Many Hollywood ‘Sex Victims’ Are Actually Prostitutes: Sex For Money And Fame

This is both funny and pathetic, as the sex scandals in Hollywood and politics roars onwards taking down everyone on every side, several things are becoming clearer and clearer to me: most women in Hollywood and politics are…prostitutes.  Actually, this doesn’t surprise me at all!  I find it immensely funny because my sisters and I had a number of dealings with Hollywood, one became an ‘actress’ there and we were all ‘sex chicks’ in various ways which is why the big wigs wanted to visit us except I never did the sex thing with them which is why unlike my sisters, I wasn’t a Hollywood ‘actress’.


I know this sounds conceited but really, seriously, when I was still a teenager, a number of prominent men tried very hard to have sex with me.  This included with me climbing out of a window to get away from one of these guys!  The fact is, one can stop these molesters very easily, if they are really nasty, one can fight back.


I have been reading all these ‘revelations’ by various Hollywood/power seekers with fascination because all of them pretended they were helpless.  They went into hotel rooms for ‘consultation’ and discovered this was all about sex.  None seem to have run away or opened the door and yelled for help or call the big wig’s wife and tell her about his deeds.


Dead silence was the rule and is always the rule and this is simple to understand: the payoff for being ‘raped’ is huge.  It is real money!  They want the money more than any virtues.  Here is one story coming out today about big shots in the fake news machine being a sex fiend and using his power to compel women seeking employment to have sex with him first: How Matt Lauer seduced a Today PA into dressing room sex | Daily Mail Online


A young woman who began her career as an intern at Today before being promoted to a PA on the NBC morning show has revealed she had a sexual relationship with Matt Lauer.


Addie Zinone (nee Collins) writes in a essay for Variety that it all began when she went to lunch with Lauer in July 2000 after asking him for advice before she went off to start a new job in West Virginia, and instead found the host aggressively hitting on her.


‘How do I get to join all these fancy females who sit on TV in very short skirts with nothing blocking the view with their legs crossed while they yap stupid stuff?’ asked the naive young lady.


‘First, you must have sex with me and I will show you the magic door to that world of money and fame,’ said the spoiled brat man.


‘OK, let’s rip!’ says the sweet naive young thing.  ‘Remember to leave me a big tip!’  And this is called ‘prostitution.’  Not ‘rape’.


When they returned to work, he sent her a message that read: ‘meet me’.


Text exchanges show that Lauer then told Zinone to head to an empty dressing room above Studio 1A so the two could have sex before he left at 3pm.


Lauer sent that text at 2.42pm, just two years into his marriage with second wife Annette.


That little bint actually knew from the first minute that this was an exchange of sex for goodies.  How dare she now claim she was tricked!  She wasn’t.  I figured this all out at age 17, for crying out loud!


All this is from today’s news.  The NYT and WP and mainstream media where many of these pimps hang out and collect their new recruits don’t talk about all this, most of these scandals are in rags like the Daily Mail in London.


The ‘Trump is an evil sex fiend’ story is still the one and only story for these pimps.  They are jealous of him because he is one of them and has a rule himself, he molests mainly women he marries which makes them all NOT ‘prostitutes’.  He didn’t hold out some dream job or tons of money to have these females, he married them just like Reagan.


Many prominent men are now falling under the ax because of these sex scandals and not one female prostitute is being fired, too.  If BOTH are fired then it makes more sense because this means, females having sex with men (and males doing this to these men, too) will STOP.


By treating these female prostitutes as victims pisses me off greatly.  They have no honor.  They continue on TV and in the movies being sex ‘goddesses’ that lure young women into following their filthy activities and dreaming of becoming prostitutes, themselves!  YUCK.  I bet I am one of the very few women in the world not feeling sorry for these bitches.


For they are all bitches.  They lie, cheat and steal, too.  They make it impossible for honest women to become actresses or TV news ladies or whatever.  They embrace prostitution and love it greatly for they know this is how they gained power and glory and tons of money!  Call them what they are.  Prostitutes.


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16 responses to “Many Hollywood ‘Sex Victims’ Are Actually Prostitutes: Sex For Money And Fame

  1. Sunger

    That’s right Elaine. All those “liberal” women who disagree with you are nothing but a bunch of whores.

  2. Petruchio

    Trading sex for acting work is as old as Hollywood. It’s always gone on!! Different women play The Game differently, but sex is the fuel that drives many actresses careers. Some play it a little, some play it a lot. It depends on the actresses actual acting skill level. And it isn’t ALWAYS sex that drives an actresses career–but in most cases, it sure helps. You have to give head to get ahead.

