California Burning Down: Changes In Primary Election Laws Leads To Lunatics Running State Off Cliff

California Gov. Jerry Brown: Intense wildfires “the new normal” – YouTube


My family came to California in the Gold Rush.  We all left by this year.  California is an ongoing disaster in the middle of Paradise which is true of all human contradictions: the climate attracts millions and they turn it into hell.  I knew this as a child when visiting my grandparents in Pasadena, the air pollution was hideous!  California’s liberals are a disaster, too.  I learned today how they rigged the primary system to make it a one party state.  I am baffled as to why this isn’t in the courts.  The importation of illegal aliens who vote ‘liberal’ to let in more illegals is at the heart of this voting change.


California GOP should embrace open primary system – Orange County Register claims falsely.  This editorial angers me greatly. It is a classic ‘one party system’ setup.  Third parties are totally eliminated thanks to the new ballot system that has only one party in an election.  This law change in the last two years is a coup, a crime and unconstitutional for it removes the right to choose candidates and put them on ballots.


Eye brows should instantly rise whenever the politicians within both the Democratic and Republican parties oppose a particular political reform. Politicians – especially incumbents – don’t like anything that makes elections harder and more competitive. That’s the case with Proposition 14, the initiative passed by voters in 2010 that turned California primaries into an open primary, or top-two system, instead of a partisan primary.


The ‘voters’ put this insane system in gear.  This means that elements in one party (hint: liberals) can overwhelm all other people voting in primaries.  Since they know their own candidates will win in their areas like San Dying Francisco, they can then vote in another party’s primary, that is, split the vote between two Democrats and thus, overwhelm all RNC candidates.


This system is terrible and has terrible consequences for no country, no matter how rich, can survive an attack by a party of communists.  They destroy all economic systems and have a very ugly track record with Venezuela being the present most hideous case but with South Africa running right on the heels.


If the GOP cannot earn enough votes in a primary to make a Republican candidate one of the top-two vote-getters, it should not have a candidate on the ballot for the general election. If the Republican Party can get a viable candidate through the primary, then it might have a chance to actually win a general election.


By ‘viable candidate’ this writer means ‘a DNC liberal’.  This liberal has no idea why one party states are evil.  I have shifted between parties all my life and supported third party candidates frequently.  This keeps the system from seizing up, challenging candidates in an election is healthy.


Instead of complaining about the primary and trying to change it, the GOP should focus on persuading voters and running good candidates with broader appeal.


So, if the GOP ran DNC candidates, they will ‘win’.  Got it.  This is why the system is so insane.


Richard Winger • 2 months ago
California’s system, which has been in effect since 2011, drastically injures voting rights. The election itself (by federal law, ever since 1872) is in November. No other democratic nation in the world provides by law that only two candidates can be on the ballot in November. The California system even takes away write-in space in November for Congress and state office. The Orange County Register seems to have a blind spot about the rights of voters. The right to vote includes the right of choice for whom to vote.


This has consequences. The state is being mismanaged greatly, there are many more illegal aliens who also get to vote, in California.  This state which is one of the ‘richest’ in the US is also going bankrupt.  The entire place is one huge mess getting worse by the hour.


One party voting has dire consequences.  Stupid policies run rampant.  One example is the building of solar energy projects in the Mohave Desert, a place I roamed in my childhood, these solar farms with huge towers with mirrors, not solar panels, that focus some serious heat on the salt systems inside the towers, are butchering millions of birds which fly into the heat ray vortex and get burned to death.


‘Conservationists’ created this Death Machine because they think we will all roast to death so roasting to death millions of desert wild fowl is OK with them if it ‘saves us from heat’.  I find this hideous.  My godmother is the fine lady, Mrs. Michener, campaigned to save her beloved vultures who nearly went extinct more than half a century ago due to placing poison in carcasses to kill coyotes (I supported saving coyotes, too, by the way, back then).


All sorts of ‘good intentions’ can have evil downsides.  Killing coyotes, for example, leads to rodents multiplying like crazy for coyotes mainly eat…rodents!  I used to give speeches out West about how coyotes are our ‘cats’ in the house and we need them.


One party rule kills humans, too.  Thomas fire becomes largest wildfire on record in California – LA Times reports.  The article is stupid but the comments are smart.  People in California (conservatives) are quite angry about how stupid the state has become.  The ability to stop canyon fires from spreading has been ‘firebreaks’.  Firebreaks are useful!


When I was young, we participated in building and maintaining ‘firebreaks’.  Annually, we would clear out the underbrush from these leaving just grass and non-firehazard plants.  I noted in all the videos and pictures of the recent fires in California, houses burned where very few trees burned.  The fires leapt from house to house, barely singeing the trees standing nearby.


I am baffled as to why people don’t study this and figure out why these stupid houses are fire hazards!  I know why they are hazards: ventilation systems suck in embers and the houses are not built to stop fires via simple changes like sprinkler systems in attic spaces, for example! DUH!  Give me a break!


JD Skull:

4 hour(s) ago
I have no sympathy for a people who let California’s Lib/Dim politicians establish a police state that micromanages every aspect of their people’s lives. The sole reason for all these fires is that the State demands that homeowners not clear dead weeds and brush back from their homes. The State says that clearing overgrown land harms endangered pissants and rare poisonous scorpions and other worthless insects. We are all watching the results of this foolishness now with 1/2 of the State burning out of control. Wildfires have only been a major problem in remote sparsely populated areas in California before the tree huggers came to power, because people cleared their land of flammable plants. This problem lies squarely on Jerry Brown’s head as he started this foolishness back when he was Gov the first time.


bakodon1: 9 hour(s) ago
Hey people wake up and smell the coffee! The elite Moonbeam and the dems in Sacramento created this horrible disaster! They allowed ecoterrorists to rule, re: fire breaks, etc. Instead of leaving it up to the experts the progressive liberals protested every time someone wanted to do a wide swath fire break, or clear bush..enough is enough of these people!


