CIA Demands WWIII Because Russia Has New Air DEFENSE Systems


Alert News:CIA Prepares For War With Russia, The Response Russia’s New S 500 Deadly Air Defence –Yes, Russia has a strong military and a great deal of this is DEFENSIVE because there is this very long history of invaders attacking Russia with no warning.  Russia is ready for WWIII.  They recently did a civilian alert for WWIII whereas our government didn’t even lift a finger to do this while at the same time, Congress, Obama the Peace Pig, and Hillary the Hysterical scream WWIII all the time with zero civilian alerts.   Now look at Russian news:  Putin: Russia will not expel anyone in response to US sanctions!


New York Times top headlines!  They want war with Russia because ‘Russia let us learn about Hillary’s secret stuff that we should know since she is a war criminal and a crook.’  That is, the war monger who snarled about a 4 minute warning for nuclear war (!!!) was cheated out of her election via fiat due to Russians supposedly letting us know the truth about her and her gang!  How dare they do this, the ‘liberals’ whine endlessly.screen-shot-2016-12-30-at-7-06-15-am

And this is today’s Washington  Note the ‘epidemic of self-destruction’ story which is all about how poor whites are flooded with heroin after 8 years of Obama.  The WP notes that ‘the towns where the ECONOMY COLLAPSED…’ is where it is at its worse.  And who, pray tell, destroyed the ‘economy’ of our main industrial cities?  Eh?  Who, pray tell…I would love to have those people who did this, punished!

The NYT has an editorial about who should be punished: RUSSIA.  Yup.  Russia is the danger here, not the Bilderberg gang efforts at eliminating all our industrial base and destroying families and homes across ‘red state America.’  This hostile attack on our nation was not cooked up in Moscow, it was cooked up on Wall Street and DC and Europe ‘allies’.


The NYT has its entire editorial staff screaming for WWIII.  The NYT reports on the front page as of just a few minutes ago, that Putin, who is SANE, Rejects Advice of Aide to Retaliate for Obama’s Move and will trust Trump will be also as sane and undo the messes of Obama who is dropping shit like a poorly trained pooch.


Trump Agrees to Briefing After Dismissing Hacking but the news that Putin trusts Trump to not escalate things deliberately will make this moot.  That is, the ‘proof’ is nearly nothing otherwise the rulers would show us this ‘proof’.  They cannot.



Washington Post’s front page.  Uniform news with the NYT warmongering.


I get great news from Russia these days.  Here is RT news talking about liberals in Europe:  Guardian engaged in ‘journalistic fraud’ in Assange interview rewrite – Greenwald complains.  The ‘Guardian’ is a ‘liberal’ (sic) Brit paper which has decided this year to ape Nazi Germany’s newspapers or Pravda in the dead Soviet Union: that is, telling nonstop lies.


Greenwald will not appear in any lefty newspapers in the US because they are now all fascist Nazis.  This sudden desire to ape Hitler has seized all the left this week.


Obama’s sanctions ‘gesture of despair, poisoned gift’ for Trump admin – Russian senator correctly figures out what is going on.  This is a desperate lunge by fake liberals.  Working as the front troops for the internationalists of the Bilderberg gang, they leap off the cliff of sanity and want WWIII with them as the Nazis doing sneak attacks on paranoid Russia.


This is a great way to start WWIII: daring Russia to launch all their missiles first.  WWIII like WWII will be launched by sneak attacks.  First, some sabre rattling then the sneak attack…this is more likely with nuclear war for the winner will be whoever attacks first and prevents retaliation.


The problem with the US is, our rulers are stupid.  They think if they scream for a sneak attack over and over again, then it will happen.  Only Russia and China will move before this screaming is done.  Duh.  All they have to do is warn the US to stop screaming and then nuke us.


This flaw in ‘how to do a sneak attack’ is exactly why the US cannot survive WWIII.  All US bases in Europe and Asia will be annihilated in WWIII, by the way.  They are the #1 targets.  The US navy is very much a target and satellites and subs track our navy all the time and the subs are tracked in various interesting ways.


I know from life experience, sitting on the front seat of WWIII next to military bases in my childhood, what this all looks like.  If the US launches many flying machines all at once, Russia considers this WWIII.  This is why we have the ‘red phone’ at the White House but Bush Jr. and Obama both spent much of their time away from the White House for this reason, I guess.


