Obama Coup: Tries To Stop Exploring For Oil ‘FOREVER’


From today’s Washington Post I am posting a screenshot of the entire front page news feed there because it illustrates the hubris and power hungry yet inept rule of ‘liberals’ in the US who follow super rich despots like Amazon.com’s owner of a vast slave plantation of minimum wage workers, Bezos.  His view of the world is warped by his vast power and wealth and nothing pisses him off more than having a rich, powerful Trump oppose him.


First, the news that Obama UNILATERALLY without any consultation with Congress, decided to shut down all exploration for resources along vast tracks of land.  According to Bezos and the other Hillary supporters, our present President can unilaterally do this and make it stick forever, ditto with treaties he signs with others while not passing it through Congress.


In other words, Bezos and his Bilderberg gangster buddies are claiming the President can operate as a dictator.  Simultaneously, they are shouting at the American voters that Trump is gong to be…a dictator!  This dual push is simple: Democrats can be dictators but not Republicans.


It won’t fly, of course.  It is legally impossible and I hope that people take this to the Supreme Court which will be no longer run by Democrats who seem bent on running America as a dictatorship.


How’s that?  Well, there are several bases of DNC power in the US: the inner cities that have huge welfare populations, the two coasts where imports flow in and thus, thrive while the inner parts of the nation withers on the vine due to ‘free trade’ and of course, California which is going bankrupt even as it is one of the ‘richest states in America’ and along with NYC which limps along on the verge of bankruptcy, too.  Where the super rich pay nearly no taxes and the super poor congregate to suck up taxpayer funds while committing crimes: this is the DNC power machine.


Which is badly broken for the DNC has no real power anymore in Congress, the White House or soon, the Supreme Court.  So the DNC rulers (who are mainly all very rich or very corrupt these days…Sanders was not a DNC guy at all and yet they had $2 million to bribe him!) only have one tool left: the media.  DNC Bilderberg gangsters run the top media systems and use it to spray lies and propaganda across the nation.  It is nearly uniform now which is why discontent in the ‘red’ parts of the US is rising rapidly.


Recently, while driving my car around, I listened to NPR.  This is ‘public’ radio but it is actually a propaganda arm of the DNC. What tripe they had!  Every story was pitched as a negative towards Trump including, significantly, news about his push to force the Bilderberg gangsters to return US jobs to the US and hopefully, not import foreign labor to run things.


Oh my, the dripping venom about this story was astonishing!  Basically, the NPR reporter sneered that he didn’t bring home ALL the jobs!  Not even in the White House yet, had victories that Obama told voters, were impossible for himself to do, Trump did it!  Instead of marveling about this and explaining how the DNC head, Obama, constantly failed to do this, the NPR barking dog attacked Trump for doing this.


I am totally finished with NPR now.  It was so insulting, I was so disgusted, I decided it is pointless to listen to them ever again.  I go to the NYT and WP daily only because they are online and great for illustrating how the Bilderberg gang runs things.  I don’t believe a word they publish.



Now on to Russian news from Russia Today: it is much saner news as we can see above.  The German ladies are to wear ‘anti-rape pocket alarms’ as if that would do any good.  A gun would work wonders.  Everyone could hear the women screaming last year.  This year, I bet no women will show up.


And with crazy Islamic terrorists tearing through Germany as well as the rest of Europe and Turkey, too, no one except angry Muslim males will be celebrating the new year.  I think Europe is finally waking up? Or maybe being suicidal is OK now.  Hell’s bells, their Bilderberg gang rulers want WWIII with Russia!  Fun times for nuclear explosions eradicating much of Europe.


Note that both the Turks and Russians wonder if the US is behind the latest assassination.  Since Hillary, Obama and their gang talk tough to Russia and blame everything including their own raging incompetence on Russia…no wonder, Russia is God.  Can do anything, anywhere, any time.  Meanwhile, the CIA and NSA boast about exactly that.  Ahem.  Fools.

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25 responses to “Obama Coup: Tries To Stop Exploring For Oil ‘FOREVER’

  1. Lou

    NYC was ‘broke’ in the 1970s.
    And hurt by subway and police strikes.

