Uzbek Terrorist Came To US Under Special Program (Designed To Bring In Maximum Terrorists)

 Daily Mail is a fun source for material. Unlike US mainstream media, they merrily run hither and yon, looking for stuff and then plastering it all over the place.  The scandal of the latest imported terrorist is entirely due to the DNC Bilderberg gangsters who created this program whereby people can be selected by their home terrorist states, who to send to the US.  This latest terrorist was allowed to bring his entire clan over with him!  This is the ‘open door’ the Bilderberg gang needs to terrorize citizens.  Note that they also demand we have zero border controls, too.


This all happened in my state and a city I lived in for many years, New York City.  Way back when I moved there, I spend many hours taking down criminals.  This is why the Daily News called me ‘The Housewife from Hell’ and some of the gangs I went up against were…Democratic leaders at the top of the food chain there!


This party learned nothing from back then.  Back then, the DNC was encouraging race riots with blacks attacking everyone with tremendous ferocity and burning down entire sections of the city. Instead of stopping this insanity, the DNC encouraged it.  This is still happening. The black female mayor of Baltimore, for example, openly said during one very violent riot, the black youth need to blow off some steam so let them do it.

Baltimore Mayor Admits: We Let Rioters Destroy City During Freddie Gray Protest – YouTube

Over 100 police were sent to the hospital during that riot and virtually no one was arrested considering that total chaos ensued.  Mayor Mosby has not been charged with inciting a riot or malfeasance with running the city but then Mayor Beame of NYC did the exact same thing during the blackout riots which destroyed my own neighborhood, he, too, claimed it was OK to riot and burn because ‘no one is at fault’.


In the present case, over and over again, our government imports terrorists and then tell us to not criticize them for doing this because we are racist if we notice they are doing this, using blacks and Muslims to attack us constantly while doing nothing to protect us.  What is the use of the stupid regulations and terrible suffering of travelers who have to be thoroughly examined as if they are all terrorists meanwhile…real terrorists are deliberately imported via our airports!

I love how the Uzbek authorities claim that their terrorists they send here via the mostly DNC-run embassies which Trump is only slowly taking over thanks to Congress dragging their asses in this matter, the Uzbek claim this assassin was ‘radicalized’ in the US.  Well, one more reason to prevent any more Uzbeks being exported to the US to attack us!  Obviously, they can’t handle life here.  Canada to admit nearly 1mn immigrants by 2020 to ‘prosper & grow’ — RT World News reports from Russia.


The plan came under fire from opposition Conservative immigration critic Michelle Rempel, who said it failed to address some key issues, including making integration work.


“It is not enough for this government to table the number of people that they are bringing to this country. Frankly the Liberals need to stop using numbers of refugees, amount of money spent, feel-good tweets and photo-ops as metrics for success in Canada’s immigration system,” Rempel said, as cited by the Toronto Star.


Rempel said the authorities “urgently need to bring Canada’s immigration system back to order by stopping illegal immigration… ensuring integration into the Canadian economy and our pluralistic society measured by things like language proficiency, mental health support plans for survivors of trauma, and employability.”

Refugee advocacy groups also expressed disapproval over the fact that the annual immigration level will be lower than the 360,000 cap they pushed the government to adopt.


Yes, the new young liberal leader of Canada is going to import millions of aliens.  Are they going to bring in hard working Chinese?  Nope.  They are going to do what they did to us here in the US: import lots of very angry people from mainly Africa and the Muslim world.  Note how EU countries doing this fatal thing get to have frequent terror attacks, a much higher crime and rape rate, etc.  Delightful!  The key here is why.  Why are these rich lunatics doing this to us?

This lunatic gives us clues!  They want us to be so very angry and frustrated, we have a violent reaction.  That is, we attack all these imported aliens and others who now occupy our useless former manufacturing cities which were rendered useless by our elites and their ‘open borders’ fetish.  This way the country is cleared out of its welfare based population and the old cities won’t exist so they can build something different.


The hope of our rulers is, no one will notice who is pulling the strings of the puppets.  Well, this information is kept as hidden as possible but it is spreading rapidly.  Note how our rulers have been deliberately destroying movies, television shows, football, basketball, the Olympics, our entire university systems, etc.  This is pure Maoism: burning down the entire structure of culture and society and then rebuilding it so it worships Madame Mao.


