Germany Finally Decides To Pay ‘Fair Share’ Of NATO Which Is Half What US Taxpayers Pay

The US pays 4% of GDP for security in Europe while Germany was paying only 1% GDP until today.


NATO summit meeting 2018, Trump forced our ‘allies’ to pay up for NATO.  They refused to do this before because they want US taxpayers to pay for Europe’s security.  This is why they all hated Trump and wanted him gone. After the coup in the USA, Biden let Europe backslide on paying their fair share. We pay double when they ‘pay their share’.  So it is still totally unfair.  They must pay for ALL their own ‘security’ and then can fight Russia.


German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced to parliament on Sunday that the country would be raising its defense and military spending above 2% of its total GDP. Germany has, for decades, refused to adjust their spending on defense, instead focusing spending on social programs. With Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine underway, Scholz thinks it is time to flex the nation’s muscles.


“We have to ask ourselves – what capacities does Putin’s Russia have and which capacities do we need to counter his threats?” Scholz said in front of parliament Sunday.


2% is the bare minimum that our treaties say, they must pay for NATO to function!  Pretending they are being super duper ready to fight fools no one with brains including Putin who is 100% aware of how the Germans let this slide, deliberately.


Because NATO leaders are now nonstop lying about nearly everything, it is time to stop people from seeing any other news so that the propaganda can run unopposed:



Russia has been setting up cameras all over Europe and then passively letting them record all the chaos there as angry populations march against their rulers nearly nonstop now for the last five years!  I often use RT news videos to talk about these marches and riots every week, it seems.


Now they have an excuse to stop real news!  I have predicted this, too.  They have to have fake news all the time so they can continue looting Europe.  Here is a reminder of who actually worked his ass off, stopping wars and engineering peace treaties:



US fake news won’t show this meeting where Trump lectured EU leaders about political realities.  In particular, he went after the Germans for playing footsie with Putin.


Meanwhile the US is led by an insane man with brain damage.  His popularity is way below 40%.



Funny news, note how suddenly we are no longer in an epidemic even though we are still in an epidemic:



Pakistan is on Russia’s side in this war.  So the collection of nations not backing NATO’s demands in the UN is not siding with NATO for a wide variety of reasons.  Oil is now $105 a barrel and inflation is on financial fire.  This is exactly like the Carter years.


I remember those years!  The US is heading towards serious troubles due to stupidity on the left.  Putin was enabled in his expansions by Biden senility.  Biden undid ALL of Trump’s actions especially in fossil fuels and Russia.  Unlike fake news, Trump was hard on Putin.  Obama was filmed joking with Putin years ago about how he was really going to work with Putin in the future.


Biden started this with his corruption actions in Ukraine.  Let us not forget, this was the first step in the collapse in Ukraine.



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4 responses to “Germany Finally Decides To Pay ‘Fair Share’ Of NATO Which Is Half What US Taxpayers Pay

  1. Jim R

    Wonderful news .. now maybe we can get some German soldiers to come help with the Mexican border.

  2. Yes, East German guards.

  3. lou

    With orders ‘shoot to kill’ and doing so?

  4. lou

    Elaine, just from 4 minutes to 5 minutes,

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