Russia cannot reach the President directly anymore. The rulers of the US are all hiding from doing any diplomacy.  We have no diplomacy anymore.  The Japanese tried to make it look as if they are still our allies, for example, by going to Pearl Harbor after 70+ years of not going there (!!!!) to keep the US snoozing while they make deals with Russia for energy.

Anonymous – Putin EXPOSES World War 3 Plan 2016 – YouTube


I remember Nixon’s Western White House.  Nixon’s Western White House for sale at $75 million – he built it in 1969 the year we went really deep into the Vietnam quagmire and illegally into ‘neutral’ countries and a direct confrontation with Russia over East Germany and Vietnam.


I lived in California back then and we all figured this part of the country definitely would be nuked if WWIII started.  Back then, unlike today, the left was antiwar.  Today, they are the war party.  How did this happen?  The Bernie voters in the Democratic primaries were all against more wars, for example.


But Bernie is also a Zionist and they are the ultimate warmongers on this planet.  With many nukes, they have  the “The Sampson Option: Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal & American Foreign Policy”.  Scary, no? is run by libertarians on the right, not the left.  From 2010, a meeting I didn’t attend, having given up on all this for some time, voted to have a big, fat antiwar demonstration surge but the libertarians were quite skeptical about this:  Why Is the Antiwar Movement Stalled? – Original by —


A recent gathering of the remnants of the antiwar movement, sponsored by something calling itself the United National Antiwar Conference, underscores the reasons why there is almost no effective organized opposition to the present administration’s occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. One has only to look at the conference program to see why the antiwar movement remains marginal, at best: a keynote address by perennial leftist icon Noam Chomsky, who was paired with Donna Dewitt, a left-wing labor official, and also featuring workshops – reflecting some of their primary concerns – on “Health Care is a Human Right,” “Deepening the Base & Building Bridges between the Climate Change, Peace & Economic Justice Movements,” and – most telling of all – “The Rise of Right Wing Populism & the Tea Party: Do We Need a Right-Left Coalition?”


That this question is in dispute tells us how misguided, and out of it, these people are. It also shows how immoral and narcissistic they are: while Afghans, Iraqis, and Pakistanis are being blown to bits, they are wondering whether we ought to be building a broad-based movement that transcends their petty sectarian concerns, or whether what passes for the antiwar movement should be their own personal sandbox.


The left did have the demonstrations and they were useless, of course. From 2010:  800 Attend Albany United National Antiwar Conference | The Hawkeye Worker


 The July 23-25 national antiwar conference in Albany, N.Y., was an extraordinary advance in the fight against imperialist war and for social justice. To an extent greater than in any other decision-making conference of recent decades, this was a broad, determined, and united political mobilization against all of the ongoing and threatened U.S. wars, interventions, and occupations. And by the same measure, the conference was the most thorough repudiation of the government’s “bail out the banks” antisocial agenda at home.
The United National Antiwar Conference’s (UNAC’s) open and democratic gathering included representatives of virtually every major national antiwar group in the U.S. as well as hundreds of local, state, and regional antiwar organizations. Equally important was the presence and participation of leading representatives and activists from many of the country’s most vital social movements, all of whom aimed to link the fight against U.S. imperialism’s wars to the fight for social justice, democratic rights, and civil liberties.
The conference’s power, scope, program, and unity were a direct response to the world economic crisis, which has directly affected the lives of tens of millions of Americans and driven the nation’s corporate rulers to a series of endless and murderous wars across the globe.
After hours of debate—at times contentious and sharp—the conference unanimously adopted a 24-point Action Plan of antiwar activities culminating in mass demonstrations in New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles on April 9, 2011.
The Action Program represents a critical turning point for the U.S. antiwar and other social movements and an important political break from the widely held illusion that the 2008 presidential election would have ushered in “change we can believe in.” It is a harbinger of the powerful movement that will take to the streets in renewed, massive, and repeated mobilizations to demand a fundamental re-ordering of social priorities and an immediate end to all U.S. wars and occupations.


