GM Shuts SUV Plants In US, Opens In China, While UN Leaders Whine About ‘Nationalism’ Causing ‘Global Warming’

Climate Reanalyzer clearly shows how the Northern Hemisphere has dips and rises.  The Gulf Stream, which vanishes during Ice Ages, keeps Western Europe fairly warm compared to say, Canada and the northern tier of the US.  We get frequent cold surges from the Hudson Bay region.  Well, the Bilderberg gang has doubled down this cold, cold November to yell at us about us roasting to death.  We are supposed to have no national borders according to global warmist fanatics on the left and their bosses, the richest, most spoiled creeps on earth.


Hudson Bay is freezing up, fast.  By Xmas, it should be totally frozen.  This is important: during the height of the present Interglacial which was more than 2,000 years ago, Hudson Bay probably didn’t totally freeze up each winter.  Now, it is ice free for only a short while as  Hudson Bay ice update: more thick first year ice habitat for polar bears in 2018 than 2004.


The polar bears are doing fine, thank you.  This website giving us real news, is pro-polar bear.


Despite pronouncements from one polar bear specialist that “ice in Hudson Bay is in rapid retreat” a look back in time shows that there is more thick first year ice over the Bay this year for the week of the summer solstice than there was in 2004 – and much less open water than 1998.


Andrew Derocher (@AEDerocher) is the ‘scientist’ referred to in the article above.  I went to his homepage and yes, he is a global warmist through and through which is funny when reading about him fleeing the super cold/blizzard conditions in early November:

HAHAHA.  The polar bears are smarter than this ‘scientist’.  

Ice is forming fast everywhere polar even Alaska now, but due to the warm Gulf Stream coinciding with a warm cycle over the North Atlantic, the ice is being blown ashore instead of forming bridges.  This will end once the cycle shifts and Europe returns to the deep freeze again.


Understanding how climate works is important, it is a high value survival skill.  This is why I often laugh at global warmists as they desperately try to keep the con job going even though the previous 30 year warm cycle has definitely ended and we are now in a 30 year cooling cycle.


For the last three years, as it cools down and it snows in the Sahara Desert over and over again, the warmists bang away at the few places where cooling has yet to come, say, India or the Amazon and Congo basins.  Those places are still hot!  Imagine that!

The shifty thing about shifting ice is, it is on water.  Wind and currents move ice around.  So conditions change.  This doesn’t mean that CO2 is overheating the planet, it means that weather conditions is changeable due to this being a dynamic planet and not Mars which is in perpetual winter and drought.


Even so, when solar energy is high, even Mars thaws out!  When it declines, the polar caps on Mars grows and so we can now surmise that there is climate change on Mars, too.  The CO2 on Mars is mostly frozen so why does it melt?


Hello!  The sun, of course!  This is so very simple, astronomers figured this out when I was a child.  I should know, my grandfather was one of astronomy’s Mars experts back then and studied the planet daily or I should say, at night!  I used to sit by him and watch him and listen to him talk about Mars when I was a child.


Now on to the really scary news: the UN is insisting on killing Northern populations via enabling invaders and at the same time, taxing us for trying to stay warm as winters grow colder and colder: UN Secretary claims nationalism is going to cause us to roast to death.


“I think that it is clear to me that the world is more polarized. We have more and more nationalist approaches being popular and winning election or having strong election results,” Guterres said. “We see the trust between public opinions and institutions — governments, political establishments but also International organization … being eroded.”


Trust is declining because people are finally figuring out, the Real Rulers want them all DEAD.  I watched an old TV show from Britain about the history of Servants: The True Story of Life Below Stairs. Part 3 of 3 – No Going Back – YouTube

The Rulers were totally pissed off that WWI destroyed their control over servants.  Working people to death while the rich lay about, lazy, is the definition of ‘how to rule properly.’


The BBC journalist who interviewed Guterres pressed him on President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate agreement. “It always helps if everyone is in line with what we think, but we shouldn’t reduce the discussion about climate change to the individual position of this or that leader,” Guterres said.


The tax and steal Democrats now control Congress. Their voters will get exactly what the ruling Elites want: more taxes, more filth and lower wages.  I hope they all enjoy this servitude.


“It’s a global issue, and we are all failing,” Guterres said. “And in a global issue, we need to mobilize everyone.”


Hard to mobilize people who are freezing.  As this year passes, we will have an even colder one coming unless the sun gets more active.  Fury aimed at global warmists will rise.  Right now, the DNC base is in California, one of only three states, Arizona and Florida, that has ‘global warming’ which is local, not global.


“Things are getting worse than predicted but the political will today, unfortunately, is not as high as it should be,” Guterres said.


This stupid man who said all this lives mainly in Spain and….Spain has had one snow storm after another this cold cycle!  HAHAHA.  If he were from Mexico, ditto.  Just this week, snow in Mexico up to 500 miles south of our border.


