Saudi Coup On Lebanon, Threaten War, Yemen Shoots Missiles Deep In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia accuses Lebanon of ‘declaring war’ for Hezbollah’s actions – YouTube


It appears that fighters in Yemen have been given missiles which they shot deep into Saudi Arabia, aimed at the capital of Saudi Arabia Riyadh, and I saw a video of at least three missiles.  What is annoying is, Saudi Arabia has been bombing Yemen for the last two years!  Right on the heels of a massive coup by one branch of the Saudi ruler’s tree, chaos is spreading as the Saudis forced the President of Lebanon to resign when he came visiting in that chaos Kingdom.  The Saudis think they should bomb Lebanon right on the border of Syria but then, they are openly, tonight, allying with ISRAEL.  This means…this new ruler of Saudi Arabia won’t last very long, the news that they are allies with Israel has barely hit the streets but will be known by everyone within the next few days.

Saudi Arabia ‘turning reality on its head’ regarding Lebanon, Iran ‒ journalist – YouTube

They are thinking of war with Iran and Iran is now moving hard to deal with this, Russia seems to be the ‘in between’ power here that can tip the scales.  Saudi Arabia isn’t a solid power, it teeters on the edge of total destruction.  The people of Iran are far harder workers whereas in Saudi Arabia, they outsource most real work.  They are frankly, lazy.  Of all the Muslim powers, the Saudis are the culture that cannot do hard work the most.

We’re on the brink of war between Saudi Arabia & Lebanon ‒ scholar – YouTube

Lebanon can’t fight off Saudi Arabia and Israel but already there is fury over the SA government secretly cooperating with Israeli Jews and this is now even more open after both attacked Assad in Syria and now?  I see a huge problem looming.  The SA royals can’t pretend they are protecting Islam anymore.

The Debate – Saudi Threats – YouTube

This show is Iranians discussing what is going on.  It is worth while to see every angle of a situation, something our rulers refuse to do.  The news from foreign powers is so revealing, most of this news is hidden by our media giants who have one goal: to get rid of Trump and stop investigations of the disintegrating DNC.


Note this last election, the DNC won districts…they won in the past!  Whoopee.  But the real problem is, the rot at the heart of the DNC, not the lower levels.  Upstairs, the stench is sickening.  The book written by Former DNC head Donna Brazile says she considered replacing Clinton with Biden as nominee.  


The Hillary gang is attacking the black politician, Brazile, with intense ferocity.  But her revelations are another kick in the gut for the top DNC clowns.  And this means the dam is breaking, people are speaking out more and more and this whole mess will end up pulling down many DNC leaders.  This will SAVE the Democratic Party!  It desperately needs to be cleaned out.


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8 responses to “Saudi Coup On Lebanon, Threaten War, Yemen Shoots Missiles Deep In Saudi Arabia

  1. Christian W

    Some quick points.

    The Houthis (there are different tribes and factions fighting against Saudi Arabia and their factions which include Al Qaeda, ISIS and foreign mercenaries including British officers and US troops) MAKE their own missiles. They are often based on Chinese or Iranian designs but they are modified and cruder, ie not given to them from overseas. The Houthis are NOT directly allied with Iran, but of course Israel and Saudi Arabia scream Iran every possibility they get, much like the US MSM screams Russia and Putin whenever it can or even can’t rationally. The reasons for the war on Yemen are many but Iran is the excuse trotted out.

    Saad Hariri is the Prime Minister of Lebanon. He is a dual Saudi-Lebanese citizen. His father and family owns a huge Saudi construction company that has fallen on hard times. The company used to be worth a $billion but is in poor shape now apparently.

    The Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri was forced to resign as Prime Minister of Lebanon while on a visit to Saudi Arabia by MBS (Mohammed Bin Salman) and is kept on a leash and prevented to return to Lebanon.

    The Lebanese President, General Michel Aoun, who is a Christian, has refused to accept the ridiculous resignation as it is obvious it was made under duress by a hostile power/hostile powers.

  2. Christian W

    Also, I recall commenters on here saying that SA’s foreign reserves were running out around 2020. We are almost in 2018 now. Clearly the time to do something is now, not when the nation is completely bankrupt. So we got this coup and looting of all the Saudi businesses + more war. This coup is clearly a desperate roll with the dice to salvage the situation, it’s either win the war(s) and get more loot, or ride off into the desert sunset for Saudi Arabia.

    Wannabe King Mohammed Bin Salman clearly does not want to go back to the nomadic days of being a goat and camel herder and a caravan raider and slaver. How unromantic of him.

    MBS is also being a useful idiot. When all is said and done all those $$$ Petrobillions will end up in Western banks the way things are going now.

  3. Clown Salman

    Saudi Arabia, first country that gave bigger rights to robots, than to women. Interview With The Lifelike Hot Robot Named Sophia. Saudi dream; replace disobedient misbehaving humans. But will Sophia marry the Clown Prince Mohammad bin Salman.

  4. There is nothing in Yemen to loot.

  5. Christian W

    This is from 2016. Quite correct as we see today.

    “While Western media outlets usually refer to Yemen as a “small” energy producer, the truth of the matter is the country is sitting on substantial oil and gas reserves, which Saudi Arabia and its allies want to control, Butler notes.

    In addition, Yemen lies at the Bab el-Mandab, a key checkpoint for maritime transit of oil, with 3.4 million barrels of oil passing through it each day.

    In one of his previous analytical reports for New Eastern Outlook, Phil Butler called attention to the fact that Saudi Arabia’s oil wealth is doomed to falter:

    Given the nature of the country’s [Saudi Arabia’s] oil reserves, and almost unlimited production for decades, it’s possible the Saudis could simply be running out of gas,” the American analyst stressed.

    In this context, it is hardly surprising that Riyadh has recently adopted an assertive and even aggressive foreign policy approach towards its neighbors.

    “Running out of the last of the nation’s only saleable resource, the Saudi royalty have put their country into a mess, the potential for revolution there being acute, should the people discover the real predicament. This is why we see an ‘all in’ Saudi aggressive stance, on Syria, with Iran, and especially where Yemen is concerned. While Washington think tank evangelists try and play the tensions off as Sunni-Shiite religious friction, new oil reserves are the truth of these matters,” Butler writes.

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