The 2011 demonstrations happened.  And were useless.  It did have Cindy Sheehan at the April 9, 2011 Anti-War Rally in New York City – who gave a very short but spirited speech in which she openly attacked Obama, the fake Peace Prize winner:


Thousands March against Obama’s Wars in NYC – YouTube

The ignoble collapse of the leftist antiwar movement happened this fall.  They all ran off to warmongering, openly talking about launching WWIII nuclear missiles with a four minute warning to the rest of humanity…Hillary Clinton.  This stupidity was monumental and they are now all throwing this immense temper tantrum demanding an end to Trump and talking peace with Russia, they openly are demanding WWIII.


Amazing, isn’t it?  Just amazing.  The utter cowardice, the collapse of the left is now total.  It really doesn’t exist anymore.  It is a fraud.

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14 responses to “CIA Demands WWIII Because Russia Has New Air DEFENSE Systems

  1. Petruchio

    Did anyone else catch Mr. Prez, Barack Obama’s comments re Russian Hacking? Barack The Devout Muslim said words to this effect: “We KNOW that the Russians hacked us, but HOW we know is a matter of National Security. We can’t tell you how we know, but WE KNOW.” Obama is incompetent even as a crook. I guess he’s focused on his future lifestyle of endless rounds of Golf. Well at least he has his priorities straight.

  2. Petruchio

    Someone should remind those warmongering psychos in the CIA that the US has to borrow rockets from the Russians when the US wants to launch into Space.

  3. Nani

    As Albert Einstein once said; WW4 will be fought with sticks and stones (if there is anyone left to fight at all, may i add).

  4. emsnews

    Planet of the Apes…fight over bananas.

  5. DeVaul

    “Someone should remind those warmongering psychos in the CIA that the US has to borrow rockets from the Russians when the US wants to launch into Space.”

    On that note, I just received my usual Christmas card from an old friend from Germany who has worked directly under the Secretary of Commerce for 15 or more years now, and this it what it said:

    “Perilous times here in DC. Looking to transfer to somewhere else to work. (preferably where there are no missile silos)”

    That’s it. That is NOT how my friend usually greets me every Christmas. No mention of my family or anything else, just his/her desire to get out of DC as quick as possible. I am deeply depressed by this.

    My friend is privy to conversations within earshot of the President, and he/she has never written anything this ominous to me before — only humorous statements about life in DC and trade negotiations with Asians and so forth.

    I cannot believe the Wall Street oligarchs would risk everything on an all out nuclear war, but if they are about to lose their shirts, along with their mansions, BMW’s, yachts, private jets, and all the perks of their high-flying lifestyles, then, as Elaine pointed out regarding her previous jerkified neighbor, they don’t care if they trash the whole world in a desperate attempt to avoid being “downgraded” to the status of “the little people”.

    They simply go insane when confronted with the loss of their power, prestige, and money, which they believe is theirs forever.

    No one wins a nuclear war. The Jetstream makes sure of that.

  6. Christian W

    CIA Demands WWIII Because Russia Has New Air DEFENSE Systems

    No. The CIA demands WWIII because they are losing. Everywhere their policies and terrorist forces are taking a beating, even if they are not defeated yet. But scratch the surface and things are not looking good:

    – Wikileaks exposed the US administration and the MSM as utterly corrupt.
    – Saudi Arabia is on the ropes economically, as is the US.
    – Israel is getting exposed as an Apartheid state now that the fiction of a two state solution is dead. This means the twin pillars of Wahhabism and Zionism are wearing out their usefulness.
    -The US supported Wahhabi terrorists suffered a significant and complete strategic defeat in Aleppo.
    – In Libya pro-Gaddafi forces have rallied and are defeating ISIS, supported by France who quickly saw where the wind was blowing. The Pro-Gaddafi camp in Libya have asked Putin for help as well.
    – Egypt is aslo getting cozy with Russia
    – Turkey is being flipped out of NATO by Russia after the failed US coup attempt against Erdogan and facts on the ground in Syria and economic realities for Turkey. It seems it was the Russians who saved Erdogan just in the nick of time by warning him against the US coup.
    – The pro-US sentiment that has dominated EU nations for decades is rapidly turning towards self-protection from US dictates and destructive foreign policies. (Deutsche Bank had to pay another $7 billion in tribute to the US the other week).
    – Ukraine is failing.