    NYC was the first big USA city to go broke.
    Perhaps Lindsays ‘take in all the PRs and put them on welfare’ did that.
    Listen to a song called, ‘The Royal Scam’ and think about what I noted!

    The Japanese bought the bonds to save the big apple.

    NPR-PBS gets half billion a year from government?
    Goodman is a ((( ))).
    Here, http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2012/01/trying-for-npr-job-helps-to-be-named-ari-shapiro/

  2. Petruchio

    When you discover that NPR/PBS is funded by entities such as The Gates Foundation and Goldman Sachs, that SHOULD tell you all you need to know about where NPR/PBS are coming from.

  3. Christian W

    Goldman Sachs stock price increase 33% after Trump wins election.


  4. Nani

    Looks like the alleged perpetrator of the Berlin attack has been under the police radar for a long time. He was even arrested three times for thefts and robberies, and yet he was roaming around Europe as a free man..


    After the attack in Berlin, the only thing the German mainstream media seemed to be concerned about was the potential rise of right wing extremism.

    I just see no hope anymore for this nation, Germany. It is a country so deeply ingrained in political correctness, and shame about its past, that it is incapable of seeing the real danger of radical islam staring them right in their eyes.

    Germany, as i see it, is a lost cause.

  5. Christian W

    Driver jobs, huge part of employment, will be automated predicts the White House. That’s another 3 million jobs gone.


  6. DeVaul

    “It won’t fly, of course.”

    Your right, and here’s why:

    Trump Backtracks on “draining the swamp” after meeting with Gingrich. (my words)

    “Trump himself had alluded to mixed feelings about the slogan during a Dec. 8 rally in Des Moines, Iowa, part of his triumphant postelection “Thank You” tour.

    “Funny how that term caught on, isn’t it?” he said. “I hated it. Somebody said ‘drain the swamp.’ I said, ‘Oh, that’s so hokey. That is so terrible.’ I said, ‘All right, I’ll try it.’ So, like, a month ago I said, ‘Drain the swamp.’ The place went crazy. I said, ‘Whoa, watch this.’ Then I said again. Then I started saying it like I meant it, right? And then I said it, I started loving it.”

    Trump used the refrain throughout October, and has reprised it at every stop on his “Thank You” tour. His critics have taken to repurposing it to attack the president-elect’s choices of prominent bankers for his Cabinet, arguing that he is not draining the swamp so much as bringing in different alligators.

    Gingrich told NPR that Trump was shedding some of his campaign language — including a prominent threat to jail Hillary Clinton — now that he has won.”


    Just look at that image of Trump with Gingrich.

    Can someone tell me whether Obama was actually president or just president-elect before he started dumping all of his campaign promises? I think he was actually president when he had the meeting with his Wallstreet bosses in the Oval Office during which he said: “Gentlemen, please. Show some restraint. This administration is the only thing standing between you and the pitchforks.” It was in the Oval Office, so I think he WAS president.

    Trump will do the same — apparently, before he even takes the oath of office.

    No jail for Hillary, no jail for bankers, and no draining of the swamp.

  7. emsnews

    Where did you get this ‘news story’, DeVaul. Most ‘mainstream’ stories at this point in time are fabrications, aka, Fake News.

  8. JimmyJ

    I keep rambling on to people who roll their eyes that there are no alternatives to oil if we want to keep our computers, smartphones, tvs basically all technology other than cars. I tell them give up all that then demand for oil will drop and with no exception they all say “No way!”

    Of course they mostly agree with greenhouse gas limits not realizing it’ll take them to the same meagre standard of living whether they like it or not.

    As far as the Arctic, they’ll soon be mining clathrates instead of drilling for oil, a far messier disruption to the shelf ecology. This is Obama’s gift to stakeholders not ecofreaks.

  9. Lou

    Orwell warned us.

    ‘mainstream’ stories at this point in time are fabrications, aka, Fake News’.

  10. Seraphim

    @The German ladies are to wear ‘anti-rape pocket alarms’ as if that would do any good. A gun would work wonders.

    I have heard from a former Russiam military man who was laughing at the measures introduced in France (I think) to train people in judo techniques to be able to fight terrorists! He was saying that only an AK would help.