I harp on this because my parents dueled with Madame Mao while inside China!  And I dueled with the Maoist communists while camped out in front of the UN with Chinese students.  And we won our battles!  And yet here we are, regressing as the US rulers who admired Mao’s total rule, try desperately to force this on us here in the US.


Their war against Putin is very real: Mao hated the Russian leadership and literally went to war with them by 1963.  The US media and the CIA lied about this and pretended they were still allies which was fake news back then but I got real news from Radio Bulgaria which is how the President found out about this secret war.  Which the CIA pretended, they didn’t know about even though the evidence was concrete via satellite photos.


The real Kennedy assassination story is, the CIA concealed information from him REGULARLY.  Vital information a President needs to do basic diplomacy!  And this is happening now with Trump: all information he needs to figure out what is going on in the world is being warped or concealed or open lies fed to him to keep him on the ‘right path’ to WWIII.


Our spooks aren’t stupid.  They noted many years ago, Berlin, Tokyo, all of Germany and Japan were rebuilt to be stronger industrial powers AFTER WWII.  When our bombs wiped out much of the old, it was rebuilt and now Japan and Germany have been manufacturing power houses in the world economy while our factories ended up empty in the middle of wrecked cities which still has people alive inside.


How to get rid of them?  WWIII will do this only our rulers are so annoyingly stupid, they don’t understand that Putin and further, the Chinese know all about all this and won’t nuke our wretched cities filled with violent populations.  Nope.  Their targets are quite different.  They know where the super rich/super powerful live.  Manhattan, of course, is doomed.


The wealthy will see this vanish in a flash after the military bases are all annihilated by nukes.  Or the Russians and Chinese could be very cruel and protect the Bilderberg gang because the gang is so stupid and self-centered, keeping them alive will mean the people of Europe and America can’t reorganize and improve, instead, remain chained and helpless.


The problem of being rulers living in echo chambers is, one can’t see reality and looking at mainstream news, I see little reality.  They really are delusional.


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38 responses to “Uzbek Terrorist Came To US Under Special Program (Designed To Bring In Maximum Terrorists)

  1. Lou

    Are they going to bring in hard working Chinese?
    What makes you think,
    there are jobs that are not filled by citizens in Canada?
    that the injuns and Whites there want more foreigners?
    and that a nation is just an economy?
    The nick name for Vancouver is Hong couver. Enough non Whites in Canada.
    China is hell. Let the Chinese stay there, eating dogs and killing baby girls.

    As far as the ‘Diversity Visa’ program goes, did Obama start that?

  2. Ken

    I don’t think that a complete re-set of society via war or economic collapse will benefit the elite. They all live in the big cities, and those cities will be the first to go, even if they are not nuked.

    Let’s do a “thought experiment.” Suppose North Korea uses a massive EMP device on the US, and the electric grid goes down for a couple of years. Just like with New York when Elaine lived there, the inner cities will immediately erupt in rioting and looting. Soon, all existing stores of food and water will be gone. Even if trucks are still running, no one will want to drive into these hell holes to resupply them, and people will starve. They will then try to move to the rural areas (or at least suburban areas) to steal food and resources. The rural areas are all armed (like Elaine and her neighbors), and they will defend themselves. A slaughter will ensue.

    Even the city dwellers who are not killed in the rioting and exodus to the rural areas will have no means of feeding themselves. Welfare payments will have stopped with the breakdown of the electric grid. What few jobs exist in the central cities will cease to exist, since these jobs are dependent on areas outside of the central cities. Just like a stray animal who is taken in by some kind soul and then released back into the wild, these people will have no skills with which to survive. With no social welfare system to keep them alive, massive loss of life will ensue.

    Finally, the elites are pushing for a cashless society. As part of this trend, welfare payments are made via electrically adding “money” to “credit cards” given to welfare receipents. With the collapse of the electric grid no one will be able to use credit cards. Only people with physical resources, or skills which can be traded for resources, will be able to get food, shelter and transportation. The inner cities will have no means of feeding themselves except through thieft, rioting and charity. Charitable behaviour will be in short supply in a social collapse. As noted above, this leads to massive loss of life.