Yes, the ecoterrorists have decided unilaterally to stop anyone from controlling fires!  I used to argue about natural fires: California’s forests need these.  When lightning starts a fire, this is part of the Cycle of Life.  The great redwood forests cannot exist unless there are regular fires clearing the underbrush.


The entire structure of these greatest of trees is in tune with regular fires!  Absent this, the trees get bugs, diseases and other hazards.  It ‘disinfects’ the understory of the redwood forests.


Weeds don’t grow on my mountain here in New York, for example, because they have lots of leaves and drop these each year so understory plants can’t grow.  Redwoods don’t have this!  So…they need ‘flash fires’ to clear things out.


Fire suppression endangers pinewoods.  Why?  Due to understory growth and accumulation of pine needles on the ground, this can make fires too hot and then endanger the entire trees.  There is an iron rule in nature: the longer fires in these sort of forests are suppressed, the greater the fire!


And then there are humans: humans are the fire starters.  We greatly changed the planet because of this.  Ancient mythology discusses this: Prometheus gave humans fire and was severely punished for this, not rewarded.


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12 responses to “California Burning Down: Changes In Primary Election Laws Leads To Lunatics Running State Off Cliff

  1. Sunger

    Louisiana, Sinking Fast, Prepares to Empty Out Its Coastal Plain
    Dec 22 2017

    “Louisiana is finalizing a plan to move thousands of people from areas threatened by the rising Gulf of Mexico, effectively declaring uninhabitable a coastal area larger than Delaware.

    A draft of the plan, the most aggressive response to climate-linked flooding in the U.S., calls for prohibitions on building new homes in high-risk areas, buyouts of homeowners who live there now and hikes in taxes on those who won’t leave. Commercial development would still be allowed, but developers would need to put up bonds to pay for those buildings’ eventual demolition.”

    “Not everybody is going to live where they are now and continue their way of life,” said Mathew Sanders, the state official in charge of the program, which has the backing of Governor John Bel Edwards. “And that is an emotional, and terrible, reality to face.”

  2. Lou

    I see more mice and hear there are huge asian rats, here in Southern California.

  3. Lou

    The importation of illegal aliens who vote ‘liberal’ to let in more illegals is at the heart of this voting change.
    EMS is about 65? years old.
    When she was a baby, White women had 4 children, on average.
    Feminism ruined that.
    The Mexicans are out breeding us.

    On a separate note, Kunstler is ‘on a tear’ at his blog, removing any comments about Israel and jews he deems threatening.

  4. ziff

    so is it sinking or the sea rising [ not] ? more AGW bs .
    If u want to get serious about GW stuff just go look at charts of monthly temp averages back as far as you can at regular weather sites . where you can find them,,, Aus and CDN [cdn u have to compare one month at a time ] have some but u may have to plot your own. You will see no hockey sticks every chart is flat or slight rise if u must from 1860. .

  5. Ken

    I live on an island off the gulf coast of Florida. There has been no rise in the water level around the island for the last 30 years. I suspect that New Orleans’ land is getting lower because so much fluid is being taken out of the ground, both as oil and ground water.

  6. Sunger

    Thomas Fire Now Largest In CA History
    Dec 23, 2017

    VENTURA, Calif. (KABC) —
    The Thomas Fire, which charred 273,400 acres, is now the largest wildfire in modern California history, according to Cal Fire.

    The Cedar Fire that erupted in San Diego in October 2003 was the largest wildfire in state history after it burned through 273,246 acres and destroyed 2,820 structures.

  7. Petruchio

    “…the climate attracts millions and they turn it into hell.” Well maybe if they wouldn’t make every big city in CA a Sanctuary City for the World’s Illegal Immigrants, it would be less of a mess. I love those “Visit California” ads on TV. It’s still, imho, a great State in a lot of places, by some places have been turned into sh#tholes because of the idiot politicians AND the illegals. Why? How? I see it happening in my home State. Same routine goes down everywhere. The illegals move in. They appeal for help. Get it. Over time, they become politically active, using slogans about how they want “fairness” for their ethnic group. They get State, County and City jobs, the purpose of which is to keep and expand those taxpayer funded ‘bennies’ going. Once they think they are anchored and politically connected, they start easing out other groups, such as white people. It isn’t hard to figure out why there is such a huge “White Flight” from CA. Then there is the Real Estate explosion. Even the Silicon Valley geniuses have a hard time affording a house in say, the San Francisco area. On one hand you feel sorry for the folks of CA and on the other you think, well they did it to themselves.

  8. I remember when New Jersey was mostly farmland. Now it is wall to wall houses, malls and highways. I remember when California had exactly one freeway in LA. I remember when Tucson had only 36,000 people and Phoenix had only 80,000.

    The West in particularly California, exploded in size during my life. My own family came over via ox carts before the first trains and the very elderly back 60 years ago would complain about all the cars and people invading ‘their’ home base. Big time.

    My California grandfather was very unhappy with the ‘new invaders!’ As a child, I found it rather funny and then was forced out of my own home years later in Tucson when they turned the whole place into a parking lot.

  9. Jim R

    … doin’ the population explosion tango!

  10. Lou

    Via Drudge,

    Defying Trump again, Jerry Brown pardons immigrants about to be deported

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