Los Angeles Is Going Bankrupt Building Half Million Dollar Homes For Drug Addicts And Illegal Aliens

The DNC never learns.  They refuse to learn.  They want all cities to be hellish and brutal and worthless. This keeps the cities voting only for DNC candidates.  These days, there are so few conservatives in DNC cities, they can’t even have one conservative candidate at all.  Meanwhile, the cities go downhill faster and faster.  And get ‘rebuilt’ faster and faster and are driving everything into bankruptcy because pandering to violent illegal aliens, drug addicts, muggers, robbers and welfare cheats is a fast road to bankruptcy.


The Los Angeles Housing and Community Investment Department aids people in poverty by administering Section 8 federal grants, rent stabilization policies, the housing code, and services to the homeless population.


To do so, it employed some 737 people costing $55 million in 2020.


Well, at least 737 people got to move into fancy housing!  They also bought fancy cars, too.


Numbers from the city census show 40,000 were homeless within city limits in 2020, up 14.2% from the previous year.


The utter infestation of all DNC run hell hole cities continues and worsens.  They deal with this by opening our borders so we can have millions of homeless people from other countries to flood in, too.


Encampment complaints to the city’s 311 number grew to almost 100,000 between Jan. 2019 and August 2020, an average of 4,500 per month.


This is normal for hell hole cities.  They boast about having more people while sane people flee.  Now, businesses are fleeing especially ‘liberal’ businesses who created these stupid problems.


Voters approved a $1.2 billion bond issue in 2016 with the promise of 10,000 new apartments for the homeless. But the actual number of units to be built is projected to be around 7,600 as consultant fees and construction overruns pushed the average cost per unit to $559,000. 


This is the definition of ‘government corruption’ and easily foreseen and has happened in the past and will happen in the future.


The city blames the surging homeless population on an influx of vagrants coming to the city.  In 2019, LA’s homeless services system placed nearly 23,000 people in homes, according to the report by the LA Homeless Services Authority.


As taxpayers flee that state they are replaced by a tsunami of drug addicts and illegal aliens demanding free services.  So, LA is going bankrupt so here is the DNC solution:


City Council members identified 843 positions– three-fourths of them with the LAPD– for possible elimination if other cost-cutting measures cannot be agreed to. Members also agreed to drain the city reserve and borrow $150 million to cover ongoing operations.


Voters (and lots of illegal voters) in DNC run hell hole states vote for more money for drug addicts, more services to help them be addicted, attracts more drug addicts and this ends in social and financial collapse of these DNC hell hole cities. Here is a typical example, Seattle:



Ir anyone wishes to see why Seattle is doomed, watch this pre-election video:



The candidates are proud of spending a billion dollars on ‘homeless homes’ that simple attracts more drug addicts to the city.  ALL of the candidates want to spend endless sums on drug addicts.  For example, a liberal male and a communist radical female ran for office to represent the district where the riots were the worst in Seattle:



The ring in the nose communist female won, hands down.  Both falsely claimed they were backed by no parties.  This is a lie.  In all hell hole cities, there is only one party, the DNC.  Sitting through this entire video is eye opening and at the same time, utterly infuriating.  These people learn nothing from their massive, continuous mistakes.  Their ‘solutions’ are the problems!  The more they do the ‘build housing for drug addicts’ and ‘hand out needles to drug addicts’ they do, the more drug addicts they attract.  They cannot or rather refuse to admit, this is all about attracting more drug addicts who will vote for radical leftist Democrats!  Duh!



Meanwhile, in Michigan, voters are very angry about schools shutting down sports:



In NYC, schools remain shut down despite desperate parents begging to have them open.  Instead, shots are given to prisoners, terrorists in Cuba, Congresswomen in the Bronx but not school teachers who actually love the present system, they no longer need to deal directly with any pesky students!


Also, last in the news but is very funny news: the GME gamesters who flipped the bird to the Wall Street Billionaires is at it again, the guy who runs the video ads in Times Square bought some of the time available to run this ad:



Another move in this fascinating game of real time chess.  Checkmate!


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21 responses to “Los Angeles Is Going Bankrupt Building Half Million Dollar Homes For Drug Addicts And Illegal Aliens

  1. AT

    The DNC and its straight man, the GOP, share blame equally at this point.