    The people who would be dying in a social collapse are the same ones who keep the elite in power. Even if the elite have managed to leave the cities themselves, their power base will be gone. They will end up losing in the end. So it makes no sense to me that they would try and promote a social re-set. The current situation is the best of all possible worlds for them.

  3. Christian W

    The US is also importing Uzbeki takfiri terrorists to Syria and promising them land to settle. The reason for this is obviously to destroy Syria. Highly ironic that US freedom fighters abroad are not heroes at home when they do what they are supposed to do.

  4. Jim R

    Apparently they’ve forgotten all about the fake news story that 911 was caused by Moozie terrorists.

  5. Christian W

    Our spooks aren’t stupid. They noted many years ago, Berlin, Tokyo, all of Germany and Japan were rebuilt to be stronger industrial powers AFTER WWII. When our bombs wiped out much of the old, it was rebuilt and now Japan and Germany have been manufacturing power houses in the world economy while our factories ended up empty in the middle of wrecked cities which still has people alive inside.

    You are so off base with this.

    The US never stopped the occupation of Germany and Japan. The US set up the post war structures of the defeated nations to this purpose. The CIA and the Pentagon have been running both nations ever since. The reason Japan and Germany were allowed to retool and rebuild, but NOT militarily, was that it was good for business and it enriched the loyal elites supervising their nations on behalf of the Americans PLUS having jobs, wages and careers kept the plebs in check despite the foreign occupation.

    The reason the US elites sent the factory jobs overseas is simply that they profited enormously from it. And the stupid American voters voted for it because they were promised they too would get rich. The tide lifts all boats (Reagan) remember? It’s the Ultra Capitalist (not Communist good lord) piss trickle economics you are now complaining about. Well the GOP loved it when it looked good. Now it’s lock and load and shoot commies who stole our money and jobs. Duh.

  6. Lou

    the elites are pushing for a cashless society–Thats what bitcoin is about.

  7. Jim R

    Spot-on, @Christian.

    What’s happening now is, all that stuff the Club of Rome wrote about in Limits to Growth is really coming to pass. The population bomb has detonated. Oil and other resources are not gone, but they are harder to get (it’s why they are drilling at the bottom of the ocean and through ice in the Arctic, etc).

    The Club of Rome (Elaine uses a different name for ’em, same people though) does not have a solution for this predicament. So, of course, they want the plebs to fight. They don’t want the plebs to have access to food, water, medical care. And they want to be among the survivors… it all makes sense, really, once you weed through the propaganda.

  8. Lou

    The population bomb has detonated.

    White countries only increase in humans because of immigration –of non Whites–from the 3rd world or where ever.

  9. Melponeme_k

    The mass movement of minorities into the cities is planned. Just like Elaine says.

    They don’t WANT minorities. They plan to move all of them or most of them into the dying cities, then bomb them to kingdom come.

    The rest of us will be kept around as breeding stock. Because I doubt any of the elites experience natural childbirth. Being the transgenders that they all invariably are in real life. They think this makes them gods.

  10. The harsh reality is…all dreams are STUPID. The elites in Europe and the US have no idea that Russia and China know very well the plans they have. Seriously!!! I bet no one believes me when I say, my parents and I have both moved in the highest circles here, in Europe and most importantly, in CHINA.

    Blissfully Europe and the US sail along utterly befuddled about true Chinese intentions. The Chinese 100% want to be the world’s rulers and work tirelessly towards this. Make no mistake about this! The Chinese are HARD WORKERS. This is a positive thing.

    Many Chinese like in my own family, work very hard, are very patriotic and are great citizens. It is easy to motivate Chinese here to support America.

    But this is not true of many third world aliens. They want welfare and they want to control their neighborhoods. And are not good for the nation due to being prone to destroying systems, not building systems. Indians from India, on the other hand, build up places, not the reverse.

    Meanwhile, our dumb rulers want to herd us around, unleashing foreign terrorists on us all week after week hoping we will beg them to protect us like the very foolish Germans are doing right now or Swedes who are being tormented by aliens…and no one is able to stop this…tough.

    But we are fighting back now.

