Hurricane Ian Ground Winds Were Much Lower Speed Than 3000 Meter Winds, Now Below 45 MPH


Nothing irritates me more than media and government refusing to report reality.  I said, before the hurricane hit Florida, due to 100% of Central Florida being less than 100 feet above sea level, the major danger is from too much rain, and except for the western edge of the state, wind would be little problem, overall.  The western edge got the full brunt of a very real, dangerous hurricane which is why evacuating people there was highly recommended.  But elsewhere, due to the state being flat as a pancake, extra water mainly sits where it falls, it doesn’t frantically flow elsewhere, gaining speed and power as it travels downhill.  They are still reporting winds that are way too high, in areas where there is nearly no wind now.


I shall explain using maps from this wonderful website called Vendusky:;-100.9;3&l=temperature-2m


If you click on this link, you get to play with all sorts of tools that shows various things like winds, rain, snow, etc. but also at various altitudes, for example.  In this case, I spent the storm looking at various altitudes and rain patterns, etc. using this wonderful website which I visit every day, by the way, to spy on the entire earth:



At ground level over land in Florida, the hurricane has winds below 30 mph.  Over sea, it is only 50 mph or less.  But at high elevations, it is much faster: at 750 meters high, it is 90 mph in one small patch on the west side of the hurricane.



Our media report this air flow as if it is ground air, not high above everyone’s heads.  So they can terrify people, of course.  Go another 2000 meters high and we get this at 3000 meters:



The highest wind patch is now very small, nearly gone, while the east side of the hurricane which is now over the Atlantic Ocean keeps up its speed, I guess, due to being over water again.  Now at 9000 meters:



Note how the place on the map where the highest winds at 1000 meters is the weakest with nearly no wind at all!  What a mystery this is!  The prevailing winds are sweeping along on the southern side of the hurricane and then curving northwards.  Now look at this!  The air above the entire east coast including right where I live on my little mountain, has the highest, hurricane force winds on earth which has a name: the Jet Stream:



It was given this name way back in the 1960’s because flying to Europe on jets and I did this in 1968, you fly super fast and it uses much less fuel than the reverse flight,  Do note how this ‘powerful’ hurricane is barely a blip compared to the Jet Stream!  The Jet Stream is sucking up this ‘little’ bit of wind and tearing it along with the powerful upper atmospheric winds northwards along the entire East Coast.


This is how all hurricanes in the southern waters can end up here in upstate NY.


One thing that irritates me greatly is how ground winds are mostly ignored by news media and other entities when trying to drive up some hysteria.  I warned that Florida would be flooded by the hurricane and I was 100% correct.  But, except for the very edge of the coast, the wind dropped off drastically, as it nearly always does, once it is over land and half or more of the storm is over dry land, not warm ocean waters!


The reports that this storm had high winds much of last night were ridiculous.  It was as if the news were to report that the entire east coast is in a hurricane.  Every day!  Nonstop!!!  Oh no, look at the entire earth complete with three big hurricanes:



Antarctica is nonstop major storms according to this wind!    Major media doesn’t make much money reporting that ground level wind in a hurricane is only 40 mph.  They will latch onto the government reports that the winds high above are moving at a scary 100 mph!  This is why so many people ignore reports that wind will be very dangerous.


As I repeatedly said, too, the real killer in hurricanes is tidal surges.  Tidal surges are very deadly no matter what triggers them.  It could be wind or earthquakes, in either case, surges are very dangerous and extremely destructive.  Unlike rain water, it moves fast and has force.


Floods in mountain valleys are the same; the water moves very fast and is extremely destructive, too.  In both cases, entire cities can be wiped off the map by fast moving water.




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11 responses to “Hurricane Ian Ground Winds Were Much Lower Speed Than 3000 Meter Winds, Now Below 45 MPH

  1. TinaB

    “One thing that irritates me greatly is how ground winds are mostly ignored by news media and other entities when trying to drive up some hysteria.”

    Oh for sure ems! You are “irritated” so much that you do the exact same thing only worse! Slander, slander, slander! Pedos, commies, leftists, elitists, bilderbergs, Denmocrats, blacks, jews, Liberals, women killing babies, nasty sex, single families, gays, trans people,,,,,.omg on and on and on. Fear Porn!

    I have an idea why don’t you just post “the facts” without all of your skewed interpretation of them.

  2. TinaB

    ems says “The 2020 election was total fraud due to ILLEGAL ALIENS and dead people and people with no known real address were allowed to vote.”

    How foolish can you be? Until you are willing to reverse EVERY republican seat from that SAME election – stfu! IF you do that then MAYBE you can restore your credibility which is dwindling fast.

    And btw those cult “rallies” are getting awfully creepy… church music, salutes – omg I cringe! Do you see any Democrats doing that?

    MAGA is in the same league as the Catholic church – you know the institution responsible for molesting children for 100s of years ruing hundreds of thousand of lives and you have the nerve to accuse Biden?

    You are shameless!

  3. TinaB

    ems likes to demonize everyone but the biggest demon of all – her dear leader. Are you afraid of him ems just like all those spineless, MAGA snowflake politicians you endorse?

    Bye Felicia! Or is your name rally Karen?

  4. lou

    Save the environment, blah blah blah. Take a look at the deluge of trash flowing across our southern border night and day. They leave tons of garbage on ranchers land and all over the desert.

  5. TinaB

    ems says ” This makes the person doing this a ‘criminal’.”

    Oh so you are NOW saying that speech is criminal? What happened to “free speech” ems?

