Anti-American ‘Art Professor’ Lisa Rockford: Broward College Defrauds Art Students

Our universities are seeing a near-total collapse of the ‘liberal arts’ as crud is passed along as ‘artwork’ and music is trashed and unbearable to listen to, poetry is kicked to death, all the ‘arts’ are dying thanks to lunatics who believe in making anything ‘art’ while unable to create anything artistic.  Today’s crud story is about a female Prof who uses American flag as doormat in college ‘art display’.

Google Website of Lisa Rockford, Artist.and be amazed at her utter lack of skills and poor taste and her desire to be a carny side show (the fat lady):


Shortly thereafter, Karcher (an angry military vet) took it upon himself to write a letter to BC President David Armstrong.


“I am sorry to have to write this letter to you, but I am a student at Broward College Central Campus and I am a disable [sic] Marine Corps Veteran,” Karcher wrote, adding that one of the artists at the exhibit displayed “an American Flag cut in half” that is “either bleached or painted white laying on the ground on the entrance to the exhibition.”


“People are stepping on the flag as they enter most of whom don’t realize its an American flag. The artist had a camera set up taking pictures of people stepping on it as part of her art work,” Karcher continued. “I find this extremely disrespectful and kick in the gut as a veteran. I have lost many friends whose caskets were draped with that same flag.”


Further, Karcher claimed that the exhibit was designed specifically to have visitors step on the flag unawares.


“When one of the professors tried to stop me from stepping on it, the artist said ‘don’t say anything,’” Karcher told Campus Reform. “I did not realize it was a flag until after I left the show and a professor told me what it was. So when I went back down to check it out, [and] it was a flag.”


Evidently, the fat female ‘artist’ stood nearby, video taping this desecration while laughing at people stepping on the flag, unawares.  The left has gone nuts.  Their glee at making people feel miserable, their joy in acting so superior, ‘Oh look, we fooled them!’…this is disgusting.


Lisa Rockford at Broward College (all campuses) – shows that thei fraud of an ‘artist’ fools no students:

Here is an ‘art exhibit’ whereby she reveals that she is really a deranged freak:

Why in the name of all humanity is she working for a ‘higher education’ system?  She belongs in a freak show or mental institution.  But then, why does anyone take any ‘art’ classes anymore?  The artwork is horrible to nonexistent.  It was killed in France 100 years ago.  It is dead.


Students go deep into debt to be taught how to be a non-artist by these fakers and I say, arrest them for fraud.  The school is a fraud, luring young, naive people into their ‘classes’ only to cheat them by teaching them nothing.  Nothing!  That is criminal.  This has to stop.


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13 responses to “Anti-American ‘Art Professor’ Lisa Rockford: Broward College Defrauds Art Students

  1. melponeme_k

    Plenty of people are taking art classes that teach the techniques of fine art that include the mainstay of Human figure drawing. I’m taking classes at the Art Student’s League. Artists get all this education STRAIGHT out of their own pocket at Ateliers not from a mainstream art school. It doesn’t come cheap money or work.

    Doesn’t mean the establishment will let people get famous or rich from it.

    I think they like it the way it is because then they can grab REAL art extremely cheap.

  2. ziff

    so the the solution for ART ‘ is just keep painting like pre 20th century forever ? Build model trains, you will get as much interest.
    The real problem is movements in art , music, have a lifespan , as long as there is something unknown to explore it has life , when it becomes rote it is finished.

  3. Lou

    Remember Maya Angelou? Buzz is, when she died, Rate My Prof removed her bad reviews.
    A poet that bad was a college teacher. wtf?


    “A double standard was boldly displayed on the bulletin board of Balboa High School in San Francisco in March 1990. An assistant principal posted the following notice: “Essay Contest: African-American students who earned a D, F, or Incomplete on the final report for the fall semester or on the first report of the spring semester are eligible to enter an essay contest. The topic is ‘What I would Do with a Million Dollars.’ … The first prize will be a $ 100 U.S. savings bond.” 936 One wonders, first, why only blacks could enter the contest and, second, whether it is wise to reward poor schoolwork with a chance to win $ 100. The latest educational double standard—promoted almost exclusively by blacks—is that the public schools should be resegregated. Black boys, it is said, will be better off if they are taught in schools that are segregated by both race and sex, and if their educations are centered on Africa.

    Separatist schools of this kind have been promoted in New York, Milwaukee, Detroit, and Baltimore, and have even won the endorsement of President George Bush and Mayor David Dinkins of New York. 937 By 1991, several cities had made all the preparations for such “African Immersion” schools, only to be forbidden by courts from excluding girls and students of other races.

    938 Detroit, in particular, had gone full speed ahead. It had given several schools new names—Malcolm X Academy, Marcus Garvey Academy, Paul Robeson Academy—and established a curriculum that would make Africa the center of nearly every subject. Nearly two thirds of Detroit’s black boys fail to graduate from high school, twice the rate for black girls. In some neighborhoods, 70 to 80 percent of schoolchildren are reared by single mothers, so the thinking was that all-male schools with male teachers would give black boys a better start on education. 939 When a court ruled that separate public schools for boys would discriminate against girls, three hundred Detroit protesters gathered in front of Detroit’s Federal Building to complain that the ruling was “racist.” Since Detroit public schools are virtually all-black, racial segregation was not even an issue. 940 Because of court orders, what were to be Detroit’s all-male schools have accepted a handful of girls. 941 This does not change the Afrocentric character of their curricula, which may be academically dubious.

