Double Nothing Burger: Latest Coup Attempt Grinds To Halt Due To Zero Legal Causes

Aside from the obvious fact that Biden and his son broke laws when using the Ukraine coup government to leech a million dollars from poor Ukrainians, we have the news that the ‘whistleblower’ from the CIA cellar was a nothing burger even less useful for impeaching Trump than the ‘shocking’ phone call of typical, normal diplomacy.  The Bilderberg media and politicians are clinging like rats on a sinking ship to their own lies!  HAHAHA.


The Democrats are falling apart at the seams.  For example, their sex crusade is simultaneously screeching about how touching a woman or even looking at her can cause a female to collapse due to women being very weak and vulnerable coupled with the ‘women warriors are strong’ trope which means women are braver, stronger and smarter than icky males.


This is insane.


Then there is the ‘children must be protected’ coupled with ‘let child molesters dress as women so they can enter schools and libraries and fondle little children’ trope.  That is OK with feminists.  Young ladies posting videos online making fun of liberals is evil and child abuse but equally young or younger males dressed as drag queens, performing sexual dances to screaming males at bars and posting this online is liberating and good to liberals.


Talking with a foreign president about possible crimes committed in their home states by US politicians exploiting alliances to line their own pockets is grounds for impeaching Trump but examining the corrupt Vice President under Obama for strong arming a foreign ally in order to snag a multi-million dollar contract for a wayward son, that is OK and not grounds for any investigations, at all.


Yes, that is today’s utterly insane trope being peddled still by the Bilderberg gang.  They picked the wrong thing to freak out about because any investigation of Trump discussing a DNC criminal means…discussing and investigating this DNC criminal, too!  Ooopsies!  This also means examining the role the God Emperor Obama played in the corruption and interference in Ukraine’s sovereignty, too.

The raw coup attempt continues forwards with GOP traitors joining in because half of the GOP is also globalist and many GOP power people attend the SECRET Bilderberg meetings and I have known since day one that they hate Trump and would rather kill the party than support him in his battle to undo the ‘free trade’ messes created by our Real Rulers.  His attacks on this machine to enslave us irritates them no end.  They are desperate to continue this suicidal push because they all park their loot overseas, not here in the USA.


They all do huge tax evasions this way, they concentrate their own wealth far from our ability to seize it, they own many islands and park their junk there and this is why they want to cool down the entire planet to protect their islands from beach erosion…I AM NOT JOKING.


These insane rich people are very arrogant and don’t care about how many people they kill, they cheerfully lied about 9/11 and used that attack as an excuse to attack Iraq which did nothing at all and was a totally innocent bystander.  Millions of people died because of this cynical attack which the mainstream media lied about and pushed so very hard.

Yes, Flake the Traitor who supported open borders which is now causing Arizona to have a high crime rate and poor schools, he and fellow GOP globalists would vote to impeach the President.  This may lead to the formation of a new party, the Patriot Party.  Meanwhile, the GOP/DNC axis of power pushing for no borders and population replacement will win elections until the guns start shooting in earnest in a full civil war.


The Asian voter alliance with the radical leftists is for open borders for Asians but outside of this, the Asians are also the primary target of murder and robbery by the other side of the Democratic Party voting base.  The black/Hispanic voters hate the Asian voters and wish them ill and Asians from China, for example, have to score twice as high to enter top schools in tests because the DNC voter base populations are not nearly as intelligent and thus, need a helping hand to go to elite schools.


What is more horrifying is the Jewish/Muslim/Hispanic/black alliance.  The Muslims, Hispanics and urban blacks hate and fear Jews and a significant number of them want to kill all Jews.  This alliance is utterly and totally insane.  It is suicidal.  The Jewish population sincerely believes that the Muslims, for example, have changed suddenly and love them and want to work with them.


I assure everyone, and I know the black Muslims very personally and very well, they intend to annihilate the ‘white’ Jews.  I watch this alliance with open horror.  The DNC gang has suddenly figured out a tiny bit of this and the women’s movement is now expelling the Muslim females who tricked them so marvelously into endorsing hajibs as ‘freeing women’ instead of oppressing them.