  11. DeVaul

    Umm… the link to the story is in the middle of my post. Did you even read it? It was on Yahoo.com, or is Yahoo.com a “fake” website?

    If most MSM news is now fake, why do you keep commenting on it as if it even mattered? That is actually my biggest question of all and what caused me to post here again. What has changed your mind about MSM news?

    I only read RT.com myself, but when I see a story like this before checking my email, I read it. Apparently, even Reagan himself said he would “drain the swamp”, but it just got deeper under his rule. This is how all empires end, so I find that this particular news story probably is true as it seems to be trying to calm down the DC establishment about some of the things Trump said during his “populist” uprising of billionaire bankers.

    If it is completely false and totally made up, I would like to see concrete proof of that and how you found that out. That might be useful to me in the future so I don’t make the same mistake again.

    Also, in all fairness, if I see you writing an entire article on an MSM news story here while insinuating that I am reading fake news (from the same source), then I feel that I am being subjected to a double standard.

    Did Obama really declare an end to oil drilling? Or is that fake news?

    You quote the Washington Post of all papers! Is it real? Or fake?

    Lou, what’s your take on a story from the vaunted Washington Post? True? Or totally false? Help me out here.

  12. DeVaul

    Whoops! Now the same story is on RT.com. Is it fake too?


  13. DeVaul

    Wow! This story is spreading fast all over RT.com.


    Guess the Russians just realized who they are really dealing with now. Putin did say, after all, that they would have to wait and see given Trump’s penchant for unpredictability, but after appointing three Goldman Sachs employees to his administration, I think it is clear where this is all going.

    The other story on RT.com is about how Trump “duped” all those poor angry white men with his promises of change. I believe Obama did the same thing, so if we assume the game is going to be the same, then perhaps we can simply call the Obama/Trump presidential period the “Trauma” for short.

  14. charlottemom

    I think the Goldman guys are on Trump team because of bitcoin/blockchain.
    Trump has assembled some very strong bitcoin proponents on his team. This will be a big big deal ! And yes goldman will get rich coordinatin this up for USA bUT is a great development away from central banks. Wouldny thatbe considered draining the swamp? What does the term mean to you?
    RE Gingrich comments on Trump not draining the swamp…maybe these two had a falling out (newt hasnt been selected for a role in trump admingso at maybe trump has flushed newt away. I can hope)

  15. emsnews

    Devaul, all the stories are the same, GINGRICH is claiming this ‘news’ is happening, not Trump. No one interviewed Trump to see what he thinks.


  16. Lou

    Which story?

    Lou, what’s your take on a story from the vaunted Washington Post? True? Or totally false? Help me out here.

  17. DeVaul

    @ Lou,

    The one at the top of this article, and which this article is all about.

    @ Charlottemom,

    “Draining the swamp” has always been understood as ending the massive corruption that exists in DC. At least, that is how us little people view it.

    If the corruption simply shifts to the manipulation of “bitcoins”, then the swamp remains. The bribes will just be paid in a different currency.

    That is what “draining the swamp” means to us out in the flyover states.

    @ Elaine,


    So Trump is a liar. Thank you for finally admitting that to us. Thank you.

    Now that Trump has Sieg Heiled Bibi and nixed the two state idea, we are actually closer to an all out nuclear war than before. I believe it was you who said in the past that the “Israel, Israel ueber Alles” mania and the fight for that hell-hole called Jerusalem was the one flashpoint that could start an all out nuclear exchange.

    Trump refused to recognize any claim of Palestine to their own land, so now we will probably see more terrorist attacks like the 9/11 deal. I am really disappointed in his foreign policy. A smart businessman would have just kept his mouth shut and not commit to either side in that matter. That’s the best way to keep terrorists from flooding our country — don’t take sides in a matter that does not concern us and is riven with religious fanatics.

    Also, if Trump never said what Gingrich claims he said, he hasn’t tweeted to his followers that he never said that and that Gingrich made it all up. That’s the first thing you do when someone is spreading lies about you — unless they are not lies.

    I guess the Chinese were right. Trump missed Foreign Policy 101.

