Election Obvious Fraud: YouTube Censors Trump Interview About ‘Election’

You Tube is going full communist now.  NO ONE is allowed to debate who won the previous election at all.  This level of censorship is very communist.  We just had a very rigged election yet no one can put up real information showing this or discuss the POSSIBILITY of this?  This means, there really was lots and lots of fraud and there is a Bilderberg conspiracy to prevent any discussion as to how this fraud was pulled.  The Supreme Court refusing to examine this election process is more proof that there was massive, overwhelming fraud.


The NTD video that YouTube Commissars censored had nearly a million views when the hideous gang of mobsters in California noticed it was very popular so they killed it:


You Tube isn’t merely nasty, they are treasonous.  How dare they do this!  They claim, NO ONE, not even the former President, is allowed to talk about ANYTHING wrong with the previous flawed election.  The election was fatally flawed and the present occupant of the White House is there based on fraud.  And the truth is obvious: he and his gangster buddies who run online services are conspiring to conceal this obvious fraud.





Limiting free speech and open communication will hammer the Bilderberg operations, big time.  All systems run by co-conspirators in that international organization that hates US citizens, should be shut down.  The lawsuits by the Covington kids scared the Bilderberg gang who chose, maliciously, to defame school boys deliberately in order to make a political point.


Namely, even smiling at or laughing at leftist violent radicals is going to be severely punished!  This failed due to one very brave young lad who has won multiple lawsuits so far.  He will probably not win many more due to the DNC gang running our courts now and our Supreme Court cooperating with the coup instead of protecting our basic civil rights under the First Amendment.



It is now full warfare against citizens.  Everything the DNC wants buried is now verboten on many systems run by Bilderberg gangsters.  They are openly censoring even high representatives and officials they don’t like.  Here is one lady they are out to get:



She appears in the Mark Dice video doing this:


The jihad against her is very ferocious.  Note that she is being locked out of all committees while outright communists get to have juicy assignments!


The leftist mob goes after her in the comment section with trite jokes and defamatory rhetoric.  They think they are winning hearts and minds via being thoroughly obnoxious and vicious.  This is the exact opposite how they should behave.  Instead of being respectful, they go nuts.  And this is getting them in increasing troubles.


Meanwhile, in China, the Real Rulers there are ordering Biden to drop all of Trump’s policies or else.  I expect Beijing Biden to obey orders.



And lastly, here is a very sad and horrible coronavirus story: a high school is forcing their band to play wind instruments inside of tents.  The tuba player, for example, probably could sue for ear damage.


That photo looks like the End of Times and guess who is yelling, we are a ‘End of Times’?


The Democrats, of course, the globalists.


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7 responses to “Election Obvious Fraud: YouTube Censors Trump Interview About ‘Election’

  1. OT, but once upon a time Elaine would’ve been all over this story. The Chinese billionaire Jack Ma mocked the idea of regulating banks in a speech just as his bank was about to go public. Here’s CNN lamenting that his bank will probably be as regulated as other Chinese banks now. This story actually portrays regulating too big to fail banks as “boring.” https://www.cnn.com/2021/02/19/tech/ant-group-analysis-intl-hnk/index.html

  2. Tons of interesting financial news lately, in fact. Markets had taken a downswing on fears that the Fed might stop handing out money soon. But Powell soothed their fears. Some great quotes from analysts about how Powell is the cool dad who lets the party keep going. No boring regulation for Wall Street.
    Maybe they can do it because nobody is paying attention anymore.

  3. Petruchio

    “The NTD video that YouTube Commissars censored had nearly a million views when the hideous gang of mobsters in California noticed it was very popular so they killed it:” This story makes it important to note that the Bolsheviks running You Tube are going to attempt to keep the appearance up that they do not engage in severe forms of censorship. It’s like a rigged Poker Game. You don’t want the marks (victims) to find out they are being taken. The YouTube Commissars censor any views they don’t like IF they think they need to AND let videos go that won’t draw a lot of attention. But if they completely ban a former President, they will ban anybody.

  4. AT

    The bio-terrorist death cult also likes to abuse children. Go check out a basketball game where hypoxic kids are forced to water-board themselves with sweaty face masks. Now, there’s some real abuse. Where are the police and the judges? We know the politicians are corrupt. I wonder if they understand how much these children will grow to hate them?

    As far as the death-cult’s subservient uniparty goes, the charade of two parties supposedly divided on social issues but miraculously in lock-step on fiscal policy, monetary policy, and foreign/energy policy cannot be understated.

    Are we to pine or rage over the left-hand-puppet being mean to the right-hand-puppet, or even cheating the right hand-puppet? What you see is a farce wrapped in a charade. Unfortunately, the bull-shit doesn’t stop until the money stops, when the dollar dies.

    My suggestion is that when that finally happens, despite all this conditioning to be docile in the face of stolen elections and stolen rights and liberties, you will see a populace willing to confront the bull-shit, en masse.

  5. Pete


    Interesting facts on slavery.

    Thomas Sowell pointed out
    that in the 1930’s Harlem
    black HS kids had test scores
    on par with whites.

  6. Zeke

    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned:
    or, who’s the moron now?

  7. Zeke, celebrating the sort of betrayals one reads about in books like ‘1984’ isn’t funny, it is sad.

    Next: your own child does this to YOU for ‘wrongthink’.

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