The women’s right alliance with Muslims particularly irks me.  These stupid females think they are smarter than men but the Muslim men played them for utter fools, easily tricking them.  Feminists love to preen themselves as ‘better than men’ when they are fools, frauds or just insane.  The looming white male/Muslim alliance is growing more and more likely over time due to female attacks on white males running utterly out of control now.


Rank discrimination against white males is radicalizing young men at an increasing rate.   The white males supporting violent feminists still continues but bit by bit these radical leftist males are being told by black radicals that they must sit in the back of the bus or shut up, this is causing more and more white males to ditch the radical leftist thing.  It is a slow but relentless process here.

Every election now gets rid of Bilderberg GOP frauds and Trump is the first President in half a century to not be owned by the Bilderberg international rich and powerful and he is muscling them badly which is why they are screaming to impeach him for discussing business with a captive nation controlled by the gang via the European Union.  Britain is now led by an anti-EU prime minister, the new President of Ukraine is anti-EU rule, ditto Poland and Austria and in France we see a popular uprising against globalist Macron rolling onwards, this is spreading to Spain, now Italy has gone anti-EU and so forth.


The pro-EU nations are being systematically destroyed by alien invaders.  Time is running out for Sweden, for example.  Last night, Sweden exploded literally into violence with guns, bombs, car fires, etc.  Sweden is dying and the contradiction here is the spoiled communist little teenager hosted across the planet by the Bilderberg gang, squealing and crying about how slightly warmer weather will destroy Sweden!  That is the highest of insanity contradictions, ever.


How bizarre.  Not one mainstream news system is reporting the chaos and hell in Sweden, no examination about how the invasion by angry Muslims is dangerous.  There is zero information about how the US pays for Israel’s huge wall complex to lock down and keep out Muslims who are allies of the left in Europe and America!  The Jews think they can play this double game forever being too arrogant and stupid to see the final result of all this.  The utter destruction of the Jews!  DUH.  This is painfully obvious to me.


Trump’s speech to the UN was attacked by the international elites who fear any change in captive populations suddenly rising up and kicking them out of power.  This is just amazing to watch. I was not a Trump fan years ago, quite the opposite.  Now, I am just amazed how he is taking on the entire Bilderberg gang from top to bottom, whacking them in the knees very hard!  Wow.  This is history in the making.


What is really funny to me is, if the fools attacking Trump force him out of office, Pence will take over.  They hope he will be unpopular but the rage about the Machine taking down a President fighting for saving our nation will make it impossible to dislodge Pence who will then turn this rage on the Bilderberg gang, itself.  More and more citizens are getting aware of this organization that operates in utter secrecy.  The anger at Hollywood, the anger at the internet bosses, it is growing greater and greater by the hour.


‘Google is Evil’ was inconceivable just three years ago.  Now, it is a common trope online.  Many, many people now utterly hate Google including me.  Google is rapidly becoming nearly totally useless.  In the end, this destruction of civilization means the annihilation of the Bilderberg gang because they will hold all the wealth and the new leaders, left or right, will go after them all and take all the loot back.  History is 100% certain this will happen in the end, the only question is, how many millions and millions of innocent bystanders must die in this process.  Ask the Romans about that…virtually none survived the collapse of the Western Empire and the ones who fled to the Eastern Empire were eventually enslaved by the Muslim invaders from the southern deserts.



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15 responses to “Double Nothing Burger: Latest Coup Attempt Grinds To Halt Due To Zero Legal Causes

  1. Jim R

    Something like 1% of the Romans in Italy survived. Modern Italian is directly descended from Latin.

  2. Petruchio

    The situation with the Democrat Party looks fatal to me. Even from a strictly Political, ethics and morals free standpoint trying to impeach Trump on such a flimsy excuse is a BAD idea! Obviously the DNC is counting very heavily on the Illegal Alien Vote to stay a viable Party. This is not, imho a winning Political Strategy. Bye Bye, Democrat Party. And you can thank Billy Boy Clinton for today’s situation. He sold out the Democrats traditional base, the Working Class. “Where they gonna go?” Clinton sneered. Well the Democrat Party, thanks to you Billy Boy, is going down the toilet. Good riddance.

  3. Mewswithaview

    I expect that the Greens are likely to pick up Democrat votes in 2020 and also the possibility that the caucuses within the Democrats will split to form a new party.