  18. emsnews

    ALL HUMANS LIE. It is our nature to lie. Monkeys do it, too.

    The question here is how do we manage things? We had a choice this year: obvious Bilderberg gangster criminals or two outsiders, Trump or Sanders?

    Our media and nearly all of Congress wanted the Bilderberg gangster having supported a series of these, Obama, both Bushes and the Clintons in the past and they wanted to continue doing this.

    See? We didn’t vote for ‘who is PERFECT’ but who was not a Bilderberg co-conspirator.

  19. emsnews

    Speaking about lying, I have trained animals all my life. I recall a conversation I had with Sparky, my stallion. The electric fence was turned off and he ran off to cavort with mares down the road.

    I showed him the electric fence controls and said, ‘Did you do this?’ The rubber tip was on the ground with his teeth marks in it. He looked me right in the eye and snorted in derision. ‘You naughty creature,’ I said, ‘You can’t fool me.’ He snorted again, which is how horses laugh.

    Yes, humans are easy to fool. It took me three times to figure out how Sparky turned off the electric fence. And he knew this.

  20. DeVaul

    My hearing dog did the same thing to me when he was young. He loved to bark incessantly at the neighbors or anyone who came near my yard, but also knew that I had told him to stop doing that, so when he saw an opportunity to run to the fence and start barking, he would suddenly stop and look back at the dining room window to see if the curtain was partially drawn. If it was, he would just stand there and wait until I got tired of watching him or he lost interest.

    But one day he found a way to deceive me. He figured out that I could not see him behind the garage, so he barked constantly at my poor neighbor while she was trying to plant flowers for HOURS until she came over one day totally exhasperated and asked me to put my dog inside. After that, I agreed to share the cost of building a wooden fence on my yard to keep my dog from barking at her from only a few inches away through the old wire fence. He still barked, but she did not have dog spit landing on her face, so some good came of it.

    I don’t have a problem with your and others decision to vote for Trump. What I have a problem with is the attempt to make him larger than life and portray him as someone who is going to really change things and “make America great again”. This will not happen.

    He is a master of deception, and four years from now most of you here will be hanging your heads in disappointment just like you did after four years of Obama.

    Finally, did it even occur to anyone here that he may have wanted to win just so he would be accepted by the same gang that shunned him? A man with an ego the size of his cannot stand being shunned by other rich and powerful men, so I expect him to become a full fledged member of the Bilderberg gang in due time, and that will be his big reward: acceptance to the inner circles of power.

  21. emsnews

    Odd way to be ‘accepted’ when the easy way is to BRIBE THE BASTARDS AND BITCHES. See?

    Can he run things right? I doubt it due to how the system is set up to not run right otherwise we wouldn’t be deep in debt and near zero manufacturing, etc. Talk about stupid!

    But our real rulers ARE stupid…they have zero sense of history and think their ‘wealth’ will last like ancient Rome which…collapsed.

  22. emsnews

    The Trojan war! Ah, the other thing I thought a lot about during my life. It happened after the tsunami and volcanic eruption destroyed the Minoan people so utterly they left little behind but a few stories and some ruins…the ‘Greeks’ were quite different from the Classical Greeks.

    They were very different…and the only things they left behind were two amazing stories, the Illiad and the Odessy and a few ruins that were dug up 3,500 years later by a German millionaire who read the books and wanted to prove to the world, the stories were real.

    Will we be a myth with a few ruins to show where we once ruled? Only ONE building still stood in England from the ancient Roman rule, the Bath at Bath. All the many, many other buildings were utterly eradicated, not one stone left standing. Not even half-ruined. Wiped out by the people who replaced the Romans (via killing them all).

  23. DeVaul

    “Odd way to be ‘accepted’ when the easy way is to BRIBE THE BASTARDS AND BITCHES. See?”

    I’m not sure Trump actually had the money to bribe so many rich and powerful people, most of whom had more money than him. Also, because of his numerous bankruptcies and other bad deals, no one really knows what he is worth with so many liabilities attached to his spurious businesses.

    He pretends to know himself, but I would not be surprised if he didn’t. He just got fined 25 million for running a scam school for business entre-stupids.

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