This global warming meeting next will will be in cold Poland.  I hope the Polish people demonstrate for more warm weather!  Right now, it isn’t bitter cold like nearby Siberia but this is due to the Gulf Stream and shifts in the polar winds.  These polar shifts usually last around three months, summer and winter.


So if it is ‘warm’ in fall, it will probably be very cold in spring.

A great cartoon from Rogue Cartoonist Ben Garrison:

Enough of the weather!  On to other lunacies mainly in California, the land of deranged liberals who do everything in their power to make things worse:

HAHAHA…hire Maoist students and you get Mad Madame Mao actions!  Google, being now totally evil, isn’t ‘organizing the world’s information,’ they are CENSORING CITIZENS.  Period.  They aim to eliminate most people.  They want us silenced.  They don’t like debates, they want to control information and love Big Brother/Big Sister Chinese rulers.  So Google is now a Chinese operative out to control humanity by preventing people from talking to each other.

I am amazed: no one in California showed up at the border to beg for the wall to come down and let in a flood of illegal aliens, mostly crime-age males.  HAHAHA.  I love the ‘hunger strike’: most of these females are fat.  No one will notice or stop them.  They all were trucked up to the border (they didn’t walk) to be used as a front for invading young males.


These women were all coming in to get on welfare.  Even Californian lunatics knows this means more tax hikes.  The DNC support of all this was entirely cynical.  They shoot at illegal aliens crossing the borders under the Clintons and Obamas.  Now, even posting guards is considered treason as these clowns who want no borders yell at Trump for doing what they always do, cynically.


Where are the DNC clowns?  General Motors is planning on importing Chinese SUVs.  The DNC is enabling this.  The workers are not stupid, they now know who the enemy really is: the Democratic leaders who are all very, very rich people living in California and New York City.


NOte how the Daily Mail accuses TRUMP for this terrible closure of plants!  Trump announced yesterday that he is going to impose a $3000 tariff on Chinese SUVs.  He is doing something!  And you can bet the West Coast courts and the DNC will try to stop him from putting this tariff on Chinese imports!


TV announcers will lie about all this and blame Trump, not the Chinese or the DNC tools working for China.  I see in the future trials of West Coast DNC members for treason some day.  The working class has a long history of getting very pissed off and destroying the rich.


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14 responses to “GM Shuts SUV Plants In US, Opens In China, While UN Leaders Whine About ‘Nationalism’ Causing ‘Global Warming’

  1. Melponeme_k

    No sunspots. No warmth.

    Until people start thinking and questioning and stop believing that the TV is real, the elites will have total control.

  2. Petruchio

    As a side, but related note, the Dems in Congress voted down a bill that would provide Medicare for everybody. A undeniable signal that the Dems in general and the DNC in particular have sole out their traditional base of voters. But here’s the thing. The DNC’s new voting base, illegal aliens who, by law are not allowed to vote, btw, are going to want Government funded Health Care. What then? This is all so sleazy it makes me want to throw up. And here I thought only Ronald Reagan could get me this disgusted.

  3. csurge

    What can you do about criminals who legitimize themselves as your rulers by stealing elections? Not much it seems

  4. KHS71

    Medicare is not what you think. It is not “free”. Part A is because you have paid into it for at least 40 quarters. Part B costs 134 per month and is taken from your SS check or paid every three months like I do. Not on SS yet. (Still after working for 50 years, not on SS yet) Then there is a gap program that can cost from about $120 per month to $200 per month to pick up any costs not covered by Parts A and B. Then their is Part D which is for drug costs. My premium is $30 per month but does not pay all the costs. My medication costs are over $3000 per year after insurance. Three of my medications are over $600 each per month before insurance. I am going on a Medicare Advantage Plan first of the year through my pension but that still costs $100 per month and then all the co-pays and all the drug costs. It’s not free. Whose going to help pay for these costs?

    Elaine, you are on SS and Medicare. Is it free?

  5. lou

    KHS–Where can I learn about Medicare? Am I required to get it?

  6. WhatsItAllAboutAlphie

    GM CEO Mary Berra is a Obama/Clinton rat. She wants to wreck the economy of Ohio/Michigan so Trump will be defeated in 2020.

  7. Years ago after NY state via my husband’s boss at the museum, cut off his oxygen supply when he was handling toxic chemicals, nearly killing him. We sued in court and won.

    So we pay nothing for most of our healthcare, my husband is all paid for and mine is fairly covered. But I would rather my husband was never brain damaged from chemicals.

  8. About GM: Alphie, you are right. And the Fed wants to do in Trump and this means stomping on workingclass people.


  9. OC

    No matter what Trump does, those jobs are most likely not coming back to US. The liberal trained youngsters do not have what it takes to do manufacturing and those US CEOs know it.

  10. AT

    All Trump has to do is keep ratcheting up the tariffs until the jobs come back.

    That is his stated strategy; hand-wringing over bailouts is a bait and switch.

  11. lou

    13–How many trillions of dollars would it cost to rebuild the factories?

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