    I’m living my life just like you being born into this set of living arrangement. The difference is I believe my eyes and use logic to navigate my environment and you believe in magic. Since you turn a blind eye and deaf ear to what you don’t “like”, magic would be your go to option in addition to “manufacturing” hysteria.

  6. qbutnoa

    UK, PM Truss and Chancellor of the Excheque Kwarteng. Two trailer park girls go round the outside, round the outside, round the outside.

  7. Norm

    Wow! I usually don’t read the comment section. It looks like you’ve picked up a real psycho commenter. Watch you back. TinaB is coming for you!!

  8. shawntoh

    A logical response to “TinaB”… by Shawntoh…

    #1. EMS does post THE FACTS.

    TinaB, the content of your rhetoric is simply attacking her personally!

    That is NOT debate, it simply increases the level of “noise” in the discussion to a useless level. TinaB, you have NOT refuted EMS on this point and other points that you attempt to cite. Thus, people ignore you (except me in this instance to illustrate how ludicrous your discourse flows).

    Who cares what you think of EMS personally? Your tone is shrill and PERHAPS shows that you need to report to YOUR doctor right away. I’m dead serious about this as we want you to feel healthy as you please. Please get your prescriptions checked and follow your doctor’s orders, please! Thanks in advance…


  9. shawntoh

    A logical response to “TinaB”… by Shawntoh… CONTINUED…

    #2 TinaB, it’s more like how foolish can you be?

    Again, another ludicrous personal attack on EMS asking a useless rhetorical question. After another serving of “noise” disguised as “reason”, you attempt equal the MAGA movement with the Catholic Church. This is probably propaganda with the device of Transfer.

    TinaB, you offer NO facts to link the two (MAGA and the Catholic Church) and I would say… “You be trippin’!”[sic]

    Again, talk with a licensed counselor and check with a qualified MD, you might have some medical and/or psychological issue that you don’t know about, maybe.

    EMS is a responsible person by her actions in accordance to FCC guidelines and I feel she wants everyone posting on her blog to choose to be NOT a DESTRUCTIVE critic but a CONSTRUCTIVE critic!

    TinaB, I say, “So what?”. We really could care less what you find “creepy”. If you want creepy, I suggest the classic CREEPY magazine ( I read it as a child in the 1960s and it’s still pretty good. Sadly, I lost all my originals and so you have to check online at your favorite magazine vendor. Thanks, it’s a deal!

    TinaB, more like you are perhaps looking in a mirror because I intuit you may be the “shameless” one here, maybe. Calling EMS “shameless” is just another “name-calling” device or technically, Ad Hominem attack (


  10. shawntoh

    A logical response to “TinaB”… by Shawntoh… Cont. AGAIN…!

    #3. TinaB, how so with EMS “demonizing” everyone?

    That’s the propaganda device of “Glittering Generalities” or “Sweeping Generalization”. You cite NO specific examples, sadly, that can be backed up with FACTS.

    EMS has criticized DJT in her past blogs.

    TinaB, you SEEM to fit the profile of having what COULD maybe, just maybe be called “Trump Hatred Hysteria Syndrome” or THHS. Again, I’d advise seeing your health care providers TOMORROW and right away. We want you healthy, and happy—especially for the midterm elections this year! Please, everybody pray that TinaB gets the HELP she needs, right NOW! Thanks in advance. TinaB…


  11. shawntoh

    #5. TinaB, no one ever said “….speech is criminal….”.

    As for “magic”, I don’t believe that EMS has ever pulled a rabbit out of a hat, literally, and I can find nothing FACTUAL to confirm your accusation(s). Metaphorically speaking, EMS may have practiced “magic” but I can find NO records of EMS being a part of the MAGI secret or open society. I will say, as an aside, that the Magi did leave us a rather interesting system using an ordinary 52 deck set of playing cards including the Joker. Further…

    TinaB, please note, according to that Magi System, EMS is born on a day in the sign of Libra and her birth card is very powerful, which is the Eight of Clubs. This is clearly shown in her prolific blogging showing her powerful mental capacity with the facts. I will say no more as this Magi System is controversial and I could tangent and digress to far into that subject!

    As the master said, “DOING is real magic”. EMS can DO. What can you do, TinaB?

    As for “’manufacturing’ hysteria”, how so SPECIFICALLY? You offer no evidence that could hold up in court. TinaB, you seem to be “manufacturing consent” for your rhetoric using only self-referenced “logic”. Again, please seek help immediately as I am not a doctor and am not qualified to make you what you COULD be.

    EMS simply is leaving your postings as is because, as she pointed out in a previous blog, TinaB, you may be one of the best examples of what “the Left” has perhaps become…

    Neo-Maoist style guerrillas who by example show they lack deductive reasoning and syllogism with their rhetorical discourse that only increases the noise in the signal-to-noise equation of debate!

    Here’s a suggestion and it’s only a suggestion, TinaB (…everyone is advised to study this .PDF guide, as well, I know I WILL review it as I have been trained in the art of forensic debate and I need a “tune-up”!).

    That doesn’t mean that my state of being always uses that format, I admit. However, it’s time to start over again as I feel the benefits of learning the rules of the Lincoln-Douglas Debate format is useful for the…

    Development of skills in argumentation, persuasion, research and audience analysis (Please see…

    As I like to say… When it comes to politics, don’t focus on the politician but on the policy and the actions in relation to the policies by the politician personally. It’s NOT about personality, it’s about policy. Please focus on policy. Thanks in advance. Peace.

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