Hillary And Amazon.com Bezos Attack Free Press, Want Censorship


The Washington Post continues to attack the alternative media while being forced to admit they are all liars, themselves.  This is just one example of the now-total warfare the mainstream media billionaires are waging to kill off all forms of alternative media systems.


They need to impose Soviet-style controls on who gets information so they can continue to gleefully loot our nation, burden us with mountains of debt, encourage race wars, engage in wars against foreign governments on behalf of alien countries which control Congress, they get to do all this with no one discussing any issues at all.


They want a dumbed-down public who go into one war after another based on lies.  When did this start?  Oh, yes, the good old Vietnam War!  During that war, I was a reporter for the Underground News which we students set up on our own using primitive printing devices of various sorts.


The Washington Post has appended its story accusing ‘Russia of spreading fake news’, saying it cannot vouch for the research of its independent ‘experts.’


The newspaper had reported claims from anonymous group PropOrNot which said it had identified more than 200 websites as ‘routine peddlers of Russian propaganda during the election season’ – some knowingly and others as ‘useful idiots.’


The Washington Post is staffed by ‘useful idiots’ only they are increasingly useless since even a child can figure out, if they have access to world news via the Internet, that the Washington Post is run by a gaggle of giggling war criminals bent on starting WWIII with Hillary, the most evil woman on earth at this point.


Want proof?


The now totally evil totalitarian, Hillary Clinton, goes on the warpath about telling lies to the US public, blaming bloggers for the shooting at the pizza parlor while she can avoid war crimes trials for lying about entire countries, causing thousands and thousands of people to die, based on HER own lies…!!!


The Democrat lost last month’s presidential election to Republican Donald Trump in a shock upset, with several Trump critics arguing that the prominence of fake articles shared on Facebook and other social media may have affected the outcome.


The phenomenon nearly turned deadly this week when a rifle-wielding man entered a pizza restaurant in Washington saying he wanted to investigate a fake news story that wrongly stated the Comet Ping Pong restaurant was a center for child abduction linked to Clinton and a top adviser.


 “It’s now clear that so-called fake news can have real world consequences,” Clinton told current and former US senators on Capitol Hill where she attended a ceremony for outgoing Democratic Senate minority leader Harry Reid.


Too bad only I get hit by lightning bolts.  When I was a child, I wondered why I got hit so many times.  It is most annoying.  None of the lightning events hurts me, which is also very peculiar, but still, I was told not to lie because you might get hit by lightning bolts.


Oh, ahem…as a child, I would lie about stuff like ‘Did you take the cookies and eat them by yourself?’  Yes, bad little kiddie!  But epic liars like we have running our country, no, Thor leaves them all alone, they have to die in other ways, not this way.


Yikes.  The lies!  They hurt my eyes!  The problem here is, LIBERALS are carrying torches and screaming we must have censorship and crush any opposition which is why I say, they are not ‘liberals’ at all but my ancient enemies on the left: MAOISTS.  Yes, they don’t wave the Little Red Book anymore.


But they carry the message of Mao in their dark, dirty little hearts.  This is why they don’t bat an eyelash while demanding censorship, punishment of people using Twitter to say non-PC stuff, etc.


Some really hilarious news.  MSNBC kills ‘Breaking News’ website due to it costing too much to spread DNC propaganda and lies:


The service includes Twitter account with 9.4 million followers, as well as a mobile app and website that reports breaking news from around the globe. 

BreakingNews.com was acquired by MSNBC Digital seven years ago. It has approximately 20 staffers…In September, Breaking News captured the top technology award in the category of digital journalism presented by the respected Online News Association. 


The goofy Online News Association website is hilarious and very fake liberal organization.  Look at the smug picture at their webpage:


The game is so simple: start ‘organizations’ that give awards to the people who fund and build these ‘organizations’ and then hand themselves awards for being good little boys and girls.  Then tell everyone, the lying, corrupt, Soviet-style system is running just fine, look at all the awards!


What is truly hilarious with this story is, how the propaganda operation was a total failure and lost the election due to being unable to spread the proper amount of propaganda so MSNBC which had fake news all the time, is terminating it!


HAHAHA.  They really, really want us to die laughing at them.  Really stupid stuff, no?  It is really sad, watching these miserable, nasty, very self-righteous people stomp on everything and then collapse due to losing money doing this.  I hope they all go bankrupt.


Even a billionaire can’t pay peons to write and disseminate lies forever while losing money because the rest of us refuse to pay for the propaganda!





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10 responses to “Hillary And Amazon.com Bezos Attack Free Press, Want Censorship

  1. Lou

    But Bezos is for Gay Marriage.

    Meanwhile, censorship of Pizza gate goes on. Saw a CNN disinformation piece the other nite. And I only watch TV when I am at the gym.

    Pizza Gate Now a Thought Crime!!!
    Being Banned on Youtube …
    This Will Be My Last Video On YouTube . David Seamen channel.

  2. Lou

    Time has Trump with horns, ‘divided America,’

  3. pontiff holysh*t

    US wars based on lies goes back way before Viet nam; in fact, they are all pretty much based on lies.

  4. Lou

    Pontiff. I agree. I assume the Rothschilds are making money from them. Perhaps selling weapons to both sides.



  5. Lou

    Wiki leaks on Hillarys illnesses,

  6. Nani

    Outgoing vice president Joe Biden says that Justin Trudeau of Canada and Angela Merkel of Germany is the last remaining hope for the “Western liberal order”. Yeah right..

    These fake liberals has done more damage to the West than one could possibly have imagined.

  7. emsnews

    Yup, the last ‘liberals’ who are Bilderberg gangsters, of course.

  8. Christian W

    “Neo”liberalism has worked exactly as planned. The “real left”, such as it was, was split off in the 80s. The left that wanted to tackle “real” issues was simply pushed out of the political discourse and only and the elite serving “Democrats” were allowed to have a say. Now the “Democrats” are using the nutty fringe left as a substitute for the real left to fill the vacuum and pretend they have any substance at all apart from serving the elites.

    A similar thing happened to the right. The “real” conservatives were pushed out and the nutty neocons took over. This is the blowback of the Oligarch rulers against democratic power based on the will of the majority of Americans (and by extention Europeans). The people in the US and Europe have no input on the power politics of the Deep State Oligarchs, and their clicks of servants, as things stand now.

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