Tommy Robinson Talks To Tucker Carlson About Prison Torture

Tucker Carlson EXCLUSIVE Interview With Tommy Robinson: In Prison I Was STARVED, Lost 40 Pounds! – YouTube


Tommy Robinson’s treatment at ‘trial’ and then moved to a very hostile, mostly Muslim prison where he was doused with urine and feces every day by Muslims, they put his cell next to the MOSQUE in the prison!  All things were done to make him suffer to the maximum torture and…this is a human rights violation of the first order!  Prime Minister May and her gang of Bilderberg monsters did this crime and should be arrested and charged with human rights violations.


Britain never had true civil rights, ever.  People pretend Britain has this but my family was forced to flee Britain hundreds of years ago due to political differences (King James II) and we fought literally tooth and nail for true freedoms when over here in the New World.


The US itself has a very spotty record, too including slavery which is the worst of the worst in this record.  But we did slowly build a legal matrix to at least have some quality of freedoms enshrined in the Constitution and its amendments.

The Gatestone Institute was the only organization for civil rights to speak out on behalf of Tommy Robinson.  Swift Injustice: The Case of Tommy Robinson—


Tommy is now out of prison and his story about his abusive treatment there over a simple CIVIL matter (he didn’t commit a violent crime, etc.) is grounds for the UN to hold hearings about this but they won’t, of course.


Liberals in the US are perfectly fine with him being tortured.  Fake liberals in Britain celebrate tormenting him and physically and psychologically abusing him the exact same way Stalin or Mao have done in the past.


Many recent ‘minority’ immigrants in England want a Hitler style solution to the problem of pesky native Brits some of whom’s families lived in England for the last 10,000 years, to be eliminated brutally.


The left continues its path of destruction, destroying itself.  Lady Gaga pays tribute to Zombie Boy after he ‘kills himself’ in Montreal | Daily Mail Online reports today.


This deranged young man, I wrote about him in the past.  I predicted he would die young and he did, he couldn’t stand himself.  He knew he was a horrible, nasty person and living inside the body of a demonic lunatic is hard work so the only escape he had in the end was to end himself.


This sad, sad case of self-mutilation is rather common, I fear.  The fact that very liberal (sic) people encouraged and celebrated this poor man’s psychosis has greatly angered me.  Instead of helping him, they encouraged his lunacy.


The depravity continues as children are losing the innocence of childhood deliberately thanks to mainstream media systems, ‘cartoons’ that are very sexual with pedophilia and other odd business…here is a troubling news story of a teacher teaching ‘sex’ to children under the age of 11: Fifth-grade teacher loses his license after graphic talk on masturbation, pornography and sex | Daily Mail Online


‘If questions persists, the teacher can utilize a question box, review the questions and choose to respond or not the next day,’ the complaint read, adding that if he did decide to answer the students’ questions he had to use ‘scientific/medical terminology only’.


Officials said during the class, Pena ‘discussed sexual topics in a manner inconsistent with training and engaged in inappropriate conduct when teaching’.


They allege that he told students he had personal experience in anal and oral sex and while he was having anal sex ‘he had brown stuff on his penis which prompted him to immediately stop’.


He also allegedly told the students that he uses lubricant with his girlfriend, and had experience engaging in unprotected sex.


I bet I know what happened: this ‘teacher’ was in a Hispanic/black school and the kids, raised on TV and other mainstream entertainments, were all very jaded and wanted to egg on their silly teacher demanding he discuss sex with them as if all of them were adults.


When I was very young, kids who did this in class were sent to the Principal and had to have ‘time out’ or even beaten up (yes, hitting kids back in the 1950’s was not only legal but in Arizona, common!) but today, kids get to mouth off at teachers and even physically, openly attack them.


The entire system is a mess in DNC-run cities.  I know that in the DNC voting suburbs that are not heavily ‘integrated’ they still have functional schools but these run on a knife edge.


Sex stuff is on overdrive in our culture.  There are many forces at work now, working to spin things totally out of control.  The sex pedulum has swung too hard to the left and is now heading in the opposite pole.


The DNC efforts to bring in demonically dressed crossdressing males to teach preschool children about sex is the last straw here.  I am still shocked that they did this openly.  The ‘ladies’ were dressed up as devils!  And sat down with little children to read ‘innocent child’s books’ and the parents did this deliberately to their innocent children.  It is beyond disgusting.