  11. ziff

    That guy looks like a monkey , he will enjoy death row , death cult fun !

  12. Christian W

    They photoshopped him to make him look more sinister. Not much but still.

    And yes, everyone wants welfare. The rich are great at getting tax cuts and zero tax deals. Nobody gets as much socialism as the elites. The poor want their tiny handouts to simply survive. The conservatives want affordable quality health care like any sane person.

    Now what the political system does it plays all these wants out against each other. They play the poor (often immigrants and blacks) against the distressed (by elite looting economics and decades of absurd policies) Middle class and farmers. In this fashion they can herd people here and there. Only now, at last, we are seeing unrepairable cracks appear in the system as the lies and contradictions are simply running out of anyone’s control.

    I wish it was true that someone is “fighting back”. It is long overdue. There is a very long line of criminals who should be in jail. Dubya Bush and Bill and Hillary Clinton are just the tip of the ice berg. The entire political, financial, media and military elite of the last few decades should be in the slammer but… the US is not ready for that yet, if ever.

    I think at this point, things are so absurd and out of whack that the elites don’t even care to try to keep it sane and rational. They push any story just to keep the wheels of bullshit turning. The last thing they want is for people to stop and actually think things through and look at the full picture because it is all unraveling pronto.

    The elites have been lying their heads off for decades with zero consequences (9/11, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Libya, the economy, Housing crisis, bubbles, Syria and on and on and on and on). The American citizens have simply accepted it all.

    So yes please, do something at long last.

  13. Christian W

    78% Of US Workers Are Living ‘Paycheck-To-Paycheck’ & 71% Of Them Are In Debt

  14. Jim R

    Lou, they drew some wiggly lines on graph paper. You have probably heard of them. And they don’t care how few children you have.

    Melponeme, I don’t think they care about keeping breeders around. A lot of these people are so delusional, they think they will live forever. Through technology, you know. Yes, many of them are just that crazy.

  15. Christian W

    And according to the Daily Mail picture above Donald Trump wants the Death penalty for the act of terrorism in NY. Seeing that Donald Trump himself is guilty of acts of terrorism, with far more dead victims, in Syria etc I find that an interesting choice of punishment. I presume Donald thinks himself above the law too.

  16. Nani

    Putin recently visited Tehran.

    Ayatollah Khamenei suggests, Iran and Russia remove USD in economic transactions

    The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic called for cooperation to counter US sanctions against Iran and Russia. He said, “By ignoring the negative propaganda of the enemies, that seek to weaken relations between countries, we can nullify US sanctions, using methods such as eliminating the dollar and replacing it with national currencies in transactions between two or more parties; thus, isolate the Americans.”

    Referring to the fact that some countries, from outside the region, seek to create war, Mr. Putin held: “The United States wants to interfere in all matters of the world and the region; and, to achieve its goal, if necessary, it even ignores the interests of its allies.” Further remarking on US officials lying about Russia, in the United Nations Security Council negotiations, the Russian president said: “I did not think, at all, that at this level of international relations, such behavior would arise, but now we are accustomed to this kind of American behavior.”

  17. I hate to tell people this but…we have a right to defend ourselves. I am puzzled as to why people think we shouldn’t do this? Up until WWII, the US kept out of various wars with a few exceptions which we regretted.

    But after WWII, we were told we must confront communism and thus, fight endless fruitless expensive battles for nothing. Then we went from that to religious wars. We have to fight a billion Muslims! Good lord. That is insane.

    Inviting these people into the country to attack us here at home is beyond insane, it is treason.

    Some here hate everyone. Guess what? YOU NEED ALLIES. Fighting by being ill tempered and isolated is a great way to end up as someone’s dinner.

  18. Christian W

    Defend yourselves? Oh dear.

    There is no “Muslim Terrorism” this is a FAKE NEWS meme. It was created to be the ultimate bogey man.

    The term “defense” is a spacious term. Of course Everyone has the right to defend themselves. The problem is, is the threat real or simply a justification? This nonsense is used by the US/Israel to justify never ending aggression and expansion and warfare.

    The US has conjured up the threats they have been facing. Saddam was a US creation. Al Qaeda is a US creation. ISIS is a US creation. Muslim Terrorism, which is Wahhabi Terrorism, not Shiite, not Sufi etc, is 100% a US creation.

