‘evil’ but others are ‘allies’ even though they are all indistinguishable.  They barely differ in goals but only who gets to be the Big Boss.  One of the most brutal dictatorships on earth is Saudi Arabia.  Here is the latest scandal from there that is making EU news but not US news since the Zionists and Dominionists who conspire with the Saudis to run our country off the rails are hiding this news: Ali Mohammed al-Nimr crucifixion: UN issues urgent call for Saudi Arabia to stay execution of juvenile offender | Middle East | News | The Independent


‘But while the decision sparked outrage from campaigners and those affected by oppressive Saudi practices, the US State Department said it “welcomed” the move.

Speaking to AP’s Matt Lee, department spokesman Mark Toner said: “Frankly, we would welcome it. We’re close allies… We have a strong dialogue, a partnership with Saudi Arabia that spans many issues.

“We talk about human rights concerns with them. As to this leadership role, we hope that it’s an occasion for them to look at human rights around the world but also within their own borders.”’


The US has zero influence on Saudi executions which are medieval, deliberate, vicious, cruel and public.  Nothing that ISIS does is worse than Saudi Arabian actions.  They are IDENTICAL.  And carefully concealed from the US public.  The deliberate concealing of Saudi crimes is very thorough.  On 9/11 Saudi Arabian radicals sponsored by the royals did a gigantic attack on the US that killed hundreds of Americans and crippled thousands of citizens here and then the ‘investigation’ went way overboard to hide the Saudi royal connections as well as very obvious CIA connections since the hijackers were all trained next to Jupiter Island where many CIA agents including the Bush clan go to vacation or retire.


No one in the media asked why all the hijackers trained within spitting distance of one of the bigger CIA/Bush compounds.  Pure chance?  HAHAHA.  No.  It was all classified so US citizens would hear the fake stories and be thoroughly confused and think there were bombs in buildings and other ridiculous stories. Now, no one even mentions any of the information about Atta and his gang of very well connected Saudi pals.


Not only is Saudi Arabia chopping off the heads of young ladies in public because they unveil their faces in public, More than 700 pilgrims dead in hajj stampede outside Mecca as everything is now out of control there and run as if it were 400 AD.  These are our ‘allies’ in the ‘war on terror’ who are butchering Yemeni tribes and sending an army of angry Muslim males into Europe instead of protecting us from this flood.  This is a full blown invasion sponsored by the Saudis.


The Rape of Afghanistan by Justin Raimondo — talks about the terrible scandal in Afghanistan where two US generals were punished for trying to save a brutally raped boy SLAVE from the clutches of our favorite warlords there.  This disgusting story is EXACTLY what happens every day in Saudi Arabia.  Want to know how many boy sex slaves are tormented there?  100, 500, 10,000?  We don’t know but it is at the higher end of the scale.


Right wing Republicans screaming about violent gay sex are silent, aren’t they?  They claim they love ‘liberty’ and hate gay sex but are they demanding we arrests the rapist general in Afghanistan?  The silence screams as loud as these poor raped boys at night.  The GOP is not demanding this stop.


And Europe continues to collapse internally and internationally:  VW scandal: BMW shares plunge after SUV ‘exceeds’ EU emissions standards while the VW boss Martin Winterkorn quits, and says: ‘I did nothing wrong’.  Europe is doing yet another mass suicide event after two previous near-successful events during the 20th century.  This death wish is peculiar.  Why does Europe want to fold up and die?  A very serious question for historians of the future.


Germany, reeling under the impact of a massive invasion of Muslim males that have paralyzed transportation in key areas and created great chaos and much higher expenses is now reeling under a widening scandal about ‘green’ manufacturing rules that were frauds.  This green fraud cuts to the heart of EU pretensions about being ‘eco-smart’ showing that this is all a big, fat, screaming lie especially the Germans who were the biggest eco-fakers on earth.  The government is going to fall but nothing will be fixed, it is too late to run away from the eco-mess created by the eco-freaks of Germany.


Serves them all right.