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11 responses to “Tommy Robinson Talks To Tucker Carlson About Prison Torture

  1. Name

    Everyone in power is “free”.

  2. Melponeme_k

    The elite are trying to normalize what they do so that they aren’t hauled in front of the hangman’s noose one day under criminal charges. They want all of us to be part of their sick practices so we can’t stand on moral high ground.

    Any sexual act they allow to be shown or spoken about is Satanic sex magic. Pornography is Satanic ritual. Anal Sex is about breaking open the root chakra and allowing demonic possession of the submissive partner. The bukake scenes are about infusing power into the woman who is the focus. She plays the part of the Lilith principle, the whore of Babylon. Oral Sex is also a ritual act that is thought to enslave the submissive because they are ingesting the creative power of the dominant. So yes, if anyone out there is still watching these sick films, you are being mind controlled and you are giving away your sovereignty. It makes me shudder how people watched all this over the years then thought they had to emulate this sickness never knowing what they were really taking part in and encouraging.

    Pedophilia is their next campaign.

    It’s always been their main goal.

  3. Pete


    Gigantic rogue planet just discovered Yikes!

  4. Melponeme_k


    Play replaces Nazis with US ICE agents. Oh and they also included Hispanics hiding in Frank’s closet.

    You know, I’m glad they did this because I have suspected that the Frank story is not what we were told. The fact that they feel free to do this just tells me now that the girl, as we know her, probably NEVER existed. If she did, they don’t give a flying F***all about her memory.

    We all know the ethnic background of who runs the entertainment industry. This has their hands on it and it just shows the respect they have for their own community. NONE.


    ELAINE: Anne was very, very real. My own father entered Dachau when the Nazi war machine was collapsing. I know a number of victims of the camps, personally.

  5. timothy carroll

    @Mel #4,

    It’s called the Hollow hoax for a reason. (((They))) are excellent at hiding facts. Not to say there weren’t Jews slaughtered during WW2. There were. Let’s just say the numbers have been amplified for rhetorical benefit. Not to mention, a young Jewish girl , dying in a concentration camp, who worshiped Norma Shearer & Clark Gable made good tabloid fodder for the masses. I read the Diary of Anne Frank, and don’t believe a word of it.

  6. timothy carroll

    @Mel, #2

    Thanks for the links. As usual, quite informative. This wasn’t the first time I heard that Shirley Temple was used as a miniature sexual goddess. But I also read that her parents, for what they were worth, made sure her earnings were safely secured for her when she eventually retired from the movie industry at the grand old age of twenty five. Nothing like hiring your kid our for prostitution and creating a retirement nest egg for her.

    Jeeze, at the beginning of her life she was tap dancing with Bill Bojangles Robinson, Toward the middle, end of her life, she was still tap dancing with negroes as ambassador to Ghana. CIA, anyone?

  7. timothy carroll

    OT: Clinton involvement in Trump/CIA attempt at coup. Kevin Shipley, ex CIA goon:

  8. Tom W Harris

    Y’all cray cray.

  9. timothy carroll


    How astute!

  10. Some people really are freaking out. This happens when the media and leaders lie all the time. So real things become unreal to outsiders. This is DELIBERATE.

    I, on the other hand, am very careful about telling the truth. I don’t freak out over fake stuff. The internet and mainstream news both are full of fake stuff…this is DELIBERATE.

    Telling the truth is always a challenge in any civilization. In many civilizations and cultures, telling the truth can get one killed or put in prison.

  11. Melponeme_k

    “Anne was very, very real. My own father entered Dachau when the Nazi war machine was collapsing. I know a number of victims of the camps, personally.”

    She existed. Did she actually write all of what is published as hers? Even as a kid I remember people accusing the father of bulking up her notes with additions.

    If her own community does not care about her, If her own community equates her suffering with illegal aliens invading another country, well then, what is her memory truly worth?

    It is up to the non-elite Jewish people to tell the truth about their community. They have to break the omerta. Because the elites are going to throw them into the incinerators every time. I mean everyone points to Soros but there were more like him. More with enough money to keep their own safe.

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