    You don’t have to fight Shiite Iraqis, Sunni/Coptic/Alawite/Assyrian etc Syrians, Iranian Shiites, Turkish Sufis and so on. In fact the vast majority of that “1 billion Muslims” want nothing else than to be left alone by the US/Israel/Saudi Arabia terrorist states. But the US Empire cannot leave them alone, it must rule them all.

    Defense Department: The War On Terror Has Cost $250 Million A Day For 16 Years

    American taxpayers have spent $1.46 trillion on wars abroad since September 11, 2001.

    THAT is why you have the War on Terror. It’s a SCAM. No wonder Americans are increasingly struggling economically.

    WWI – The Lusitania, a classic False Flag operation, a deliberate ATTACK on Germany, set up too look innocent, designed to lure the reluctant US populace into WWI. It worked fine.

    WWII – Pearl Harbor, Open Gate operation, to pull the reluctant American people into WWII. Worked wonders.

    Inviting crazy Wahhabi fanatics, well known to the CIA and FBI is also a SCAM. It is just a step up from those silly FBI shoe bomber setups and incitement of low IQ persons to be scape goats and look like “Muslim terrorists” to feed the meme fake news cycle.

    When will the American people stop this crap. Aren’t they tired of being strung along and scammed time and time and time again by their own politicians and generals and admirals?

    Wonder how many of Trump’s voters are hard core Zionists? The majority I wager.

    So, defend yourself from WHOM exactly?

  19. Lou

    78% Of US Workers Are Living ‘Paycheck-To-Paycheck’ & 71% Of Them Are In Debt.

    CW—-USA has 100 million discouraged workers.

  20. Lou

    I bet no one believes me when I say, my parents and I have both moved in the highest circles here, in Europe and most importantly, in CHINA.–

    Chinese are so wundurfull? BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    Disgusting people.
    see clips online of Chinese eating aborted babies.

    Chinks turn the American Dream into a sinese nitemare. While EMS has a Chinese inlaw who is nice, the others are not.

  21. Lou

    I hear talks on the radio–zillions of illegal Chinese arrive in USA on junk ships and sell things on the streets on NYC. live 20? to a room.

  22. Christian W

    @ Lou

    That is within Muslim nations. Cultural programming is different than Muslim Terrorism (TM). Besides it is a domestic problem for them to sort out. Just like White Christian Terrorism Pentagon/CIA style, by magnitudes more lethal and destructive than “Muslim Terrorism”, is a problem the US exports overseas as part of its business and cultural model. This business model butchers millions worldwide every decade for profit.

    Clean up your own crap before pointing fingers thank you.

  23. Lou

    Clean up your own crap before pointing fingers thank you.
    You are in Sweden? Europe is dying due to muslims and africans.

  24. Christian W

    No, Europe is dying due to AngloZionism and Neoliberalism. The rest, including ‘muslims and africans’ is simply the effect of the cause.

  25. Lou

    26–you are half right-half wrong. yes, the jews are to blame but the population explosion and free shit army cant be denied.
    Move to Germany and get free shit. FSA.

    Also abortion and liberalism are a huge part of the problem,.

  26. Christian W

    The foreign Battering Ram into Europe is a direct consequence (and part of the plan) of the destruction of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sub Saharan Africa etc. All theaters of operation for the Pentagon and CIA. In other words, the refugees come about as a result of US actions. US actions = cause. Refugee flood = effect.

  27. There is a race war going on now. White males are to be exterminated, this is the plan. Note that white males who join ANTIFA are all slated to be annihilated. They are too stupid to see this. They think they will be the New Rulers.

    The real rulers are mostly white males…who are stupidly playing this dangerous game, too. This is insane! They ARE insane. Too stupid to see where all this ends. I am just amazed at how stupid this all is. It is annoying, it is so stupid and short sighted but then, the Japanese are annihilating themselves, too, and cannot see how depriving the bulk of Japanese men enough money at work to build a family will lead to the utter annihilation of their entire society, culture and civilization.

    They are DOOMED. The next generation is nearly 50% unable to reproduce!

