Brit Daily Mail Has More Real News Than US Mainstream Media

As nearly always, the British news at the Daily Mail has real news while the US biggest ‘newspaper’, the NY Times, doesn’t have the real news.  Its front page is all about how the Justice Department which unjustly attacked Trump’s private home, a story justifying keeping the affidavit for this illicit raid concealed.  The NYT wants us to have no information instead of pushing for open information we all want to have.  What is funny here is, the DOJ wants to keep Trump’s files TOP SECRET and they accuse him of mishandling things?  HAHAHA.


We can’t see the very flimsy excuses the FBI gave the DOJ for raiding Trump’s private home and riffling through Melania’s underwear and other salacious thing because all of this has to be SECRET!  See?  Trump wants it out in the open and the CIA and FBI and Biden want everything to be…SECRET.  How hilarious is this?  I have fought the secrecy laws for years.


The stuff kept secret are usually secret due to being NASTY.  The government wants to hide stuff.  Operation Paperclip, the Nazi rocket cave secrets were kept secret because the Nazi rocket experts were removed just before the Soviet Army broke in after my dad visited the caves and my dad discovered the Nazi scientists were monsters who did brutal, hideous things to the Jewish prisoners who were tortured and worked to death there.


So this had to be sealed and kept secret!  My dad couldn’t talk about it but I discovered the truth in 1968 while in Germany and blasted this information across the world in speeches, etc.  And so the government went after ME.  Ha.


Government secrets are done so they can conceal criminal actions by our government.  PERIOD.


The Espionage Act is designed to hide war crimes.  I have given speeches about this since the middle of the Vietnam War.  The government declared war on us dissidents back then and actually killed some of us and put quite a few in prison.  This radicalized the students who then did the stupidest thing on earth: they embraced Chairman Mao, one of the most evil men in history with a vast kill record.


I then turned on them and went after the radical leftists in California!  They now run our country and want to eliminate our civil rights and they back government secrecy especially when the government is committing crimes!


Roger Stone is being persecuted by communists in the Justice Department:


Why on earth did these criminals in the DOJ want to seize the clemency papers of Roger Stone?  This is insanity.


I do have my suspicions, however. Hillary Clinton, Congressman Jerry Nadler, Adam Schiff, Hakeem Jeffries, and Erik Swalwell have all falsely insisted that my pardon was part of a “corrupt bargain” in which I agreed to maintain my silence about nonexistent misdeeds by President Trump in return for a pardon. The fact that there is not a scintilla of evidence to prove anything of the kind never gets in the way of the fake news narrative promulgated by these criminals.


So, it was the gangsters in New York on the far left who demanded this information!  HAHAHA.


Having been the target of an early dawn FBI raid on my own home by 29 SWAT-clad FBI agents brandishing M4 fully automatic assault rifles on January 25th, 2019 to arrest me for the entirely fabricated “crime” of lying to Congress, I am among the few Americans who can understand the feeling of violation President Trump and former First Lady Melania Trump must feel, as in the raid on my home FBI agents went through every inch of the Trump’s living space.


I said that raid was criminal back when it happened.  It was obviously a communist sort of move to terrorize anyone who defies the communist party called ‘the Democrats’.


As was the case in the Trump raid, FBI agents arrived by both land and sea forcing their way into the front gate but also arriving on amphibious units as Mar-a-Lago backs onto Lake Worth.


You won’t be able to find my interview on YouTube where FOX regularly posts all of Hannity’s excellent and hard-hitting programs. That’s because YouTube has banned me for life and will even take down the page of any news outlet that dares to post an interview with me, as recently happened with WABC radio in New York.


Communists love to censor and ‘unperson’ people.  They all learned about the book by Huxley, ‘1984’ which is required reading in many schools but obviously are using that book to learn how to impose Big Brother style rule on people.  Good lord, this is so obvious.



The New York Times is furious that all but one of the nasty GOP RINOs who voted to impeach Trump illegally are now being kicked out of office or voluntarily decided to retire after voters made it clear, we all hate these clowns:



The only Democrat who supported impeaching Trump that survived this ‘primary’ process is the Rep. in Washington State.  And this was due to the rigged ballot system whereby you don’t have to belong to a party to vote for anyone and the two top people to get votes, both Democrats, ‘win’.  This is a ridiculous way to run an election.