    Most of these problems can be reversed if the US manages to knock out Russia once more, but under Putin every American attack has only served to make Russia stronger domestically and internationally.

  7. Mewswithaview

    The US government military industrial complex is massive, it ranges from the various spying agencies such as the NSA, and Department of homeland insecurity (Heimwehr), the CIA, pentagon and private contractors (Blackwater/xie services) and the defence industry (Boeing, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin) in collaboration with the media that all revolve around the Beltway with their iron rice bowls. It should be unsurprising with such a massive apparatus there are several factions competing for control and this presidential election seems to have exposed a major split.

    We see the Neocon/Brzezinski faction under Bush/Obama aligned with the Clinton campaign that has sparked the chaos in the Middle East and lost. Guess who pops up from the rubble behind the scenes in the Trump campaign only the walking dead himself – Kissinger. Kissinger also has contact with Putin. So there is a new strategy in place. The CIA look like they will be the major losers in this administration being out of alignment with the new strategy.

  8. Mewswithaview

    This will probably be removed soon.

    USA vs CHINA – BBC Documentary 2016

  9. Blissex

    Ahhh and on this topic P Krugman has jumped the shark again:
    «Or they would be here to stay if the man who squeaked into power thanks to Mr. Comey and Vladimir Putin wasn’t determined to betray his supporters»

    So it was not a vast swing of voters away in a large majority of USA counties from neoliberalism, it was the conspiracy of spooks and russians. Bah!

    «They want war with Russia because ‘Russia let us learn about Hillary’s secret stuff that we should know since she is a war criminal and a crook.’ »

    Appropriate quotes, because it seems pretty obvious that as some have reported the source of the leaks about «Hillary’s secret stuff» was leaks from outraged Democratic and FBI staffers, that is the people who actually had the material in hand.

  10. Blissex

    I understand that you are still mad at being treated as “impure” by the relatives of your ex-husband, but jewry and politics related to it are not quite as simple, plus I think that in jewish culture “impurity” rules are the core, nothing personal about you. As to zionism:

    «But Bernie is also a Zionist and they are the ultimate warmongers on this planet.»

    B Sanders (jewish) is not a warmonger, J Corbyn (non jewish) in the UK is also a zionist and a very determined pacifists, and so are many other jews and non-jews; there is a very wide spread of political opinions among jews and among non-jewish zionists too.

    The problem is Likud and their dominionist and neocon allies: those are the warmongers and the fascists. Being a likudnik or a dominionist or another type of neocon is a political, not racial or cultural or religious, position. Lots of jews despise and even hate the fascist and warmongering politics of Likud and neoconnery, and lots of non-jews too, regardless of whether they are zionists or not. There is nothing in jewish culture or religion that supports Likud/neocon style fascism and warmongering.

    If you want to attack a certain type of fascist/warmongering politics, please call it by its main name, Likud, without confusing the Likud and their allies with jews, or zionists.

  11. emsnews

    Bernie would start WWIII for Israel. All of them want to do this.

    Secondly, I was married into a very, very liberal publishing Jewish family in NYC and they treated me and another family member who was not a Jew, like poison. They were very nasty and openly nasty in private to the point, I refused to visit them in their homes because it was too dangerous.

    Isn’t that great!

    Also, speaking about Jews being spit about things: KISSINGER just kissed up to Trump yesterday! What a shock…not. Note that Trump became vocally Zionist this month, not during the election or rather, the media is now saying he is a Zionist…which it is, I don’t know.

    I do know our media is lying about nearly everything so I trust very little as to what they say which is why 90% of my stories rely on foreign news now.

  12. Lou

    I refused to visit them in their homes because it was too dangerous.– the danger was that you could be poisoned?

  13. Pingback: A Tease: iraq russia building – Video

  14. John


    I see we’ve attracted a Hasbara troll.

    Zionism does not involve all Jews, and it does involve non-Jews, who are idiots for supporting it – because at its core, Zionism is JEWISH RACIAL SUPREMACY. The fact that this is systematically lied about changes nothing.

    This readership is awake, and has been for years. We know the problem is not all Jewish people, and we also know that a great many of the world’s worst criminals are Jews, hiding behind Zionism and screaming about antisemitism any time they’re called out for their crimes against humanity. Troll elsewhere…or stick around to get lampooned and rebutted. Your choice.

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