Illegal Alien Invasion Of England Intensifies As French Macron Refuses To Guard Tunnels

Macron’s battle against French citizens protesting globalization and fake global warming has led to him not defending the borders of France from invaders.


It is incredible how swiftly all Bilderberg-run countries that vote into power these cruel and annoying globalists, how swiftly things collapse.  France is in utter chaos now.  Tomorrow, Macron is marshalling all his State Forces to crush the French citizens protesting his policies designed to enslave them and freeze them to death in winters.  He has allowed illegal aliens to assail trucks going to and from Britain in a bid to destroy British voters who voted Brexit.


Of course, the British rulers are also OK with aliens invading and looting Britain, too!  So no one is bothering to stop all this nonsense.  I find this very interesting, having descended from invaders of Britain 1,000 years ago, myself.


The Road Haulage Association said it had had feedback from one of its drivers suggesting he was delayed for a full twelve hours while attempting to board a ferry from Dunkirk, France, to Dover, England, KentOnline reports.


“First for us comes the welfare of drivers and they are sitting ducks to migrants,” an RHA spokesman stated bluntly.


Yes, they are mere pawns in international games.  The key here is, ‘How can we destroy the power of people?’  Oh, by letting in millions of invaders who vote for whatever the gang wants, that is, giving power to aliens so they can overthrow the native population.  This is exactly how my ancestors invaded and controlled Britain in the past, too!


And here is why so many foreigners are demanding entry into Britain:

They want the freebies which is why so many illegal aliens come to the US and move to DNC-run welfare states like California and New York!  Duh!  NY City demanded taxpayers build endless ‘public housing’ which were called ‘projects’ due to them being goodies for construction guys paying bribes to city officials…this was supposedly to stop the crummy slums!


Guess why the slums were a roaring catastrophe: RENT CONTROL.  Inflation took off, the cost of heating shot through the roof during the oil crisis years and landlords were forbidden to raise rents so they literally abandoned hundreds of thousands of rental properties, a huge hunk of city housing.


The tenants of these apartments were moved into public housing which then became hell holes run by criminal gangs.  It still is.  The taxpayers have to pay for a private army of police just to keep the crime rates from shooting to the high heavens.


Europe is being destroyed by all this liberalism.  England is extremely vulnerable to all this and the housing situation is a roaring mess now.  For example, evicting non-paying renters takes a minimum of six months and up to several years while tenants refuse to pay rent.


So the main body of landlords today in England are foreign nationals who want a foothold in the country.  It makes little profit due to the eviction rules.  When people plan to move, for example, they refuse to pay rent for several months and thus have money in the pocket when relocating.


All third world people want entry to the Golden Gate in London and they want to live in London, not some outside areas.  This is why the mayor of London is a Muslim: native Brits barely exist there now.


Here is someone who was refused sanctuary in England due to being a Christian:

The UK has denied asylum to an Iranian man because he said on his application that he converted from Islam to the “peaceful” religion of Christianity, according to The Independent.


The Home Office quoted excerpts from the bible in the man’s rejection letter – saying the book of Revelations is “filled with imagery of revenge, destruction, death and violence,” and concluded that “These examples are inconsistent with your claim that you converted to Christianity after discovering it is a ‘peaceful’ religion, as opposed to Islam which contains violence, rage and revenge.”


The housing offices, the home offices, all systems in London are being handed over to Muslims.  I watch a lot of Brit TV online.  Here is one show I have watched recently which shows clearly who is running things:

The employees of the government in London increasingly are hammering native families and letting in a flood of foreigners.  Single white males, in particular, are denied any services even when elderly or disabled and have to appeal whereas Romanians can haul in a massive family and get instant care.


Yes, this is all about race.  It is in NYC.  How many ‘white’ housing projects exist there?  Nearly none!  Why are all the public housing filled with mainly black people who moved to NYC from elsewhere?  Nearly 100%!  Why is this?


Ahem: they physically attack and abuse and scream at anyone else.  Worse, they do this to each other but don’t care, they think behaving this way is ‘normal’!

Liberals blamed all this on being too crowded so, they claimed that spreading around people living in public housing would fix this.  But it didn’t change one major dynamic at work: CRIME.  Housing criminals in big, middle sized or small communities would stop crime.


NOPE.  It spreads it like butter on hot bread.  Want to degrade a middle class neighborhood?  Build any public housing there.  I have been poor, when a student.  I lived in poor neighborhoods.  I paid little in rent.  I also ran policing the streets, too.  I fought criminals due to this being slum housing.


I know exactly where criminals camp out: wherever they can get away with crimes!  Duh!  They would complain to me, I was ruining the ‘hood.  That is, making their criminal businesses struggle.


Wikipedia discussing the insane liberal concept of public housing:


Subsidized apartment buildings, often referred to as housing projects, have a complicated and often notorious history in the United States. While the first decades of projects were built with higher construction standards and a broader range of incomes and same applicants, over time, public housing increasingly became the housing of last resort in many cities.


And this ‘last resort’ was due to high crime.  Give goodies to criminals and they come.  Criminals flood into these systems due to it being yet another scam for them.  This is why one sees all those expensive pimpmobiles parked in front of public housing buildings all the time.


Several reasons have been cited for this negative trend including the failure of Congress to provide sufficient funding, a lowering of standards for occupancy, and mismanagement at the local level.


HAHAHA.  The ‘lower standards’ are easy: rent to criminals, you get criminals.  Duh.


Furthermore, housing projects have also been seen to greatly increase concentrated poverty in a community, leading to several negative externalities. Crime, drug usage, and educational underperformance are all widely associated with housing projects, particularly in urban areas.