Representative Dan Newhouse
Wash. Fourth District

Advanced Aug. 5, 2022

Mr. Newhouse outlasted his Trump-endorsed opponent thanks largely to an open primary system in Washington in which candidates of every party run in a single qualifying contest, with the top two vote-getters advancing to the general election in November.


This new rule was passed by Democrats to keep themselves in power despite being unpopular.  The fact that all the traitors in the GOP, those awful RINOs are all being kicked out now and no surprise to me.  About time.


And the DNC is going full racist now, attacking whites and giving things to blacks nonstop is going to backfire and is a huge element in white voters leaving that party:


Minneapolis public school teachers of color will have additional job protections this upcoming school year under a new contract that would allow them to keep their jobs in favor of white instructors with more seniority.


Yes, as it is now, when going on job interviews, white males are ignored while black/females are coddled, for example.


The labor agreement’s intent was to protect “underrepresented populations” and keep the district’s predominantly white staff from becoming more homogenous, a report said Monday.


Don’t worry, black schools are getting so dangerous, ugly and difficult, no white teachers will be there by 2030.


About 60% of Minneapolis students are non-white compared to 16% of the district’s tenured teachers and 27% of its probationary teachers, according to a June Minneapolis Star Tribune report.


The agreement states that teachers of color “may be exempted from district-wide layoff[s] outside seniority order,” according to Minnesota outlet Alpha News, which published language from the contract Sunday.


The unions are run by communists.  I hope the white teachers boycott the union.  That would be the smart thing to do.


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11 responses to “Brit Daily Mail Has More Real News Than US Mainstream Media

  1. qbutnoa

    “the book by Huxley, ‘1984’”

  2. Nina

    Over 110,000 killed in Iraq as result of US invasion — Russian top brass

    More than 110,000 Iraqis have been killed during the US invasion of that country and the number of refugees has reached 2 mln, Chief of the Russian General Staff’s Main Department Igor Kostyukov said at the 10th Moscow Conference on International Security on Tuesday.

  3. qbutnoa

    UK cost of living crisis, soaring inflation, wages going down (fast decline).

  4. qbutnoa

    Natural gas price 1 year ago €28.80 per MWh, today €234.50 per MWh, expect further increase (>60 %).

  5. Pete


    RAF goes Woke
    White men need not apply!

  6. Pete

    Liz Cheney’s new pronouns are:

  7. lou


    It’s so sad to see what has happened to Canada , and sadly beneath this shroud a sinister fertilizer reduction act is taking place that will make food cost more , and paradoxically ensure that more edible food is used for bio fuel , while at the same time placing further reductions on Canadian Energy.

    Farmers already achieve nitrous reductions through crop rotation a factor that is not included on the emissions estimate for which they base the need for this evil act in the first place.

    Canada could by simply using their liquified natural gas as a replacement for coal in China and Europe and would benefit economically.

    Instead the government uses a cult like belief to make the lives of the world worse and cause further damage to the problems they are attempting to solve .

    Please watch the Canadian fertilizer ban by quick dick mcdick ( yes that’s the name) for an honest Canadian farming point of view that is quite illuminating

  8. All communists attack farmers. This way, they can starve/freeze to death everyone else.

  9. lou

    8–Holomodor. I doubt the jews Holocaust museums mention the Redskins [not one photo of ‘natives’] and the Holomodor.

  10. Jim R

    My understanding of the Holodomor is that it was like the Irish potato famine, in a way. Big ugly empire country forcing its weaker neighbor into famine, by claiming/destroying all farm land and all agricultural output.

    .. which is obviously what WEF is doing everywhere it can right now.

  11. Jim R

    Substitute “English” for “Communists” … big ugly empires. Some little empires are pretty bloodthirsty too — Azeris on Armenia, Israelis on Palestine.

    Probably “Romans” did similar things to “Germans” thousands of years ago.

    An extremely ugly aspect of human nature.

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