    Pat Browne, a black woman who is in charge of multicultural education for the Indianapolis school system, tells high-school students that Africans had sailed to America “two thousand years before anyone had ever heard of Columbus.942 Claims like this are the mainstay of the model Afrocentric program that was developed for the Portland, Oregon, schools and is now being introduced in Pittsburgh, Atlanta, and Washington, D.C., as well as Indianapolis. The underlying theme is that every cultural advance of any worth was the work of Africans but that non-Africans have stolen the glory. “Eurocentric” history credits the Greeks with achievements that are due to the Egyptians who are claimed to be black. Even mathematics can be made African. As the principal of what had become Malcolm X Academy in Detroit explains,

    “My approach is, don’t turn in a lesson plan in math unless you show the pyramids and how black people were involved.” 943 Basir Mchawi, who was hired by a New York City school district to produce an “Africa-centered” curriculum, had little to say about biology in his proposal, but what he did say was out of the ordinary: “Attention will be given to great biological scientists from the African world, such as Imhotep, Charles Drew, and Daniel Hale Williams.” Likewise, students would be taught about the effects of “certain behaviors on their bodies,” such as living on potato chips and Pepsi during pregnancy, and smoking crack cocaine. 944 Afrocentrists are eager to teach young black Americans hieroglyphics, Egyptian cleansing rituals, and numerology—not things that employers are likely to care very much about. Wade Nobles, who runs the Manhood Development and Training Program for black high-school students in Oakland, explains the reasons for this approach: “When we educate a black man, we’re not educating him for a job; we’re educating him for eternity.” 945.

    Jared Taylor
    Paved With Good Intentions: The Failure of Race Relations in Contemporary America

  4. Ken

    Both Mel and Ziff have good points. The real solution to this collapse in artistic talent is to have some sort of litmus test for great art. Personally, I use a three part test:

    1. The art has to be readily identifiable as art by anyone who sees it. By anyone, I mean ANY ONE. Someone from a totally different culture and time should be able to look at great art and identify it as such.

    2. The art must have taken so much skill to produce that no matter how much I personally were to study and practice I could never achieve that level of mastery.

    3. The art must be of such obvious and compelling artistic merit that even someone who has no formal training in art can appreciate it. Many self proclaimed art experts (such as Lisa Rockford) like to claim that great art can only be appreciated by someone with training, and that they have to tell the great unwashed masses when something is great art. (Most modern art seems to fit this definition). This is totally wrong. Truly great art should be so well done that its status as great art is obvious to even the untrained eye. It should not be necessary to have an art degree to see its worth.

    Now then, having established the criteria for deterimining fine art, I want to bring up a “contemporary” painting I saw in the modern art wing of the Detroit Institute of Arts. It consisted simply of a large canvas, painted a single shade of pink. Upon close examination, it can be determined that it was painted with a roller.

    This “art” totally fails my tests. No one unfamiliar with “modern art” would ever think that this was art. I could have done it myself – in first grade. No one but a self proclaimed “art expert” would ever think that it had any compelling artistic merit. Bluntly, it was garbage.

    I stopped contributing to the DIA after I saw where my money was going.

  5. Ziff

    Ken, when old masters were young and Dutch many learned the skills , it got to be quite the game. The trick was to make a brush stroke create an illusion at a distance , if you try painting each point it doesn’t work . Today brush strokes are in your face, simultaneously brush strokes and some larger whole , that’s the trick now

  6. Ziff

    Another one, many would think the schlock Meister Kinkade would fit your criteria. And many like Elaine hate Picasso , there is a small drawing of a woman’s face , lovely thing ,mastery of line but more importantly there is his recognition of the asymmetry of the human face, how he could use that to split pictorial space It requires some experience to notice that.

  7. Ken


    I agree that Thomas Kinkade would qualify as art under my test. Certainly more than Lisa Rockford. The fact that his works appeal to the common man does not diminish them in my opinion. In fact, it reinforces their status as art.

    Remember, Currier and Ives were not treated as serious artists in their day simply because their work appealed to the masses. Today their original works are highly sought after.

  8. Ken

    As for Picasso, his early work would certainly qualify as good art under my tests, but not what he was turning out at the end of his career. Near the end he was simply trading on his fame and knew that he could sell even scribbles on paper for big bucks.

  9. Ah, the Art Student’s League: that is a club, a joint effort and not a university. Real artists attend those meetings where they can all hone their collective skills and discuss each other’s work. I found that group to be most useful many years ago and Mel, I am so happy they continue onwards in NYC.

    About Picasso: before WWI, he did ‘normal art’ after the War, like with music, poetry and all the other arts, they went into utter destruction, self annihilation, hate and hysteria and soon wrecked everything totally by WWII.

  10. ziff

    yes, Picasso did tons! of bad work , he used to say that the only thing that saved him was doing it worse each time. kind of a metaphor for ‘ART’ in general. but he had his moments. There was an exhibition here in Vancouver , i had the opportunity to witness a woman standing beside one of his sculptural cubist portraits , one with a nose like an elephant. The amazing thing was there was a resemblance ,somehow he had captured his subject in spite of all efforts to the contrary.
    As for Kinkade , yeech , people learn nothing, ART is a waste.

  11. Lou

    10–especially in PP last few years. really bad stuff.

    White people who do a downward-facing dog are contributing to a “system of power, privilege, and oppression,” according to a Michigan State University professor.

    Shreena Gandhi, a religious studies professor at Michigan State, claims in an article she recently co-authored that Americans who practice yoga are contributing to white supremacy and promote the “yoga industrial complex.”

    White Americans should learn yoga’s history, acknowledge the cultural appropriation they engage in and possibly reduce the cost of yoga classes for poor people, a group that often includes people of color and “recent immigrants, such as Indian women to whom this practice rightfully belongs,” Gandhi argued.

  12. You know, watching your belly can be learned easily, no classes needed.

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