And all this is due to deliberately renting to criminals.  I gave speeches about all this way back in 1979.  In NY City, no less.  Jewish communities loved public housing…until the rules demanded integration.  Within a few years, all the ‘Jewish’ public housing was overrun with criminals.


Today, battles rage across the city as criminals hit on weaker ethnic groups, and various parasite groups like Jewish radicals who have large families and live off of welfare while concealing incomes, are driven to distraction, trying to cope with the outright, openly criminal neighbors also using public housing as headquarters.


A fine battle is raging, it is political and the Jews lost.  NYC is now run entirely by radical leftists who hate everyone and want to force everyone to live with violent criminals all the time.  Giuliani tried to stop this but his legacy was spurned and now NYC gets to stew in its own juices.  A fine mess, like England.


Will require forceful violence to fix this mess and I don’t see anyone really willing to fight back right now, look at how Trump, who knows all this, himself, is unable to get Congress to lift so much as one finger to stop all this while mainstream media howls like wolves at him, screaming to destroy him and America, too.


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10 responses to “Illegal Alien Invasion Of England Intensifies As French Macron Refuses To Guard Tunnels

  1. Moe

    Though always interested in the unpleasant realities of modern society, I’m grateful I don’t to experience them directly. Who wants to live in these hellholes?

    I look out my office patio door over the banks of our local river. I live on a dead-end road with no traffic. Life is peaceful here. I wish it were so for others, but I have little effect (i.e., virtually none) on the world.

    This Alabama song pretty well sums it up for me:

    She and I live in our own little world
    Don’t worry about the world outside

    She and I agree
    She and I lead a perfectly normal life
    Ah but just because we aren’t often seen socially
    People think we’ve got something to hide
    But all our friends know we’re just a little old fashioned
    She and I

    Oh ain’t that great
    Ain’t it fine
    To have a love someone that others can’t find
    Ain’t it wonderful to know all we ever need is just the two of us
    She and I
    So wonderful
    She and I

    She and I share with every body else
    The same wants, needs and desires
    She and I save
    She and I pay on everything we acquire

    Ah but just because we aren’t often seen separately
    People think we live one life

    Its hard for them to see how anyone could be as close as
    She and I

  2. Tacitus

    I support this message:

  3. Moe

    Lyrics cumbersome as hell, but pertinent and accurate: “The British told them to f*ck off.”

    Classic EU tactic replicated: if you don’t get the initial response you want, force another vote. The Brits gonna catch on?

  4. Petruchio

    “It is incredible how swiftly all Bilderberg-run countries that vote into power these cruel and annoying globalists, how swiftly things collapse.” Of course; that was their intention all along. A One world Government is what these ‘Globalists’ seek, so they must create as much chaos as possible within the framework of Nation States. And they don’t care how much suffering and death that results. And of course the American MSM goes along with this One World/ New World Order Government! That’s how they keep their jobs. If you stray off the Agenda, you get booted, like Judge Jeanine.

  5. shawntoh


    Meanwhile, in our beloved country, we have this just in as of yesterday–

    “ICE releasing 1,000 illegal immigrant family members a day”–

    “Deportation officers are cutting loose more than 1,000 illegal immigrant family members a day, setting them free into border states as the surge of migrations overwhelms the government’s ability to handle them, officials revealed Thursday.[March 21, 2019, SOURCE: Washington Times]

    … or …

    Howse about this one, Elaine–

    “Immigration court backlog up 300%, system ‘on brink of collapse’”–

    “The American Bar Association is warning of an “existential crisis” over the unprecedented surge in the number of immigration cases clogging up courts.”–

    “Crucially, the number of cases pending before the immigration courts (which were about 262,000 cases at the time of the 2010 Report) has increased to unprecedented levels. There were more than 760,000 pending cases at the end of FY 2018 and an additional 330,000 cases that could be returned to active dockets in short order,” it said in revealing the latest accurate numbers.

    Without fast changes, the lawyer’s group added, the immigration court system will collapse. President Trump has sought to increase the corps of immigration court judges.”

    So, as you accurately pointed out, the “Shadow Govt.” is still going strong with attempting to collapse the USA with an invasion of illegal immigrants, and so on…


  6. AT

    “NYC is now run entirely by radical leftists who hate everyone and want to force everyone to live with violent criminals all the time.”

    So all these hotels/motels going out of business are doing side deals with cities to house homeless in the off season to stay afloat.

    Now when you travel you get to sleep in homeless bedbugs and scabies.

  7. AT


    So Congress raised the deductible to make the itemization of home mortgage interest a wash for homeowners.

    That turns into a tax break for renters.

    So, Congress decided reduce the withholding to let those folks spend that tax break in 2018.

    Now, if you are a homeowner, and you have income subject to withholding, your withholding went down, but your tax liability remained the same: you just got screwed on your tax bill.

  8. Zeke

    Russian interference report delivered today,
    322 is the Skull & Bones #.
    Just an odd coincidence.

  9. Moe

    For Tacticus and Tio – Streetwise Professor

    Brexit: Britain’s Hotel California

    Excerpt: “I doubt that Brexit will enhance the freedom or sovereignty of ordinary Britons in any meaningful way, or allow them to restore more traditional British and English ways, institutions, and values. Indeed, not only will they not gain greater freedom, they will lose the psychological comfort of being able to blame Johnny Foreigner for the loss of it. It will end up being a Hotel California experience: they will check out of the EU, but they won’t check out of an establishment run by those with the EU mindset.”

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