Fake News Media: WHITES Are Attacking Asians In DNC Run Hell Hole Cities, Not ‘Minorities’


All over DNC-run hell hole cities that have cut police funding, attacked the police, attacked Trump supporters, etc. are now whining that the Asian communities in these dying cities is being persecuted by…WHITE MALES, of course!  This week, it is particularly insane as they whine about black males attacking Asian victims and their solution is…to punish WHITE MALES and blame them for everything!  Just amazingly stupid and to think, the top students in schools that have Asian kids are the Asian kids.


How can a group of people with such high intelligence be so stubbornly stupid?  It is marvelous to watch the mental gymnastics at work here.  Violent crimes and economic crimes (theft) aimed at Asians has more than doubled…by only in DNC-run hell hole cities.  Even rich DNC cities are hell holes now!  And many Asians on the East and West coasts live in these DNC run hell hole lunatic places and therefore, Asians end up being victims of crimes due to the collapse of law and order in…DNC run hell hole cities.


This is so very easy to understand yet we see very smart Asian people unable to figure this out at all!



The opening story about the sad plight of Asians is from SAN FRANCISCO!  HAHAHA.  The super-duper liberal city.  The woman in the story says, ‘Dad, wake up…’ and I say, Asians should wake up, too!   Here is a screenshot of the demonstration.  Note the sign showing a mugger shows a blonde white male, not a black mugger:



The couple in this video mention the ‘black community’ as the attackers causing the leftists to go nuts and try to deny this.  So, the leftist Asian focuses only on some people using rude words with Asians…while utterly ignoring the violent DNC city populations that loot, rape and burn Asians.


According to leftist Asians, we are not allowed to note that the China Virus came from China.  There is no ‘Wuhan Flu.’  The communist leftist Asians are pushing hard to pretend they are allies of BLM racists.  They want us to do things that doom Asian businesses.  So they are pushing hard for all the very things destroying them!


Obviously, leftist Asians want riots.  They want black criminals to not go to prison after mugging and damaging elderly Asians.  It is just amazing, watching mainstream Bilderberg news push this ‘whites hate Asians’ stories while black criminals hunt down and destroy and rob…Asians.  Their next door neighbors put in danger by BLM rhetoric.


Below is an example of how black politicians are destroying any and all systems that reward effort and brains because it helps smart Asian while leaving lower IQ populations behind:





Public schools in Boston, Massachusetts are suspending new enrollment in an advanced study program citing concerns over “inequities” that supposedly emerged during the Covid-19 pandemic and the need to be more “anti-racist.”


This is a problem for Democrats.  Asian children work very hard to excel in school.   Other populations hate working hard to do well.  They want everything to be handed out on silver platters based on skin color and ideology.


Fourth-graders hoping to get into the Advanced Work Classes (AWC) program are out of luck, after Boston Public Schools Superintendent Brenda Cassellius called for a one-year hiatus for the program this week. The district’s website now says “admission information will be available during the winter of 2021.”


So the ‘advanced’ classes will end.  They are killing these ‘advanced classes/schools’ all over DNC run hell hole cities.  The vast majority of white families have fled these cities long ago.  I fled back in 1983 after trying to reform NYC schools via the ‘Save Our Schools’ efforts.  I failed totally and the schools continued to collapse back then.


“There’s been a lot of inequities that have been brought to the light in the pandemic that we have to address,” Cassellius told WGBH, the local public radio station, on Friday. “There’s a lot of work we have to do in the district to be anti-racist and have policies where all of our students have a fair shot at an equitable and excellent education.”


The ‘fair shot’ was to be tested.  Anyone could take the tests.  I took these sort of tests, years ago, and won scholarships, etc.  It requires lots and lots of hard work.  Not playing basketball or video games.  One has to work at memorizing and understanding lots and lots of information and to strive to push as hard as possible.  Be motivated, in other words.


Asians will be removed from these schools or if allowed to stay, will have to go to class with possible violent students who can yell ‘racist’ while beating up others.  Discipline will collapse.  I have seen really good schools destroyed this way, many years ago.


Now for the daily ‘no news is no news’ except with Andy Ngo who reports real news:



ANTIFA peacefully rioted yet again, last night.