  2. Petruchio

    I have to wonder how long it’s gonna take before the useful idiots figure out they are being “played, slayed and filleted”. Will they ever figure it out? I think the level of brainwashing is so deep and so complete some of these DNC ‘tools’ will be wearing shock collars and living in a re-education center and STILL vote Democrat.

  3. snoosebomb

    ”as consultant fees and construction overruns pushed the average cost per unit to $559,000. ”

    gotta keep those university grads employed , this is a BIG problem everywhere.

  4. snoosebomb

    @3 , unfortunately i think that is predicting a grim future. DNC massive failures will be blamed on Trump , they will double down on the bad policies and the idiot sheep will demand repressive communism.

  5. snoosebomb

    & @ lou , NZ is being very slow to take up the vaccine , they prefer total isolation it seems

  6. lou

    Snoosebomb, do you want the vaccine?

  7. Zeke

    Every level of government from the national to municipal – is going bankrupt under Trump.
    He’s a “bankruptcy artist”.

    This includes states and transit and port authorities, etc.
    Unlike the federalies, the other levels can’t print money to pay their way out of debt.
    And at the federal level, the money printing hurts all of us. Hurting the poor most. Weakened purchasing strength of the legal tender hurts wage earners, ZIRP hurts savers, inflation is a tax on the poor.

    Taxation without representation by the so called “Federal Reserve”.
    As we read this now – the so called “Federal Reserve” is transmitting $120 Billion per month to the elites by QE injection into the stock market, buying junk bonds, ‘buying’ Treasuty bills, etc.
    Just don’t ask WHERE the so called “Federal Reserve” is getting that money.
    Answer: they make it up out of thin air, counterfeit it.
    What does that have to do with a free market or capitalism?
    Nothing. It’s Soviet style top down control Command Economy.
    In that sense, Jamie Dimon, Lloyd Blankfrein, Mnunchin, Trump, etc. are all commies.
    That $750 Trump paid in federal income tax wouldn’t even pay for his helicopter medivac flight to Walter Reed for his free medical care.
    Wake up, people.


    ELAINE: Zeke, guess who is overspending now? Your own buddies.

  8. snoosebomb

    @ 7 , nope , NZ not in a hurry ,seems odd

  9. Zeke

    NZ, like the Maritime Provinces, not in a hurry BECAUSE they have COVID under control. Duhhh. Very few cases.
    Shows what good leadership CAN do.
    Nothing ‘odd’ about it! Duhh.

  10. Pete

    GameStop symbol GME

    Shares Outstanding 70 Million
    Float 50 Million

    Shares Short 62 Million
    % Floar Shorted 121 % wow

    Buy to Cover?

  11. snoosebomb

    # 9 , what do you imagine would happen if they didn’t print ?

    # 10, what do you imagine will happen in NZ when they allow int’l travel ? [ hint; the virus is now endemic everywhere else ]

  12. Pete

    NPR yesterday compared
    Wallstreetbets Reddit forum to
    white supremacists storming capital hill.

    Hedge funds are victims.
    Redditors are racist insurrectionists.

    No mention of the fact that
    hedge funds were caught
    NAKED short selling.

    And the walls came
    tumbling down.

  13. Richard

    President Trumps EO 13848 Section 2 kicks in soon. Feb 1st?
    Frozen US assets of all parties involved.

  14. snoosebomb

    digital fed-coin will destroy banks , trading , , so may not happen ,, but they get the big happy dystopia they R seeking

  15. Floridasandy

    Not in the cities AT
    That’s 100% liberal

  16. AT

    @16 Show me a city republican running on a staunch and explicit anti-lockdown platform.

    The uniparty illusion of choice.

  17. Nina

    Gosh, what a spiteful and ugly blog this has turned into. It is literally seething with hate and anger. So what exactly does Mrs. Supkis think should be done with half a million homeless Americans? Maybe just kill them all, and get it over with?

  18. snoosebomb

    C’mon Nina , its fun with hot news ! U need your ‘safe space’ ?


    Nina, why don’t you house them. Since Biden flung the front doors open again, guess what?


  20. Liberals have to be the stupidest people on earth, bar none. They cannot see cause and effect at all.

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