    Trump may win not because he has added to his base more the Democrat base has nobody that can all rally behind. Liawatha looks like the favourite at this stage to lead the Demoxrats into the presidential election.

  4. Kerry

    In NYC, you can now be fined for calling an illegal alien, an illegal alien. Oh and you can no longer ask them to speak in English.

    So I suppose anytime these criminals feel butthurt about something, they will be calling the police.

  5. Ken

    In all of the excitement over the Ukrainian phone call, people are overlooking a bigger, more important issue. How can Trump or any future president ever conduct diplomacy with foreign leaders. Republican or Democrat, no foreign leader will feel that they can talk to the president in confidence.

    In their zeal to destroy Trump, the Democrats have destroyed any chance for future diplomacy with anyone. What idiots.

  6. Zeke

    The death of the Democratic Party – – imo, can be traced back to the deal that Billary made with the DNC to stop getting in the way of the nomination of Obama.
    In turn, she was promised that she was next. She would get the nomination after BO left office.
    They bargained over something they had no right to.
    Not anticipating Bernie – they had a Soviet style election where HRC was the foregone conclusion winner no matter what.
    They tried to force Hillary down our throats – and the country just wanted to throw up.
    Billary were essentially Republicans who as Pet noted sold out their blue collar base –
    “Bye Bye, Democrat Party. And you can thank Billy Boy Clinton for today’s situation. He sold out the Democrats traditional base, the Working Class. “Where they gonna go?” Clinton sneered. Well the Democrat Party, thanks to you Billy Boy, is going down the toilet.”
    Where are they gonna go? Well, along came Trump – when the Repubs had a real, democratic election. Yeah, it was ugly, a clown bus – but it wasn’t Soviet style foregone conclusion. The Repubs threw out their ruling crime family, the Bushes. The Dems tried but were beaten down by the DNC and it promise to Billary.
    That’s my opinion anyway.

  7. Ken

    The headline for today’s blog claims that the latest coup attempt is grinding to a halt. I’m sorry to disappoint everyone, but that’s wrong.

    I briefly watched some main stream news tonight while channel surfing. Every major network is promoting the line that Trump was caught in some terrible act, and impeachment cannot be far off now. Every single non-cable network.

  8. Lou

    off topic, enjoy, the old ‘disparate impact’ type of thinking,

    UK’s Labour Party wants to ban private schools

    The United Kingdom’s Labour Party approved a new platform at last week’s annual conference.

    The party pledged to ban private schools and “absorb” them into the public education system if they come to power in the next election.

    The platform states, “the ongoing existence of private schools is incompatible with Labour’s pledge to promote social justice”.

    So the plan is to nationalize private schools, and seize their assets to be “redistributed democratically and fairly across the country’s educational institutions”.

    It’s the only fair way to bring down “systems of privilege”.

  9. Zeke

    Terminology gets muddled. Didn’t know if you were aware of this. May not make much of a difference but anyway:
    To ‘Off Topic Lou’ – the terms “public school” and “private school” have the opposite meaning in UK as they do this side of the Atlantic.
    Public schools are really elitist sleep over Ivy League type channeling conduits for upper crust scion.
    So, public schools are really private. It’s the ‘club’ syndrome again.

  10. KHS71


    If you believe that I will send you a quit claim deed to the Brooklyn Bridge. Only costs $100.

  11. Pete


    Greta and gang answer questions …uh duh

  12. Yes, the mainstream media was screaming like banshees last night claiming Trump is evil. HOW UNUSUAL. Duh.

    But they know they are in serious trouble because Biden’s crimes aside from child molestation, is now the topic of investigation by the FBI and the government.

    The elites will throw everything including the kitchen sink at Trump to stop this investigation and it won’t work.

  13. lou

    13–You poo pooed Pizzagate.

    Well Trump keeps tweeting ‘liddle’
    This is in reference to Schiffs ‘baby massage charity’ [yes its real]
    and the Standard hotel.

    you tube–standard hotels pizza party for kids [yes its a movie on utube]


    cirstenw –thats a channel of a woman who knows much about the hotel.

  14. Tom W Harris

    No-Dik Donnie Has a Sad

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