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16 responses to “Saudi Arabia Is Our Direst Enemy…And Eco-freak Germany Is Fake

  1. Petruchio

    “This is a full blown invasion sponsored by the Saudis.” Yes the Saudi Royals are well aware of how much they are hated within their own country and throughout much of the Middle East. It isn’t hard to figure out why the Saudi Royals are pushing this Muslim “invasion” of Europe. Better their homegrown revolutionary elements invade Europe than stay in the Middle East and pick up AK-47’s and start shouting, “Death to the Saudi Royals!!!” Yes, the Saudis are “great” allies. They dump their sh#t on their alleged allies and to hell with the consequences. Of course, I can’t really blame the Saudis for having so much contempt for Westerners. I mean, they think all Westerners are like their favorite Western pets, the Bush Crime Family. Seriously. Would YOU have a hard time figuring out that George W and the Jebster are a couple of nincompoops who can’t wipe their as#es without instructions?

  2. Sunger

    “My parents stormed out of Saudi Arabia and never went back.”

    I’ll bet the Saudis were really really upset by this.

  3. Sunger

    “My family has had many intimate dealings with the Saudi Royals”

    And what pray-tell were the big issues that the Saudi Royals absolutely needed your family to help them with????

  4. Jim R

    It was Al somebody. Buncha guys named Al over there, apparently.

    What is amusing is to watch the US generals argue in DEFENSE of All-Queedah, the ones who allegedly knocked down the WTC. The Russians want to eradicate them from Syria, an old Russian ally in the Middle East.

    And the USA wants to defend them. Not to mention all the weapons and money they’ve been sending them while publicly claiming that they’re fighting them.

  5. Christian W

    The US has been best buddies with the Saudi royals since WWII. Nothing will happen to them until the oil has run dry; then the US will back stab the royals and steal all the money, probably citing the autocracy and heinous brutality of the Saudi ‘regime’ as reasons.

  6. Sunger

    “My family has had many intimate dealings with the Saudi Royals until my mother got in a big fight with them way back in 1979”

    I thought your parents were astronomers. How would a US couple who are astronomers end up being insiders who were “intimate” with the Saudi Royals?

    And exactly where in Saudi did they practice astronomy? Or were they just high-level diplomats?

    Of course they were high-level diplomats to China and Russia also.

    Oh and of course there is the stint as the head of rocket warfare in WW2.

  7. Jack


    While there’s room to question and criticize some of Elaine’s claims, Professor Aden Meinel really was a big shot with multitude of talents.

    Using only publicly available news and documents, we can confirm a couple of things. Read the following:

    We know for certain that Prof. Meinel was a part of Operation Paperclip. He practically admitted to this when he said in an Optical Society of America (OSA) interview that he was in Germany during the end of WW2 to rescue German opticians from incoming Soviets.

    Prof. Meinel was a huge name in solar power and in optical imaging. (He was one of the guys analyzing the problem in the Hubble Telescope when the initial images turn out to be poor.) In one of his textbooks, he talked about analyzing aerial images taken over Saudi Arabia. It’s completely plausible that Prof. Meinel was in Saudi Arabia for one or both of these research.

    Prof. Meinel was not the head of any rocket research during WW2. He was way too young. However, he was part of the rocket research program in Caltech. This means he personally knew Qian Xuesen, the father of the modern Chinese rocketry. Qian Xuesen attained a very high status in the People’s Republic of China and in the Chinese Communist Party. Prof. Meinel’s personal connection with such a man would make him a very important diplomatic asset, regardless of formal education and professional experience in politics, law, or diplomacy.

    ELAINE; He was not ‘incharge’ of the rocket program…he was in charge of implementing Operation Paperclip in Germany. He is the one who actually went physically deep inside the secret rocket caves in Germany as the Soviets were bombing the place and the Nazis were doing a last stand.

    He did terrible things there that day. It scarred him for life and this is why he, one of the upcoming top rocket scientists in the USA quit working in that field full time because he knew all the crimes of the rocket scientists.