  28. Lou

    Irredeemable OC5150 • 8 minutes ago
    Some are reporting Muslim 29-year old convert using the name Samir Al-Jadeed might have been the shooter.

  29. Yikes. I still don’t see enough information about this event. Would not surprise me if it is another Muslim terror attack.

  30. Christian W

    It was yet another Crazy White Dude Who Knows How to Shoot.

  31. Lou

    That Uzbeki slug won entrance into this country through an immigration lottery and became the entry point for 23 others. The immigration lottery was the brainchild of Chuck Schumer and Teddy Kennedy. It and chain migration must end.

    That we raffle off American citizenship like a door prize demonstrates how silly American governance is. Chain migration guarantees an endless stream of poor, uneducated, and dependent into the country.

    Our enemies could never have designed an immigrationn system worse for us than our “leaders” have.

  32. Dick

    I can’t decide if the immigration of these scum is to keep the social security scam afloat or genuinely white genocide. Seems to me that the us is only interested in perpetuating its own power and standing.

    Hard to fault a few muslims exacting revenge for the us military killing millions of their own people under the flimsy pretenses floated by the bush criminal cartel or the clinton crime family. Hell, even Trump lobbed a few cruise missiles just to prove he wasn’t a pussy.

    The whites elected Trump to do their dirty work, just as the “niggers” elected obummer for free stuff…and Trump is giving it a good shot, but whites lost control of all of the major political and cultural tools as the Germans were in danger of a lifetime ago.

    And a shout out to you, Elaine, for noting the insanity of women today…feminists and otherwise. These are truly the most deluded and evil humans to walk the face of the earth. It is easy to see why they have been subjugated by all previous generations and why the so-called elite are so anxious to unleash their insanity in the muslim world.

  33. I fought hard for women’s rights…but also fought for men to be men! The change that turned women’s rights into a disaster is cultural. It is part of the ‘kultur kampf’ that started with WWI. We are to cleave to the State, not to each other.

    The State is the husband AND the wife. Both men and women run away from being a team, raising children, building a home and creating a life. Now, everyone is literally atomized. Cut off from the land, the home and the spouse, people are just tools.

  34. Lou

    35–I can’t decide if the immigration of these scum is to keep the social security scam afloat or genuinely white genocide.

    Coudenhove-Kalergi plan – The genocide of the Peoples of Europe

    304,371 Views 139by News Team
    Mass immigration is a phenomenon the causes of which are cleverly concealed by the political elites, and the multicultural propaganda is employed to falsely portray it as inevitable. In this article we intend to prove once and for all, that mass immigration is not a spontaneous phenomenon. What the elites try to present as an inevitability of modern life, is actually the product of a plan conceived around a table and prepared over decades, to completely change the face of our continent.
    The Pan-Europe
    Few people know that one of the main instigators of the process of European integration, was a man who also conceived the genocide of the peoples of Europe. He was a sinister individual whose existence is unknown to the masses of our people, but the political elites consider him as the founder of the European Union. His name is Richard von Coudenhove Kalergi. His father was an Austrian diplomat named Heinrich von Coudenhove-Kalergi (with connections to the Byzantine family of the Kallergis), and his mother the Japanese Mitsu Aoyama.
    Thanks to his close contacts with European aristocrats and politicians, and due to the network of relatio

    According to the Center for Immigration Studies, in recent years, 100,000 new Muslim immigrants are brought into the United States each year, and it’s growing at a rate of about 10% per year.
    So this battle in the press about whether or not to reject the president’s plan to bring in 10,000 more is nothing but a distraction.
    The truth is that in the last 5 years, we have admitted more Muslims into the U.S. already than the entire Muslim population of Belgium – and that entire country is on lock down from the Friday the 13th terrorist event in adjoining France.
    –and remember, Mussies ‘breed on the tax payers money.’
    Breed like rats.
    What do you think BHO [muslim, schooled at a madrassa] meant by ‘fundamentally change merika?’
    We need to put a halt to any immigration, legal or illegal, they r setting up enclaves just like the ones they left
    see sites like
    Occidental Observer
    Irish Savant

  35. Lou

    Trans agenda pushed

    Your (((NEWS))) in a nutshell , Goyim

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