Florida, Texas Governors Now Sending Illegal Aliens To Georgetown And Biden’s Beach Home!

GIDDY: Governor DeSantis Sends Planeload of Illegal Migrants to Georgetown Via Biden’s Beach Town – Libs in a Tizzy …UPDATE: May be Heading to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware


Latest heroic action from Texas and Florida Governors is now flying big planeloads of freeloaders to…Georgetown and Biden’s beach front home!  HAHAHA.  Mainstream media struggles to hide this news but the internet is increasingly ablaze with this real news.  Real news is verboten!  Our rulers have to now remove, quickly, any and all illegal alien invaders and ship them to military bases nearby, again!  They also can’t shut up the two Governors who are doing this and yelling about this at the top of their lungs.  I do believe this planeloads of these aliens will be a daily event.  How long will the Bilderberg gang hide this from the public?  Fox News is carrying this so the door is now open.


Here is the schedule:


Ted Cruz stood up in the Senate and announced very loudly that ‘Joe Biden is the biggest human trafficker on the face of the earth’:



This is true.  The traitors in the White House thought that totally opening our borders would be really nifty and they would then cheat in the elections and have illegal aliens vote illegally, not in the 3 million illegal voters two years ago but by 5 to 8 million illegal voters in two years!  This scheme to maintain power over us citizens has a name: TREASON.  I want all the politicians pushing for this to be arrested and charged properly.


Instead, these traitors want to imprison citizens like the governors of Florida and Texas because this is supposedly ‘slavery’ to move illegal aliens invading these two states to the DNC states.  The DNC wants these invaders to stay in GOP states, not moved to their homes.



Great news from the Court of Appeals: they ruled that it is illegal for online providers of services to ban people or censor people based on religious or political or race considerations or sex, for that matter.  No more censorship!  I hope this goes to the Supreme Court and our online sites we use will cease imitating Stalin.


Meanwhile, our southern border neighbor is seeing vast armies of violent criminals who go in and out of the US, causing mayhem smuggling deadly drugs:  https://www.newser.com/story/324947/mom-searching-for-abducted-son-is-slain-in-mexico.html?utm_source=part&utm_medium=miximedia&utm_campaign=rss_home


(NEWSER) – Yet another mother searching for her disappeared son has been killed in northern Mexico, becoming the third volunteer search activist killed in Mexico since 2021. Rubén Rocha Moya, the governor of the northern state of Sinaloa, identified the dead woman Wednesday as Rosario Rodríguez Barraza—”a tireless fighter, like many other women in Sinaloa who are looking for their loved ones,” per the AP. Rep. Paloma Sánchez, a congresswoman from Sinaloa, said Rodríguez Barraza was abducted near her home and killed Tuesday, the International Day of the Disappeared, which was marked in Mexico by marches and protests. The motive in the killings remained unclear, because most searchers say publicly they aren’t looking for evidence to convict killers.


Despite their public vows, they often recount getting threats and being watched—presumably by the same people who murdered their loved ones. In 2021, in the neighboring state of Sonora, searcher Aranza Ramos was found dead a day after her search group found a still-smoking body-disposal pit. Earlier that year, volunteer search activist Javier Barajas Piña was gunned down in the state of Guanajuato.




Yes, but Mexico’s huge murder rate is only thanks to the U.S.Did you know there’s only one gun store in that entire country of some 130 million.? So where is the huge arsenal of deadly firearms coming from? I’ll give you one guess. While our border control is forever on the lookout for illegal drugs coming north, when’s the last time you heard anything about the mountain of death weapons being smuggled south? BTW Smith and Weapons, that corporate bastion of death, reports two-thirds of its profits comes from the sale of AR-15s


Another comment:


Border Patrol, but especially local jurisdictions make arrests all the time of weapons being smuggled to Mexico. The US is not their only market. The cartels get weapons from the Mexican government, the Guatamalan government, Colombia, and China. The Sinaloa cartel has a very cozy relationship with Chinese entities. Many of the weapons that the cartels have can’t be bought in the US unless the ATF is involved, in other words, selective fire weapons. It’s not uncommon for a Central American soldier to simply sell their weapon or leave and take it with them. The Mexican government is so corrupt at all levels, so much so that the cartels will forever be allowed to operate. That will only change with all levels of government start doing their job. Years ago, a lot of their weaponry did come from the US, but the cartels developed other supply chains, allowing them to obtain fully auto weapons. If they tried to buy them in the US, the price per weapon would be 20,000 as a start, and the ATF would be fully involved, plus take a year for them to issue the permission to transfer. Called a tax stamp.


Here is MSNBC demanding anyone trying to stop illegal aliens from taking over all 0f the USA, should be arrested:



Of course, no one is allowed to talk about the midnight illegal alien flights Biden is imposing on unsuspecting towns all over the USA.  DeSantis is happy to fight the DNC traitors in our courts.  All the way to the Supreme Court which the Democrats want to eliminate or fill with extra far left wing ‘judges’.



The supposed ‘criminal investigation’ of a patriotic Republican Governor who is saving illegal alien lives by shipping all of these to the top DNC strongholds where there is tons of money and meds and free goodies for these invaders!  After all, in COURT the DNC is arguing, these invaders are helpless people who must be saved!  HAHAHA.  Well…SAVE THEM!  Nope.



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2 responses to “Florida, Texas Governors Now Sending Illegal Aliens To Georgetown And Biden’s Beach Home!

  1. Nina

    There is a new phenomenon in Sweden called ‘förnedringsrån’ which translates into something like ‘humiliation robbery’. Very young people, usually teenagers, are kidnapped, stripped naked, tortured and abused in the most horrific way.

    The point of these robberies is not merely to rob the victims of their money and valuables, but to also humiliate the victims as much as possible. Sometimes the robbers video tape the abuse on their mobile phones.

    Here is a Swedish article about one such robbery, with photos taken by the robbers.

  2. This happens in the USA, too. Few people talk about this. It is done mainly by inner city blacks raised on welfare money. Now illegal aliens are doing this to other illegal aliens. All, outside the laws.

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