  3. About the restaurant that Dustin Hoffman and his daughter and his daughter’s friend went to in 1982, Ciao Ling wrote in 2010:

    ‘ My parents used to occasionally take me to Jim McMullen, a popular Upper East Side watering hole on Third Avenue, famous for its Chicken Pot Pie and Apple Pie. I recall the apple pie as a towering stack of apple slices, more apple than crust, amply infused with cinnamon, and having a “drier” texture than any recipe that I have tasted or made. Maybe I am just trying to relive a fond memory of youth, but I have tried in vain to find a recipe for this pie or something similar. Contrary to my fond memory of the pie, a Google search only turned up an unflattering description of the pie in a New York Magazine restaurant review by critic, Seymour Britchky, no fan of Jim McMullen, which described the apple pie thusly:

    “McMullen’s apple pie is famous for its four-inch height at the center, and for innards so constructed, of layer upon layer of thick apple slices, that the cross section revealed where the pie is sliced looks like a cleverly constructed wall of stones. Unfortunately, the tartness of the crisp fruit is obscured by excesses of sugar and cinnamon- and the top crust of the pie- really a browned custard — simply adds to the vapidity.” ‘

  4. the accusation against the director of the congressional office of ethics might be a lie, as the story in the daily mail makes clear – there was a fight at the pennsylvania bar in question (pennsylvania the state, not pennsylvania ave. in dc) and the only one beaten up was this guy – he’d obviously been roughed up by the bouncers, but there is conflicting testimony about why

  5. carter oosterhaus, who allegedly coerced oral sex from his makeup artist in 2008, did not marry amy smart until 2011 – their baby daughter will be one year old on dec 26

  6. Ken

    Elaine, did you just “out” your sisters as whores who are part of the whole Hollywood sex scene?

  7. No, they were not ‘whores’ in their cases…but we saw it EVERYWHERE. It was blatantly obvious.

    The problem is, the WOMEN NOW COMPLAINING were all these ‘whores’. See? ‘Oh, I had to have sex to become a famous star’ are the ones who are the real whores. See? They are lining up to explain they were ‘forced’ to do this.

    Sigh. This fine distinction is hard for people who can’t figure out obvious things because we are told these females who claim..WHO CLAIM they were ‘raped’ all without exception, stayed silent because their reward was fantastic and they thought it was OK, too.

    Now, they change their feeble minds and now think it is ‘rape’ years later. That is insane and stupid at the same time.

  8. ziff

    never touch weemens agin with a 10′ pole , see how they like it

  9. Oguy

    The whole world of commerce appears to be based on one form of quid pro quo or another, if you exclude slavery and other forms of gross exploitation, which I’d count as falling into another category entirely. The exploited in the latter case get little out of whatever bargain is left. and have no real bargaining power to begin with. So if we’re looking at the entire spectrum of quid pro quo’s in the world of conventional commerce, from the everyday “fair deal” version to the opposite pole, I’d locate this Hollywood version as lying somewhere between the “repugnant, but what do you expect from that place?” and “comically grotesque, but also nothing new” bands, depending on my mood du jour and the specific actions involved.

  10. nclaughlin

    Whores hate Johns.

  11. Oguy

    #10– I wonder what portion of that is externalized self-hatred for submitting to the demands of a degrading job, especially when other options are available, but those options don’t offer the same convenience, income or other perks. I realize that many women are essentially forced into prostitution, and I’m not counting those. But what I do suspect is that the above phenomenon must also extend to many forms of what could figuratively be termed “prostitution”, even where sex isn’t involved.

  12. ziff

    there is some rational for the casting couch , they have to be willing to let it all hang out onscreen .

  13. Seraphim

    Americans’ obsession with sex was noted for long. It rather denotes an incapacity to have normal love relations, which have a general deleterious effect on social relations in general.

  14. It is all about financial negotiations over how much a woman’s body is worth. The ladies who whored themselves all thought having sex with what is more or less a gnome is worth the prize offered.

    Look, mythology is all about this! Goddesses had sex with gnomes for gold or other goodies! The movie stars and others who were handsome didn’t need to hold out any goodies, just having sex with them was the ‘goodie’. I watched all of this from a front row seat, not ‘read about it all’.

    Been there, done that, been around that, hang out with that, chatted with that.

  15. Lou

    Hoffman is 5’4″. He is famous because he is tribe.
    However I hear he raised millions for a college theater building [see].

    What about the Pig restaurant with the rape room?
    Jews, jews, jews,
    Spotted Pig restaurateur Ken Friedman had a ‘rape room …
    Famed Manhattan restaurateur Ken Friedman had a ‘rape room’ at Jay Z-backed eatery Spotted Pig where he would ‘grope and make out with women against their will …/

    JZ is illuminati?

  16. Seraphim

    The thing is that Goddesses had sex with gnomes not for gold, but for tinsel.

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