    The horrors he saw that day…like the French rocket SLAVES he rescued and who considered him to be the greatest human on earth…scarred him for life.

  8. Jim R

    Optics guys were pretty important in the spy industry too, back in the day. The telescopes they designed were not only pointed out into space, but back at the home planet. From not so very far away.

    They used to brag that they could read the label on Fidel’s cigar, but these days they’ve gone blind, and can’t provide images of jumbo jets that went off course, nor see the Russian army invading the Ukraine.

  9. He was the #1 source of information for several Presidents. Only Nixon hated him and 50% of that was due to ME. Not him. At first I thought my father would never forgive me but he not only did that but when he was on the Enemy List of Nixon, he understood how evil Nixon was.

  10. Anne On Y'Mouse

    Speaking of major German corporations that in trouble, don’t forget Deutsche Bank. Don’t know how long they will contain that stinking mess . . .

    Here is some news from this year, the stress is in the system.

    ECB Removes Deutsche Bank, State Street From ABS Program

    Santander and Deutsche Bank fail US ‘stress tests’

    Deutsche Bank got great deal because investors thought it was Germany’s central bank, board member admits

    Deutsche Bank must face $190 mln US tax fraud case

    Deutsche Bank to shrink investment banking unit in Russia

    Deutsche Bank Co-CEOs Jain and Fitschen Resign

    Deutsche Bank Plans to Cut 23,000 Jobs, Mainly in Technology from Spin Off of PostBank Division

  11. Lou

    Germany, hmmmmm
    Because what really happened is that entire quarters in cities and towns alike have turned into no-go areas where the law won’t tread anymore. Ruled by vicious clans from Albania, Turkey, Lebanon, et al who run the usual rackets, they also sell you stolen BMWs or fake Syrian passports, deadly crack or underage girls hooked on heroin, transplant kidneys or just plain murder on demand.

    Meanwhile, Germany on the whole has become a paradise for foreign miscreants who occasionally commit crimes so cruel and horrible that it defies any imagination and who, if caught at all by an entirely overworked police, are considered most benignly by liberal judges who tread the officially decreed line and do not jeopardize their careers.

    This state of affairs is massively backed up by a subservient media that will never divulge names and nationalities of culprits, but mentions in the best of cases that the lad was squat and had a “southlandish” demeanor. These policies are understandable if one knows who pays the journalists. The publisher of Die Zeit, for example, once one of Germany’s most revered gazettes and now rapidly in decline, is on the payroll of at least seven different NGOs, all owned by the CIA, the State Department, and similar transatlantic outfits.

    Writers here Don’t get paid for their work. Email to buy additional rights.

  12. Lou

    How evil was Nixon?

  13. Nixon was VERY evil.

    And he hated me, hahaha. Personally, too. Nixon stuck the CIA and FBI on me and I was, back then, a very young and rather cute girl and more than one agent had a more amusing time with me than otherwise…hehehe.

    They had fun. But Nixon: I made his life very miserable.

    Jimmy Carter loves my dad and rescued him and I love Jimmy Carter with all my heart, he is really, REALLY a wonderful, sweet, loving man. Totally unappreciated by the US public thanks to our media which is run by some of the ugliest bastards on earth.

  14. Nixon literally chased my dad out of the USA. Jimmy Carter called him up and asked him to please come visit him privately so my dad flew to Carter’s humble home and spent the weekend there and became one of his top advisors that day and he was SO VERY HAPPY.

    Jimmy is a very pleasant person! He is laid back and patient. My father was a Republican all his life and Jimmy turned him into a Democrat. In just one day. My dad, who was often very cruel to me before this, became much much more loving thanks to Jimmy Carter’s benign influence.

    It just enrages me how this fine President has been demonized by our rulers. But then, I have been demonized by them all, too.

  15. Jim R

    Carter was the last reasonable, decent President.

    We are now in our ninth term of Reagan. Ugh.

  16. Jack

    Jimmy Carter did put Zbigniew Brzezinski in charge. That’s one huge mark against Carter as a good man.

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