Gulag Continues Tormenting Jan. 6 DC Riot Citizens As Democrats Refuse To Stop Massive Crime Waves In All DNC Cities


As criminals run riot, illegal aliens invade and are given gifts, homes and phones, as chaos spreads, we have to remember it  has been a year and a half since the riot in DC and the unfortunate people who ran into the Halls of Congress like so many leftists have done with zero punishment, they are in prison with no trials, no civil rights, treated like killers.  Worse, killers are released, leftist terrorists who bombed universities and killed bank guards are let out, free and clear!  This is insane.  So many things need to be undone.



Yes, Rep. MTG is pushing for real justice.  The Democrats intend to punish anyone who resists them while they run literally riot all over the USA.  Republicans hope next January to begin examining and then punishing the traitors who took over the USA in an election that had no ID shown and thus, had many illegal voters.




The push to force the Democrats and their tools to explain their messes they created continues despite the DNC protecting incompetence and pure hostility towards the concept of law and order.



Biden is opening a war against anyone who isn’t a communist:



And this criminal who is a traitor is blaming the Republicans for the vast crime wave sweeping all DNC hell hole cities:



Project Veritas recorded this principal of a public school as he explained he will not hire any Catholics or conservatives:



This is happening in all schools which hire mainly communists.  Funny news: California governor Newsom’s family gave Ron DeSantis of Florida fame thousands of dollars in his campaign funds!



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16 responses to “Gulag Continues Tormenting Jan. 6 DC Riot Citizens As Democrats Refuse To Stop Massive Crime Waves In All DNC Cities

  1. Zeke

    Those who attacked our Capital on Jan.6 at Trump’s urging are traitors and have forfeited their citizenship rights.
    Arrest them all! Lock ‘‘em up!

  2. lou

    zeke has replaced Tiba as ‘first’.

  3. nclaughlin

    Zeke, if they’re traitors, they should be charged with treason. But they haven’t been so charged. What happened to habeas corpus? Why hasn’t some court ordered their release?

  4. why isn’t Fox /tucker raising this issue ? how many exactly are being tortured just like Assange , what are their names ?

  5. Pete

    Just saw this on Breitbart.
    I shop at Fred Meyer, it’s part of Kroger.
    This wokeness directive will blow your mind.
    They even ask employees to donate to the
    infamous Bail Fund!

  6. Zeke

    Colloquial – – is not the same as legally chargeable.

    IMU no one’s been charged with ‘treason’ in a long time. Since I don’t know when.
    Elaine’s “Arrest them” isn’t so much instruction – as it is venting not taken literally.

  7. Zeke

    A spouse betrays his martial vows – – isn’t charged with breach of contract let alone treason.

    Not all ills are legally correctable.

  8. Zeek

    “de minimis non curat lex.” is the Latin maxim.

  9. snoosebomb

    what would zeke make of this ,,

  10. The DNC plans to freeze/starve everyone to death is finally beginning to be noticed by normal, sane humans. Zeke can’t see this program because he refuses to actually read or look at anything I post here which is hilarious as well as sad.

  11. lou

    Arsons, Elaine. food fertilizer oil plants.

  12. shawntoh


    Can you get me a date with TinaB?

    I need a date for this Halloween season and other holidays! C’mon, dude, you can do it! Uh, can’t you? Please, pretty please.


  13. Zeke

    You need a 50 minute ‘date’ with a psychotherapist.

    A lot of them.

  14. Jim Harmon

    Gaetz is a pedo. The only he should be embarrassed by is himself.

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