Nearly none of this makes news anymore.  This is deliberate.  Mainstream news has totally collapsed and actively refuses to carry much or any real news anymore.



I am endlessly amazed at how feeble DNC city governments and media have become.  The internal rot is tremendous now and increasingly obvious to people who don’t live in these DNC hell hole cities. The DNC is determined to turn all of the USA into these same hell holes, this is their goal.


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9 responses to “Fake News Media: WHITES Are Attacking Asians In DNC Run Hell Hole Cities, Not ‘Minorities’

  1. lou

    thats is Trevor Noah, the ‘black’ mulatto or octaroon?

  2. Timothy Carroll

    It’s comforting to see my Asian brothers and sisters embrace the black community, both are seeking an end to white supremacy. I would suggest Asians unite with the black community by living in majority black neighborhoods where they can solidify the just cause against whiteness and therefore remain safe, secure, and free from harm. In time, whites will be justifiably exterminated or put into re-education camps. Until then, we must all stay on guard against white supremacy.

  3. “Asian children work very hard to excel in school.   Other populations hate working hard to do well.”
    No, it’s much more about the education and wealth of the parents. If your parents are cleaning houses and picking fruit in California, they probably can’t help you much with your homework. If they came to the US on student visas or to work in software development, they know the material you’re studying and can explain it. It’s a geography thing. Asians aren’t walking across the border into the US.

  4. ALL the Asians I have known over the years, the children study hard while the parents do the struggle for survival and it is their CULTURE, that is the thing missing from other populations. Many populations want handouts, not hard work, for example.

    We call this ‘culture’. Many Asian children help mom and dad and grandpa, etc. as translators due to the elders not learning enough English.

  5. lou

    3–Read, ‘The Snake head.’

  6. KHS71

    My brother married a Japanese women. Her family came here in the 1920’s. They were put into an interment camp in WWII. When they were released did the bitch and complain. No they went back to work to make up the losses. What’s interesting is that she does not consider herself Japanese even though she is100% Japanese. She considers herself an American. One of the most conservative women I know. She’s a big Trump fan and wants to move to Oklahoma because every county voted for Trump. They live in California now.

  7. Timothy Carroll


    And blacks consider themselves African before they are Americans. I would love to personally pay reparations to all blacks, provided they return to the Sacred Motherland, renouncing forever U.S. citizenship.

    I find it funny. They say they are absolutely terrified of us, are sick of our cruelty toward them, yet I find them moving into my majority white neighborhood. If I hated a segment of the population as much as they hate us, I’d go out of my way to avoid them. Instead we see them constantly pushing their way into our lives. Soooooo sick of the victim culture. My ex sister-in-law is from Vietnam and came over via marrying a service man during the war. While she still loved her mother country and was unsuccessful in adopting American ways, she was entranced with the idea she could work and earn as much as she wanted and became quite rich in the process.

    Elaine is correct. A lot of it has to do with culture. Blacks have been in this country for four hundred years and would still rather wail about “discrim-NATAN” rather than work hard. Of course, having an 80-85 IQ doesn’t help.

  8. Petruchio

    I watched one of those True Crime shows a night or two ago. The real life story centered on a Rap Singer–apparently a successful one–who got convicted of murdering one of his fans in a nightclub. Bottom line. He didn’t do it but knows who did! But this Rapper’s loyalty to the “Street Code” would not allow him to snitch. So even though he has 2 young kids and a ex-wife who still loves him, this Rap Singer is willing to spend the rest of his life in prison for a crime he didn’t do than violate the Street Code. This typifies what’s wrong with Black “Culture” today.

  9. Zeke

    I also fear that Cornpop will destroy the United States AS WE KNOW IT.
    But I will not resort to violence to further my opinions.
    A country without strict immigration controls and hardened borders is not a country. Definitionally.
    It’s just a floor mat at a ‘job fair’.
    Jarring scold Ann Coulter spoke the truth which must not be spoken:
    Paraphrasing: she said this about crime in the USA – thru filter of race – black violent street crime at levels in Africa; white violent street crime at levels in Europe.
    We, as a country, don’t know how to talk about that or deal with that.

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